Productivity of the Ang Mo Kio TB cluster

Results from the screening of 225 people living in the same block of the 6 TB patients in Ang Mo Kio have produced 2 possible active TB cases and 45 with latent TB. These work out to be a 1 percent positive and 22 percent latent hits. The latent cases are reported to be not infectious and would not spread the disease until they turn positive. The Ministry also reported that normally 90 per cent of latent TB, ie 45, would not develop TB in their life time. So only 4 would likely contact TB eventually. All are now being treated for positive and latent TB.

The causes on how they contacted the TB have not been determined but likely, and must be due to some contact with the TB patients. All have been reported to have no direct contact with the 6. Then how could they possibly get into close contact or proximity with the 6? One likely possibility must be the lifts, in instances when one of the 6 was using the lift and the unaware went in after them.

The other higher possibility areas must be the trains or the offices they were working in. But these are unlikely the case for those screened positive in this exercise. But this does not rule out the 2 positive cases spreading in the trains or in their offices, or the 6 that may have travelled in trains and their work areas.

So far never heard of screenings in the work areas of the affected TB patients. It is almost impossible to screen commuters who happened to take the same trains.  Would the Ministry attempt to screen those working in the same offices, using the same toilet cubicles or pantry?

This is not the end of the Ang Mo Kio cluster and the people that may be affected or infected through other means of contact could be out there. We are so lucky that there is no widespread of TB in the island when the jam packed trains are so conducive contraptions for the spread of communicable diseases like TB and what else.


Anonymous said...

"We are so lucky that there is no widespread of TB in the island when the jam packed trains are so conducive contraptions for the spread of communicable diseases like TB and what else."

Tiok. We are so lucky.

But even if not so lucky, so what? Will the Sinkie opposition be strong, united and ready to be govt?

If not, will the majority (aka 70%) voters dare to vote the PAP out?

Anonymous said...

小生怕怕! 小生怕怕! 小生怕怕!

I did not pay much attention to this TB matter until the report and this
kind article by uncle RB.

Wa wa wa...2 more may kena active TB and 45 may kena latent TB....小生怕怕!

Wa wa wa...when you mentioned the workplaces of affected TB patients and
the sardine-packed trains and buses, my hairs also stand......小生怕怕!

Wa wa wa.....are you sure can kena TB? Possible?

Why like that? Why like that? Why like that?

小生怕怕! 小生怕怕! 小生怕怕!

patriot said...


that all Sinkies are having

right at their faces

Doubt anyone has the ability
to trace all those that had
contacts with all Tuberculosis
Patients around.

To play safe, those not feeling
well and with persistent cough,
it best to seek medical advice.


Anonymous said...

Is the Ang Mo Kio TB cluster happened in Ang Mo Kio GRC, where PM Lee is also one of the MPs?

If so, is it fair to blame PM Lee for this to happen in his constituency?

If not, is it fair to blame PM Lee, even if there is a Singapore TB cluster? Or to blame PM Lee for anything not OK in Singapore? Or to blame the opposition for not being ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

It's okay...someone tells the youth it's okay to make mistakes wat. .got TB nevermind Lah lets move on we'll do it right next time...

Anonymous said...

I am considering to mask-up before leaving my home.

But, don't know whether the ordinary surgical masks
good enough or must M95 masks.

Any expert here?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.39

SINKIES deserved to be infected not only by TB but by many other catastrophes.

These are the sins they have to pay for voting the PAP into power again and the karma that they have to bear for their choices.

Yesterday had an unfortunate conversation with an neighbour who I think reflect the daft thinking of the 70%.

HE SAID in the last General Elections, the Opposition should not have field to contest all constituencies. They were afraid of change of government.

Some bro kept harping that the opposition is not ready to be government. WHAT SORT OF WARPED LOGIC when on one hand they said Opposition is lacking in numbers and now they offered their services and they are too afraid to vote them in??

So they simply deserved the coming disasters for their sins of what they voted.


Anonymous said...

The standard in sg 2007 was 35 cases per 100,000 from 50 cases 1000 in the 80s.

Amk s case certainly is considered very high.

What s the difference? From 2007 onward, there the govt opened the border to accept 2000000 foreigners into singapore.

How many of those infected tb cases were foreigners before? The statistics are not likely to tell citizens.
But one can use the brain to think right?

