Smart nation, stupid people – Too big to lose

There is this saying, if you owe the bank a few hundred thousand, you are in deep trouble. But when you owe the bank several million, the bank is in trouble. This same analogy can be applied to organizations or countries bringing in too many foreigners to take up jobs within. A few foreigners can be an advantage, cheap labour or special talents that are scarce or needed by the organization or country.

When the foreigners become a majority, the problem will become too big to lose them. The foreigners will now become indispensable. Removing a substantial number of foreigners would undermine the efficiency of the organization or even cripple it.  The foreigners will be in charge when the number gets too big.

How could the number of foreigners grow to become the controlling factor, that the organization or country will be held to ransom by the foreigners? One possibility is an intentional policy of bringing in the foreigners at all cost, unthinkingly or irresponsibly. Another possibility is to lose control, to allow the foreigners to bring in their own kind, while the organization or country fell asleep and did not know what was happening.

Whatever the reason, the table will be turned against the organization or country, and soon the inevitable will happen, the foreigners will be in charge and taking over the organization or country as theirs. This happens to many organizations, especially the MNCs or organizations run by fools. 

This has yet to happen to countries except little islands like Hawaii and some in the Indian Ocean. Would it happen to the little Red Dot? Are there organizations, private and public that have been swarmed by foreigners and now de facto taken over by foreigners in this smart nation with stupid people?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Sg is fast becoming the truly MEGA cosmopolitan village of the world.

There will be 10m people. When? Very soon!

Yes! Anyone all over the world can come here.

Yes! Sg people will be "ten-tribes" people.

Too late to U-turn! Too late to U-turn!

Therefore, don't care whether you are smart nation or stupid people!

In Sg, if you got $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, your life will be OK!

If you got no $$$, life also ok, but collect carton boxes, be cleaners, etc etc etc.....

This may be the vision of the 70%! What can you do? Correct?


Anonymous said...

Again Redbean is on his crusade about too many FTs. Xenophobia is his usual weapon. Singapore needs FTs to prop up the economy and stay competitive. Singapore will suffer if we do not attract FTs into the country to help us grow. The expertise imported into Singapore is invaluable to the economy. I say, the more the merrier. So please Redbean, please do not be too negative. Try and be a little accommodating to the FTs who have come to this island to help us grow. Be kind. The PAP government is doing the right thing. we must stay on this course.

Anonymous said...

/// One possibility is an intentional policy of bringing in the foreigners at all cost, unthinkingly or irresponsibly. ////

Is this true?
PM Lee wants 6.9 million population.
If the Aliens got no jobs, they won't become citizens tio bo?
Like that, then how to get 6.9 million?
Sack the Singaporeans and give the jobs to all the Aliens lah!

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, give the foreigners jobs so that they would come here. No need to give jobs to Sinkies. They have no where to go.

Anonymous said...

Which race white rich smart nut cases import most?
The chinese? then you shall be a military society and wealth shall be the enjoyment of pigs
The Indians? then you shall be a bollywood society with an inferiority complex neatly woven into heavily curry accented english

Anonymous said...

Multiple complex personalities disorder or what the local calls...a rojak wayang society

Anonymous said...

Are those advocating for more foreigners new citizens or foreigners?

Veritas said...

We are importing the fucking brahmins to make a dalits out of us, and on the way of preparing us a career hereditary prostitute and hereditary shit collector.

Immigration is not all that good.

We can import Islamo. They will blow us up.

Our we can import blacks, and they will be junkies, rape our women, murder our men, committing hell lots of crime and killing more their tribes up.

Then they use their chee bye mouth to shout "black live matter".

Anonymous said...

After Brexit, no British politician bother to use xenophobia to stop calls for stopping immigrants. During Tony Blair s time when Brown campaigned for his PM ship, that word was a magic to stop ordinary brits folks mentioning "stop immigrants". The new terms from EU politicians to keep them in is: 7 year stop on immigration but UK must contribute billions pounds. Let s see how UK politicians demonstrate their stupidity. If they sell out the Brexit voters 52% wishes for a easy comfort for 3 years, the current team under May will be sacked in election, even the Labor is so weak. British people at large are quite clear on how to survive themselves. They survived 2 bloody world war. I have no doubt about how they are going to go about living with immigrants who are gonna kill them at the most unexpected time.

