THAAD – The American White Lie

The Americans have successfully coerced the South Koreans to deploy the THAAD missile system in South Korea against the latter’s objection and oppositions from China and Russia. The deployment of THAAD increases the risk of war to all the parties concerned and is detrimental to their national interests except for the Americans. Every one of these countries stands to lose other than the Americans. THAAD’s presence in South Korea only infuriates the North Koreans as well as China and Russia. These countries would now come within the range of American medium range missile attacks. How can it be safer and for peace when these countries would no longer trust the American’s intent and would review all their agreements with the Americans to counter this new threat?

To the South Koreans, they have everything to lose and nothing to gain. The threat of a North Korean attack is an American White Lie that has been propounded daily for the last 60 plus years by the Americans to justify the American military presence in South Korea and to keep the South Koreans as a semi American colony in East Asia after Japan.  The North Koreans would never attack the South unless they are really insane, and would commit a national suicide for the whole of North Korea. The overwhelming superiority of the American military power could see to the destruction of the whole of North Korea within hours without the need to send in a single American soldier into the North. This kind of military superiority of the Americans is enough deterrence to keep any country from attacking South Korea or starting a war against the Americans or their allies. There is no threat of a North Korean invasion of the South. Stop the White Lie.

The pathetic thing is that because of this White Lie, the hapless South Koreans would forever be a semi colony of the American Empire. The threat to South Korean independence is the American presence. And not only that, the South Koreans would have to pay billions for this THAAD system that they did not want, did not ask for it, did not want to pay for it, and the system does not serve their national and security interests but the interests of the American Empire. The South Koreans simply have to go along and pay for it, to live with the American White Lie and to entrench the American colonization of their country.

This new development will change the status quo in East Asia. China and Russia could adopt the same tough stand like the Americans did when the Russians were deploying missiles in Cuba. Would China and Russia see this threat serious enough, like the Americans in the 1960s, and mount a naval blockage of South Korea to prevent the Americans from bringing in this offensive military system? Should they decide to do so, the world would be pushed to the brink of a nuclear war between the Americans on one side and the Chinese and the Russians on the other.

This event is just starting to take shape and China and Russia have yet to develop a coherent defensive position. They must be busily meeting behind closed doors to address this hostile move by the Americans, and the decision could be just as intense and robust in reaction to this upsetting and destabilizing American military manouvre. Not taking any strong counter actions by the Chinese and the Russians is unacceptable.

Tension will mount and will be many times more serious than in the South China Sea or in Eastern Europe.  The Chinese and the Russians cannot afford to allow the Americans to put such an offensive military system on their doorsteps. They are likely to react violently to test the resolve of all parties in this new crisis. It is a major crisis in the making in the same mould as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The first major change in China’ policy will be to close rank with the North Koreans and tell the Americans to fuck off with their White Lie and sanctions against North Korea. North Korea will be the immediate beneficiary of this policy shift and the loser would be South Korea. They would lose the China market. China and Russia would openly support more nuclear tests from the North Koreans and stand steadfastly behind them as the North Koreans’ right to self defence.

The most pathetic nation caught in the American created storm is South Korea. It is now just a sacrificial chess piece of the American Empire, have no say and be squeezed in all angles, losing national sovereignty, national pride and also have to pay financially to become the colony of the American Empire.

The weapons producers in the US must be partying themselves crazy for the money they are making from the hapless South Koreans.


Anonymous said...

Why worry now?

Last time China media and pro china clowns all have no regard for Thaad as China have mach 10 DF series missiles. Why worry and such strong action now?

Thaad technically is a defensive weapon. The problem with China and Russia is that it may have the potential to wipe out all long range ballistic missiles that is launched against US. Thus making US the only country in the world with real nuclear strike capability and China & Russia have no retaliatory means. This is additional to the radar that has 2/3K + km detection range.

All thanks to China contribution to SK economy that help SK to raise enough to co fund the system. SK president had a great party last time in china watching parade.

China now can scream and cry foul . What else can it do other that shut the mouth and better get real R&D moving on how to counter Thaad? You really think 1.4 billion population can spit saliva to drown Thaad? or counting on those who use mouth and articles to blind the population?

