Neo colonialism in the South China Sea

When the Europeans embarked on their conquest of the world, to colonise the world, the rule of the game was that might was right. They went about with their gunboats and cannons to rob, loot, rape and seize countries occupied by the natives they claimed to be savages, and they were given God’s power and blessing to take their lands and everything, including their lives.

The European practically seized every corner of the earth regardless of the objections and protests of their owners. Being newly industrialized countries, with new technologies and weapons, they just ran down the natives as sub humans. The natives have no rights to their land and possessions. The Europeans were there to take them away and to rule them.

There is a new kind of colonialism raising its ugly heads in the South China Sea. The difference, the colonialists were new nations that were once colonized, new states given independence by their former colonial masters. Now they are out to seize islands in the South China Sea. They did not know that these islands were there since time immemorial. They just knew, as they did not have the skills and technology to discover the existence and where about of these islands till they were given independence and starting to acquire some wealth and technology to discover the existence of such islands. They did not know that the islands were claimed by China centuries ago, centuries before they became independent nations of today.

Their ignorance of history, of the ownership of the islands are good enough reasons to claim these islands as theirs, and like the Europeans, totally ignored the rights of their owners. They are claiming their rights based on a new law set by a new organizations called UNCLOS. They demanded that the new laws take precedent over historical rights of ownership.

Another big difference is that the new countries were not the invincible Europeans running roughshod over the poorly equipped and armed natives. These little countries are trying to seize the islands of China, a super power with enough power to colonise them if needed to. What an irony? Little countries trying to colonise the territories of a bigger nation and power and think they could get away with it. Even the mighty Europeans had to return most of their colonized land except those that owned by smaller and weaker countries that they could over powered.

Would this new colonization of China’s islands in the South China Sea ended in the favour of the new little colonial powers?


Anonymous said...

Would this new colonization of China’s islands in the South China Sea ended in the favour of the new little colonial powers?

It depends on how China will react lah. Like the Hokien saying, Ay sai jia, jia lah. Meaning if can eat, eat lah.

If China is like the 70% Sinkies kwai kwai (meek) one, then of course it will end in the favour of the new little colonial powers lah. Just like GE 2015 ended overwhelmingly in favour of PAP with 93% seats won.

So will China be kwai kwai or not? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Pinoy to take on SCS islets?...Punch above its weight like old fart said that Sinkie can do it?..well ..Pinoy dream on ! No way Pinoy can get it. China is no more a Sick Men Of Asia. As wat China Leader said China not afraid of evil nor believe in evil...u bet Pinoy..bring it on! Ka boomm...

Anonymous said...

Yes, unbelieveable that these silly Asean countries would dream of taking over Chinese islands. It shows the mentality inside the coconut heads. They think after buying a few warplanes and a few warships they could go around conquering other countries.

Veritas said...

The white man did rape and loot in some places but the victim response need to be blame for their woes.

India never fight and spread their legs like a whore.

In Burma, the 3 Anglo Burmese War bleed the British dry even though Burma eventually got defeated.

China was never conquered by see territorial loss.

Most importantly Japan modernized and become a player in imperialism.

Insects like Arabs and blacks till now still blame white colonialism making them loser. These are shit mind.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, for your info, Singapore was kicked out in 1965 by the Tunku, the late former Malaysian PM lah.

Had the Tunku not done that, probably Singapore may become like another state in Malaysia now, like Penang. See what happened now to the Penang Chief Minister, a Malaysian Chinese.

Veritas said...

Tunku was not out of charity. If Singapore in Malaysia, then the demographics is Chinese vs Malay also same.

With a Malayan Communist Party at backdrop malay got high chance to lost their pants if a civil war start.

Anyway no one can reason with those curry mouth full of allah hu akbar.

Anonymous said...

Year 2050! Year 2050! Year 2050!

Will Singapore be part of Malaysia in year 2050 as
Singapore run out of ideas to survive? Possible?

Think about it!


Veritas said...

Malaysia hate to take us in even if we are a shit hole. The malay strategy of survival in this planet is to embark a career tudung, dhimi-creation, memorizing koran, and no joke, they believe Allah will bless them with everything, much better than Chinese, for being a good boy.

They are willing to ask their most law abidding citizen, the Chinese who study and work 24x7, to get loss, simply due to malay envy and hate.

Then malay embarking in massive fucking making sure they always in majority.

Actually malaysia malay win by making love, not making war, making sure they majority.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted one of your posts. Considering deleting another. Please be more sensitive to bilateral and racial relations. There are better and more polite and acceptable ways of discussing bilateral issues.

Anonymous said...

RB: This is very important to understand: the tribunal is NOT related to any official organization in Ocean laws.

From the facts on 15: this tribunal is a japanese tribunal paid by philippines and united states and or japan.
Japan was keen to see China accept the judgment when Abe asked PM Likeqin to accept it. Li told Abe to be careful on words and do not stir up issues at Mongolia meeting.

On 15th, the Humburg Ocean laws courts has declared it has NOTHING to do with the South China Sea tribunal.

"BenjaminBenirschke is ocean laws news spokesman at Humburg ITLOS.
Benjamin Benirschke on the 15th , "said the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea " provides for the settlement of disputes four alternatives : the International Tribunal for the Law , International Court of Justice , in accordance with Annex a " Convention " seven organized the arbitral tribunal , in accordance with Annex as well as a " Convention " eight established special tribunal .

" These courts and tribunals are not mutually belong ." Benjamin Benirschke stressed that the International Tribunal for the Law has nothing to do with the so-called South China Sea tribunal .

Anonymous said...

Whether in Malaysia, Singapore or anywhere, there are great advantages being the ruling party, and of course need to be supported by the police and the military.

