Singapore does not take sides in foreign policy – Chan Chun Sing

Speaking to Chinese youth in Beijing. ST 7 Jul, Chan Chun Sing told his Chinese audience that Singapore does not take sides in foreign policy.  In recent comments by govt officials, it is very difficult to believe how this is the case when the position was so clearly pro USA and anti China. At one point a diplomat had to retracted his anti China comment by claiming it to be a personal comment and not speaking in an official capacity to represent the Singapore govt’s view.  Clearly the personal view was anti China.
The recent China Asean Foreign Minister Meeting in Kunming also created doubts as to the position of Singapore, whether it is neutral or anti China. Vivian Balakrishnan was the co chairman of the Meeting but chose to be absence when a closing comment was to be delivered by the two Chairman. What did his absence got to say about the neutrality of Singapore? And in the same Meeting, an anti China joint statement was issued by Malaysia for obvious reason only to retrieve the statement when Cambodia protested.

What about the recent comments by the Ambassador at Large, Bilahari Kausikan in Japan and in his lectures at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy? They were anything but friendly to China. They were anything but neutral. Was he talking in his private capacity or as a spokesman for the Singapore govt? If the latter, his view must be the official position of the govt ie, not neutral but pro American.

Simon Tay has this to add about what Bilahari said in his pro American public lectures about Trojan Horses in Asean. Simon said that while we ridiculed countries becoming Trojan Horses, we shall not be seen to be little USAs. These are not the exact words used by Simon, but the intent is similar. Asean states must not become the cronies of the USA while pointing the fingers at other countries, calling others as Trojan Horses. Isn't this the same, that some Asean countries are the Trojan Horses of the Americans too?

Is this the position of the Singapore govt? Does Chan Chun Sing know about it? Is Chan Chun Sing aware of the govt’s position or is he not? Or is Chan Chun Sing’s position the position of the Singapore govt and Bilahari’s position is not? Are they the same Singapore govt's position on relations with China and the USA?
Which is which, cannot be both are the govt’s position when they are conflicting views? How would these views make of Chan Chun Sing’s official statement that Singapore does not take sides in foreign policies?


Anonymous said...

What CCS said is true & correct that this little red dot can't take sides as far as foreign policy is concerned. Remember tat CCS is the old man's disciple & will follow & practise wat the old man said as holy bible. This little red dot survival strategy ought to be "那里凉,那里坐,那里有钱,那里作" or "whoever can gimme money I will do for them" . Old man saying is there is no permanent enemy but only similar interest, for survival sake...

Anonymous said...

CCS is correct! Yes! Sg does not take sides!

Like in BACCARAT card game....we don't bet on "Player" or "Banker"!

We bet only on "Tie"! 1 pays 8!


Anonymous said...

There was no news report of little dot minister in china, not in china media or HK media.

The event was shown once on local news. This is a new direction of little dot foreign policy: from pro US, flying around with US Hawk minister Carter, now landed on non alliance, not stand side btw US and China.

The Chinese especially those wearing uniform with logo PLA will believe little dot s policy of non alliance. They will learn singlish and all shout aloud: Heng Ah when preparing to take US Carriers whose commander also in the same meeting in little dot where the Hawk told the Chinese to heel supremacy of US power.

Little dot project the non alliance stand so powerful that the media in china and hk dare not to place the news of the declaration, i guess. In the past, whoever little dot minister visited china would get some space in media. This one may be is the exception.

patriot said...

Think Chan Chun Singapore, Bilahari Simon Tay and be extension the Whole Sin Regime are all RIGHT. They all in the Well Co-ordinated Establishment headed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

On a pragmatic and for survival sake, Sin CANNOT afford to take side.
l would rather say that Sin flows with all and is especially incline to flow with the Winning Side.
What else can Sin do to survive?
However, with going with the Flow, it gives the Impression of being double headed with two sets of fork tongues.
Put it anyway, Sin has to survive sovereignly in anyway it takes.

It is best to leave Sings international and diplomatic relationships to the Experts.


The Sin Rulers deal with its' citizenry in the Same Pragmatic Way as they do with other sovereignty especially


patriot said...

My sincere apologies for the Many Mistakes caused by the Auto Spelling and Auto Fill in.
It is in fact my mistake for not checking before posting.

Do pardon me.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The auto checking system is turning into a sabo scheme. I kena many times.