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the soft power of China...in Chinese 5000yrs of history, there r kingdoms fell under human soft skills like coercion & persuasive diplomacy without going to war. Uncle Sam may think that their weaponry r top of the world but China software & soft skills r formidable as well..China could send diplomats, spies & even beauties to coerce or tempt it's enemies while at the same time step up it's military hardware by acquisition or co operating with Russians & it's allies..in the event that all efforts had tried out & China is being cornered to a territorial threats, China may have no choice but to pull the trigger ( tat day will be another World War ...a very sad day...hopefully it will not happen unless humanity breeds insanity)..

Anonymous said...

Thaad deployed in S Korea is not news. The decision made yesterday is news. Russia deployment of missile at Kuril island was a response in March, the decision to add more missiles there and other eastern region was yesterdays decision.

On the whole it was escalation of US deploying missiles responded by Russians adding more missiles in the E asia.
China in between Russia and US will be naked. According to Russians, the Thaad radar can detect small object 10 to 20cm. Movement of missile on lands will be no go to China, not to think of firing for testing. US will have all the information and data within the yellow river region. China is done, for cooperating with US in economic ties. Will China sell the US junks papers when having war with US in South China sea? If it does not, the bonds might be of lower value. China is just fooled. The civilian govt wants money. The PLA gets the weapons, but the lands will be occupied by pinoys and US marines, if there is no laws to spell out that PLA has the task to defend territory.

With the Thaad, China still benefit the S Koreans as major trade partnes. This is a kind of contradiction in logic an outsider like me will ask: why?

For the PLA, they will have to hide their missiles in submarines and sail around. This means higher costs and more submarines will be needed. PLA will have to aim missiles at S Korea, and probably cooperate with NorthKorean on intelligence collection on the deployment of US Thaad missiles. China is the kind of country far different from country like Russia. How it will end up, no one can predict.

From the way PLS flex its firing power on S China sea, out of all the app 6 ton war ships, all are equipped with Hit Hawk 83. In Jean defense, this publication said Hit Hawk 18 missile travels at 2 speeds. First 0.8 time sound speed, then last 40km 2-3 time sound speed. I guess the big US carrier cannot turn around and move else where even when their air warning plane tell them to siam missile. Cannot siam missiles is the big problem to have war with China PLA. How can US win war?

All are waiting for pinoys to embark on journey to take the wangyuendoa, used to be owned by China, and order from heaven says its no longer chinese island. PLA is the focus. Best of luck to them.

Will Thaad be a threat to whole china? It is. In long run, China s military strength, mainly dependent on missiles will be reduced because, Thaad radar will collect information on china s missiles.
It is dependent on President Xi and his civilian government to resolve the difference. Keep S Korean strong and grow its economy, and strangle North Korea to death to follow US sanction?
In plain words, want money or safety? US is asking Xi to choose. I think North Korea will not harm China. It depends on China. But S Korea will kill China to take down North Korea. Xi is falling into this trap now, sitting on US s hot pan, while US is cooking the pan with Thaad, to check on China and Russia, using S Koreans safety. Who knows, the next China leader might turn around and help North Korea against S Korea to chase away the US, similar to Vietcon. But the same Vietcon is no longer friendly.
China s diplomacy to go against North Koreans is a big risk, as big as the Thaad, in my view.

Thaad is not a defensive weapon. Its missiles go 3000km, any part of China can be targeted. China is like a frog in cooking water. Xi better wake up from the trap. US and SK are no friends lah, still want to call them abang?

Anonymous said...

It appears in this SK case, the country displaying soft power appears to be US who successfully conned SK to deploy Thaad.

It also appears that Xi is conned by SK woman president who might have used her "beauty" strength. Which is why she was invited to the parade last year.

So far it is NK that seems to have guts and has the determination to go against US despite all circumstances. China appears to be real soft and now expose itself that it actually really has no technical strategy to counter Thaad.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1117am

As you mentioned, Thaad is not a defensive weapon. it can go 3000km and can hit any part of china. China is like a frog in cooking water.