And the UMNO (all Malaysian Malay) led coalition is the ruling party in Malaysia, with Najib as PM.

Just look at the events surrounding Najib and you will know what I mean.

And the news just came in. There is a military coup in Turkey. You see, this is what happened when even the ruling party lost the support of the military.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

RB, what I said about Tememgong sultanate is TRUE.

This part of history is being successfully erase from SG and Malaysia people by UMNO and PAP.

Now truth become something to be sensitive of. WTF

Hermit said...

If things don't cool down. South China Sea is going to be the next political hot spot. Not good, man! Not good.

Anonymous said...

The Taiping Island occupied by Taiwan is 0.49 sq km with well water, started with 13 wells and still has remaining 3 wells.
1 well water can be drink, the rest has high salt contents and use to plant vege, and feed poultry, chickens.
Taiping island was used by Japanese during second world war because it has plain water.

Yet the Scs tribunal said it is an island has no water, by quoting a Taipei professor Dr Chiang s writing in Taipei times in 2015. Dr Chiang is a independent movement party supporter or member. This movement is indifferent to the remote island.
But the fact is still: it is an island. It has an airport.
Let ask if St John island can put an airport?

The Japanese will want the Taiping island because next to it has wells of oil for exploration. Taiwanese are not keen.

The Japanese has an island it sounds against the tribunal:
Okinotorishima. This little rock will not appear when high tides. It was claimed by Japan as island. Its size is=0.008482 sq km. Comparing to Taiping island, it is far out in size.

A journalist ask Japan FM on 15 July if Okinotorishima is still an island to Japan? The FM said Okinotorishima is an island. It means, with 200n miles, the sea resources are belonged to Japan. Yet Taiping island is not belonged to Taiwan or china within 200n mile.

So this tribunal is a fake to stir up issues for those who are confused by Ocean law court or ICJ or PCA. It is very important for sinkies to know the fact, else the politicians may agree with the new definition and give up 200n mile sea resources to other countries if St John island is a rock under the tribunal definition. Sinkies must not agree, as we still have fisher men and citizens boats running around the shore.

patriot said...


What drinking water when the Seawater can be desalination
and turn into drinking and
portable waters?

As for habitation, many nations
are able to build floating city.

The Claims of ownership by historical evidence has to be
the Most Material Definition.


patriot said...


to be corrected
to desalinated.


patriot said...


to be corrected
to potable.


Anonymous said...

worry not worry not

countries around south china sea will just talk talk kpkb kpkb only

no war no war, so worry not worry not

to get paid, politicians of the countries around south china sea must talk and kpkb

let there be plenty of talks and kpkbs between countries

yes, very very exciting, tension, but no war just words


Unknown said...

The problem with Chinese in south east asia is that our birth rate relative to the native population is lower. If you study population statistics, we once had almost 40 percent of the population of Malaysia and Singapore combined. But due to lower birth rate as we achieved modernity our percentage of the population decreased. While the largely traditional and rural Malays have a much higher birth rate. For some perspective the birthrate of Malaysian Chinese is at 1.8 per woman, while Singapore Chinese is 1.0 per woman. All below replacement level.

The Malaysian Malays on the other hand have a birthrate of more then 3.0 per woman. This divergence came started in the 1950s prior to that Chinese had more births then the Malays. In retrospect it was good that we had split from Malaysia if not in the long run we would lose in numbers.

Demography is destiny, the future only belongs to those who show up.

Unknown said...

Neo colonialism is more about indirect control then the strong hand approach used by the old imperialists. The state department uses NGOs and the mainstream media to rein in rebellious provincials. Notice how the Filipino president was targeted for making rape jokes and threatening to kill criminals. He had somehow blasphemed against the ideology of the U.S empire and had to be brought down a notch. They also managed to bring down the Ukrainian and Libyan government. Though with less success in Syria. Mainly because the Syrians had a somewhat strong arab nationalism.

Veritas said...

Islam is a good religion because it has appeal on scumbag of population. In general, there a positive and negative people in civilization. The positive one attempts to bring a civiliation forward, by preaching love, hardwork...etc

The negative one want hate, and all sort of debasement.

Hate is appealing to all scumbag.

The elites are the most powerful people, and it was them who lead the country. The Chinese elites or scholar over the years of thousands guided the Chinese people forward.

The UMNO and muslims clerics move the people backward. Today Malaysian malay due to their hate of Chinese rally at UMNO despite Najib obvious case of corruption. UMNO can do whatever they want so long Chinese is there, Malay will support UMNO.

Today western countries are not like Rome in the last days, they are destroying their civilization.

Islamization create plenty of stupid people willing to support oligarch of Sultan, Sheikh and moronic cleric, by delivering their daughters as prostitute and sons as jihadhist.

This is the 2nd best scenario for capitalist, the best outcome is Hindu society. According to Marx capitalism will crumble and till now, only schumpeter have provide counter theory why it should not. But schumpeter theory of creative destruction is to idealistic and elites will not subject themselves to jungle rule.

So Islamization is a natural path of capitalism to prevent Marxist take over.

But Islamize a society will make it very stupid. The side effect is China will rise to global leadership.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:35, thanks for the link. Would be good if ITLOS make a press statement on the kangaroo court in The Hague. I am trying to get hold of some of these press releases to establish the mischievous nature of PCA and the Americans and Japanese behind the hoax.

Anonymous said...

During the yuan and qing invasion of China , the population of China ( civilians plus army ) is many times more than yuan and qing armies or its population. Still in the end kena conquered. Especially after qing soldiers massacre, announced all Han man need to shave their head. Still the Han people kwai kwai shave their head. One guess the country did not treat their civilians well such that in the end they are not interested to fight alongside with their armies

By the way everybody afraid to die especially the chinese. That's why dangerous and extreme sports always the Ang Mo. Only recent years then Asia gain some foot hold.


