South China Sea Dispute – The Devil exposed

The South China Sea island dispute has presented a golden opportunities for members of Asean to see at first hand how the Devil operates and how the devil is supported by little devils in its scheme to control the South China Sea by proxy. Superficially the western media have been consistently singing the tune that it was a dispute between China and the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brunei. This statement has been repeated daily by the western media in every one of their posts to insidiously sink this message into the unconscious minds of its readers particularly the innocent Asians and Southeast Asians that find reading between the lines so difficult and to decipher the embedded thought even more difficult to separate from the truth.

There are disputes among the four countries in conflicting claims for islands and territorial waters. But many were distracted from the real dispute or contest between China and the US for control of the region. The Asean states may be quibbling over islands but not knowing that the big powers were after the whole of the South China Sea.

A valuable lesson for the Asean countries to learn from this episode, no matter which side they were rooting for, is to see how the Devil operates behind the veil, and how little devils were drumming and pushing for the interest of the Devil. The intense juggling and pushing by the Devil were all there to be observed behind closed doors. In the heat of tense negotiation to get what they wanted, the Devil has dropped his guard, and so too were the little devils. They stood there bare and naked to be identified. Their modus operandi too were on display, how they schemed behind the bright lights.

Asean leaders have learnt a valuable lesson on what the Devil is capable of doing should they be on the wrong side of the Devil. Countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei must learn this lesson by heart as they could be the victims of the Devil. They too must recognized the little devils and their roles in this dispute and how they agitate as iittle devils for the Devil.

The leaders of Cambodia and Laos would have no problem identifying the little Devils and reporting them to China. After this episode, the little devils or little USAs need not put up their acts of pretence anymore. China will know who exactly is who and what they said and done behind the back of China. Would the little devils still think they could go to China, smile and tell China we are friends?

The hypocrisies must come off by now. There is nowhere to hide anymore. But more important is for all Asean leaders to see the truth and how the Devil pull the strings.

The biggest hypocrisy is that the Americans have built military fortresses in the islands of Guam and Diego Garcia with nuclear weapons and firepower to conquer nation states but demanding that China cannot put some military installations to protect its islands from pirates and rogue nations.


Anonymous said...

Some Asean countries think China is stupid and they could hide behind Asean and side with the Americans to screw China from the back and think China did not know what was going on. And they think they could go to China and say we are friends, give us more businesses.

Anonymous said...

It is common interest that band together certain countries to go against certain countries.

There is no such thing as permanent enemy but permanent interest.

All it takes is to introduce so called "freedom" and "democracy" into Laos and Cambodia. Results can be see immediately.

Look at Myanmar...Now what is real the interest of the population?

At the end of the day, Look at Aquino who set his legacy in SCS by bringing mighty China to court before saying bye bye, force his incumbent to continue the same policy for fear of offending his own people. Nobody say anything bad about Aquino.

Look at taiwan, what has Ma Ying Jiu done for Taiping island for past 8 years? other than visiting the island and drink well water at the end of his term. He got cursed by his own people and opposition party.

So different outcome....

Anonymous said...

I observed RB s post missed or might have this fact hidden.
On 25 July, Asean and china declared to stick to 2002 Asean declaration to have 2 party direct talk on Scs issues. That was for the 25th Day time.

At night time 25th, US Japan Australia issued statements. They declared that Philippines judgment has legal binding power on China.

In the day, US Kerry said US did not have official stand on the Philippines judgment, US did not take side between the 2 parties.

I see China s weakness was exposed. When Rice visited China, Xi told Rice China would not choose path to have conflict with US. But to focus on economic development. Xi s similar stand was revealed by Kerry "no stand side". But the US night statement was a 180 degree U turn. It brought in Australia and Japan.

China has tested what US Australia and Japan were trying to do. It is so clear: China must give up the rights on Scs islands and Taiwan. If Xi are willing to do, there will be "peace" for the moment for China, but not long term. If China lose Sc sea, China will be dead economically. Xi will naturally lose his job as president. How Xi gonna hide away from PLA generals?

Therefore, South China sea is gonna break up Asean because Asean is the play ground for Japan Korea US and China. If China cannot break away its habit to talk to Asean as a ground, China will have to spend lots of time to keep defending China s 9 dash lines.

I guess a new China leadership will come to term with the reality. China is not a great country as Xi portrait itself. China is just like Indonesia so big but has lots of money. Its better for China to stay away from world affairs and withdraw from Ocean laws to take care of 9 dashlines and reclaim the rights of Taiwan by force if needed. China is too weak to challenge US s super power status. As a result, US brought Japan and Korea to counter China s threat.
China should quietly make its money.

At DNC, the Democrat election manifesto, 7 items listed had mentioned China in them. China is targeted by Clinton to be the #1 target. It better back down now and keep quiet to survive, if its objective is to make money only. US owes China USD1.3trillions for being the world only super power. To be super power, its is not free of charge. I hope Xi learn this simple thing or be ready to fire its missiles similar to his own general who told US counter parts. If Xi is not that kind, its time to back down before a more hawkist Hillary will squeeze his balls.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your reading that China and Xi are weak is not exactly so. Relatively, China is weaker than the US militarily. But China and Russia and North Korea/Iran would stand together to take on the US and its allies. So the balance is not so tilted to favour the US side.

China/Xi are still sticking to Deng's policy of restraint, not to get into a war and continue with economic development, to be rich and to build its military to reach a more equitable level vis a vis the US. This has led to the US to continue to push China to a corner. China is in a corner and it knows it and there is no backing off anymore.