While i am not pro china. At least i try to be objective as least in technical which most case there is no grey area.

Can you prove to us on what you write? You seem to have information that even CIA or aliens dont have.

denk said...

i dont blame sk, madam park is actually a sinophile.
she read the rommance of the three kingdoms, she once confessed her first love was zhao zhi long, hehehe
beside her cultural affinition chinese culture, china is also sk's largest market, for sk to antagonise china is like shooting itself in the foot.
but the mofo in washington play their nk boogeman card to the max.
sk got scared , mdm park has no choice but to succumb to murcunt pressure.....just like jp, ph, indonesia and..... sg !

Anonymous said...

//It appears in this SK case, the country displaying soft power appears to be US who successfully conned SK to deploy Thaad.

It also appears that Xi is conned by SK woman president who might have used her "beauty" strength. Which is why she was invited to the parade last year//

This will be a lesson for President Xi & a great one ( never trust an enemy who appears nice, don't sympathize an enemy by supporting them economically). Xi has to wake up & Uncle Sam is no friend at all ...if Xi never learnt tat it will be China's tragedy..China need to step up its military powers & diplamacy software to persuade more allies & use of spies to make US bz in their "internal affairs" ...

Anonymous said...

You see Mao and Deng also never kana conned by US.

One wage war against US by conning them to come into direct contact with PLA and the other one conned US and its doggies to dump money to help grow China.

Now why like this? Maybe life is too comfortable now as they have followed the overthrown KMT corrupt leadership. Chinese Communism when initially started is really PURE and peasants supported it with whole heart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:38am
U dont believe Thaad can fire 3000km as offensive weapon can be unsurprising to me.
U also said CIA dont know? U are lying in this part.

Anonymous said...

Thaad is wonder weapon, like superman, super dome. Sure win wars with China and Russia.
American super heroes and super weapons everywhere. China and Russia must find the kryptonite to stop Thaad. Read too many American comics.

What's next?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1223pm

Dun talk so much, show proof.

You PLP, also not to this extent.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong LegCo votes to hold urgent special hearing on safety issues relating to Kawasaki/CSR Sifang trains


Meanwhile in Singapore;
Singaporeans continue to listen to the chirping of crickets in our First World Parliament.

Anonymous said...

"The North Koreans would never attack the South unless they are really insane, and would commit a national suicide for the whole of North Korea."

Tiok. And don't forget, just like the Americans, Chinese, Russians, South Koreans and also smart Sinkies, Kim Jong Un also want to have a good life, you know. How to have a good life by going to war, u tell me lah? How to vote for the opposition to be govt when they are not even ready?

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un can fire from submarine missiles to attack South Korea. These are not ballistic missiles that Thaad can use, S Korea has Patriot anti missiles.

Thaad is deployed to kill China and Russia by capturing information, besides using satellite to confirm. China is cooked like meat on hot pan.

To destroy Thaad is simple. Just fire 100 to 200 missiles at S Korea to let Thaad to shoot. Some will miss and land at the Thaad position.

If Kim were to do it to attack S Korea, he will do the same.

So Do not even think South Korea is friendly party to China. S Korea, Japan, US share intelligence, with agreement signed. Now Japan can know exact what China are deploying from Thaad info and data.

Do you believe China is cooked meat? Japan will be the big enemy like they did to Nanjing many years back. S Korea was Japan s colony, and S Koreans killing cannot be ruled out.
Now China treat S Korea as partner with free trade agreement. It will have to regret when the Thaad fire missiles on China. Thaad is a powerful missile launcher, if not how can it be faster than ordinary missile launcher. China better quickly change to a hardline civilian government or it allows PLA to develop more missiles targeting at S Korea.

In some of the missile, put in small nuclear war heads, the Thaad can never distinguish which are the killers. This what experts in S Korea wrote. The Koreans know that S Korea is now facing missile rain when come to war. China Russia or N Korea will not fire one or two missiles. It rain of missiles will come from submarines to land holes that Thaad cannot have time to turn left right center. But if the North does it, dont be surprise when a nuclear war head is among the hundred of missiles sent together.

