Patrick Tay – the only voice to the PMET’s plight

Is there really a problem that Singaporean PMETs are running out of jobs and hitting the wall? It is no joke in this most expensive city in the world to be unemployed and at a critical age when the financial burden of bringing up children and housing loan are at their peaks. And after this stage, the twilight years are not going to be a bed or roses when the children could not get a good job even with a degree and savings for old age are not enough.

How many of the elected leaders are listening and seeing the problems faced by the PMETs who voted them to power and would want to look after their interests? Don’t seem to hear much from the political leaders about this, maybe they have more important things to do than to worry about the PMETs becoming unemployed or under employed.

For those who took notice, the recommendations are hardly of any help and often very demeaning and undignified. The funny training courses that the PMETs have to put up with are quite insulting and a big waste of the talent and experienced that the PMETs have acquired for a whole life. The rubbish brought into the country to replace the PMETs are anything but rubbish and glossed over as valuable talents.

The lone voice calling for something to be done for the Singaporean PMETs came from Patrick Tay, supposedly responsible for workers welfare, not PMETs, but understood how serious the problem has become. Many of these PMETs have another 20 or 30 years to get by.

So what’s up Patrick? Short of ideas other then training and retraining? One simple suggestion, go to Parliament and tell them to stop the ministries and stats boards from employing foreigners for the interim years and get them to hire the PMETs. And foreigners mean PRs as well. Get the problem of unemployed Singaporeans solved first, and this include young graduates, before relaxing to hire foreigners. Is this so difficult to do?

Another thing, get the MOM to freeze issuing EP and SP passes until things get better for the PMETs and young local graduates.

Is the welfare and interest of Singaporeans going jobless not important enough for the govt to have a new policy to hire Singaporeans first? And watch out on those GLCs that are still hiring foreigners, especially those that hired foreigners to run their HRs.

Patrick should go to Parliament and shout like auntie Bee Wah. What is so difficult? Singapore must be for Singaporeans. Singaporeans must come first. Hire Singaporeans first. MOM, please stop issuing those EP and SP passes so freely like Santa Claus to foreigners.

Who is in charge of MOM?

The best scheme so far that could offer the PMETs a more respectable option after being replaced is the trading courses proposed by IE Singapore this morning. But all the measures are not addressing why PMETs are being discriminated and replaced by foreigners and companies continue to do so with easy access to EPs and SPs issued by MOM. Who is the cock that allows this sad state of affair to continue unabated?


Anonymous said...

Jobless here! Jobless there! Jobless everywhere!

But, no point kpkb and kpkb!

This is Singapore! Singapore is like that!


Don't forget......a massive 70% said YES/OK!


patriot said...

The PMETs voted for the Rulers to
screw them?

Then they(PMETs) deserve every bits
of their follies for voting the Self-serving

Did the PMETs NOT know how the Leaders behaved all these years.

If the Leaders are without conscience, the Voters are guilty of being blind and unfeeling, kiasi or naive. At least 70%
deserve the Government they have chosen.


Anonymous said...

Calling on Patrick to go parliament to voice his concerns is like commenter here calling on Rb to join or form a political party to be elected as a people's representative.

Will Rb oblige ?

virgo49 said...

60 over thousand now roaming the streets, more to join them soon.

The PAP will say its the global Enconmy. These 100 over K or even hundreds over thousand K jobs can be fully be employed by Singaporeans.

But the leaders and their Kia kias choose otherwise.

So one must gets burned to feel the pain and no see coffins no sheds tears.
Let this be a wake up lessons for those who voted the PAP and for those unfortunate victims of the 30% you have the 70 per cents dud fellow citizens to be blamed for your fates.

Anonymous said...

When they are being paid in 5 figures, these PMETs must be screaming PAP is the best. They could not see that the next step forward is a deep pot hole to bury them in.

They deserved it by the result of the last GE. Let's see how many will hit the street and cry.

Anonymous said...

If PMETs are not smart enuff to vote enbloc against PAP;
- Do you think they will become the slaves of Aliens and PAP in Singapore?

Training is not the solution because our PMETs have the knowledge and ability in abundance.
- It's the politics and the political leadership that is the problem
- it's not knowing how to vote wisely that is the problem

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If a Prime Minister designate (seat warmer) is unable to assume his duties for the next two years for health reasons.
Do you think we need a seat warmer for the seat warmer?

Anonymous said...

The training is a joke. Training very well educated and experienced PMETs to be manual workers? Whose stupid idea was that?

Anonymous said...

Years ago. I remembered paying thousands of dollars for a course to link PMETs up with technology start-up overseas. This was under the auspices of a government agency.
It was completely useless.
I felt so sorry for some of the participants who used up their retrenchment pay for the over-priced course. It was a 5 figure sum of money for the course.

I finally got smart.
Don't assume the PAP government wants to help Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If a democratically elected government is unable or unwilling to help it's citizens.
Isn't it time to vote Opposition to change the government?
How can Singapore be strong if Singaporeans are weak and unemployed?

Anonymous said...

Think nothing will change unless they have a drastic drop in vote count or losing more seats in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Think nothing will change unless they have a drastic drop in vote count or losing more seats in the next elections.
July 29, 2016 11:35 am

In a democracy, votes is the only thing that matters.
Only votes can bring change.

But Singaporeans have been dafted to think and vote only for PAP candidates ... when we really should be voting for the people who care for Singaporeans.
People who will implement policies that benefit Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

WAYANG only la..it's Parti Against People in La La Land Lah.

Anonymous said...

Why would I vote for people who;

a) bullies me and my family
b) makes my children unemployed in favour of foreigners
c) prevents me from making use of my CPF money to pay for medicine for my parents and education for my children

d) sees Singaporeans to be the problem instead of the benefactors who are paying them their million dollar salaries

Where in the world got such a democracy?
Where in the world got such stupid people who vote for this type of democracy?

