Taiwan playing with fire?

Taiwan fired a live missile towards China and fortunately it hit a Taiwanese fishing boat killing its captain and wounding two fishermen. Taiwan claimed that it was a mistake.

What is Taiwan trying to do? Is it trying to send a message to China or wanting to commit a copycat attack on China like what the ugly Americans did against the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? Another American 'mistake'in the same nature would be war. Are the Taiwanese so foolish and reckless to attempt such a silly hostile act?

Firing a live missile is never a mistake! Firing a cruise missile to hit the Chinese Embassy was never a mistake. Both were hostile acts. There are many levels of command and control protocol to fire a live missile. Make no mistake about this so called 'mistake'. Taiwan would have to answer and pay for this silly hostile act. There are more to it, as to how the missile was redirected to hit a fishing boat instead of hitting Xiamen.  Would the Taiwanese be so cruel to test fire the missile using its own fishing boat and citizens for target practice? What caused the missiles not to land at Xiamen is a big question. If it did, Taiwan would be in smokes today. A war between Taiwan and China has just be avoided.

Maybe it is time that China too starts to fire missiles by mistakes at American warships or at Taiwan. When professional military forces can make such layman mistakes, China should plead ignorance, that their system was faulty, PLA soldiers badly trained and are proned to firing missiles by mistakes. Just beware as China's soldiers are not very good and when they are around, missiles can just go off especially in the South China Sea.


Anonymous said...

There is these saying in Sun Zi Art of War called 声东击西 (or sound in east but hit in west). Taiwan might be using this kind of war strategy to tell China tat Taiwan's sovereignty & independence. But it was unfortunate that Taiwan hit & sacrifice a ship's captain & son of its crew. It's the beginning of a new kind of "war" to tell the enemy that they r not happy & anytime war or conflict is inevitable..

Anonymous said...

If you read news and comments worldwide, this accident has proved that taiwan comparatively small armed forces has some deadly arsenal. It has boosted the taiwan's people confidence in defense of the island thus fanning taiwans declaration of independence.

If these missiles are deployed island wide onshore in great numbers. China PLA navy or amphibious force cannot touch taiwan at all.

Anonymous said...

Another incident after Indo scenario that China cannot and dare not do anything.

If it cannot handle Indo or Taiwan, what makes you think it can handle US or Japan? Worse, all combined together.

It is also time for the Ah Ney to prove their Bramos on China.

It also shows PLA new generation of generals and Xi or its team are all scholars and talk only. Xi who is communist party head is slapped hard especially yesterday (a special day).

China - Talking loudly number 1.

Anonymous said...

If China is to go to war with Taiwan, there is no need to send ships or warplanes in the preliminary stages of the war. They could sit back, watch TV and sip Chinese tea while the missiles will be raining down on Taiwan island. By the time it is over, there will be nothing much left of Taiwan standing.

The Chinese can then move in and take over and rebuild Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

What the taiwanese are adopting are exactly the same strategy china is adopting on earlier days ie the US and taiwan counter invasion on mainland by deploying Soviet small missile gunboats armed with missiles defending its coast line. Money was a issue those days.

Whatever it is, the taiwanese now already proven that they have in stock, locally made (probably with US parts) accurate and lethal missiles in operational stage. If they can be fired mobile onshore, it will be serious issue with China.

Does China have any other than talking so far? The hard truth about China watching TV during wartime is probably to watch the US CNN live just like any other war. Careful about the chinese tea, nowadays a lot are fake product.

Now the question is what has US sold or transfer to Taiwan during the last 20 years that is unknown which the DPP now wants to show to the world now.

Hermit said...

Taiwan is America's pawn to irritate China.

Anonymous said...

Shongsan (in chinese hero 3) missile is beyond radar detection in China side. It travels along sea surface, probably could be detected by satellite from sea top rather than those antenna facing taiwan.

Xi and china communists are celebrating 95th BD for ccp and HK is celebrating its 19th BD. From yesterdays' news, there was complete blank on Taiwan so called "missile mistake".

I agree with RB. There is no mistake could be made. It is not one man pressing a button and the missile is up to kill in mass destruction. Is there such a procedure in any country?

There must be multiple commands. Even firing mortar, there are multiple commands before the bomb is loaded onto barrels.

I interpreted it as a warning to China Xi. Taiwan has its deadly weapon to destroy China s warships, from sea surface missile. The warning is: DO NOT ma-in ma-in with Taiwan, Japan, and US forces. The US forces have increased the number of amphibious forces to station for S China Seas build-up.

