The Evil Empire , USA , has hijacked Philippines' Sovereign power and is now acting as Philippines' helmsman in Philippines relations with China.

The Evil Empire USA has hijacked Philippinnes sovereign power  and is acting as the helmsman in Philippines' relations with China. It is determined to dominate the South China Sea and the East China Sea to contain China's peaceful development. USA has lost the peaceful economic competition against China and is now resorting to military might to intimidate China . But China will not be intimidated Below is an article from China Daily about USA's evil design in the South China Sea.

As the award of the pending arbitration on the South China Sea dispute is about to be announced, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he was open to talks if the result is favorable to the Philippines. Besides, he ruled out the possibility of armed conflict, saying his country is "not prepared to go to war. War is a dirty word." Duterte's statement is a rebuttal of many Western countries' call for the Philippines to take a tough stand.

The arbitration has become one of the most attention-grabbing topical issues around the world. The result will not only add up to the debate about maritime rights in the South China Sea, but also become a bargaining chip for geopolitical major-power games.

Former Chinese state councilor Dai Bingguo, at a workshop between Chinese and US experts on Tuesday, said the award will "amount to nothing more than a piece of paper" and China won't hold back even if the US sends all of its 10 aircraft carriers to the South China Sea. Dai's words show that China won't reconcile over its principle of non-participation in and non-acceptation of the arbitration.

The illegitimacy of the arbitration won't be whitewashed even with the endorsement from the US and its allies. China is ready to confront whatever challenges lie ahead.

If the US amasses military forces in the South China Sea to pressure China, Chinese society will support the Chinese government to deliver tit-for-tat countermeasures. China doesn't want the region to be the No.1 hot spot in the world, but it won't cower if it is forced to fight back. Nothing, even more destructive strategic weapons than aircraft carriers, will scare China away.

Even though the arbitration was filed by the Philippines, it will soon be knocked out in the post-arbitration landscape. Its petty position in the major-power game will simply make it an expendable player.

Washington's elaborate maneuvers in the South China Sea aim to squeeze China's space and make trouble for its rise. Washington has used Manila and Hanoi and some of their long-standing problems with China to serve this purpose. However, as more outside pressures step up, they will have less autonomy in dealing with Beijing.

Former Philippine president Benigo Aquino III outsmarted himself by scheming on the international arbitration with the help of the US. The action has actually cost the Philippines the initiative in talks with China. Washington, instead of being a help, has kidnapped the Philippines. The US has taken the Philippines' position as a helmsman in dealing with its relationship with China, and Duterte seems unable to change that as of now.
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Anonymous said...

How come here is the same like China media who censored the Sifang CSR defective trains news?

China everywhere is about deceiving here and there.

Everything from food safety and up to Engineering products cannot be trusted.

How do you expect Asean or other countries not to choose side? for a simple fact that there is no way it could beat US.

China is no match for US diplomacy and weapons quality/reliability.

Anonymous said...

There is no place to hide now for USA. Hillary shout US came back to Asia, and proposed China to follow a set of "code of conduct" to deal with Scs issues. The old man s son gave a speech parroted the code of conduct in china communist school which Xi was principal, before he took up presidency a week later.

If that speech was the declaration of Asean stand to the Chinese communists officials, then Daibinguo s US speech should be the ending of Scs issue, while the Shangrila May 2016 was the peak to internationalize the Scs and pulling of alliances.

US Asean sg s "Code of conduct" flopped. The code seemed to compel China to drop into the "Hague" trap by sequence of event.

Now US 3 Carriers threat also flopped. Besides Dai asked US to send 10 Carriers there, the PLA spokeman said on 7 July: Scs issues will calm down when US stop threatening China in that area.

PLA spokeman declared : friends come china serves water and wine, wolf comes, china repel with gun.

There is no more talk possible, as China FM Wangyi called for an end of this Scs show. Everywhere in Scs is PLA naval exercise or Carriers navigating.

Question is: US must trigger the fire. eg US 3 carriers can sail into China s exercise area now. Then claim China fire at them, so Obama will have to start ok fire. That will help Harris to shoot, he was hoping many nights back.

If US dare not to fire, the whole Scs was just a show of force. China also announced its air force s success test use of y20 transport plane that can fetch 220tons (guess 3 brigades can go in) and fry 2000km at least.
y20 can transport brigades around to defend the islands, it was the message.
So What is the Carriers group waiting for? Its time to fight.

PLA one general said it right: soldiers are for fighting and win. PLA is hoping to show China people they can do it. Now they are waiting for the US to start the ball rolling.
US carriers should not wait, go sail into the PLA banned area and start the fire, exercise ends by 8pm 11th July.
No akandatang.

