The ‘civilised’ bananas versus uncouth Chinese

There is this snobbery here, in this little island, that the bananas are more civilized than the mainland Chinese. And the bananas are born that way. Also, the mainland Chinese would always be uncivilized, unchanging and be like that and inferior to the bananas.
Many bananas are born in the last few decades and did not know that their forefathers were mainland Chinese, came from China. They probably believed their forefathers were Europeans, came from Europe, very civilized. They did not know that when the Europeans came out of Europe, they were mostly pirates, buccaneers, robbers and savages, out to loot and colonise and kill the natives of whichever land they landed, and calling the natives savages. This is akin to the human race calling sharks, whales and man eater animals as wild animals deserved to be killed. Instead they were the wild beasts, the savages that were killing these animals in the millions as food on the table, some for fun, they called it game fishing or hunting.
Even as recent as in the 1950s and 60s, the parents and grandparents of these bananas were just as dirty, rude and uncouth as what they accused the mainland Chinese of today. They spit and shit everywhere and have very ill manners. They could not remember. Their parents and fore parents were either too shameful to tell them or dead and gone. To cut the story short, if they could become more ‘civilised’, cleaner, more hygienic, less rude and crude, why can’t the mainland Chinese? No, the mainland Chinese are different. Their parents are Chinese. The parents of the bananas are not Chinese. Not Chinese, then what?  Ang moh or chap cheng?

What ever the bananas can become, the Chinese too can become and be better. They are better in many fields than the Chinese in this piece of rock. They are world Number One or Number Two in many things, not just being the best airline or best port. Is Singapore still Number One in these things?


Anonymous said...

"Is Singapore still Number One in these things?"

Singapore is ruled by the PAP. And the PAP is number one in winning elections. That's good enough already, tio bo? If you were Lee Hsien Loong and leader of PAP, what more do you want?

Unknown said...

Average chinese IQ 105, average Ang Moh IQ 100. The only race that has higher IQ then us are European Jews at 115. But those Jews are out breeding so fast that they will not be a cohesive group in future. But ang moh do seem to be better in verbal IQ. That means they are good at talking cock.

Anonymous said...

But why Spore is bringing all the people with lower IQ to replace higher IQ Sporeans?

Anonymous said...

The most intelligence human being on earth is not the bananas, or Chinese or Ang Mohs or Jews ...yeah..u bet it..its the Indian ..'cos they r the "dot com" people..the human expert in computer software, finance, banking & legal systems unmatched to any species on this earth...since the beginning of times or time immemorial they r the most intelligent & wiser of them all..Indian history ( the Verdics & Mahabharata, Sanskrit) r very ancient far more than the Chinese & Mesopotamia & Sumerian even Africa & Australia...some day the world history , bible & human evolution need a rewrite...

Anonymous said...

Some people talked as though they know the china people or know the local people.

Do you know what the China people have gone through during WWII, all the wars in between, Cultural revolution and then open up?

If you live with them, you will know that they are uncivilized not because they want it like that but life to them is like that in order to survive.

Who to blame? the imperalist dogs or they themselves?

Eg. If i bother to queue and behave like a singaporean living in their system. What would have happen?

But now it is different as China is rising, does it want to brings its habits overseas or learn to be civilized in order to be connected to the rest of the world.

There was a china fenghuang yi hu yi xi program where the ex malaysian PM advisor challenged a pro china man saying that Asean is fearful of China who on one hand talk about peace in SCS but on the other hand starts reclaiming. Exactly like what the china man is doing about arguing china sovereign rights in SCS, slapping the table but can change face immediately talking about peaceful talks.

Unknown said...

Indian average IQ 85, only the brahmin class has high IQ. But they are being brain drained now, against the interest of their country. I agree that indo aryan culture is awesome, but that culture was created by a few elites while the rest of the country has rather low IQ.

IQ is a very good predictor of how your country will develop. This is why sub sharan africa with their 75 IQ level cannot get very far. While east asia with greater then 100 IQ are all successful. However this is not politically correct to talk about in the mainstream media.

Academics go round this subject talking about forms of government and culture. But biology is the most important factor.

jjgg said...

Aiya RB..u get your knickers in a knot for nothing...even if you a banana...there are also natural aristocratic bananas..cultivated and massaged to give the best flavour.....the rest are kampong bananas fertilised by human waste...)))) my banana is bigger than your banana?...hehe

Hermit said...