Not trying to shame chinese or china but we have to face and examine our own inner demons, truth, shame, fear, weaknesses. Not ignored look away act blur when stinking legs ( chao kar ) are bought up and then hoo ray hoo ha when talk about romance of 3 kingdoms or Han Wu emperor or Tang's zhen guan reign or whatever praising stuffs.

As for Xi's statement, just to motivate the country , rally the people. If i put a gun at his head maybe he not afraid. War start civilians died he's not afraid. I put a gun at his wife, sons and daughter, quite sure he's afraid.

Unknown said...

UMNO is really a Malay nationalist organisation rather then an Islamist one. Malays get their idea of nationalism by "Bangsa Malaysia." Part of the Malay identity is the acceptance of Islam. PAS is more of an Islamist party, but they believe in Islam in one country and not in the global caliphate of ISIS. Being somewhat of an ethnic nationalist myself i identify with the UMNO struggle to hold on to their identity. But i don't agree with special privileges.

Islam lowers IQ by having a tradition of cousin marriages which is more of an arab custom.

One good thing about Islam is that they have strong patriarchal values. Meaning that they support family formation thus leading to a higher birthrate. They don't buy into the lie of female liberation an the dysgenic side effects that come with it.

The problem is that Chinese have forgotten confucian and taoist traditions that made the family unit strong. In this day and age where identity is becoming important we have to reassert our values instead of following western liberalism into oblivion.

Veritas said...

The fall of Ming to Qing is due to court intrigue and -- peasant revolt, due to inequality. One problem about China imperial scholar is over the years, their scions tends to accumulate large tract of land reducing the population to tenant farmers. Alternative, the smart landlord scions tends to become imperial scholar.

When Manchus took over, Chinese did not fight. Most open door to welcome them.

Same thing happen in Vietnam. Despite our propaganda saying how bad Vietcong is, in reality the South Vietnamese did not fight, and their field guys even have pact with Viet cong. While the people support Vietcong in killing landlords.

In an estimation 1% of elites controlled 90% of land in Vietnam.

Unknown said...

@anon 12.45

yes this is true, Chinese somehow have this aversion to join the military. The British could never get Chinese recruits, even in Malaya most of the army were Malay. But most Chinese in malaya in the early years were triad members with a quasi political ambition of restoring the Ming. Perharps it is only after we lost our homelands then we feel the need to fight.

Veritas said...

UMNO is stealth Islamist while PAS is overt Islamist. The Malay constitution of mixing up race with islam is by Tunku and all his wicked lackey. Malay have to be Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Let ask if St John island can put an airport?

Why not if i have money and modern construction technology.

I can even build cities in desert.

Anonymous said...

The other thing is Xi under estimated Obama administration.

Not a surprise, a lot of other countries also think likewise.

Unknown said...

Religion is much better way to unite a race. In this sense UMNO got it right. If i had it my way i'd have all the Chinese be Taoist and pray to Kuan Gong our god of war. Part of the reason why the Israeli people are united is because they have a common religion. Another way to unite a race is to have a monarch like the Thai people do. But the best way is to combine both religion and monarchy like the Japanese did after the Meiji restoration, to create the concept of the God Emperor.

From warhammer:

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give themselves to me.
Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war I shall forge them.
They will be of iron will and steely muscle.
In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest gun shall they be armed.
They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them.
They will have tactics, strategies and machines such that no foe will best them in battle.
They are my bulwark against the terror.
They are the defenders of Humanity.
They are my Space Marines...
...and they shall know no fear.'

-The Emperor of Man

Anonymous said...

Russia sell T-90 tanks to vietnam for deployment along china viet border.

All the same at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Messy , french kena terror. Now Turkey military coup.

Anonymous said...


BenjaminBernurchk is the press officer of ITLOS. His reply to reporter was reported in ifend and chinanews.

Checked with ITLOS to verify. It was true that ITLOS web site has all 25 cases listed. None was involved with philippines vs china. The report is true. The case judgment is not related to ITLOS. https://www.itlos.org/en/cases/

Unknown said...

I'd speculate on the coup attempt a little bit. One possibility is that the military which is a secular institution is trying to fight against an Islamist AKP under Edrogan, bringing back Turkey to its secular constitution. Another theory is that the coup is backed by the USG because turkey recently tried to be friendly towards Russia.

Anonymous said...

RB: 12:44pm
Benjamin joined the WFC in May 2016 as a volunteer. He primarily works as a Press Officer at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg.

WFC is world future council.
RB you can write to him:

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Channel News Asia is still peddling the notion that the PCA is a UN backed court. Geneive Woo the host has been repeating this over and over in the Channel. One wonders is it due to inaccurate reports, not doing due diligence, or is the position that the PCA is UN backed intentional? If so, what is the agenda?

As pointed out by Anon 1:52, the UN has ITLOS to judge on UNCLOS matters, with its own bench of sitting independent judges, why the Ppines and its conspirators chose the PCA and not ITLOS is pretty obvious. And ask, who foot the bills? If the Ppines said they did, which they could not afford to, ask them when did the fund comes from.

'Li Jinming, a professor of international maritime law at Xiamen University, pointed out that the use of terms such “UN tribunal” or “UN-backed tribunal” – frequently reported by Western media – is incorrect, as they confuse the PCA with the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ).' From the Inquirer.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, we need to be sensitive to our fucking minorities who are out to reject every good thing, and who hate Chinese to their core.

Even as PAP keep fucking China, our minorities use their twisted mouth keep saying PAP is pro China. In fact, UMNO more pro China than PAP.

Our minorities are liar.

So to be sensitive to our minorities, we fuck China a little la.

Veritas said...