Anonymous said...

"Chan Chun Sing’s official statement that Singapore does not take sides in foreign policies"

- I think we can believe CCS.

Do you think it is very well established that Singaporeans pay million dollar salaries for PAP Ministers to say that it is not their job?

Dengue fever - Not my job, it's the Singaporeans' fault for breeding mosquitoes.
rat infestation - Not my job, Singaporeans anyhow feed stray dogs.
HDB lift breakdown - not my job. The sub-contractor's fault.

and etc.

Anonymous said...

@ July 11, 2016 11:12 am

Old Singaporeans being neglected - not my job. Singaporeans got no filial piety.

patriot said...

As said;
these fucker are mostly double
headed with 2 sets of fork tongues.
They smile at their supporters and
pat their cronies.
For those who tell them honestly and
frankly, be prepared to be raided and harassed.

Against foreign sovereigns and aliens, they Lan lan play coy
and submissive much like hypocrite.

It does not mean that the Sin Rulers are not hypocrites to their citizens. They are far worse when dealing with Locals.
Most of the time, it's 笑裡藏刀,says one thing but does the Opposite.
With aliens, they 嬉皮笑脸 act cute and naive.
Totally lacking in sincerity and conscience.


denk said...

the most outrageous accusation is kausikan saying 'china is trying to divide and conquer asean',
classic murkkan ROBBER CRYING ROBBERY bs.
this is what he gets licking murkkan ass....forked tongue !

all china wants is bilateral negotiation with each claimnant, this had been going on quite well until the
murcunts muscled in to break out the peace talk, the unitedsnake wants a united anti chinese front.

in ph, the murkkans used their stock dirty trick, terrorism in davo to get its boots in under the fraudulant wot, as early as 2001.
thats why prez duterte, formerly davo mayor, got pissed off with the mafiaso in washington.

less than six month after xi's party in kl 2013, malaysia's nightmare began.
three airplanes lost in 'accidents', one helicopter exploded in mid air, a fourth plane had a near miss.
this was followed by a warsj led media blitz on pm najib's alleged corruption .

the snake orchestrated the 1965 anti chinese genocide in indon and the 1998 mass rapes on chinese women in jakarta. once again its roping in prez joko , using god know what low down tactics, to join the anti chinese posse'.
the snake definitely had a hand in sabotaging the indon/china rail collaboration.
recently an indon gen openly declared the victims of 1965 got their just deserts, no apology required !
last month indon navy shot at chinese fishing boats.

in sg, i've been saying its being destabilised big time.
the massive influx of anehs/ph/vn'/myanmars'/ftw/jp is nothing less than an invasion, a desinicisation of
sg, directed from washington.i
notice the composition of these immigrants, its the veritable jp+aneh+asean+angmoh anti chinese clique,
coincidence ?
sg infrastructure and healthcare used to be first world , but things started to go haywire after
this invasion of the 'aliens.'
with almost daily breakdown , the once vaunted mrt has turned into a joke .
the spurts of lift 'accidents' in recent months, often with several in the same block 'malfunctioning'simultaneonsly, can only be described as bizarre to say the least.
such abrupt and massive collapse of infrastructure cannot be explained by wear and tear, it smells of
i just happen to look at a picture of a lift being 'serviced' by a tech, wadda u know, an aneh ft !

what about the series of 'mishaps' in the once fine hospitals lately, also 'coincidences' ?
remember the ph nurse who was arrested after posting vitriolic hate screech against sg ?
how difficult for him to do some mischief in his daily routine if he so wished ?

sg has been desinicised and infiltrated big time from the top down.
u can bet its crawling with cia/mi6/raw/jp intel !
that ph nurse or aneh lift tech might not be an agent provocateur but...
how difficult for the snake to plant some agents or pay someone in the mrt and hdb maintenance or moh
work force to carry out sabotage ??
a piece of cake , the murkkans have perfected this kind of shit into a science, they had all of two hundred more yrs to practice it !

since this site is surely monitored,
so i ask Kausikan ,
if china is 'trying to divide asean',
what do u make of these murcunt shenanigans
who's the one screwing asean big time ????

cant ask in st,
they censored my comments.
st wholly foreign controlled by aneh + wtf.

Anonymous said...

This is the VERY interesting article circulating in HK a major media.
Brutal Raids using B2, F35, and other Carriers jets to attack China and do naval blockage to collapse China.

