Taiwan – The first victim of the Hague kangaroo court

The Taiwan govt thought by being a good boy, stayed out of the fray while the Americans and Japanese conspired with some Asean states to wrestle Chinese islands and the interest of Taiwan would be protected. Afterall Taiwan is being courted by both the Americans and Japanese and is considered to be one of them. Surely they will not do anything to harm the interest of Taiwan in the South China Sea. Taiwan also owned several islands there with the biggest Taiping Island or  Itu Aba, big enough to have an airfield and home to a few hundred Taiwanese.

What the Taiwanese did not bargain for and could not believe their collaborator friends would do them in, is the ruling that the Taiping Island is a reef. What a joke and what a shocking awakening. The Taiwanese have been sacrificed as a dispensable pawn. In the minds of the Americans and Japanese, Taiwan would return to China some day and it is better to cut Taiwan off the deal, that the Taiping Island pronounced by the kangaroo court is a reef and would not be entitled to a 200nm EEZ.

Now what are the Taiwanese going to do? Pay a visit to Washington to beg for a new ruling? Forget it, it is a done deal. Taiwan is enemy in the long run and its interests in the South China Sea would not be worthy to be protected. Protecting Taiwanese interests in the Taiping Island is as good as protecting China’s interests. The Americans and the Japanese have it all worked out.  Taiwanese is useful only in the short term to be used to pressure China but nothing more.

Thank you for being a good boy.  Taiping Island is a reef. Want to buy more mediocre American weapons to shoot at China? Taiwan would not be allowed to be turned into a Trojan Horse to undermine the strategic interests of the USA and Japan in the South China Sea. Period.


Anonymous said...

WP leader Low Thia Khiang not only said WP is not ready to be govt but even praised PAP govt as a competent govt.

But PAP govt still "tekan" WP run Aljunied Hougang Town Council jialat jialat, tio bo?

And Ah Low and team also nearly lost Aljunied GRC in GE 2015. Voters there may have asked, then what's the point voting for WP?

So what's the point of USA to be on the side of Taiwan?

Anonymous said...

I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect the Taiwanese reaction.

Surely they are not going to antagonise the Chinese mainland, when, who can predict, that one day the island may be part of the mainland. Going against the ruling is therefore less risky than taking on China head on. Taiwan is so close to the mainland and the Taiwanese knows how to weigh the risk.

The present Philippine president already asked the question of whether the US is prepared to step in if there really is a conflict between them and China. After all, the US has been known to change sides (in the Middle East) and who knows what they may NOT do when, as they say, the shit hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, this is all part of the deal prior Taiwan GE. Something was discussed and exchanged in return.

Mr. Ma still gong gong insisted to visit Taiping island 1,600km south west. On return trip via C130, he was intercepted and escorted by US F-18s.

At the end of the day, Did taiwan lose anything?

There is no way Pinoy can take over the island by force.

This is all part of a greater plan.

Anonymous said...

I see from the bigger picture, the western world is ruled by moral decayed politicians. The cunning scheme to discredit China s ownership of islands it inherited for thousands years is an obvious behavior of decayed moral standards.

The scheme by Philippines violated the agreement signed by Asean on private negotiation between 2 parties. It was schemed to platform on China being weak obliging to US s whatever demands. But giving lands of China is prohibited by china laws. The PLA was put to the frontline to face the US s offensives. The obvious one was Shangrila meeting, China was largely being isolated and put to defensive in an unfriendly position as if it ow the world countries why china own the Scs reefs and islands.

There is no real threat on war actually is another poor moral show. Just threatening with carriers, but dare not to pull trigger to have a showdown was clearly a cowardly act.
All this put China on non proactive position busy defending itself.

I guess US is now a lone power. UK cannot help in similar to "yours ever" tonyblair style. French is hit by flooding of immigrants and terrorists attack.

(French Nice was hit by terrorist act again, with 78 died last night french time. Death is still raising, as possibility.)

US alone cannot fight with PLA at Scs. The 2-3 Carriers will be hit and sink, there is no doubt about this consequence if US pull the trigger. China showed its Hit Hawk 12 fired from the air. This missile will hit the Carrier with big hole. There is no doubt about it too.

2 Hit Hawk hitting on a Carrier will sink it into the sea, the PLA warned.

US now is silent on the Scs, as its military power cannot over rule China s ownership of Scs reefs and islands.
What are US hawks gonna do to discredit and threaten china?

S Korean Thaad will be the next more powerful stuff. The "defensive" missile center will be turned into an offensive missile attack center.