If PAP really say the truth about China, than USA will use Islamofascist and hindutva to stage a color revolution.

A hypothethical scenario look like this. A SIA air stewardess appears as a tudung babe on one working day demanding tudung else she cry discrimination. When her wish not granted, she go Geylang and imolate herself, cursing Chinese as Cina racist babi.

Then Jihadhist all over the world flock to SG blowing up themselves.

USA will tell Singapore to deliver our heads to be killed, euphemize as "99.99% Islamo is good and 0.001% is bad", so enjoy being kill and you must not retaliate.

Unknown said...

This is why we need trump to win in the elections, he is running on a non politically correct isolationist platform. If Hilary wins bad luck, she will push for more minority right agitation.

The PAP also know this this is why they not stupid, they maintain the racial balance in Singapore making the population at least 75 percent Chinese, the last time i checked statistics. If they form colour revolutions, we will form counter revolutions. We have more men in the top echelons of the military so it will be much to our advantage.

Unknown said...

"A hypothethical scenario look like this. A SIA air stewardess appears as a tudung babe on one working day demanding tudung else she cry discrimination. When her wish not granted, she go Geylang and imolate herself, cursing Chinese as Cina racist babi."

This is why i think freedom of speech is not a good deal for us. If we give everyone freedom of speech this will happen. What we have done is actually traded of some of our freedom in exchange for the dangers that living in a multi racial society.

Anonymous said...

Sorry , i think this year rise of woman power.

Brits - women

Taiwan - women

German - woman

South K - woman

French - woman ???

US - woman ???

patriot said...

Buddhism originates in India.

Taoism is a Chinese Creation.
Like to say that Taoism did not
come from Lao Zi(老子), for in
Lao Zi Teaching/Philosophy, he
did not ever advocated the Attainment of Immortality 成仙或神

Anywy, Taoists are about the Most
tolerant and peaceful folks. Although they are far more superstitious than most main
religions, they do not go around
converting others.

Me am an atheist and not in
favour of any religion. Just
relating historical facts and
some personal observation


Anonymous said...

No matter what you think you are, you are originally just an ape believing in bananas.....

Unknown said...


I was once greatly influenced by the ideas of the new atheists. Hitchens, Dawkins, Denett and Harris. Especially the late Christopher Hitchens. The problem with atheism is that it gradually leads to nihilism.

Every society since the beginning has needed some form of primitive religion to survive and be cohesive as a group. This experiment without religion is fairly recent and i think that it does not lead to good results. Look at the officially atheist PRC, the lack of spirituality leads to a culture solely based on materialism and consumerism. I like taoism both at the intellectual level which is a sort of a "bo chup" libertarian type philosophy. And also at the folk level which has different gods to represent the different aspects of men. Folk Taoism comes very close to the Pagan religions of ancient Europe.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think most of our parents and forefathers are 'pai shin' like the Japanese Shintoism. They never talk about Tao or being Tao shi. Tao the philosophy and Taoism, the practice by the 'pai shin' Chinese are very different. The Taoism is in a way embraced by the 'pai shin' for lack of a proper doctrine or formal rituals of worshipping all the 'shins' and Taoism the practice became a part of the 'pai shin' practice.

'Pai shin' actually is the beginning of the fear of the spiritual world in many civilisations, a primitive belief. The Jews also 'pai shin' before they turned to monotheism. The Red Indians also 'Pai shin' in their own ways, so are the Hindus.

Taoism the practice comes closest to 'Pai shin' in having many 'shins' Everyone that passes away becomes 'shin' or 'gui'. 'Pai shin' includes all the 'shins' in all things. I find it difficult to think of my parents as believers of Taoism.

Unknown said...


Interesting, i never thought of the relationship between folk Taoism and Shinto. However it is sad that nowadays there are less "pai shin" Chinese around. Most have either followed Buddhism or Christianity. Pass statistics showed that more then 90 percent of us were followers of "pai shin". Now i think the percentage is less then 20 percent.

The Jews had a few gods, yahweh being the war god. They also had Baal. The Yaweh followers basically declared theirs the only god, which turned their religion into a monotheistic one.

Anonymous said...

Its very easy to differentiate paishin, taoism and buddism.
Paishin is not shared by chinese alone, japanese shinto is similar, pai certain special spirits rather. When someone past away, those someones are considered to have certain spirit drifting in another dimension or world. For paishin, chinese pai certain spirit that believed to have super power to render kindness and help to the chinese. The most common one is KwanIm, the godness of mercy. This kwanim is canon in Japanese.
The details anyone can findout more.

In HK, one movie stared wangfeihong, was acted by Kwantekhing. Kwantekhing was considered to have a spirit of a general and was worshiped in a temple in Cheongchao hk. That s how i understand chinese worship certain great human.

Taoist is an ordinal philosophy of life written by Lauzi in a book passing down called Toadezin. It has a similar philosphy as buddism passed down by Budda, an Indian prince turned priest. Both Taoism and Buddism are combined by Chinese into a religion of belief and philosophy of life to teach decedents.

In other words, chinese, in traditional families think like taoism and buddism, as the philosophy is passed down through words of mouth and teaching in behavior.

At the same time, the chinese worship ancestors to remember them year after year, their dead great men or women like kwan kong, or kwanim in order to pass down specific behavior models for children to model upon.

patriot said...

Lycurgus80ofSparta is quite spot on
in saying the Coup in Turkey was/is USG Related. CNA reported that it was Pro US Faction that did it.

As for religions, they fascinate me as they are omni-present.

My understanding is that before aliens introduced religions into China, the Chinese were ancestor worshippers together with animistic
belief. Indonesia is said to be quite similar.