It was reported to come from Mitchell Institute. Writers were airforce pilots, for the purpose of deploying fighter jets and other war resorces.

If this is the plan, the Carriers gathering and South Korea deployment of Thaad are part of the whole scheme to destroy China.

Look carefully, little dot has a base for pentagon s resources. How can it claim it does not take side? The China men will laugh at the speaker.

Part of Mitchell Plan:
"Brutal raid is part of the Pentagon's war against China, "Air Sea Battle" strategy. It will be assisted air strikes launched from military bases deployed alongside China, warships and submarines, missiles aimed at the destruction of most of the Chinese military, communications and command centers, and important industrial areas. "Air Sea Battle," also includes a naval blockade designed to give China an economic collapse.
Mitchell Air Force Institute report highlights the US trade war preparations have advanced features...

b said...

Everyone takes side whether it is a country, city, company or person. Taking side is not the main issue here. The main issue is who is the boss of sg. Sg is still a colony in many instances. It does not really have autonomy.

Veritas said...

PAP is in reality walking a fine balance. Chinese must be aware that PRC can be no angel. While USA and UK did use Islamo fascist like UMNO and Indon jihadist against Chinese, PRC export of communism in Vietnam and Cambodia resulted to a worse genocide of SE Asian Chinese.

The SE Asian Chinese elites were patriotic to PRC until all these shit PRC commit convince them that the only way out for SE Asian Chinese is to be independent, stand on our own legs and assimilate to the SE Asian countries.

While SG Chinese can love China, PAP is also aware it is USA who bring us up to our level. Without USA, we are nothing.

patriot said...

You must be a joker to claim that US brought up Sin.

It was the British Colonial Master that handed over Sin on a silver platter.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted your post. You are waddling too close to ethnic issues for comfort.

Veritas said...

What I said is true. Lt Anand is a gift of PAP to our minorities who think they are anti Jap hero.

Should we lie to minorities to make them feel good? Truth are more important.

Anonymous said...

PRC export of communism in Vietnam and Cambodia resulted to a worse genocide of SE Asian Chinese.
Communism was exported by Soviet Union.
Soviet Union want to create whole region as anti Wes

Communism at that period = anti Western colonialism.

Worse genocide also happen in the North American , South American- Maybe you should blame Western democracy.

Spain ,British, US, France, Dutch try to spread democracy to other part of world.

Veritas said...

Dont talk about America continent. Talk about SE Asia Chinese. PRC screwed us. PRC support Pot who kill us. PRC cheers.

Veritas said...

When Pot kill SE Asian Chinese will cudgel, stick, drill, PRC get ecstatic. Nothing is better than Pot who get rid of the class enemies.

Chinese are rich, Chinese are class enemies according to PRC.

Chinese must die.

Unknown said...

Ming dynasty better then old KMT which is better then Chicoms.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:40pm

Wah lau, now then you know.

It was planned some time ago after they wrap up major operations in Middle East.

However i dun think they will attack china mainland as this will involve Nuclear option. But a minor naval conflict in the region depending who will win will already have the potential to collapse CCP internally. Even if US dont win, what do you think will happen to the trade in this region.

So i think personally trade decline to this region or naval blockade in this region will collapse CCP. Even if CCP survives but China close the door to foreigners, US still wins. This is all carefully planned. US wants money that is all, same like last time and still the same now or in future.

Anonymous said...

So i think personally trade decline to this region or naval blockade in this region will collapse CCP.
Singapore wont collapse due to US naval blockage?

Anonymous said...

There are two nut cases in this site. One was a eunuch in his previous life, with his two balls cut by the emperor's eunuchs and has since been hating anything called emperor and having nightmares about emperors and his lost balls.

Another nut case is this veritas. He too must have a hard time with the communists in china and has an obsession against the chinese communists. Any mention of chinese communists would turn on his rage and he will lose all his senses and start to talk hate and rubbish against the chinese communists. He must have some similar bad experience like the eunuch without balls. He can only think communism is chinese and not russians. IMH case.

Anonymous said...

Ya, do Chan Chun Sing's views dovetail with Vivian Balakrishnan, Shanmugam or Tharman's views ???

Anonymous said...