US is bluffing S Koreans that they are safe. They will die faster actually. US s aim is China. Thaad is a powerful launcher. China mati liao.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahah, South Korea is the battle field of East Asian designed by the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Like the clown who say Thaad is a offensive weapon who can fire 3000km.

Thaad is very expensive and can only be selectively positioned.

Firing 100 or 200 missiles onto Thaad is a waste of time and effort with no guarantee success.
NK does not have the resources to procure or home made modern missiles to achieve this purpose. It cannot even successfully launched its submarine ballistic missile.

Even if China or Russia does so, it will only push SK more into the arms of US. Moreover, to fire 100 and 200 missiles at the same time at one land target is not easy task. China always believe in cost effective solution which is why it has designed DF21 against very expensive US carriers. Now will these missiles be tracked once fired, i told you ballistic missiles can easily be tracked.

Why China and Russia is afraid of Thaad? The only reason is now it believes that it has no or less capability to bring the war to US homefront.

End of the world for China or Russia? Who say so? so many things can be done.

SSBM - strategically positioned as they are need to be ocean going - china need to have more ocean going type ? start new stealth ballistic missiles designs? heard of HARM type of missiles that can target only radar signature - what is the use of missiles if there is no tracking device = radar? Many other ideas that russian or chinese scientist can think of, just need time and money.

However all these need more and more money. And as technology leaps, the money needed may be a steep curve and not a straight line. Outcome may be the same like Soviet who may collapsed internally.

Thaad is not god. Patriot missile was also god at its time, if so why designed Thaad. Because US always plan ahead. When ford carrier ( with underwater drones to find enemy subs) and F35 ( can carry internally B61 ground penetrating nuclear bomb) + zuwalt destroyers + electromagnetic gun + laser weapons all come online together, to me that is a real panic. And i am thinking how far any enemy plane can penetrate to US carrier combat air patrol compared from the 60s to now, maybe still the same or not?

Anonymous said...

The south koreans are nothing but another lackey of the americans. Just like the japanese and the other lackeys.

No matter how "developed" they think their country are, they are no different than slaves.

The situation is already hot enough that it can explode anytime in South China sea and yet the biggest warmonger of this planet is still not satisfied and it keeps making trouble everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I see interesting posts on Thaad. I would like to share with readers on missile defensive weapon system that can be converted to offensive weapon. Even some china readers posted Thaad has no harm to China. I wander the world is so friendly to china even in square words. Many ang mor can speak fluent chinese, many be they also post those stuff in square words.
Converting TMD system to offensive has been done by many countries. S Koreans want to do with Thaad is possible and probable. China thinks it is safe with the Thaad is not really telling the true feeling of the mass.

Missile defense system and offensive attack system are similar. They include the propelling system, the guiding system and the missile head or war head.

Main difference between the offensive and defensive system is the war head. Offensive war head are heavy, especially nuclear war head. M defend system heads are light, mainly for impact purpose, not for explosion.
Convert defensive to offensive system can make use of the infra red target seeking system to use for air to air missile system, air to ground or ground to air missile system.
Futhermore, the Missile defensive system that can destroy every second 5 km target system to raise the accuracy of attacking ground targets, sea target or airborn target.

Flight range is something not high tech, about 30 countries are able to do ballistic missile. Flight in the air meets resistance. Ballistic long distance will have power phase to get out of air layer, the free flight and re entry into air layer.

Many posts assume Thaad can only be defensive weapon have overlooked the experience of many countries converting missile defensive to offensive systems. These records are main appeared in square words. When google in english, there are no such articles on first page of search. That s help to blur readers from knowing more. Any one who has knowledge of bombs and charges will be able to understand missile system.

Anonymous said...

Another clown here showing rubbish again. The other one who claim Thaad can shoot 3000km never came back once proven wrong.

THAAD HAS NO WARHEAD. CAN YOU PLS READ UP 1st. Even china media do min research 1st before wayang.

1st what is the length of Thaad missile?

What can be the payload of Thaad be? Why doesnt Thaad's design incorporate a explosive warhead?