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit. Coz Sinkies voted to be screwed by PAPies. They deserve it and die is their business.

BTW in today's context there shouldn't be any difference between the term "worker" and "PMET". As long you're working for someone else and can be terminated for not meeting expectations or simply the boss don't like your face, then you're a worker. Doesn't matter if you're a multi-millionaire or have MBA or MBBS or LLB or CPA.

80% of working Sinkies are classified as PMETs. Vast majority of non-PMET positions are populated by foreigners, and in Singapore (like in other 3td work countries) non-PMETs are often exploited and with depressed salaries. That's why no Sinkie in his right mind will willingly go into non-PMET job. Unlike in other developed countries with stronger human rights & labour laws.

Anonymous said...

@ July 29, 2016 12:42 pm

Difference between PMET (non-union) and non-PMET (unionized) in the western countries is that the non-PMET is more organized through their labour unions.

In Singapore ... do you think you will wait long time for the PAP-linked union to protect your rights?
- Do you think it's all a wayang to prevent the formation of real unions from developing?

Unknown said...

PAP supporters view their interest and the interest of their descendants as being below the interest of the state. They hope that by making Singapore Inc stronger they somehow can safeguard their genetic legacy.

The reality is that their descendants will not be able to compete with the high IQ foreigners and suffer from less fitness in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, the "good brothers" will bring back more than proportionate "comrades" especially oldies with them during the 7th moon?

Tears could be flowing like the Yellow River?

Too late liao? (种恶得恶!)

Anonymous said...

Who cares they are on their knees begging on the rd?

Anonymous said...



Including some 老不死?

Anonymous said...

Who is Patrick Tay?
What is his qualification?
Is he a scholar?
Is he a General or Admiral?
You think he can stand up to a PAP Minister or General?

If PAP is really interested in fighting ( ha ha) for Singaporean workers and PMETs
- they would have appointed a Scholar, General or Minister to stand up for Singaporeans

But the real question
- why do Singaporeans have to fight for their rights in Singapore?
- unless Singapore has already been conquered and Singaporean rights have been given away

Vote Opposition if you want to protect the rights of Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...


Chinese typo ......

Should be 诈see诈ho

Anonymous said...

"If PAP is really interested in fighting ( ha ha) for Singaporean workers and PMETs
- they would have appointed a Scholar, General or Minister to stand up for Singaporeans"
July 29, 2016 1:09 pm

What about Singaporeans?

If Singaporeans are really interested in fighting ( ha ha) for Singaporean workers and PMETs
- they would have voted Opposition in GE 2015 to stand up for Singaporeans"

Anonymous said...

Waste time?

Chee by election oso cmi?

Go dig a hole ....... and hide?

Anonymous said...

Both Trump and Hillary were claiming they can create jobs for ordinary US folks. Trump like to talk loud but he is a real employer of US folks. Hillary can talk but might not do the exact things as she said. Creating jobs might become a fighting for life in the far east as marines soldiers. she need many more to fight the chinese missiles. On the far east land, people are poor. Luckily, they have land to plant vege and fruits to last them for life.

But one country has no land to plant even their own flowers or grass fields. This little country on the other hand, can provide good paying jobs for Indians administrators, accountants, restaurant chefs, doctors, engineers, IT technicians etc. The people are asked to be jobless or be self employed. Because the salary for those professional jobs are only available for indians or foreigners.

That was the plan. However, being self employed and having few customers to buy while paying NY standard rental is never a good position to raise family.

The voters living inside are having hard choice. The hard choice is no choice, they must vote for the only choice who force them to the wall to be self employed as cab drivers, uber owner grab taxi owner, food shop owners, nail saloon owner, stall owners etc. One year can hardly earn enough to replace their house furniture and washing machines, not to talk about 10 inch spring beds or having a family car.
And yet, there are few opposition parties can command convincing majority. Voters are generally dumb and low IQ, that is the only conclusion. That is true, by look at their university orientations degrading games, even young intelligent are similar to mental patients, the general people at large of this country are hopeless, are senseless, mentally retarded, like "the spurs not stuck onto the hides", well deserved to be played out and sold by their politicians to others. Good luck to these mentally retarded voters.

Anonymous said...

Screw them hard?



Anonymous said...

Rb, I think while I applaud Patrick to be speaking out for the pmet. He is only a small fry in the establishment camp. No one will pay any attention to him. So don't put too much hope on it.

Anonymous said...

"He is only a small fry in the establishment camp."
Anon 4:02 pm

Tiok. And this alone shows how much "concern" PAP has over those jobless mature PMETs.

Maybe besides suggesting more training and retraining, there is also actually nothing much PAP can do or want to do to help those jobless mature PMETs, tio bo?

The jobless mature PMETs will have to help themselves to become taxi drivers, security guards or some other self employed jobs. And God help those who help themselves.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are not enough jobless mature PMETs to vote against PAP, not even in a by election with Chee Soon Juan against a PAP minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC.

That could be one reason why PAP didn't do much to help jobless mature PMETs.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Even if PAP does not help unemployed PMETs, so what?
Unemployed PMETs will still vote PAP tio bo?
So if already can get guaranteed votes from unemployed PMETs, why bother helping them tio bo?

Better to work hard to secure the votes from the New Singaporeans tio bo?
So must give lots of goodies to the New Singaporeans tio bo?
Fuck the unemployed PMETs and transfer the wealth to the New Citizens tio bo?

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Brexit is the consequent of unlimited immigration.
Trump selling point is American citizen first.
Getting of new comer to secure and win can not be lasting, The Brexit and Trump effect may come one day; If current situation not resolved, back fire will come by default.