Deng's policy of restraint has reached a breaking point and China has decided to dig in and fight. The mass media may not be previewed to the tough talks behind closed doors. But China must have told the US, any further provocations will mean war. China will hit back.

The deployment of Chinese warships and warplanes in the SCS and the statement that China would continue to build and develop the islands is an affront to the US. The US, esp Carter and several officials have said that US would take actions it China did not stop building.

So China is saying it is going to build, come what may. China will fight.

Now the US is rethinking what to do. To fight or to cool down.

China has abandoned its failed appeasement policy of restraint. No more restraints going forward from now. Any American provocations will be met and challenge with force.

This is the new scenario.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese leaders are not reckless men that would go to war blindly. They know the situation is not favourable, and like Sun Tsu, would fight a war when not sure of winning, unless they have no choice.

They don't need a war to win. They are winning in peace by getting richer through trade and industry.

The Americans are losing in peace and desperately wanting a war where their strength lies. But the problem is that they are courting self destruction and the destruction of civilisation. They have no solution to the weakening of their economy and power in a peaceful world.

Anonymous said...

Before China and Japan can become peaceful for long time, they need to settle a score on WWII and prior that Japanese atrocities.

Similar for Russia or Ex soviet, they need to return the land back to China. Because China media dont publish it, it doesnt mean that history did not happen. Only real Chinese traitors would give land to enemy and then shake hand with them.

Other than the fools down here, who in China would trust the Russians more than Americans?
Both are equally cunning and dangerous.

The reality is China leader is aware of its internal problems and external. The last thing he wants is to lose Russia as its supporter at least on paper. Russians on the other hand will be friends to China provided it can give money. In the end, who will not treat China as a sucker for money? And what happens to the sucker in the end, kana backstab behind the back. Some still give extras by giving right and left slaps on the front cheeks.

One of China's problem is the same as the same like us. The pressure is there when the leader is saying i have exhausted all easy ways of boosting the economy (eg. importing large cheap labor force). China's wages are rising fast and property price also goes up way too fast.

This will be the start of the key challenge on what are the innovations and plans in place to replace the cheap labor force and continue the growth in export economy. At the same time, still got internal factions fighting and now external problems.

The result is clear for all to see....as a 1st step, it is showing considerable restraint and tone down on SCS issues. Very different from prior announcement of ruling results where its Foreign minister goes around the world to lecture on who owns the area, fucks around any journalist who ask unfavorable questions.

If China really had ignored the ruling, like Mao will immediately reclaim the pinoy shoal and station troops and grow rice on the reclaim island, set up AD identification zone and worse come to worse, nuke the shoal so that no one gets it at the end of the day.

This is one reason why Mao got so many Chinese peasants support to kick KMT in the ass when KMT's troops are more superior and larger in numbers.

Anonymous said...


Who is Xi compared to Deng who have participated the long march?

Without Deng, where got such thing as China open door policy? Who is there to con US to invest heavily into China.

Who dare to go to war then with Vietnam then who is the only army in SEA to win a war with US?

Not only Deng brings wealth to its people, it also brings wealth and stability in the region which is then termed Asia is the growth engine where elsewhere slowed down.

Which China leader would be so humble to listen to our old man and even won admiration from US leaders then?

Many has already perceived that current China policies have changed tremendously lately. If new policies failed, all the good results achieved by its past generations have gone into the drain.

b said...

Thats why there is zika virus which can easily settle these countries. Even heaven on the side of China.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about heaven is on the side of China.

But right now, it is not on his side because of SCS issues ruling and flood.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not to worry. The West ruled the world for almost 500 years. The 600 years curse is about to happen.

China was destroyed for 200 years and is a totally new nation and growing in strength. The world does not change over night but gradually it is changing.

Wait for Trump or Hillary to take over and turn the world topsy turvy. Then more changes will happen. And don't forget the nemesis of the West in ISIS. IS is doing so much damage to the West that no countries in the world could do the same. And the West is totally clueless in how to deal with this new challenge.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about Trump or Hillary as of yet on what on their policies once in power.

But i know Japan is about to change further laws (in fact some pass) to make Japan self defense force to become an offensive power. And the right wing got the peoples support.

If base on Trump policy that US will only take care of its own business in future. It will only force Japan and SK to develop and armed itself to become nuclear power. Japan is already capable to develop one long time ago if not suppressed by US. So will this region be more stable or more turbulent?

What ISIS did is nothing compared to Japanese atrocities. If compared to the numbers killed? This is peanuts.

Addidas already successfully tested the fast factory concept. In future all their shoes will be manufacture at their respective consumer country. There is no need to manufacture them in "Cheap" manufacturing country as robots can work 24 hrs and will be cheaper back "home". This will be in line with so called Trump policy to bring jobs back to their country or cut down deficit.

The time is up and China is at its crossroad. Last time, China really has no worry as they got nothing to lose when there is no jobs or food. Now everything is there to lose. Xi is not Mao or Deng.

The curse will only happen to those who always believe in them but have no plans and talk only. But facts speaks for itself on why they always keep investing in huge sums in technology innovation even if it means countless failures. I was reading about the europe meteor missile and they manage to design a ramjet to be used on a air to air missile and not just only a cruise missile. Even US also like huh? What the fuck.

Anonymous said...

What China was destroyed for 200 years?

Can speak with facts or not? Do you know what is Communism and China Communism?

Some live so comfortable and have many concubines and also so much property.

Only those peasants complain in the end as they have no other choice but get stuck.

Any difference now and then, maybe the percentage change here and there only. Or you can interpret that people are more stupid those days.