35/100000 chance of infecting tb in old population 3million composition.

With new composition of 2.5millions foreigners added to 3millions citizens, TB cases become a problem.

Do not blame any body. Voters voted for the party who opens the border. More TB will come, and no cure. The TB cases were reported to be anti bio resistant (from earlier reports, now this words anti biotic resistant disappeared)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In order to maintain the AWESOMENESS of a smokin' rockin' place like Singapore, a few sacrifices have to be made. To paraphrase an old bromide: "In order to have a wonderful cosmopolitan omelette, you have to break a few eggs!"

There is a Singaporean habit which will almost GUARANTEE more people will get sick:

Almost NO ONE covers their facial orifices when they cough or sneeze.

Add to that: almost no one washes their hands, especially before they eat...and Singaporeans are always eating. Imagine touching an infected hand rail or seat, then reaching for your dried sotong (a favourite local snack) and shoving that down your pie hole, chock full of GERMS. Yum Yum!

And then you get people spitting globs of mucus into basins in public toilets. Of course droplets of sputum don't just go in the basin---they go everywhere. You think you're washing your hands, but on the way out you touch the toilet door handle on the way out.

Then you go off to your cafe or kopitiam and have a drink. The Ah Soh who brings the drink to you or prepared your drink uses their hands to add the ice. Even gloved hands are not safe. They use the same glove over and over.

But anyway, no big deal in the grand scheme of things. A few unlucky fucks will get sick. But the cuntry will prevail, and is to be enjoyed to the fullest by the rest of us.

Relax. It's only germs.

Anonymous said...

Read how the Europeans wiped out the Red Indians by infected them with European diseases that the Red Indians had no immunity.

Ask why the Australians are so strict in their immigration laws and procedures on foreigners entering their country?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1138:

>> Ask why the Australians are so strict in their immigration laws and procedures on foreigners entering their country? <<

BIO-SECURITY. This one Aust has learned from bitter experience. In the 1950's the entire stock of cattle and sheep was just about wiped out. Traced back to some Pakistani who brought in infected stuff, nearly bring the cuntry to its knees.

Also the unique flora and fauna of Oz (i.e. the seriously weird-looking animals and plants) have NO IMMUNITY to the germs which infect other animals. The Oz continent has been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years...in evolutionary terms that's just not even a "tick" of the geological clock.

European settlers introduced species like rabbits and camels, which resulted in ecological disaster.

So yeah. Australia is super-kiasu when it comes to biosecurity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If this TB cluster occurred in Australia, I can tell you that many people will be pissed off with the government's "solution".

First, they would lock the area down and impose a cordon sanitaire around the area, guarded by police---probably armed like soldiers.

Then they would screen and forciby quarantine the "positives" including the latent cases.

Within a few days, ads will appear on all media, billboards etc. telling us about the disease and what we should do. Airports and all points of entry/ exit will be strictly monitored, and the heavy hand of Australian biosecurity laws will be in effect.

In other words, the government will be shitting bricks. And their response will be perhaps overly "heavy" and "extreme".

Anonymous said...

taken from Australia visa bureau websiite

Tuberculosis (TB)

Australia is particularly vigilant against the spread of tuberculosis and screen all potential migrants and their families for TB. If tuberculosis is detected it will not necessarily lead to application being automatically rejected, but the application process will only proceed after treatment has been undertaken and retesting has shown the applicant to be clear of the disease. ------

So Sg immigration policy more lax right? MOH staff dun even bother to wear mask at AMK void deck checks !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I look forward to the day when DIY homebrew "SynBio" kits become more readily available, and sophisticated.

DNA printers or compilers will be on sale or you could download the plans and make your own.

"Bio hacking" is fast gaining popularity and is growing almost as fast as computer hacking. Once the gear gets more sophisticated, cheaper and easily obtainable, any 12 year old will be able to print DNA in his family home.

You can already order a human gene sequence for about $100. Asian labs will probably make the cost go down to under $10 over the next few years. The cost of compiling DNA has also dropped.

Come the day where a kid can do this at home, I can only IMAGINE what sort of DNA and RNA critters these kids will be making. It's not a stretch to imagine someone with a homebrew setup taking a flu virus and modifying it to make it even more lethal....just for "a joke".