It is likely that after July 12, the Hague judgement will be treated as from Heaven. US will help the pinoys to deliver the outcome to "take back" or ROB in real sense, the islands from China. Asean countries except Cambodia will support US in war efforts, and these are the line up: Taiwan, Japan, S Korea, plus the little dot, Indons, Vietnam, Philippines from aseans will most likely be seen to provide at least logistic support during the war efforts.

For the Chinese, PLA should take the hints from Taiwan s "mistake". Kowtow and give up the islands lah. But Be ready to give up Taiwan, that s what the US really want, as US will put its warships just next to China to take care of Xi s talks.
Its up to PLA to scare the US and its allies now. Other wise, the THAAD will be deployed in Korea, and N Korea might strike and start another problem. China cannot avoid these 2: S China Seas started from Asean, and THAAD started by S Korean. Both actually are aiming at China.

Xi cannot talk tough is a problem, by being soft, the Hongkie wants independence, the Taiwanese wants independence, and Dalia Lama is meeting Obama in White house already planned. China will have lots of problem with a president keep talking as if the world is going his way only. Out of touch. Or China s weapons are not real.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China vs Taiwan is just a scaled-up version of the Tienanmen Square incident, and a continuation of a civil war the world has long forgotten.

Similar theme runs through "Star Wars"---republic vs The Empire. In the case of Taiwan vs China it is smaller republic vs Big Empire Republic.

Get out the kachang, cigars and stock up the booze. Kick back and enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

Dont play play with the president of Taiwan. A female.

Can offend "small" person but cannot offend woman.

In China history throughout, woman in china politics always brings huge disaster to china.

Now china at a loss on knowing what to do next? To tone down, to step up or to ignore. Either way is a trap with heavy consequences.

On hind sight, what happens if Pinoy obtains these taiwan missiles? It is unlikely to happen as they have no cash but it certainly has boost the reputation of taiwan defense industry and this previously thought lousy missile.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1230pm

It is not only that China president is talking. China as a whole is like that, India is worst. And they think talking loudest will win.

If you work in China. It is common practice that the bottom deceive the middle, the middle deceive the top, the top deceive the very top. In the end, dont know who is telling the truth.

Do you think the president just rely on himself to check everyone or every province or town?

Xi will discover the hard truth where his predecessors are so much smarter. He probably is the most hardworking or remain the most faithful to China but he and his team will no doubt be the scape goat and face internal furor. This is always the same everywhere and almost everytime. Work like a cow and so shall die like a cow!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:40pm.
The voters are smarter now than the past. Talk like one old man in the past worked well because voters did not read world wide news or watch tv on world wide news.

Talk like Xi cannot go on without letting off the missiles in near future. If not, Xi cannot talk like nothing happened if South China sea islands already occupy by US and some Asean forces. China citizens can know even if the China state media did not mention the Shongsan missile.

Now the citizens at main land know Taiwan missile 2 time the speed of sound and travel on sea surface, hard to be detected by normal radar. Taiwan might someday have nuclear weapon.

The problem is: Xi is prolonging the taking of Taiwan by saying Taiwanese are the chinese brothers, one family "chin". But Taiwanese do not want to be yi za chin, they want to be independent country.

Did Xi realize his mistake? He bet on expanding the market for Taiwan to make money from Main Land, and the Taiwanese will be grateful to vote for unification. He ended up the Taiwanese are voting for a independent party. The politicians are grossly incompetent. Right from the Taipei major to the present cabinet, including the woman president, all are cockup kings or queens. But the Taiwanese voters like them and dislike the main landers. How to re unite with Taiwan like that?

Give money away to build a force to knife China eventually.
The China citizens and PLA will not agree with Xi s soft approach.

If Xi continues, China will be brought down by him. US will build Taiwan to be independent. Xi must find ways to starve Taiwan until its kneel down.

If Xi still build up Taiwan, he betrays the China mainlanders s aim to reunite the island. Xi is not smart, not decisive.

Same the S China Seas islands will be lost if US is helping pinoys army to land and Xi pretend to talk rather than firing at them.

Firing is very difficult to this commander in chief, habis to his citizens. He should learn from his neighbor: the fat boy simply fired artillery into the South for not stopping the anti North loudspeakers broadcasting to the North. The South dare not to broadcast now. It s so simple for the fat boy to do it once for all, the South became shitless, lau sai liao, Now talk about Thaad, the fatboy might fire missile, no joke. See what the south dare to do?
Xi dare not to do anything even with Thaad at his door step. This is predictable to me. U bet.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 309pm

The keyword here is there is no checker.