Singapore wont collapse due to US naval blockage?
July 11, 2016 9:23 pm

Do you think Singaporeans will collapse due to PAP's blockage of parliament?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18pm

I hope US will execute using Jets on Carriers to attack China, what they claim the comms, military facilities, and industries, as if they can fly without resistance. I want to see HOW MANY jets sitting on the Carriers are able to air born. From reports, many have no parts to repair the jets and cannot air born.

I also want to see the China new stealth j31 in service, and F35 s performance. It will be historic to know these real performance. Lastly, I want to see the Carriers getting holes, and rush to Changi so that the generals will review how the Hit Hawk can hits holes that they never expect.

It is time to show down. The blockage is not likely to come from the US, but from from China, according to a Bloomberg report. China may use the fishing boats to send sea mine to attack the US fleets and pinoys boats and prevent them running around.

CCP collapse or not is not material to me. I hope China govt will shut the trade door for S Korea which raise the danger of war for putting Thaad. The China trade with S Korea is USD300billions. I hope China know feeding the enemy fat will eventually killing china. There is no doubt Chinese will do to S Korea. And China better let go its US bonds of USD 1.3 trillions to flop the US economy.
CCP collapse? Honestly, i believe in figures. All these figures you dont even mentioned one, you are not qualified to say CCP will collapse. Do you know how many china fishing boats in S China seas are pro CCP or real CCP?

I like only one thing about US Harris commander of Stennis, he said tonight is the action. I have waited so long, yet he never pull the trigger.

US can talk cock, when time to pull the trigger, the fingers can be shaking now. Tomorrow is 12th D Day, pull the triggers lah. You like CCP to be scared, must pray US do the Brutal Air Raid, be real, no talk cock, the Chinese PLA are waiting, asking them to send 10 Carriers. May the 3 there really waiting for US to repair the remaining Carriers sitting at the Ports in US. Tell them to hurry up, or those Carriers cannot work already.

denk said...

can the real terrorist please stand up,


IRC Rep said...

Singapore does not take sides?
Who is going to believe him?
He thinks the whole world is stupid?


Anonymous said...

by the way, the pilot of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 has appeared in a hospital in Taiwan, undergoing
treatment for amnesia.

He does not know how he landed in Taiwan and is unable to remember who he was/is. They identified him through finger-prints matching.

He was found on the bank of a certain river in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1116 pm

Do you know why i know china will lose?

Look at what you write. All the scenarios you mentioned are all reactive and not taking initiative. Design concepts of J 20 and 31 are copying US. Eg. What is the next generation of aircraft, weaponary beyond stealth?

China need to come out of own ideas to outsmart the US. You know what is think out of the box.

All these thaad, 12NM incursion, Hague court, shake hand with India, shake hand with vietnam or taiwan missile things are all part of the planning. It makes China reactive..... Reclaim more and more neighbors will be pissed off. US actually dont care one. Also China cutting down trade with its neighbors is also what US wants. Looks like there is a Zhu GeLiang supporting US.

CCP collapse may mean new beginning for China. May be good or bad but it is up to China people to choose. To me, it is a good thing.

FYI, Fishing boats in China are not private owned. And US wants China to pull the 1st trigger.

Finally if US carriers are hit and need to be repaired in Changi, it may also mean big business for us, why not?

US is not so simple as you think. Deng and Mao know this very well which is why they are willing to put up hundreds of thousands of lifes to thaw US plans. Costly then but what is the cost to Modern China now? stakes are so much higher now than then.

Anonymous said...

Jap Harris would love to get the US to fight China and let both destroy each other. Then Japan can pick up the pieces as the Number One Super Power.

He thinks the Americans are stupid enough to let the Japs fix them up to a nuclear war with China. Actually he is right. The Japanese have always come up on top in tricking the Americans.

Anonymous said...

I think even the promotion of Harris is planned and not by coincidence.

Too many coincidence happening already.

There is no mutual friends but mutual benefits. Who make use of who remains to be seen.

But Japs for the time being wants to do a lot but cant as it is bound by its own law. However that has changed when handsome Abe party win meaning there will be a lot of changes to its own law. One such change could be allowing Nuclear warhead to be developed or development of offensive weaponary. In short, US open the cage to let out the tiger. Whether this is a paper tiger or not remains to be seen, from history it is worse than a tiger, more like a demon.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:23 pm

Check the map on where is likely the location to enforce the blockade.

Also in any case, if there is a blockade and it affects Singapore, what does it have to do with core US interest?

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