Anonymous said...

3 anti carrier missiles. One shot one hit. 3 shots 3 hits. 3 aircraft carriers gone.

China can fight this war cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Either they cannot track the carriers or 3 shots 3 misses due to inferior parts or engineering . Fake here and fake there.

They thought they can fought it cheaply, it turn out like in any other scenario that they have to pay even higher price. The result is close the door and censored all media and arrest all alternative voices.

Virgo49 said...

UAA got its hands Full Now with Dallas gunmen still fighting with the cops.

Already 4 cops dead. Sinkie cops are very lucky. Only chasing after a gian png chiw and moh robbing bank of.only 30K.

Wants 30K can go sixth avenue. Go bank must Robb at least millions if not billions.

Anonymous said...

For those who worked in China and travel domestically, it would be common for one to come across Air traffic control (ATC) which happens from now and then.

In recent case of Taiwan missile, there was no ATC reported. This gives to a certain degree of confirmation on their alert status.

By right, units were to be on standby (should be "on" already) and fighters and bombers/AWACS/ tankers in swarms should gathered. ie. why ATC would be enforced

This is a perfect opportunity for training and show combat readiness. Even last time Singapore responded massively when Malaysia and Indonesia decide to train together nearby on our special day.

The worse is it was never detected until Taiwan reported after 8 hrs. If US reckons this ( it should have its own and taiwan data) and interpret it as China weakness after this "test". Calling all the bluff, it would be finished.

Anyway my opinion only.

Anonymous said...

Another diplomatic failure for China, Confirm SK allow US to deploy Thaad in SK soil. To agreed later on where exactly to deploy.

Another slap for China. China netizens call for ban SK tourism.

So many things on China list to ban....more and more piling up.

Anonymous said...

"it was never detected until Taiwan reported after 8 hrs"

This information is utterly inaccurately.

Missile fired at 8:12am. The huge sound attracted residence to come out to watch, some captured the smoke from sea side, and it was passed around by Line.

8:51am. a KMT leader came out on fb saying missile was fired toward china direction. Someone also asked if panghu accident of one fishing boat being hit by something was actually hit by missile.

Actually, within half an hour, the entire taiwan knew and China web site knew far earlier.

China web site rumored that upon the missile fired at 8:12am, less than 10 seconds, China detected automatically and its system stopped as the missile did not cross the half straits.

It is a strange thing that the missile hit the fishing boat but did not explode, not even in the sea.

What kind of missile? like a block of steel.
Personally i wander it was accurate on target. Why? how can they put the fishing boat as target?
Misfiring or missile North Korean style could have been the reason.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, Philippines are controlled by Chinese mestizo la. This is a war between Chinese and bastard Chinese. Relax.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 322

Up till now you still believed china media. Daft Sinkie? You sleeping these few days? Same like Sg, if not for HK media, we will still be kept in the dark about our proud trains. Some more got COI... now we know C stand for Cover.

Whether missile crossed or no crossed, miss fired or whatever. It was fired on the party birthday and heading china direction.

Even mobilized one division in ports, Gathered 20 destroyers, 10 bombers and 40 fighters also considered reasonable based on China current strength. Some more got reason to support it. China always talk tough so it is only for talking only?

I let you find out whether that missile warhead (explosive) is armed in the 1st place? If it is armed, i can bet the US will laugh until dropped.

The other point about this taiwan missile is if what taiwan navy reports is true, this shows that this missile is very easy to operate ( ? one man can fire missile ship) and if such missile convertte serves in large quantity armed with such missiles. Got rumors now that countries are making enquiry on whether taiwan wants to sell or not.

patriot said...

I suspect that the Missile Incident is put up by newly elected Taiwan President
Tsai Yin Wen to test the PRC.

Anyway 班门弄斧/acting beyond capability, could have gravely endangered the Taiwanese People.
The Taiwanese People may have to
seek clarification from President Tsai
as to why she risked harming the live
of her supporters who have made her
their president.

I do not believe the Taiwanese want
to have a Empress Dowager alike to
lead them.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:22 pm

Actually, within half an hour, the entire taiwan knew and China web site knew far earlier.

Now all internet news got date and time stamped. Show us the China web site link....?

According to what you said, KMT person came out to speak at 8:51am so China news came out to report before 8:51am?

Very very good! show us the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:12pm 3:58pm

From the contents you wrote, it showed you are not up to date, obviously ready the local news can never get you into regional news.

U still do not know missile fired at 8:21am after so many days?

How do you know people want to buy that kind of missile? Working locally in defense?