What happened to the usual America vs China rant?

Anonymous said...

"The ‘civilised’ bananas versus uncouth Chinese"

In Hong Kong.
Confirmed by the Hongkies that I know.
They definitely feel superior to PRC and the Putong Hua.
Not sure if redbean considers Hongkies to be bananas or not though.

I'm pretty sure that one day.
With the rise of PRC.
The PRC Chinese will consider all of redbean's descendants to be bananas.
And will look down on them.

Such is the sad fate of all overseas Chinese who carry balls for PRC Chinese.
Looking after the interest of PRC.
Instead of looking after their own self interest.

Just like 70% of Singaporeans.
Looking after the interest of PAP.
Instead of looking after their own self interest and the self interest of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of Sparta:

"IQ" and "intelligence" is not the same thing (even though "IQ" has the word "intelligence" in it)

Evidence is emerging which suggests that the strongest predictor of "success" is GRIT. (persistence, constant learning...i.e. keep on going, no matter what)

IQ can increase or decrease over time.

Ever heard of the "Flynn Effect"? Look it up.

Anonymous said...

The constant condemnation of Chinese against each other.
Always arguing about who is more "pure" Chinese.
No wonder it's so easy for white people to enslave Chinese people.
Also very easy for Chinese Emperors to enslave Chinese people.

I don't see Europeans arguing among themselves about who is "more European".
eg. Is an Englishman less European than a German or an Italian?

It sucks to be Chinese.
Because there is always someone else who is more pure "Chinese" than you.
Does redbean seriously think he can be more Chinese than the PRC Chinese?
If not ... then one day, the PRC Chinese will look down on redbean and his descendants.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyway, I'm enjoying this "Chinese Civil War" which RB has started.

It brings back memories of the stoush Goh Chok Tong started back in the day of "cosmopolitans vs heartlanders"

So let's go. Let's divide the world and its peoples into fighting groups. Sometimes it is pleasurable to just kick back and watch the world BURN. 😂😂😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1244:

>> I don't see Europeans arguing among themselves about who is "more European".
eg. Is an Englishman less European than a German or an Italian? <<

Of course they do, but mainly by the males and only in pubs or at football matches.

Euro's love a good fight, so they "take it outside" and smash each other to pieces...then go back into the pub and start drinking again as best mates....maybe even visiting a nearby fuck-shop to do more "male bonding".

Asians tend to hold grudges. Euros just like to fight and fuck. There's your "cultural difference".

Anonymous said...

The Bananas here are of rojak blood. Somewhere along the line, their pure chineseness has been tainted.All it takes is a one night stand.

Anonymous said...

Something the bean should note here. The banana Chinese were the ones who helped built Singapore. We had greats like Goh Keng Swee, Tan Tock Seng, Gan Eng Seng, Lee Kuan Yew etc. They helped Singapore through the turmoil times and built Singapore to where we are today. The Chinese helicopter bean is supporting are nothing but trouble. They include Chin Siong and gang as well as Wah Piow today. They were good at creating riots, mayhem and violence.

I cannot understand bean's loyal but blind love for "pure" Chinese. As another anon mentioned, not that the China mainlanders are not looking down on overseas Chinese. So what makes bean think he can assimilate with the mainlanders there? He would probably be a second class citizen if he migrated.

Eh bean, the real pure Chinese who speak with the Northern Beijing accent are actually looking down on non-PRC Chinese like you lah. To them, only they speak proper Chinese. To them, overseas Chinese cannot even pronounce "shi" (number ten) properly and end up say "si". To them, overseas Chinese are not refined enough to be able to speak proper Mandarin. No different from the elite Englishman who looks down on fellow Brits who may be Scot or Welsh who don't speak Queen's English.

Anonymous said...

"The Bananas here are of rojak blood. Somewhere along the line, their pure chineseness has been tainted.All it takes is a one night stand."

By the same argument, "pure breed" Chinese are purebred because of incestuous interbreeding? Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

@1.20pm, I think you mean "inbreeding", not interbreeding.

Unknown said...


i know of the flynn effect but its stopped. The Lynn-flynn effect is more correct. But it has been replace by dysgenic tendency of lower IQ people having more kids then high IQ.

Behavior other then intelligence is important. Things like impulse control and aggression. But these things are highly heritable as well.