German Merkel is far different and silly. German ordinary folks are seized by their politicians. Within one week, there were 3 separate suicidal attack in terrorist style against the most unsuspected German folks. Of course, Merkel s children are safe. But hard luck to a HK family traveling on German Mrt. The man being axed by the terrorist on train was till unconscious in German hospital.

One place famous for having immigrants more than its own native population is not doing well in economy. The calculation was that, allowing labor asking salary less than half of native citizens salary will help firms to survive the high cost of rental. How the firms achieve low salary? The employers probably have agents to arrange for them foreigners employees. From court cases, the official salary to cross legal employment pass could be easily overcome by asking the employees to pay the hired employers more than half the cash salary. It s a smart world in there.
Employee pay employers to get employed by employer. The smart world can go on and on. Smart 3rd party watcher: can employee hiring employer work hard for employer?
So the economy is heading for collapse? No one can predict.

The reality is: without native citizens fully employed with "surviving level of salary", the departmental stores are gonna close shop sooner. Why? Few families have spare cash to buy from departmental stores to keep the employees going.

So this smart team of politicians is really smart to bring a piece of big stone to drop on their voters feet. Until voters lose their jobs, the voters do not even notice the pain. Ya, that is the stupidity of voters. One american name gym was under receivership for at least more than a month in HK. There were people paid thousands dollars for 100 sessions to the local same name gym. One said he paid $8k for 100 session and used up 7 sessions only.
By looking at this gym that closed shop, i can easily predict that even cheap employee salary cannot save the life of firms relying on selling "services" but not innovative manufacturing.
The trouble with this smart place is: majority are selling "services". So, the future is bright under this team of politicians. There is never doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

"How could the number of foreigners grow to become the controlling factor, that the organization or country will be held to ransom by the foreigners?"

Please lah, it is the choice between the lesser of 2 evils.

If one has cancer, would they want chemotherapy to prolong their life a bit or perhaps even hope to have a cure, like in the case with Hsien Loong, or want to die faster?

Anonymous said...

Ya, that is the stupidity of voters.
Anon 11:48 am

That's why Najib and party can win elections and by elections. But must also blame their opposition being perceived as the greater evil (not strong and united) by their majority voters.

That's why Hsien Loong and party, although not that bad as Najib, can also win elections and by elections. Same also for the opposition being perceived as the greater evil (not strong, united and worse) by their majority voters.

So majority voters choose the lesser of 2 evils, whether in Sinkieland or Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with this smart place is: majority are selling "services".
Anon 11:48 am

Nothing wrong with that as long as PAP can win elections and the streets are peaceful. Even Hong Lim Park is peaceful nowadays. So what more does Hsien Loong want? Maybe more talented foreigners to come here to work and become citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:26pm
Malaysia s election should be next year. U are so bright to predict Najib win.
The Malaysian political landscape has changed. Najib is weaken. I think many educated malaysian voters would have seen the US prosecutor spoke to press about FBI s investigation of 1MDB. They might vote differently. Further reinforced by Mahathir s new party with Najibs ex deputy and ministers. It is also less controversial for PKR without Anwar. My view is Najib might be fighting a harder battle. U miss reading situations have changed far beyond the previous election at bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:33pm
I put it this way: most voters are new generations in sinkieland. The old generations who hate opposition parties are fewer. The voters who distrust oppositions died with as they age. New generations voters use smart phones far more than old generations. They have different opinions like what you have in mind definitely.

U only know Pap will win election. That is not intelligent to a Pap supporter. Pap win election because it could generate jobs for its supporters to earn income to pay for the shelters, foods, children s education. If Pap fail to provide those jobs to voters, Pap will not win election any longer than a year.

