The Empire robbing Najib of his billions

Read in front page news that the Americans are going after the assets of Najib in the US worth more than US$1b. The Americans have unilaterally judged that the assets were illegally acquired using stolen money from 1MDB by Najib’s step son Riza Aziz, Najib’s friend Jho Low and Mohamed Badawy al-Husseiny. The best part, the Americans are forfeiting the money, all US$1b. Najib would now be US$1b poorer.

How can the Americans do that? Najib is not guilty of any charges in Malaysia and has accounted for all the money from 1MDB. The Americans must return the money to 1MDB, the rightful owner. How can the Americans keep the money?

This case is even better than the kangaroo court case on the South China Sea. At least the tribunal put up a show, like everything is legal and the arbitration was fairly done, by their own appointed judges and even convinced the nitwits around the world that it was UN backed. The Americans used the US Court of Justice to grab the money, not an international tribunal, not backed by the UN.

Najib must learn this lesson fast. Do not offend the Emperor. Unless Najib can say, ‘What is US$1b?’ And Najib’s govt is very close to the Americans, supporting the Americans in the South China Sea kangaroo court. Now getting a piece of the same American medicine for good taste. Perhaps if Najib had agreed to go along with another kangaroo court to sue China he may have been let off.  Alternatively he could have let Hishammudin send his naval flotilla to chase the Chinese Navy out of the South China Sea and everything would be fine with him and his assets.

How many more dumb Asians, Arabs and Africans are parking their money and assets in the US waiting to be seized and forfeited? This is not the first time it happened. It has happened many many times and dumb Asians, Arabs and Africans, 3A ratings, continue to repeat this silly mistake.

Oh, I forgot, stupidity has no cure. Singapore is also seriously and furiously investigating this 1MDB fraud and has also seized the properties related to … oh, it is Jho Low, not Najib.  Heng ah, or else Singapore would have another tight rope to walk.

Najib better be very careful. If they could do it to Erdogan, it can easily be his turn.


Anonymous said...

No lah, the Empire said they will return the assets to Bolehland what. So don't anyhow say robbed, OK?

But if I am not wrong, it was reported that Mahathir said the Empire have to return the assets to a new govt in Bolehland, not the current one. But if there is no new govt, then the Empire can keep the assets lah. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

These brainless people like to send their chicken to the wolves for safe keeping.

Anonymous said...

Better him the rich than we ordinary folks.

Anonymous said...

When one is fighting for survival from "cancer",
what is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Unknown said...

The USG now and then has to impose order on the provinces of its empire.

Anonymous said...

/// How many more dumb Asians, Arabs and Africans are parking their money and assets in the US waiting to be seized and forfeited? ///

Lucky Singaporeans are smarter.
We park all our savings inside our CPF account.

b said...

Moslimsland cannot be successful. The empire will make sure of that. Otherwise there will be more woes if moslimsland become successful. Gals are treated like rubbish. Heard of sharia law? So anyone with mother, sister, daughter should side the empire or stay neutral.

patriot said...

Where does Najib got his billions?


Anonymous said...

Where does Najib got his billions?
July 22, 2016 4:10 pm

He studied hard.
Went to an elite school.
Graduated from university.
And faithfully served the Malaysian people.

Do you think he is a good example of what LHL calls a "servant-leader" ??

Anonymous said...

The whole family of Najis should be sodomized and annihilated like Gaddafi. This man is real asshole

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In politics, common interest is more important. Najib can work with us and let's not be too harsh on him. And stop allowing ourselves to be turned into little USA to do the dirty works of the Americans to attack Najib.

Let the Devil do his own evil things and dirty his own hands.