Anonymous said...

redbean is what I call a pro Qin Dynasty Chinese.
- he subscribes to the idea of a unified China.
- he subscribed to the idea of one Chinese currency
- one Chinese Emperor
- one and only one best way of doing things

I am a pro "7 Warring States of China" Chinese.
- I believe China was much better as 7 separate and Warring States before Qin Shi Huang; than as one United States of China under Qin Shi Huang

Just as the UK believes they are better off as a separate independent country than as part of a United States of Europe.

- Because the 7 separate and warring states of China allowed for more Chinese cultural diversity
- If there were 7 separate States of China today
- we won't have this silly nonsense of who is more Chinese - Hongkies or PRC. Cantonese or Putong Hua.

I believe Chinese and China will better prosper as a loose Federation of Chinese States (sort of like Europe now) than in its current form of one United States of China.

Unknown said...

i'm a pro Chou dynasty Chinese, because i like feudalism. And decentralization of power instead of the absolute power of the state. I like the idea of people being organised in clans based on family.

Anonymous said...

This "unity" propaganda of Qin Shi Huang to justify his conquest of the 7 states of China
- to justify his burning of Chinese books that do not support his ideology
- to justify his killing of Chinese scholars that are not anointed as the "official Qin school of thought"

This "unity" ideology has held back the development of the Chinese race for the last 2,000 years.
Even in Singapore today.
Daft Singaporeans believe we must all support only one political party in the name of unity.
Completely deaf to all non-PAP ideas and way of doing things.

This concept of "unifying" all things Chinese has kept and continues to keep the Chinese race as backward looking people;
Unable to innovate because anything radically new may be considered non-Chinese or foreign in nature ie "banana"

Anonymous said...

Look at David Cameron's 7 minute resignation speech.


Cameron was pro-EU.
He lost the referendum.
Does he ever mention the word "repent" to his UK voters?
And he even offers his resignation to step aside for a new leader to take his place to "implement the will of the people".
- does he not represent the best of the European culture?

What about our self professed "Confucian gentleman"?
Did he use the word repent after losing a GRC in Singapore?
How can we support this type of authoritarian behaviour ... just because he is Chinese and a self professed "Confucian gentleman"?

Why am I a banana just because I applaud good democratic behaviour from David Cameron?
Why must I support authoritarian undemocratic behaviour just because a leader is Chinese?

Is not the Chinese race worthy of being governed by men with democratic credentials?
Why must the Chinese race always support undemocratic, authoritarian despots just because they are Chinese?
Why must the Chinese race condemn ourselves to undemocratic rule in the name of Chinese unity and Chinese culture?

Anonymous said...

In 2012, a Maya calendar predicts an 'end of world'..this not necessarily an end of world but marks the beginning of a New World or a New World Order emerges. We r experiencing unrest here & there now is that the whole world is about to take shape..& China now is very different from the past..& Chinese culture has much to offer to the world..u don't see China Chinese picking up guns & shoot at people whenever there is conflicts or even fire arms by some neighbouring countries..China is trying it's best to teach the world (or even the Uncle Sam) what is really leadership & what benevolence means in humanity through diplomatic relationships & discussions...there is a prediction by a well known Historian in Britain saying that the 21st Century is belong to the Chinese & Chinese Culture ( its when the New World Order begins)

Anonymous said...

I dont see China is teaching any country about leadership so far.

What i see is all countries are raising military budgets to arm itself. Slowly one by one is rising up against China. What it used to be peace and quiet in this region in order to earn money is slowly eroded day by day.

I can assure you Uncle sam or Europe will step in to finish off everything for simple self interest. ie. by letting the peanut country start all these mini scenarios first.

China glory can start fast but can also end fast. It takes 30 years to achieve economy success while other countries takes 100 to 200 years. What makes you think it cant collapse also in 30 years time?

Anonymous said...

'I don't see Europeans arguing among themselves about who is "more European".
eg. Is an Englishman less European than a German or an Italian?'

You are very right. I also read that in history booka. They ganged up, formed military alliamces to conquer the world and divide the world among themselves. They raped and fucked the Chinese then and now, China Chinese or banana Chinese. The only difference is that the banana Chinese like it while the China Chinese are standing up to fuck back.

Unknown said...

Obviously we got DNA test now, if u want to see if u are Chinese take one. The problem with Chinese people is that the only thing that binds us is culture. Unless we have something like a common religion which the Malays do. A common religion especially a monotheistic one is much better then just culture, because it is much less resistant to erosion.

We need a new religion.

Anonymous said...