Just ignore my post and believe in yourself that what i said was not correct that missile fired at 8:12am, and KMT chaiziyuen came out on fb to announce missile fired, that shocked the ruling politicians, as the PM knew it after 9am.

I dont have to show you china web site, they are there, if you know how to search for what you want. Learn some square words might help.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:34 pm

Why i know got countries asking is because this is from taiwan source. And i quoted it as rumored as i know there is a conflict of interest and people can always say a lot of things. Only three countries designed these supersonic missiles : Russia, India (with help of russia) and Taiwan. So not a surprise to have countries enquire afther the incident.

Whereas you are so sure China knew the incident before 8:51am (and china news reported around 8:51 am) and cannot provide evidence.

Why learn from China and become trumpet master?

As mentioned before, the concern here is china did not response to the incident? I am not worry about KMT or DPP spokesman as they are all from Taiwan. Or you think KMT is China commie.... I mean you cannot be so cute to make this kind of low level mistake?

Hello, the PM who knew the incident at 9 am is taiwan President!!! What and Which PM you talking about?

You make my day! KMT is china commie!

Anonymous said...

How come here is the same like China media who censored the Sifang CSR defective trains news?

Do media always report all defective goods from Western manufacturers?

They only report about it if those goods been recalled from the market.

Use simple google search

"Food recall"

It also happen in your Western nations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21pm
You lack the basic information about the tw missile incidence and put it to readers that the incidence was published after 8 hrs.
I wanted to correct the impression so that readers are not misled.

Since you lack the depth, i only tell you those you mentioned to the benefits of readers.
There was line group mentioned: 610 port shot (tah) shongsan. The other answer, real? etc. This group is under investigation.

The information was passed around quickly in tw. Your saying that after 8 hours then people started to know was a lie from yourself. You live in your own world.

Kmt leader got the message and put on fb. There was press conference called by Kmt and press secretary for the office linking to china was as if he had informed china. The press secretary subsequently sent info to china at noon time after the query.

Tw pm Limcheng was not informed. But Tw president was informed far earlier. But she continued her party with US chinese welcoming her, there was no conference about security till she finished her party.

I do not think you deserve the time for me to share with you. Have a good time. Just ignore those i said if you do not believe it.

By the way, i firmly believe the missile was not targeted at the fishing boat. There is no accuracy of this missile. I doubt your story that people want to buy this kind of missile. You still need to learn how the missile was fired, and why it was fired solely by a single man, and how this single man was smiling when asked why. And you certainly did not know the rank of this soldier. All are reserved for you and readers to find out.
Party and have beer better than to write for u to rebut with nothing concrete.

Anonymous said...

The blind pretending to be clever. If you know a little bit about missile technology and detonating system, explode on contact, proximity fuse etc, you will understand why the missile did not explode. It was a dud, without a warhead.

About detecting a short range missile that was on air for 10 sec is near impossible unless one has the radar pointing at the firing site. Please lah, which system is there on standby to be ready to pick up a missile flying for a brief 10 sec and flying at sea level?

Go and find out the range of such a missile and the payload before continuing with your nonsensical utter.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 938 and 931

Of course China media must report as the lid is open. How to cover up when other medias are reporting. It makes them look so stupid since it is a big nation. Singapore is much smaller and govt LL also cannot hide anymore so SMRT and LTA also have to speak up, now waitng for minister to clarify.

This is considered a big scandal in Singapore. Food recall... You can read or not. I am saying food safety. China need to cover up as the big boss is linked to offical. It is only when people died, then no choice have to wayang. Otherwise why China people go overseas to sweep milk powder....as far as Australia, they also dont trust their their govt food check authority. This is common knowledge. So vast difference for HK food safety and China food safety.

BTW food recall is a social and legal responsibility in western countries. What i am saying is food not safe, china also continue to sell (and some purposely add harmful chemicals to enhance test results or whatever reasons)

Wah lau! Taiwan reported to China officially 8 hrs later. Earlier to US.

KMT doggie (the loser) put the information on FB. Now they are discussing whether to pass to authorities to investigate this doggie on how come he knows so early. Such information should be released from proper channel.

Who cares about Taiwan PM? You siow? we are all talking about Taiwan president. Everybody is watching her on whether she will be declaring independence. It shows she is in firm power when information reach her so fast even though she is overseas.

Wah lau! They already say that the missile is not targeted at any target (who will say it did). You do not know anything about modern cruise missile. The type of missile was fired at a coordinate (a mouse pointing at a map) and it skims at ultra low height and then upon reaching its target area, its seeker will take over and search for the target. If this is the case as what they say, then i am saying the taiwan navy is well trained. One person can fire a missile on the ship. During wartime, this is crucial. It means every man is used to the maximum. Normally any tom, dick and harry seeker will NOT be able to lock onto a small fishing boat. That is why US spend so much money on zumalt destroyer to build a 14k ton warship but reflecting a fishing boat radar signature. Also this is why all countries are incorporating stealth designs onto their warships. You know this or not?