Though an atheist, me pays respect to my ancestors and the dead at funerals.
l also bow to folks with known extreme virtues such as 'Kuang Gong (Yu)', 'Pao Gong', Hai Rui and any
real existed Respectable(to me) Folks. BUT, not imagined deities such as monkey and tiger gods etc.

Quite like Taoism minus it's superstitions and find some of it's Rituals meaningful for much of them(rituals) are for filial piety and reminders to do good. This on top of their non interference with others beliefs.


Unknown said...

I never had the chance to experience Chinese religion growing up, since my family were all christian. Later on i became somewhat of an atheist. Recently though, i have been fascinated by Chinese religion and culture. Most probably as a reaction to the rootless, globalised place that Singapore has become.

One of the more interesting things i read while reading on Chinese culture is that Chinese men traditionally do not see themselves as an individual. Rather they see themselves as a long chain from the first ancestor to the descendants still unborn. That is why for Chinese people it is of the utmost importance to carry on the family name. In modern terms, it is rather like the y chromosome haplogroup that is carried down from father to son.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With more than 5000 years of history, the Chinese Civilisation and their beliefs in God and the spiritual world took many changes. Going further back, China was known as 神州,or the land of God. It was monotheism to start with. The Emperors of the day prayed to heaven, 天公, the grand father of heaven, not the father in heaven. That was the time when religion had yet to set root in China. This praying to 天公 continues till today, the biggest God in heaven. The rest of the religions and gods just fit into the hierarchy with the buddhas at the highest level and the Jade Emperor and all his gods and deities at the next level. And among them the immortals.

It is quite a big cohort of beings existing in the different realms or existence, 33 I think, according to the Buddhist doctrines, that are now amalgamated with the Taoist doctrines. But 天公, the ultimate being is still there, in its rightful place.

Who is there to vouch or swear that he knows the truth? Be at peace with what ever religion as long as the religion does not promote evil and killings.

Anonymous said...

RB, even you must know that your Veritas is a stupid post-er, making no sense and conflating facts and hypotheticals between PAP. USA and one SIA girl. What his point, if any?
His history of china is rubbish, especially his so-called knowledge of the ching (manchu) period.
Also his knowledge of vietnam.
Where did Veritas get his facts that "... In an estimation 1% of elites controlled 90% of land in Vietnam." What estimate, by who? He just concocted and fabricate them!!
Vietnam is a communist country - NO ONE owns any land!
That sexually confused, cannot affirm his sex, little silly idiotic twat...!

Dun let Veritas get off on your wonderful blog, RB.

Anonymous said...

Anyone still doubting the sanity and IQ of Veritas should read again his post on July 16, 2016 12:28 pm.
Can anyone explain Veritas' argument that islam is a good religion ... appealing to scumbags ... by preaching love and hard work ... providing a natural path to capitalism ... by countering marxism ... and that would lead to the rise of china...?!!
What an example of convoluted thinking and someone with a little knowledge being a dangerous thing! THAT'S ONE HELL OF AN IDIOT, A REALLY REALLY STUPID ONE!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would consider the statement by Anon 9:56 a fair statement from the arguments put up by Veritas. And this is what a discussion is all about. When you talked nonsense or sounded nonsensical, the right thing to do is to tell him off, that he is talking nonsense.

Veritas said...

If you want to murder and sametime attract lots of follower, the best thing is to convert to Islam and shout Allah hu Akbar when ramping into a bunch of party-goer.

Make sure you advertise also you did this for revenge against Israel, Iraq and even crusaders.

18% in Malaysia Malay will support you.

Those who dont will lie that 99.99% of Muslims are good and 0.01 are bad.

When you do this and shout confucius hu akbar, the Confucian who support you is close to 0%, and those who do need a mental check up.

Unknown said...

Malaysia will be an interesting case in the future. I wonder if the forces of nationalism (bangsa melayu) or islamism will win. By pure islamist ideology, the concept of a modern nation state cannot exist along with Malay nationalism. There can only be muslims and dhimmis. But they will be forced to accept a lot of indian muslims who are not awarded the same privileges as the malay muslims under the current Malay nationalism. Then if that happens Chinese will also convert to Islam. Any concept of the Malays as the primary ethnic group will disappear.

I think the Malays will not go full Islamist, but stick to the current system so as to preserve their status in society.

patriot said...


The Foundation of Chinese culture in my opinion is established on Humanities and Virtues. Both are devoid of any religious belief and superstition. Basically they are the
Qualities of Benevolence that humans should have or embrace.
With Humanities and Virtues as the Guiding Principles in life, existence becomes purposeful and meaningful. Atheism may not lead to nihilism.


Veritas said...

The white man admit 0.5% landlord owned 75% of Mekong Delta by 1945. Note that a lot of these 0.5% are -- white French man. FYI there is 2 farming region in Vietnam. The Song hong plain at north and meking delta at south.

And by 1945, Vietminh has already improve the situation a lot by imposing their own land reform in their own turf at South.

Vietnam war was lost when the government back with M16 come back and ask the peasants to return the land back to the landlord, undoing Vietminh/Vietcong job.

The soldiers drawn from peasant class side with Vietminh.

You dont get this in ST.

BTW 1% in SG also own 90% of property today. The properties in Orchard Tanglin, dont know own by who, but definitely not the 99 people you meet everyday.

Anonymous said...

Now listen up you pro-China guys. There are over billion Chinese citizens in China and another 50 million overseas. Chinese make up the largest ethnic group in the world. That should mean that Chinese are diverse right? Logically so. It is therefore senseless for anyone to even think for one second that the Chinese race should be homogeneous. Yet there are some Chinese chauvinists here who think that should be the case!