China will be doomed. When it can hit US soil to scare US? Far from it. Being obliging to US is a big mistake china takes. China must learn from Putin to survive.

No country in this world should spend so much time to explain and support its ownership of sovereignty.
Only China does that kind of explanation these weeks and probably in the future.

Do they deserve to own those islands? US Carter said, if China develop the Scarborough shoal, there will be action from US.

Does China believe it own the island? I doubt. I think China will fall into US s threat and stop developing the island. That kind of cowardly act will help US to shout at China again and again. That is China. The govt likes to be reactive and defensive. What to help them in words? I lose patience.
Its similar to the EU who blindly believe letting immigrants into it is the advantage of globalization. The Brits learned this kind of stupid concept and wanted out of the "globalization". The new PM Teresa want those EU citizens to get out of UK. Not to mention it will let immigrants to flood into UK for "globalization".

UK is changing on immigrants flooding in, China better get tough on pinoys usa and koreans who give them waves of troubles.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, UK is now more "free" to support US actions compared to be in EU days.

Now, France and UK need more money and a distraction for local population.

So make a guess who is/are going to be the common enemy and distraction?

It is not about defense or offense, China always seem to be reactive as it cannot predict what is the enemy next move and thus seem to be always caught in surprise or like kana betray by "friends". I think a lot of their leaders still want trade and development as a priority but i think they have forgotten that it should be secondary as illustrated by previous leaders.

Anonymous said...

@ " I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect the Taiwanese reaction.

Surely they are not going to antagonise the Chinese mainland, when, who can predict, that one day the island may be part of the mainland. Going against the ruling is therefore less risky than taking on China head on. Taiwan is so close to the mainland and the Taiwanese knows how to weigh the risk. "

By your logic, some of the islands are actually closer to PH. Then nothing wrong with PH's claim.

As for Taiwan, it could also be fanning just like Russia before verdict never say anything much. After verdict , they support China. I find it strange...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Militarily China is still much weaker than the US and would not want to fight if it can avoid it. At this point in time, as long as the Americans did not fire the first shot, China would play along. The US also know that in a war with China, it would suffer intolerable damages and would not risk it too.

It would not be long before China catch up with the Americans and the game play would be different.

The Americans are still thinking might is right and using might everywhere and in every situation. Not for long.

patriot said...

Whichever and whatever disputes Taiwan is involved, China must leave them to President Tsai Yin Wen and the
Taiwanese that elected her to solve.


Anonymous said...

Very good admittance BUT it may be a little too late now.

The media in China and even blog here has painted so highly of PLA over the years. How to brake now and tell the patriotic population the "truth"? You mean all the hardware is not superior to US, now then something happen to show hand the cards then you say like this. I mean i have no doubt in capability of PLA soldiers as demonstrated long time before.

Should these media specialist be executed for treason charges for blinding the public?

Taiwan new President and its new govt ultimate objective is to declare independence or reduce china's influence in Taiwan. How it is able to get other bigger countries to support its cause is of course needs her wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The Americans must be laughing themselves silly at the stupid Taiwanese now a sacrificial lamb. The stupid Taiwanese think they could trust the Americans without knowing that the Americans are using them to meddle with China's affair and to upset China. Making stupid Chinese fighting among themselves.

Taiwan will only be needed when useful but dispensable when not needed.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:32 am

So now you also see this.

The point is what did Americans lose at the end. Nothing, its core interest is still protected.

And Taiwan DPP still need US at the end of the day.... Selling arms to Taiwan will at the same time earn cash as well and these weapons could be used against PLA.

China sad to say cannot see through all this and still gong gong push Taiwan to US. DPP did not chose itself to win, it presented the correct agenda to Taiwan people for them to choose. Mr Ma of KMT and KMT up till now still did not know why they lose.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan is the result of "Silence of the Lambs"..Taiwan can't even hire anyone to play by the Hague Tribunal cos in the future Taiwan may even be reunited to mainland China..China can only play the "Ghostbusters" kind of warfare with Pinoy-Uncle Sam or a "garilla" type of warfare or "tom & jerry" kind of warfare to create some unrest..

patriot said...

Think China can afford to

do more naval exercises at

all the Seas and Lands it

claims to own.


also extend these exercises

at International Waters around

the World. Then let the Hague

Arbitrators see what they gonna

decide about all the Exercises and



Anonymous said...

Fight for China i believe no issue, after all it's closer to their land.

I believe many hidden issues that they cannot afford to fight. Many cover ups also.