Why ICBM are sibei big in length and Dia? Does it need to carry fuel/different stage nozzles?

How much do you want the Thaad which is 900kg missile to carry and its length is only 6.17m length and 34 cm in diameter?

The reason for Thaad to be designed to be like this is for anti air "light" missile with direct hit with kinetic energy with NO WARHEAD. A kinetic energy hit minimizes the risk of exploding conventional warhead ballistic missiles, and nuclear tipped ballistic missiles will not explode upon a kinetic energy hit, although chemical or biological warheads may disintegrate or explode and pose a risk of contaminating the environment.

For eg. DF 21 is 10.7 m in length and 1.4m in diameter. If i want to hit enemy with Thaad as offensive weapon, then i use my LGM-30G Minuteman III version or Trident III to hit flies? These Minuteman III and Trident III all have length >10 m and dia > 2m (1st stage) and weight is 35 to 50 Tons per missile which can hit >10K km range.

What this means --- Why US would want to modify something so expensive if he has something bigger and more powerful arsenal?

Anonymous said...

1 pro China media in HK proposed to sanction companies and official related to Thaad, electronic interference, jointly work out with Russia on Thaad, and re balance sanction against NKorea and Thaad deployment. I like the last. The rest are not effective except working with Russia to aim at S Korea will definitely an advantage.

There was no explanation on Nkorea re balance. Since this is a large circulation media, it might reflect how some officials think. The choice is between S Koreans and N Koreans. I like.

If China continues to support S Koreans with free trade to let them make rmb, then China has no concept of enemy and friend. That will be sad for the mass living on main land.

China seems to forget that there are 7 bigbig warships station at S China sea, 3 of which had attempted to get near Huangyuendao. China better wake up now and use trade to attack S Korea. Otherwise, pinoys will come after them for the islands too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:27pm
Indeed, it is possible to modify the Thaad into attack weapon If Thaad falls onto the North Korean s hands, guess Kim will try it.

The size of Thaad body is smaller than a SBLM. SBLM is possible to make in N Korea. And the war head can change to W88, then this Thaad kinda weapon will be a multi barrel mobile nuclear system.

N Koreans can learn the accuracy of Thaad.

In other words, if S Koreans do the same modification. North or China will have nothing to worry? Nothing is impossible, where missiles are concerned, its a common technology for North or China. But Thaad should have something to attack China, such as the accuracy or whatever. When war comes, that will be interesting to see how this Thaad becomes a cat or a tiger.

Anonymous said...

Position change fast fast, from US change to NK.

But no use one as you cannot build castles in the air. It is about engineering.

China and Russia already have similar US nuclear ballistic missiles. NK want to join in the same club and thus keep testing its missiles. Nuclear warhead development is not a problem in NK but its missiles delivering these warheads just cannot successfully fly.

Accuracy.... Check what are the CEP of Modern China nuclear arsenal. Even US one is not so accurate but to them it does not matter as Nuclear ballistic missile hit will cover a wide area so accuracy is not of 100% critical and they have huge numbers.

How heavy is W88 warhead? How do you incorporate this warhead into the original missile where originally it does not even incorporate warhead? DO you know the difference between what is modification and redesigning?

Anonymous said...

mmm how come not an article on the trains crack line issues ?

Deliberately give it a miss ?

Anonymous said...

Hawaii Aegis Ashore missile defend system is in the process to be converted to combat ready attack system to protect Guam. The coordinator is commander Harris.

Converting Aegis missile defend to combat ready system means firing to the east side. This is real and not talking. China protested.

Similarly, South Korea will eventually want to convert Thaad system as the allies develop further once settling down. Aegis missile defend converted to combat ready shows that such so called missile defend system system has stage #2.

To fire a bomb to US soil is not difficult as reuter reported US official said: put the bomb on a ballistic missile.

To put a bomb similar to w88 is difficult to S koreans? There are plenty of suitcase nuclear bomb available in Russia black market. Russia officials never deny there are missing suitcase nuclear bombs.

Any chinese who are born with brains will know defensive weapon was actually converted from offensive weapons as far as missile is concerned. It cannot be the other way round?