Now listen up. Because the Chinese race is so numerous, it is only expected that not all Chinese will feel the same way about mother China. Realise that only a small minority feel any attachment to the chauvinistic idea that "Chinese should be Chinese", whatever that is. So what if some Chinese don't support mother China? Even many mainlanders are against their own govt, let alone HKongers, Taiwanese and those in minority provinces. What more about expecting the 50million non China Chinese to support China?

Here is some food for thought. China is going to bash its way to get those islands. It is going to muscle its way through, dominating SE Asia. That also means it is going to block the air and sea route. Good luck to Singapore's airport and seaport because now planes and ships have to take a longer route, making it more expensive to come or pass by Sinkieland. So for all the Marxist pro-China supporters who have always been scapegoating Malaysia and Indonesia, who have been magnanimous in allowing free air and sea routes to Sinkie the last 50 years or more, we are now threatened by Red Marxist leaning China to have such accessed curtailed, if not closed.

Pro-China Nanyang Chinese should wake up. The real trouble maker is not only US. It is also China. But then this is a China worshipping site and RB and his followers would gladly abandon Sinkieland to defend their favourite Mother China. Isn't that treason?

Veritas said...

The Vietnam land reform URL cannot be link in elegant way as above. You need to copy and paste.


Veritas said...

China may help Thailand in Kra canal. I do not doubt that. Thailand is basically controlled by Chinese even the King is quite Chinese.

Chinese is diversified and there are many who will fight for USA. Just like many fought Manchus on both side.

Unknown said...


If you think we are supporting China because of marxism guess again. I for one would like to restore the Ming dynasty. If war breaks out we will form right wing death squads and hang race traitors. Get the out if u ain't liking our views.

Unknown said...


Aye, interesting, i never thought about it that way.

patriot said...

Indeed my comprehension of Chinese/China History is that the Chinese Civilization thrives with the Philosophy of 孝/filial piety, 盅/patriotism, 仁/benevolence, 义/chivalry, 德/propriety
and 慈/love and kindness.
With the Afore-mentioned as tenets in living, a wholesome culture without any religion and make-believe is attainable.

Both Lao Zi and Confucius had comprehensive teachings on the Humanities, Virtue and Values thousands of years ago in their Daodejin, Analect and other literatures.

May we as descendants of the Yellow Tribe, continue to uphold our culture and spread the Value of Integrity.


patriot said...

Traitor; like tyrant and despot must be ridden.
In fact, treacherous beings are more reprehensible.


Anonymous said...

History will always repeat itself.

Irregardless of whatever dynasty it is, it always come to a bad ending. Now tell me what is the difference of current political system now and then.

Heaven is always fair as who 1st invented gunpowder, paper, printing and compass?

Look at the recent handling of the floods in central land, you would know it is the same like ancient times where you dont know where the money went to on even though govt did spend. They even resorted driving trucks loaded with stones straight into flow to plug the gaps on orders of local govt. In the end, it is still useless.
Where are the heavy lift choppers the PLA boasted? other than massive PLA cheap labor armed with buns and not even combat rations.

If spend so much time talking about virtues of Chinese, you would also come across ancient chinese prophecy about the collapse.

Veritas said...

July 17, 2016 9:50 am

Idiot, you do not know what you are talking about. No one did it better than China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:55, you are right that there are more than 1b Chinese in the world. You are half right to say they are homogenous as they are homogenous in some ways and not homogenous in other ways.

There are many mischievous people who tried to simplify and stereotype the Chinese as one inscrutable people, all looking alike and think alike,including you if you are a Chinese. These are not simpletons but mischievous people with a bigger agenda. And there are the daft that did not know what they are saying, just parroting American and western viewpoints. Remember, Singapore was founded by Stamford Raffles? You still believe this crap don't you?

The South China Sea islands belonged to China under historical precedents of finders keepers. Why can't you accept this but accept the Europeans seizing the American continent as theirs, Canada, Australia, NZ etc etc.

Now listen up. Your views and comments are exactly what the west are saying and you are repeating every word they said. The one that is bashing into the South China Sea are the Americans and the Japanese, even the Indians and the Europeans, not the Chinese. The South China Sea is China's front yard. Read the word South China Sea.

The newly independent Asean nations wanting to claim the Chinese islands as theirs is a joke. They are the aggressive and expansionist little states that think they now bought a few pieces of western weaponry and are powerful enough to challenge China militarily, to take over Chinese islands. The Pinoys, the Malaysians and the Indonesians thumping their chests and wanting to send their little boats to chase the Chinese out of the South China Sea. Are they mad or smoking too much grass?

They could not even see the reality of the balance of power, that the Americans would be very careful to take the Chinese on, unlike the way they invaded Iraq, Libya and Syria. They are even wary of testing the North Koreans.

Did my comments help to remove the blinkers the West put over your eyes? Or you chose to put the blinkers on yourself?

Anonymous said...

Restore Ming dynasty ?

Who's the empperor ?

And who's the eunuch ? Sacrificing your own male offsprings to display your high level of patriotism, benevolence, chivalry and propriety ?

Or you prefer other people's sons ?

Anonymous said...

Well, not according to our Gov's logic, even though our ancestors came first settle down and later build the country. Now we cannot ask new PRCs or other foreigners to f off as they only come several generations later.

So base this logic, China or whatever countries came early to inhabit the islands first, now e.g. we pinoys or viets only came later. So no one can tell one to f off ?

Anonymous said...

See this news report from China fenghuang news.

You see this Nanjing official was fired from her position where she is caught in photo commanding rescue or flood control from a rubber boat dry whereas police are wet guiding her boat around flood zones. All wayang one! Still got one assistant to help shoot photo.

What has changed. Nothing at all...... It is still the same at the end of the day.

Veritas said...

July 17, 2016 10:43 am


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Restore Ming dynasty ?

Who's the empperor ?

And who's the eunuch ?