As for patriots , nobody knows who's real patriot until the final moment of truth.
If many shouting fight , fight , fight. I beside i also acting and shout fight otherwise kena wallop. But in actual truth i can't speak the truth - i don't want to fight maybe even runaway.

History repeats itself as like cover up of the SMRT train issues. Dont want to cause panic

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese mp and president of dpp independent movement are not interested in Taiping island or reef.

Most likely my private view, Taiping island will be occupied by Vietnamese. The Taiwanese withdrew the 2 small warship of 100tons around 11 July before the 12 July Tribunal judgment.
There was no defense. This move was questioned by non independent commentators. Then the taiwanese govt sent a bigger warship over. Can you see the gap? The time gap was a good opportunity for Vietnamese or Pinoys to takeover the islands with a number of soldiers on it only.

If Vietnamese takes over it, then the Taiwanese president will be released of the responsibility. When Mayingjue went up to declare sovereignty in March against US s advice, the Taipie Mayor Kerwenjay told media he did not know what Ma was trying to do. The taking over President Chaiyinwen refused to go with Ma to declare sovereignty. Many dpp mp also criticized Ma for doing it to create tension in the region.

The Japanese want these islands. Abe is meeting China PM Likeqin in Mongolia republic to talk about the Scs tribunal. Obviously, Abe is asking PM Likeqin to give up those islands for pinoys, to calm the situations.

The ex American commanders Dennis Blair and Kurt Campbell said the 9 dash lines are fake. If China develops huangyentao or scarborough shoal, US will use FORCE.

Dennis and Kurt said, now US is keeping silence on the judgment to give China diplomatic space to BACKOFF.

The action from Japan and US is very clear. They want China to back off from scarborough shoal to "give it back" to pinoys.

China has only one option, to use force or give up the Scs control. Xi cannot pretend peaceful solution is in the tunnel. There is no such in future as long as China is dreaming it needs not to put efforts to hold on to the islands, similar to Taiwanese people. The Taiwanese govt is obviously showing the attitude of indifference. Xi cannot do it because he will lose his job as the Chinese mass do not allow loss of land this way.

So the moment to fight depends on US: when US pull trigger, its D day. China may have to take over the Taiping island first. The PLA might have to invade this island before it loses to Vietnamese. It will be more difficult to get back Taiping as it is the biggest island of all in Scs.
The best is DPP just tell PLA to take over Taiping. But DPP will be the traitor. If DPP loses to Vietnamese, it can explain this and that passing the responsibility to poor KMT management in the past, to the belief of Taiwanese voters.

Anonymous said...

The US will stop anyone pinoy or vietnam to change the status quo in physical sense in the region.

As mentioned, this is a game against China. 9 dash line is only one part, Thaad is the other part.

So much so as being said who lose most.

Now who will be the sacrificial lamb in CCP. Anyway, lets see how.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, those people that organized the court are exactly the person who wants you to keep talking about it.

In the end, talk talk talk and then become reality....huh? What's done cannot be undone.

Anonymous said...

Why keep talking about the ruling by The Hague? This PCA is nothing more than a backlane training school like those in Middle Road. No credibility, no authority, not recognised by the UN. It's certificates are not recognised by anyone. Tak pakai. What binding, what legal? Don't be a fool to be conned by this American Japanese Pinoy con job.

Stop talking about this kangaroo court ok

Anonymous said...

The war would happen very soon

USA is forcing China into war with two provocative move ( too much coincidence)

1. Thaad
2. SCS illegal ruling

USA seem to think that it is better to fight now than later when USA still enjoy some superiority over China.

Recently, USA goes back to their old propaganda - China cyber hacking allegation

Philippine and South Korea could become Next Ukraine .
South China Sea become the new Middle East.

All investors would withdraw their money from Asia, Europe and invest in the safe haven. Where? USA.

USA try to save third economy with war.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Cannot trust the Americans, look what they did with Mubarak and Saddam. The USG does not believe in permanent allies, only permanent interests. It is quite different from Chinese thought, we still value things like loyalty "yi qi" to be important. One thing i like about the Russians is that they also hold loyalty to be important that is why they still side Assad's Alawite government.

Anonymous said...

Not only Thaad, SCS ruling.

It is also about interfering Taiwan, possible HK interfering, Tibet, India, Vietnam, Japan, Australia thing AND TPP.

Where do you think they will deploy the new stealth carrier. Once Japan and USMC F35 are operational.....

Long long time already say not so simple one. Now how? relationships are damaged and distrust in this region again China. China one hand pump money, the other hand received back stab.