What i am saying is have you considered the possibility that Xi he himself or the central military committee are deceived by its district commander or all the way down that actually they do not have the ability to 100% detect such missiles or stealth air plane?

If Xi and the team has been deceived right from the beginning that China has superior weapons and all units are combat ready and thus makes wrong political decisions or not confident of what is true or not true? While at the same time telling its people and its neighbor that they are superior. Then it will come to a stage whereby it does not know what to do next as relationships are damaged. Either way moving forward or back down is a political disaster for CCP.

Last time war with US is on land. And China doesnt have 1 child policy in place and it has the determination to win even if it means losing hundred of thousands of life as it has so much in stock. Moreover, then China economy war no war also no difference as it is cut off from the world. Deng and Mao has already all these calculated in the head before they start the war.

Now it is a totally different case. So much to lose for China.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28pm.
"the central military committee are deceived by its district commander "

I can say big deceiving is not possible because the military should also have party secretarial and the internal auditors reporting directly to Wang a close aid to Xi. If you work in china, u try to get to know those party secretary u will know these are as powerful as the civil servants, while both are party members.

I put it clearer. If Putin was leader of China, do u think pinoys will go to Hague court? Do you think Putin will sit back to defend the words of US Carter saying China is isolating itself meaning was asking the members of meeting to isolate china for occupying the philippines island Scarborough Shoal, china called wangyentao?

I think, Putin will do this: declare that China is no longer recognize UNCLOS and completely withdraw from the laws recognition. Asean fishing boats voilate china drawn lines of territorial water will be fired upon or arrested. Very similar to Jokowi is doing now.

Pinoys and US can do what? ie China is ready to fire.

Unfortunately, Putin is not in China Xis place.

Putin s plane was shot down. He made sure Turkey s trucks cannot run pass Russia, have to take a big round.

Did Xi make sure Taiwan goods cannot land in China for not recognizing 1 China policy? It is a UN resolution 2758: 1 China. Why Xi is so humble?

China has all the resources. Its attack group to take china has helicopters as mode of transport. No more on trucks. What is he so worry about taking Taiwan? Showing his hard talk will hint to taiwan voters, "dont touch the big broths balls, can get a kick". But Xi has no balls, his ways is: we are one family. The taiwanese just laugh: yes make RMB is one family, call themselves chinese: no, taiwanese from Republic of taiwan.
Even the president said she is taiwan president.
What can Xi do? Keep quiet.

If those primary schools kids in taiwan go to Hague court in 30yrs time to apply for : Taiwan Independence recognition, do u think the US that time will support Taiwan?

YES. 30years later, Taiwanese will own taiwan for 100years already (in fact now is 67 years of "independence")

After 100 years of ownership, there is a good reason to declare the taiwanese own taiwan independently.

Dont believe me? Watch the trend.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 513pm

Big and small deceits are everywhere in China. It is a way of life as there are no checker to represent different interest under one party system hence there are so many fake products in the market. Even fake medicine/fake doctors advertising in official news papers and webs exist.

Precisely the more powerful party secretary/auditor (own internal kind) it is the more the corrupt the system it is as power is in one person's hand or party. At the end of the day, the system must be made in such a way that there is cross check and it must be changed from time to time but most important it cannot be a one party system.

If Putin is leader of China. There will only be 2 outcome. One is he will be ousted by all factions in China as he is too strong, Xi is tame as it begins by getting support from the Hu faction. Second one is there will be no chance at all for China to open up as investment would not pour in as no one trust putin. Sorry 3rd one, it also depends on who is Putin's father. No support also cannot enter.

If China start becoming hostile to the neighbor and disregard UNCLOS or law basis (like what you mentioned). China will lose economically as 60% of China GDP is based on export. ie why you see many ships and ports along the eastern coast. If war really erupts, who will replace those trade. It has to chose carefully what it wants. Xi's mistake is he wants land and money all at the same time which is impossible as previous leaders can chose one only at one time.

Based on Soviet past performance, if their plane is shot down not by accident and its pilot killed on the ground. Soviet would have pour in airborne divisions to wide out the turkey area and there must be blood in return especially this is turkey. Now Russia could not do anything to Turkey. Stop trucks... what is the use? Economic revenge as though it is rich? this is not the Polar bear style, how come become pussy cat?

How do you penetrate Taiwan defense with Helicopters if the whole island is being covered with layers and layers of air defense network? Latest addition is man portable stingers which are mobile. What happens if Taiwan air defense network is better than rumored just like this Hsiung feng missiles? Fighting Taiwan is like fighting Mini US as mostly all its weapons or parts are from US even including training and networking.