Only those fools will believe US. One report in washington post said the china FM believed Thaad could not be converted to offensive weapon (in February if not wrong) and he respected S Korea to have own decision.

Now this China FM never defend Thaad cannot be converted into attack system. He objected to Thaad, saying it is beyond S Korea s needs.

Thaad deployment will be a threat to NorthKorea and China. If Thaad cannot be offensive, why are N Korea and China and Russia so worry? It the radar being powerful? Yes. It is defend only? No, it is step one only.

In other words, China will face nuclear bomb threat when come to war, at least missile threat from S Korea.
Japan S Korea and US now form a mini NATO in asia. Nato is not a threat to China? Nato is defensive only. Can sleep in peace for the chinese.

Do not be naive to believe Thaad cannot be offensive. The manufacturer makes missiles to attack, also make Thaad. Of course, if North Korea gets hold of Thaad, it will know what to do to make it a missile launcher. Or North Korea thinks like singaporean, it cannot be done as there is "no war head" in Thaad.

Anonymous said...

Thaad is part of the Americcan early warning system against nuclear attacks by China and Russia. It is forward defence line of homeland America.

The South Koreans are conned to pay for the defence of America homeland. Attacking South Korea using low level cruise missiles and inserting espionage teams into South Korea would be very effective and totally out of sight from Thaad.

Anonymous said...


Aegis defense system (which i think you meant as SM-6 in this case) can be converted because it was originally designed to be carrying a small warhead 64kg, a very different design philosophy from Thaad system.

Given its higher cost than other land attack weapons like the Tomahawk cruise missile it would not likely be used as a primary option.

Really stubborn clown. Why got brain but dont want to use?

The Thaad unit will be manned by US unit even though it is co owned (funded by US and SK). SK would not have the rights or resources to do it alone.

Are you deaf? NK nuclear warheads package no problem but NK missile GOT problem!!!!
Do you know warhead and missile are separate package - 2 components here?

In Thaad case, to make it changed from not carry warhead to carry warhead is a huge task because of the change in weight which will change the aerodynamics and stability of the missile. Need to redesign everything and not just modify.

eg. How do i change F15 to become stealth fighter? No problem to modify it to even Z version but to stealth, you need to change the whole frame.

China, Russia worry thaad for what - already answer above

Thaad's radar monitoring (It is not about offensive or defensive) but spying capability very deep into China mainland.

When come to war with Thaad, it means US can nuke China mainland and china's nuke cannot hit US as it will be destroyed by Thaad once launch. That's the theory although there are many factors to consider. So why worry about SK if it does not have nuke. SK attacking China. Your brain enter water?

Not just Jap or SK form alliance, it will involve many countries... think think think.... US is opening more than 1 theatre of war in this region. More on other directions.

Nato sleeping, in your dreams, anytime it can wake up and increase strength like what it is doing now.

It is not about being naive. It is about engineering and no use talk talk and talk without brain. NK only needs to focus on its existing missile arsenal which are 70s soviet design. Can take queue number for them to have their hands on Thaad. No resources how to do it.

Remember to take your medicine and stop dreaming.

Anonymous said...

What is all these talks about converting from defensive system to offensive system?

They only need to deploy the offensive missiles, all ready for use.

patriot said...

With N Korea coming into play in response to THAAD,
it is getting more interesting.

Now S Koreans shall enjoy much
fun with their Northern Siblings for
allowing aliens to dictate in their domestic affairs.


patriot said...

President Park Kyeong Hae declares that THAAD is ONLY meant for(read against) N Korea.

And President Tsai Yin Wen is in a fix
regarding Taiping Island.

These 2 Girls should have remain in
the kitchens to take care of their families.


Anonymous said...

These two girls already created much headache for China just this 7 months into 2016.

Now China keep talking and talking like no end but cannot do much. Money given but outcome is like that. Ban all the countries? left with what?

You want to offend woman?

Tomorrow sure got more juicy news.

Anonymous said...

Why worry for China , since author are anything but full of praises for them.