Still left to the India front - south lobang where US is going to stir shit on Pakistan/India to sort of complete the circle. Afgan also have US bases not far away. Oil price are low so Russia are weak.

Hopefully Japan will be the weakest link to mess up the US plan on Diaoyu island.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Taiwan is considered an "illegal" state---when it is in the interests of other parties to throw them under a bus. It has no UN representation, and only has pragmatic support from Big Ol' Uncle Sam, which can come and go according to Uncle Sam's interests.

But the Taiwanese are a fucking tough lot. They will prevail, down to the very last person if necessary.

Cuntries never learn. The US govt spies on its closest allies. You don't want to get too close to the US, because although the people are generally OK, their govt (which they deserve) is fucked up. Washington is like ancient Rome where mad people conspire with each other for total global domination. Even US citizens hate their Washington representatives, and there's a long historical record of assassinations and assassination attempts by Americans themselves.

Cuntries who's citizens rise up and fight the govt. with violence, in a civil war get my respect. China split into 2 republics due to civil war. US had 2 internal wars. Britain had a few.

Singapore has ZERO. Docile obedient population, who are all to willing to eat the shit doled out by their political elites, with only a plethora of angry postings on the net.

Singaporeans tend to think that populations who rise up and overthrow their govts. in violent struggle are "stupid barbaric people" without even considering the complex contexts and reasons why such things happen.

PAP brainwashing, we can all agree, has worked, most effectively.

Anonymous said...

French terrorist attack left 84 killed. The terrorist was a immigrant from middle east and gained french citizenship.

EU in trouble with immigrants is something US wishing to see as it cannot allow EU to be stronger. In the past, Euro far higher than USD. US support "globalization" and support EU free labor movement.

When US VP visited Singapore, he commented sg had free labor movement as a plus point.

No body expect the immigrants in EU now give French Germany threats on security.

When little dot is affected by the same problem?

China s growth is a target for US to destroy. The Scs is the scheme that US wanted Philippine carry out in order to weaken China s influence, and help Japan to be more powerful lead by US in asia.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


China got a lot of civil war quite uncountable if you further back in history.

One interesting thing about Taiwan is that it was the last Ming Dynasty holdout against the Manchurians. Now it is the last nationalist holdout against the communist.

patriot said...

As me had said in My Singapore News before, China had many tyrant and despot in its' history.
Fortunately, the Foundation of the Chinese Culture and Philosophy is
base on Humanities and righteousness
has prevail in the Chinese Race.

The Tyrant and Despot in Chinese
History were invariably overthrown
and replaced.
For a nation to last 5000 years and more to prosper, the Tribe/Race of
China is a huge country and the Chinese Race is the Largest in the
World. Wherever the Chinese are,
they help to improve the economy
and humanities.


Anonymous said...

"The US also know that in a war with China, it would suffer intolerable damages and would not risk it too."
RB 10:49 am

Tiok. And 70% Sinkies also know that in the event that opposition is voted in as govt, Sinkies would suffer more intolerable damages than under PAP and would not risk it too.

Anonymous said...

"And 70% Sinkies also know that in the event that opposition is voted in as govt, Sinkies would suffer more intolerable damages than under PAP and would not risk it too."
Anon 9:27 am

Tiok. Because a coalition govt between WP and PAP is even worse than a all PAP govt.

Anonymous said...

Somebody mentioned Yi Hei , prefer Russia.


Anonymous said...

China kana backstab again?

Anonymous said...

No, it is Taiwan that was backstabbed. Hope this rude awakening would wake the stupid Taiwanese up. The Americans would sell their interests whenever it suits the Americans' interests like recognising one China and kicking the Taiwanese out of the Security Council. Now this.

A western pawn is a western pawn. Stop becoming a traitor to the Chinese Civilisation.

Anonymous said...

That is what people think so on the surface.

Taiwan and China are from same ancestor. Why US sell F35 to Japan and refuse to do so to taiwan? Even Sg has advance F15. Taiwan is like begging and begging forever. Some more Taiwan is actually the country that need these items urgently. US sells old weapons to Taiwan not for free but for premium price.

There is no way Taiwan will reunite with China under CCP. US is exploiting this to the max as they know this democracy game very well.

The rest is exactly like what you say. Taiwan also send scholars to a lot of International universities. I have the luck to meet one post grad doing political studies about 15 yrs ago, every time i will poke fun at him on reunification and he will be very very angry. That time i was blur like sotong to understand what the hell is going on and what reunification really means.