The MOST important point i am saying is China must must react to the missile at 1st time, the earlier the better. Even mobilizing two jets flying in that direction will prove everything. For me, i think it is not important to know how the missile was fired, the most important thing is how did China reacted to it at 1st time. Because this will say a lot of their AWAC/Radar , Commander decision/determination and standby reaction force operational status.

Maybe should brush up your military knowledge 1st and stop thinking like a child before talking to anyone .... Dont get blinded by one side and then lose your judgement and then shame in retreat. Already start to give up before trying, no confidence like that how can?

Finally, you know why the guy is smiling? If you do not know, ask those youngster who have voted for DPP? Those youngsters who queue overnight for train buses to go back home to vote. For all we know, this guy could be the guy who single handed changed the status quo in a matter of 2 min.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57pm
"detecting a short range missile that was on air for 10 sec is near impossible"
Do pretend you know missile: 10 seconds so long?

Let me tell u: 1 second, in Fujiang after the Tw missile fired, China side reacted.

Anonymous said...

BTW food recall is a social and legal responsibility in western countries. What i am saying is food not safe, china also continue to sell (and some purposely add harmful chemicals to enhance test results or whatever reasons)

There are many similar cases of food safety scandal happen in the Western nation

Such scandal only been discovered after many years later.

Westerner continue to sell those unsafe product to the customer.

IKEA Dresser Recall: 3 Children Crushed To Death By Deadly ...

Toyota recalls almost a million cars because SPIDER WEBS could trigger air bags to inflate and cause drivers to lose control

Anonymous said...

@ 12:33 am

Are you kum gong? or idiot?

I am saying about food safety. People are not so pissed on defective products that do not need to go into the mouth.

You buy from IKEA and Toyota. At the end of the day, you can go to court to claim not only product cost but even extent to any damage cost. This is consumer confidence. Some more shares will drop and will cause repercussion to the management and board of directors which will need to answer to shareholders to take action in their respective countries.

In China food safety case, where to find the culprit and which court to go to? Any lawyer can take up the case? Can you even trace to the source with real and not fake labels?

Continue to trust China food safety, i hope your close ones and your offsprings will continue to embrace china food. Then you will realize what is retribution for ignorance. Even my china colleagues they themselves warn me.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

You buy from IKEA and Toyota. At the end of the day, you can go to court to claim not only product cost but even extent to any damage cost. This is consumer confidence. Some more shares will drop and will cause repercussion to the management and board of directors which will need to answer to shareholders to take action in their respective countries.
Similar principle apply to Singapore "defective " trains .
It prove that there are no cover up.
Even IKEA and Toyota with famous brand name could produce such defective product.

You dont read much about food safety scandal in those Western nation. It dont meant that it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Are your eyes really blind? and ears deaf? and no brain?

Even those cases you mentioned are in the news.

No cover up... until discovered by some journalist- 3rd party with hard evidence then LL have to tell everything (maybe). You go and see other sites.... It is now blowing so hot whereas here nothing is mentioned. Dare to spar in other site and face the True Blue Singaporean fire on whether there is cover up and their opinion on china food safety.

Now Whether this incident will impact their orders awaits to be seen. What do you think?

Go and check on the background of the coy that exposed this news.

If i dun read much, you read alot, show the evidence.... Once again, i hope your loved ones eat more china food.... ....one fine day....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

'Let me tell u: 1 second, in Fujiang after the Tw missile fired, China side reacted.
July 08, 2016 11:16 pm'

Do you know what is 1 sec? It is over before I finish typing 'Do you know...' There is no time to scramble a fighter to intercept such missiles even if the fighter is on the runway with engine running. It takes time to take off, to cover distance, to locate and lock on the target. A missile at more than 1 Mach and if the distance is close, it is over in seconds.

Think carefully, if what you said is true, that China reacted within 1 sec or 5 sec or even 1 minute, what does it mean? How could China know, how fast is a phone call? This will set you thinking about processes and procedures, about communications, about command and control.

Only one possibility for China to react in one second. They knew every move of the Taiwanese before hand. They knew what the Taiwanese were planning to do. You how is this possible?

And they have deliberated on how to react and were waiting for the soldier to press the button. And how would they know when the soldier press the button? Think.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:16pm

Ok. Share with us on how Fujian, China reacted in 1 second after Tw missile launched?