No need to over alarm. They got the sheer numbers, many are considered as foreign talents by us. Its nearby their land which they are more familiar and not some foreign soil. A good time for them to further flex their muscles and an opportunity to show the world her might.

I believe author should have both faith and confidence in China's ability to kick US ass.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is worry for China.

We are all waiting for them to fight.

Then it is time to round up all traitors internally and externally.

Anonymous said...

President Park's father, President Park Chung Hee, was murdered by the Americans for wanting to reunite with North Korea.

Anonymous said...

When war starts in the South China Sea, it would be WW3. Japan and Korea would be hit first and ICBMs will be flying all over the sky.

Anonymous said...

ICBMs is useless unless it is a nuclear war.

If it is a nuclear war, then there is no difference on who will be hit 1st or not. Everything will stop and everybody will wait for the nuclear dust to blow in their direction.

Modern ICBM with multiple warheads with heavy payload makes Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Both Russia and China would support North Korea to annex SK.

Anonymous said...

Both cannot support NK officially.

They themselves endorsed the UN sanction against NK.

Re amendment will not get other security member approval.

So like stuck in between. But still can do it secretly which i think China has been supporting NK all along otherwise it die long time already.

SK military not like 50s now cannot play play also. Modern equipment and can mob in short time with huge reserves.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I also believe China in behind secretly helping N K.

Regardless US real motives even if it's true, current target - N K only. Deployment of anti missile system is between US and S K. China always claim they don't interfere in other countries affairs. Yet all the fuss on protest and object ?

I believe China will not engage in battle. No nice and good compelling reason for China to announce officially and publicly that they must help N K and do battle with US. Beside China villagers at borders were robbed and killed by N K people for food and monies.

Anyway, too early to determine there will be war. US also testing water. But from strategic point of view, good move. They score one. Now let's observe any brilliant move next from China.

As for Russia will probably stand at the sideline to see show ( no vested interest ). If war between China and US, lagi better she stand to gain with oil price up. Whatever monies owned don't even have to repay to China until the final outcome. At anytime she can cut supply or use oil to extort gold from China. She can also sell weapons for gold also.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:29pm

I agreed.

However i think China govt has put themselves in such positions to allow too much propaganda programs on all kinds of media at their control to flame patriotism which is very dangerous to a large population who is educated. People will be engrossed on their foreign enemies than look at the real problems back at home.

So i think war is inevitable otherwise it will be the end of CCP as it cannot back down. CCP have to prove to their people that China cannot make any concessions in the 9 dash line and its military (whether boasted or not) is superior enough to crush the enemy.

One of the biggest mistake china made in my opinion is not to participate in Hague court arbitration. This make china lose so much internationally and behave exactly like the China uncivilized tourists who went overseas. The mouth just cant close and rattling continues on and on.

Same for me. I see no reason for Russian to join or aid China. The reason is Russia is too big and its nuclear weapons is more than US. Why play with shit if no benefits?

Anonymous said...


No shots fire yet.

Tables are still open for negotiation.

Anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

Not yet. Weapons are not readied or fully deployed.

9 dash lines are not opened for negotiation. Was like this and will be like this. Previous leaders just sweep it under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

If you know who is the Chief Judge sitting in the Hague you will know how silly is your comment about China not defending its case.

Anonymous said...

If i know PAP would win in last GE, i would know how silly it is to be born in Singapore.

It is not about defending. It is not participating.

Anonymous said...

This is 7.29pm to July 12, 2016 8:56 am

Ha ha ..

Relax bro ( though good rebuttal ). This site is a pro PRC site . Any opinions against sure the fanatics get agitated and sure we kena chilled.

Neglect lah, just share and express your views honestly and straight forward. Everyone entitled to their own opinions.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:13pm

I know this is pro china site. They thought they are helping China but actually doing more harm than ever.

Sometimes chilled or not chilled it does not matter, the point is your argument and your content.

And remember all this is free, who is spreading china propaganda or the other way around we dont know yet.

Anyway, just out on the ruling as expected. Now the ruling questions China's sovereignty in South China sea. No longer a pinoy issue. So all the reclaiming and fishing is illegal as such to speak.