“If I were starting today, I'd be in biology” – Bill Gates

Anonymous said...

Many numbers were used in your article. Very interesting.

6 existing TB patients, 2 possible active TB cases and 45 with latent TB.

So it is 6245!


Anonymous said...

Wah! Ang Mo Kia GRC is it?

Sekali PM Lee get exposed to TB then how?

Then our cabinet becomes like an episode in Gray's Anatomy.
More drama than medical drama.

Heart bypass

Anonymous said...

So Sg immigration policy more lax right? MOH staff dun even bother to wear mask at AMK void deck checks !
July 05, 2016 12:09 pm

A few years ago
My elderly dad got hospitalized.
After discharge, he ended up with active TB
A few of my family members also got infected by him.
- I can tell you from personal experience

Our Singapore's TB quarantine procedure is ... "amusing".
- cannot say more or else I get sued
- better I keep quiet and let the entire problem blow up big, big.

Small fart like me say there is a problem.
- I get scolded for being a champion complainer
- better I sit back and eat popcorn
- and enjoy the circus that is now unfolding.

Veritas said...

When you pack so many people in the small red dot, you are building a dynamite of epidemic. I got this feeling that the more progress we have, the more miserable we are. If economy grow, PAP will import FT, to screw us.

A huge epidemic like TB, touch wood will cause property price to plunge, vaporize our elite wealth. Hopefully they will think.

So good or bad, people got screw.

Anonymous said...

My elderly dad got hospitalized.
After discharge, he ended up with active TB
A few of my family members also got infected by him.
Anon 1:56 pm

Same too for my dad. Looks like something is not quite right about health and healthcare in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.56pm and 2.15pm.....your stories....indeed very very scary......

from yr stories.....the actual number of active TB cases and latent TB cases
in this very very crowded sardine-packed tiny city state can be very very much
more.....very very much more........

how many.....how many......anyone got the answer......

hope that everything is fine........

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The very factors that contribute to the growth of this island will be the very same factors that would bring it down. The bigger the growth, the bigger the bang.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

And people used to tekan me for my moniker 'Matilah Singapura' ;-)

Prescient much?

Anonymous said...

My TB story does not end here
- I saw a few shortcomings in our TB handling procedure while I was undergoing treatment
- I deliberately keep quiet first (otherwise the PAPigs may call me a champion complainer and sue me)
- I've been waiting for the right time ... when the TB time bomb explode like now
- so now I start to show my ace cards

Tuberculosis in Singapore is handled by the TBCU (tuberculosis control unit) located at TTSH.

The IT database used by TBCU is isolated
- not linked to the Polyclinics IT system or the public hospital

So a person who is undergoing TB treatment at TBCU
- when he goes to the Polyclinic or Hospital
- nobody knows he has TB unless he tells the doctor or nurses

Is this a problem or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, very safe until kena, then too late leow.

Anonymous said...

The TBCU facility at Tan Tock Seng Hospital is housed under two distinct and separate buildings ... about 50 meters walking distance from one another.

The two TBCU facilities are accessible to members of the public.
- meaning you can double check to see if what I say next is true

Virtually all the doctors and nurses who work at these 2 TBCU facilities are foreign talents from the 3rd world.
- I think only the nurses who do the registration and admin work are Singaporeans

Is this a problem or not?
You tell me lah.

patriot said...

Think there should be NO problem
as our public servants have pledged
to serve us with our best interest in
their hearts.
They also know that if the People are
inundated by contagious diseases, they
too are prone to be infected.




Anonymous said...


At least half the patients going to the TBCU
- my observation is that they are Alien talents
- foreign students
- Study mama (peidu mama)
- very good looking young women
- male manual workers

Assuming I am correct
- why are we screening for TB only after these Aliens have arrived into Singapore?
- should not the screening have been done in their home countries?
- or after they arrive into Singapore
- shouldn't they be quarantined somewhere isolated in Singapore first before they are let loose into the Singapore population?

If I were to try and import a foreign dog into Singapore.
- do you know that the dog has to be quarantined first?

Do you think we have a problem?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 530pm

One of the reasons that these FT are not screened in their countries 1st is because results can be forged for money sake. It is big business.

Anonymous said...

No big deal lah. I can guarantee that all of you reading here PLUS your wife/husband, children, father, mother, sister, brother, cousins, uncles, aunties, etc etc ALL have 40% chance of ALREADY having LATENT TB.