Selling "services" is far difficult than selling innovative manufactured goods. If almost all places are selling services such as massage, geylang kind of services, will u still say "Nothing wrong with that as long as PAP can win elections"?
If the whole sinkie land is a geylang land, those firms still need buyers of those services. Ie the Pap still need to create income for buyers to buy "services".
Not all income earners will buy those "services". If someone earns hard earn money, he will not spend on massage or geylang.

If the whole sinkieland manufacture robots and smart phones, or sun power small cars, then hard earn money workers may spend to buy those manufactured products. Do u understand the difference?

Selling services has very limited benefits, but selling manufactured products has great benefits to the buyer. This is the bigbig difference i tried to tell.
A worker needs a handphone day in day out. What can the benefit of a massage do?

So if the entire economy is selling "services" like what the thousands of malls here, the economy will be a problem. I still think the politicians will find themselves stupid when the lose the votes from those jobless voters and their families. U may be right that opposition parties here are not vocal. I agree, they are poor lah. No money. But i saw the WP activists work very hard. They will get their recognition. Its not up to u to degrade them, u cannot do much lah.
As to Hong Lim, its not that its quiet, its that the people organizing at Hong Lim cannot attract people to attend their public talk. eg the First Population rally against White paper was good turnout. Then the following were not attractive, and people gave up. But look at WP s rally, the whole grass field at HG was full. I was unable to go near the speakers to hear the speech. So I think WP has future. WP please dont give up.

Anonymous said...

WP please dont give up.
July 25, 2016 2:16 pm

SDP, please also don't give up.

PAP, please give up.
Temasek, please give up and return our money.

Anonymous said...

"So I think WP has future. WP please dont give up."
Anon 2:16 pm

Anon 2:16 pm, any comment on the following link?

If a political party cannot even properly manage the finances of a Town Council, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?

Anonymous said...

"If a political party cannot even properly manage the finances of a Town Council, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?"
Anon 3:16 pm

Tiok. That'why there are good reasons why WP even under Teochew Ah Hia nearly lost Aljunied GRC, and PAP got 70% votes in GE 2015.

Majority voters, when it comes to voting, know who is the greater evil, even though I agree PAP is also not that good.

Anonymous said...

If a political party cannot even properly manage the finances of a Town Council, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?
July 25, 2016 3:16 pm

If a political party cannot even properly manage a small MRT train system, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?

If a political party cannot even properly manage a TB outbreak in the Prime Minister's own GRC block of HDB flats, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?

If a political party cannot even properly manage a safe HDB lift maintenance system, how to be a good govt to lead a nation?

Anonymous said...

Yaacob Ibrahim: PAP Government will study if PokemonGo is needed here
According to him:

"We have to study very, very carefully whatever is brought into Singapore.
We will monitor the situation, how this particular game is being played and... its impact on society.
And if it's really something which we should be concerned about, I think MDA will definitely decide on what are the things we can do best, if the game is really needed here, how... we can do it in such a way that it becomes a win-win situation."

If only Yacob and PAP was this careful about all the unqualified Aliens they are mass-importing into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Where got aliens?
They are Singaporeans to be.

Anonymous said...

They are Singaporeans to be.
Anon 10:01 pm

That's what PAP hope for too. Or else where or how to get the numbers and votes?

Anonymous said...

And Singapore has lost much of its culture , and is being swamped by people who refuse to integrate and accept the country's customs and culture , and have little culture of their own , having come from countries with little culture . And how will the government provide food and water for 10 million , when there will be a food crisis worldwide as climate change kicks in , and Singapore is using massive quantities of gas for electricity which is also used run osmosis units for clean water, which without mixing is undrinkable . Singapore is also creating its own problems of climate with excessive amounts of tarmac and concrete which store heat , and not using building insulation , especially double glazing and reducing open doors at shops . Landed property is too expensive for Singaporeans , and too many rich foreigners have been allowed in the buy these properties with sufficient control concerning money laundering etc . Public Transport city wide is overloaded and insufficient and air and light pollution excessive .
Also the country is destroying the environment in other Asian nations with its greed for sand etc .