I think Taiwan will and should gain independence in time to come. I think no need 30 years. Human being should be given the choice to choose his life as we are not robots. I look at HK.... sad sad case, very happy, spiritfull country with 100% cantonese culture and unique HKie style English initially. Now mainland police can go into HK to arrest and escort anyone back to China.

The time where Taiwan gains independence is when China become weakest or when it collapse.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with sinkies who thinks like a island of 700km square.

Do you know how many party secretarial and the internal auditors reporting directly to Wang? And how many people report to the people below each?

This is not Singapore where you cant even remember the names or know who is who.

Can you compare both? Even PLA organisation is easily 2 million (i think) not including reserves, police or militia.

Anonymous said...

Did Xi realize his mistake? He bet on expanding the market for Taiwan to make money from Main Land, and the Taiwanese will be grateful to vote for unification.

I give an example to refute this wishful thinking.

China airlines thought the same when KMT Ma was in power. More mainland tourist means more business. However the hard truth is due to cheaper ticket price in China. This in turn draw more taiwanese to fly Mainland airline via china to fly to Europe or US sector. In the end, more redeye flights were introduced in order to get more sales but profit was stagnant. So what is there left for employers to do is to cut the benefits of the workers and also increase their workload which is what leads to the air strike.

So who is sucking whose money is something not so straighforward under globalization. Taiwanese likewise all people are not stupid. You can bluff for 1st year but over time they will also know the truth. If life has indeed improved, then there is no reason worldwide for people to oppose China but in fact embrace it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:30pm
Are you sure what you said was twisted?
I give u figures,otherwise, it is a waste to readers time.
Taiwan tourists:
In 2015, Taichong has 20000 rooms for tourist, and 3000 rooms were added last year, according to reports. If China tourists are not giving them money, why bother to invest in hotels?

There are 10millions tourists visited taiwan in 2015. 4millions are from China. Most important of all, china tours are on 8 day round island type, so every city has business.

Now, business drop 40%. Many hotel in taichong are on no pay leave.

You can bluff by saying anything. U cannot bluff by asking the local taiwanese if chinese tourists are helping taiwan. Just take the number of tour buses, about 6000 of them, i remember someone said about 40% are not moving now. Where are the buses going to go? Bus drivers also need to work. So dont bluff readers. Go get into the numbers you will know i am always telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1217am

What figures you talking about?

The Taiwan election results already speaks for itself by huge margin.

All these figures meant that people are working off more at depressed rate and you cant even afford the mortgage. LPPL working like shit same like Singapore working older at even cheaper rate and then minister tell you 1k can afford flat. Employer ask to increase 50dollars like cutting one arm like that.

This is what is happening and reality. Some people thought they are smart and bring out all home made statistics at the end of the day, go and ask everyone around. There are statistics hidden to tell people partial truth. Just like some govt focus to tell you there is GDP growth and then wah lau the gini coeff is like shit. Some worse got mountains of debts. Working 24/7 also will become norms.

Open up your eyes and see taiwan yourself. If you let China to come in 100% to your country, there will be no more manufacturing like in HK case unlike last time. All your industries will be hotel, casino, tourism, service which like what you say can drop 40% just like that because he is not happy. Get it? So what happens to those who brought property at high price and paying by installments. If i have built so more hotels and service related infrastructure initially to cater to so many tourist, what happens to the property price? Inflated?

In the end, it becomes worse by opening up something which is fake and not permanent and not substainable.

Why people so blind and so stupid?

Anonymous said...

As for China tourism business into Taiwan. This is the same case where your water, food supply is controlled by someone else. This is a warning to all that you need to diversify your risks otherwise you will get choke when critical time arise.

Imagine if they can do this to a blood brother, what do you think they could do to other neighbors and friends if they disobey. Will China bash them?

KMT Ma is known to be a statistic man who always like to show results and 8 years of governing and his so called peaceful relationship with China is actually a sell out of Taiwan local's interest.

During the election campaign, Mr Ma is virtually a curse to any KMT candidates electorate.

However the most important lesson learn here to all is Taiwan's scenario is showing everyone that there is no free lunch under the sun even if you are family or blood brother.
The other thing is when trying to do business with China man, dont ever think you are more clever or superior than the other side. His calculator anytime can be better than yours.

Anonymous said...

KMT don't dare to go against their master and DPP only exists to do anything to make China angry.

Just like those bananas thinking that their parents are some europeans, many of the taiwanese and hongkongers are not much different from each others.

Suckers will always be suckers forever.