As noted in the same Straits Times article/CNA News, Latent TB is already VERY prevalent in Singapore. This is due to the large numbers of 3rd world migrants here --- some had active TB that escaped detection; others had latent TB that developed into active TB and infected people around before they could be isolated & quarantined.

We will only see a BIG jump in TB cases 20-30 years down the road, when all of us with latent TB grows old and weakened immune system, resulting in the TB bacteria overcoming our body's defense & developing into active TB.

Anonymous said...

@ July 05, 2016 6:46 pm
This leads me to my 4th observation.

When my father was diagnosed with active TB
- getting my maid, family and me tested for TB was a suka, suka process.
- the decision was entirely up to me
- who I want to choose to be tested was also up to me (a layman) to decide
- if I had chosen not to go for testing (for active TB) ... I daresay I would have gotten away with it. And if I later develop active TB, ... too bad for my neighbours and the entire HDB block.

I made a few other observations about how poorly managed the entire TB management process was.
- but I don't want to post them
- it's so fantastically amateurish ... I doubt if anybody will believe me
- which is just too bad for Singapore and Singaporeans
- if I get sued, sent to IMH or jail ... I know Singaporeans will not help me
- so you die, it's your business. I die it's my business
- every Singaporean for himself

- I told a good friend then ... we were sitting on a public health time bomb
- little did I know ... it exploded after just a few years
- I thought I had maybe 20 years ... giving me time to emigrate out of Singapore

Anonymous said...

When you have so many tintongs in charge, it is a matter of time before everyone got wiped out like the Red Indians. It is so simple.

The best part, the tintongs think they are safe and would not get hit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.18pm......

Your five detailed observations were very enlightening!

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

/// What s the difference? From 2007 onward, there the govt opened the border to accept 2000000 foreigners into singapore.
How many of those infected tb cases were foreigners before? The statistics are not likely to tell citizens. ///
July 05, 2016 11:29 am

There are government statistics that show;
a. Alien talents have a higher incidence of TB than native born Singaporeans
b. The incidence of TB among Singaporeans have been gradually increasing since PAP decided to drastically increase immigration from 3rd world countries.

I do not want to tell you where I saw the statistics.
Otherwise, the statistics may suddenly become unavailable.
Just use your brains and keep your eyes open.

If we had a normal parliament.
The Opposition as well as the ruling party's backbenchers (MPs) would be demanding for these statistics in parliament.
But as we all know.
It's so quiet in parliament, you can go there and listen to the crickets chirping.

Do you think it's true?
The higher the MP and Minister salary;
the quieter the parliament?

patriot said...

As a layman, a man from the street, l dare say that Sinland shall face an impending diseases calamity or at least a horrible crisis as a consequence of diseases.
As l had said before, no one is able to contain the Tuberculosis from spreading now. Tracing itself is an unsolvable problem and no one is able to stop the Contagion. It is also impossible to quarantine Tuberculosis
Patients because of the Lacks of Facilities and Amenities in this tiny overcrowded rock.
Any runaway contagious diseases
shall bring Sinland to it's knees.

The Day is not far away.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. David Cameroon could walk out of his job as he does not have millions to lose and walking out he could not find a job that would pay him what he is getting as PM.

Anonymous said...

If according to what you say, China and India population already all die liao.

China still have strength to go overseas to "exercise".

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah. The tin tongs have all the answers in their sleeves. Singapore would not be hit by an island wide epidemic that would wipe out the population just like it would not be hit by terrorist attacks even with more than 50 per cent of its population is foreigners from terrorist infested countries.

Singapore is unique. Singapore is exceptional.

All the tin tongs please kee chiu.

Anonymous said...

Why worry? if it is an epidemic, so many people will join you and there is no point staying alive alone since not yet happen you already so scarred like a pussy.

Whatever it is, life will move on. If you so scare here, why dont you find a safer place as though you have a choice and can find one. Haha...

Anonymous said...

A tin tong came in to defend the tin tongs. haha.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the tin tong land then since you got no other choice but to embrace together to face the epidemic.

I assure you we will accord you the same status like all as long your IC is the same color. ie with another condition that if dont think too highly yourself as though you are the savior. Otherwise just leave lah. Remember that.

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