The emperors long dead, buried and turned into dust. The eunuch is here, alive and kpkb everyday, reincarnated but cannot forget the ordeal of his balls being cut off by the emperors. You, the eunuch, still did not have your balls in between your legs, and still mad about emperors?

Anonymous said...

SCS will be lost under one party system for sure.

Under one party system, cannot even have one strategist to formulate a full long term plan to counter american cunning strategy.

PLA like chicken hiding in paracel islands and dare not move in Spratly islands. 5000 thousand years it is still like that.

China is only capable to win the war with saliva and loud speaker.

Anonymous said...

Eunuch getting angry? Cool down man, oops, neuter, neither man nor woman. Eunuch is supposed to be cool, no temper. Why so hot headed?

patriot said...

Just noticed that the Chinese
Word for patriotism was wrongly written.

It is to be corrected to 忠.

My apology


Anonymous said...

Exactly got another self made eunuch making chicken voice but cannot come out with solution other than licking others.

Zheng He would even despise you...You want to know why?

patriot said...

Do visit johnpilger.com
to read
'A WorldWar has began
break the silence'.


Anonymous said...

RB, I am the 10.55 anon guy. So who exactly is the mischievous guy trying to pigeonhole the Chinese race here? I am telling yer that the Chinese are diverse simply because of the great numbers. You on the other hand are putting the Chinese into pigeonholes. You are saying that it is either you support China, or you support US. What the heck is this binary stuff? Isn't it the same ideology you have been propagating all along, which is if you are Chinese you must behave in a certain way? And if you don't you are an “off spec” Chinese?

Look at your reply to me. Just because I don't support China, you tell me the that the Americans and Japs are no angels. Why this binary thinking stuff? You mean that there are no other opinions other than “US/Japan vs China” to this issue? So who is compartmentalizing the Chinese race here?

I am telling you that as a Sinkie, I am concerned that China is bullying its way in the South China sea. I am also telling you that because of China, the US is using it as an excuse to interfere. I don't like China and I don't like US to dominate this region. Singapore has had free access to sea and air routes, thanks to our Malaysian and Indo neighbours for their hospitality the last 50 years or so. Now with the darn stinking dispute, China is going to put up restrictions and cause Sinkieland problems. That is my concern.

As for your simple minded binary choice between China or US approach, please note that the over 1 billion Chinese don't see it that way. Even the millions of overseas Chinese don't see it that way. The only ones who see it that way are the pro-China Marxists wannabe second class Nanyang Chinese who think of China as their Motherland. Like you.

In the end, you are are Sinkie. Your loyalty should be Singapore. But your unquestioning stance, your loyal and unwavering bias support for Mother China, makes Sinkies like me wonder if you would pick your rifle up to shoot fellow Sinkies instead of the oppressive Chinamen who threaten our sovereignty and economy, should any dispute in this region arise.

That is the point. Not some make up story that if you don't support China, you must be supporting the White Man. Heck, I don't support either. I support Sinkieland and if it means to fight China so that we continue to have free access to trade, then I expect all Sinkies, including you and me, to fight against the bully guy from China. Get that into your simple minded Marxist head.

Anonymous said...

It is the same like the older generation that if i vote for opposition that means i hate Singapore.

Sometimes i wonder what is their real motive, to get you to hate china more?

Anonymous said...

Relax all, just like some support opposition people will criticise them oppose for sake of oppose. I guess supporting side also similar support for sake of support.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:07, you are definitely not the mischievous guys that I am referring to. There is a big war out there for control of the mind. There is the western American narrative and a small counter western narrative, and some of us in this blog are contributing to the latter narrative. In this contest for the control of the mind, little individuals expressing their views are inconsequential. Don't take it too personally, you are irrelevant in what I am talking about.

On an individual point of view, everyone is free to express his views and orientation. That is fair game and freedom of expression, not like the little cockroaches hiding here throwing missiles, polemics and personal attacks but lacking substance.

Would you fight China? Where did you get the idea that China would be running all over SE Asia, to invade Singapore? China helped Asean to stop the Vietnamese from crossing over to Thailand and southwards.

The western narrative that China is expansionist has got to the minds of many readers of western literature. But none of them could see the expansion of the American Empire and the destruction it is causing to the rest of the world. The South China Sea islands are not Asean countries.

Would I fight China? That is a moot point and only appears in the minds of people reading too many American narratives. The reality is far from the truth. The American soldiers are everywhere, and the conquered people, like the Koreans and the Japanese, could not do a thing about it. Singapore and some Asean states would soon be 'conquered' and be part of the Empire but did not have a single clue that it is happening. Would you fight the Americans should they control your country?

As a sinkie, I have no fear or nightmare that China would be running wild to conquer Asean states. China has always been a victim of foreign aggression and invasion. The Han Chinese by nature are averse to military adventures and conquest. They even despised the vocation of being soldiers. That was and is one of the major reasons why China was invaded and conquered by warring tribes like the Mongols and the Manchus and then the West and Japan.

Today, the rise of China is not about expansion but about securing what rightly belonged to China. Did you hear China claiming Vietnamese, Laotian or Thai lands? Only a few silly cockroaches here are hyping about China claiming Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. These silly noises are best to be ignored. They came from empty heads.

Maybe you are still living with the American fear that hoards of Chinese would be wading ashore on the western coast of America to invade the USA, the Yellow Peril.

There is a very important place for a narrative to rubbish the western narrative that is anti China, to contain and oppress the Chinese Civilisation.

I will post more of these from western intellectual's perspective. The Asians have been living with the western narrative and lies for too long and many could not differentiate what is truth and what is a white lie.

patriot said...

Fumigate the Cockchroaches
and rid the Pest, if You find it disturbing.