What does a Chinese "banana" say to another Chinese who can't understand the posh English used at an air show ?

You Chinese helicopter.

Anonymous said...

Who said we don't have a god? Chinese people universally worship Mamon. They place no other gods before. Chinese mothers go around comparing with everyone how much each of their children make against themselves and their neighbors to measure their self worth and happiness. That is the ugly thread that runs thru us all, prc, sinkie, pap, honkie whatever. What culture?

Anonymous said...

All born and raised in Sin are idiots. Go and Sin no more

Anonymous said...

The LAND of SIN already has plenty of (its) problems (now and exponentially multiplying, gg fwd) ........?

Cracks, without fail, can be seen existing or appearing almost everywhere everyday. .......?

The social fabric, practices, values, processes, established standards are falling off brick by brick, taken apart brick by brick, cracking up brick by brick, leaving an increasingly vulnerable and shaky system for the future (generations) while they too in their youth are mostly "rotting" in their own ways in pri sch, sec sch, pohleilong, zoonil cottages, yewnehfartcity ....... and not forgetting the "worst of all" ---- "East-d-ant"?

Anonymous said...

The JLBs, meanwhile, are "ENGAGED BIG TIME" in "WAYANG KULIT" and "KICKING THE CAN AS FAR DOWN THE RD AS POSSIBLE" so much so that "whoever come in next will have to use a hacker cos the shit can't be wiped off or cleaned anymore, as they had hardened into brick(wall)-like"?

Anonymous said...

One of the "culprits" is "high rental costs" and tracing back to the fundamental ROOT of "SUPER GREED"?

High rental costs are without overstatement "taking the system apart"?

Besides ravaging and decimating many painstakingly built and established businesses, they too are damaging and ravaging the health of many sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Just take 1 simple example:

"How does workers (and food stalls owners) get around high rental costs?"

The 70% should use their (dim/ slow witted?) brains to know what is damaging to their health .......

Anonymous said...

It is much more pervasive, much more horrific than a fat, huge rat falling right into one's soup during peak hour lunch time in a food court?

Anonymous said...


Just one simple eg and the rest pl use your (slow/ dim-witted, blockhead) brains to think a bit deeper or go see what happens in the kitchens?

At a typical foodcourt where some stalls workers had to do some of the preparations outside the kitchens beside the stalls, usually (or rather everytime?) one whole 10 kg pack of rice is emptied into a big cooking pot .........

Anonymous said...

Water through a hose used to fill up the pot and water allowed to run off in a couple of seconds and the pot is dried and transferred to an electrical cooker .......

Asked the worker why she never wash the rice properly, she replied 1 to 2 persons BUT need cook for several hundred customers (x2) twice a day (lunch and dinner) , and it is even worst during weekends. ........

She said the "BOSS" told them can only make enough $$$ to offset high rentals by slashing headcount and wage costs ........

Anonymous said...

The worker further added that whether chilli, vegetables or meat etc mostly are emptied from their bags or boxes and used directly (to cook without any or much washing)?

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, the hygienic sign on that stall was a BIG "A" grade hygiene CERTIFICATE HANG right in public full view ......

Well done?


Anonymous said...


Use your (dim/slow-witted) brains (to think), ONLY 2 workers (in order for the business owners to cut costs to offset high rentals?) preparing and cooking all the necessary food in a short 3 hours in the morning before the lunch time crowd and another short 2 hours before the dinner crowd for a few hundred patrons each meal, got (anymore) time to (even) rinse the food before cooking (much less washing thoroughly)?

You have a system that grade food stalls "A/B" ( most of the time) but nothing near to that (actually happen?) and (in reality?) more to a "F" behind the scene (in the kitchens?) and that is "BAD", real "BAD"?

Anonymous said...

High rental costs are exacting many many high tolls on many aspects of the land of sins and not just business viability or horrendous hygiene issues or future health issues due to (the amount of) toxic consumed 3 meals day in day out?

Education and upbringing of kids are terribly affected too but shall not be elaborated aa it is quite SOPHISTICATED (for dim-witted brains)?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

High rental costs are exacting many many high tolls on many aspects of the land of sins and not just business viability or horrendous hygiene issues or future health issues due to (the amount of) toxic consumed 3 meals day in day out?
July 03, 2016 11:32 am

- What's wrong with collecting more money?
- Do you think Singaporeans should burn hell money for the old fart?
- before his son collect more (you know what) from us?