Me finds the Cockroaches here quite
interesting and pretty harmless.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is free to take sides. What is your problem? Just don't be personal, talk about the issues. Big people talk issues, small people talk people.

Anonymous said...

@ Where did you get the idea that China would be running all over SE Asia, to invade Singapore?

i m not 1007 but my opinion only. Invade i dont dare to say but China wants to be Lao Da and boss people around , this heart sure have. Worst of all, they hide this motive and does not appear on the outside.

Base on their history , everybody want to be emperor so always internal war. Latest example Bo Xi Lai. The ironic part is when Bo Xi Lai harbors intention to get ride of Wang Li Jun , Wang instead flee to US consulate to seek safety. China so big yet situation so bad no chinese in the party can protect Wang ?

Anonymous said...

What rubbish on free to express his views and orientation.

The country you are supporting is 100% against this and thus not transparent. This is one of the reason why people worldwide do not trust him even though it is strong enough to dish out money now and then.

Now the problem is we dont know whether for sure China will be like Japan to conquest SE Asia and so on. But we are ganging up for common interest to make sure it doesnt and think twice about doing so.

Who are you to guarantee the rise of China is not about expansion but about securing what rightly belonged to China.

The PCA already made its ruling. If China does not agree on this, than all the more it should go to UN to pursue this case rather than talk and act like a brute. The more it act and talk like a brute, the more it is about expansion/resources no different from Japan and Germany in WWII.

Anonymous said...

Eat more kantang and you will think like a potato, got eyes but cannot see.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 10.07 guy. RB, your last reply to me still shows your penchant need to conflate the issue with US vs China. Pleeeeeeze, once and for all, get it right. The issue to Sinkies is the restriction of free flow of trade (be is sea or air) around the disputed region, if China bullies its way through. Our status as one of the busiest world's sea and airport would be jeopardized.

Stop this nonsense who is the real terror, be it the White Man or the Han Man. That is the argument of Marxists since the 1950s. Chin Peng used it, Chin Siong used it. They blamed the white man. But they forgot that Sinkies and Malayans then were only concerned about local issues like earning their daily bread and education. Today, the same Marxist leaning China wannabes still are using the same argument - the White Ghost who is going out to get you, when the real issue about about SINGAPORE's trade route status.

I cannot understand why there are second class Nanyang Chinese (who would be rejected by PRCs), who want to support Mother China, when PRCs don't give these second class Nanyang Chinese a fuck. This is akin to holding and guiding the hand of your sodomizer who is holding a dildo reaming your asshole.

Finally, those who think I am saying China would invade Sinkie, pleeeze stop imagining it. Where did I say that? Stop your wild imagination that I said that just like you imagine a white ghost is out the get the Han ghost.

patriot said...

Fidelity to ones' origin
is as important as ones'
loyalties to state and



Anonymous said...

"We lost 58,000 young soldiers in Vietnam, and they died defending your freedom. Now don't you forget it." So said a National Parks Service guide as I filmed last week at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. He was addressing a school party of young teenagers in bright orange T-shirts. As if by rote, he inverted the truth about Vietnam into an unchallenged lie.

The millions of Vietnamese who died and were maimed and poisoned and dispossessed by the American invasion have no historical place in young minds, not to mention the estimated 60,000 veterans who took their own lives. A friend of mine, a marine who became a paraplegic in Vietnam, was often asked, "Which side did you fight on?"....

The breathtaking record of perfidy is so mutated in the public mind, wrote the late Harold Pinter, that it "never happened ...Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest. It didn't matter... ". Pinter expressed a mock admiration for what he called "a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis."

By John Pilger at johnpilger.com

Anonymous said...

"Fidelity to ones' origin
is as important as ones'
loyalties to state and
friends." - patriot

Ha ha. Are these not the same chauvinists who make a hell a lot of noise when they say they are afraid that Malays feel more affiliation to their abang in Malaysia? Look at who are the ones willing to be a traitor to Singapore by supporting another land.

patriot said...

Me for one shall encourages the Malay and Other Races to keep their tradition and culture alive.

I cant bear to see the World eating the Same Kinds of Food, wearing the Same Kind of Attire and doing any other thing in the Same Way.

That will be boring.

And be reminded that me
shall be loyal and fidel to meself first.


Anonymous said...

Eat more kantang and you will think like a potato, got eyes but cannot see.

In this case, i rather eat safe "kentang" than eat poisonous dangerous food. Eat so much poison and then really lose eyesight. Without eyesight, you are blinded which is what is happening here.

Traitors showing their trait, cannot even spell correctly.

Poor China man, look at your current descendants who are laughing at you. You are lucky if you have something to eat those days. Now life improves and they are fussy at what they chose to eat.

Anonymous said...

Do not be fussy about food,
espcially banana and kantang.
They are nutritious and tasty.

Of course overeating anything
is no good and could lead to
complication and problem.

let's enjoy the banana and kantang.


Anonymous said...

Patriot, we are not talking about upholding culture. We are talking about nationalistic patriotism. There is a section of Marxist supporters who always question our Malay brethren's loyalty. Now we see the same these Marxist supporters so willing to die for China. That is the point.

As for the kantang eating propagator, you are are cementing my point that this site administered by RB is arguing on the narrow "White Man vs Han Man" approach. Such simplistic minds with the simplistic Marxist ideal that if you don't support China ideals, you are against them. Here is my suggestion. Leave the "White vs Yellow" argument to Mr Red Bean. He does it more eloquently than you.

Anonymous said...


Sorry , Bi direction or uni direction ?


Last time back stab in Su Zhou.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:02,

Stop hallucinating. Your imaginations are getting wilder and when you get angry you start to lose yourself and what you are talking. It is getting incoherent and nonsensical.

Who was talking about defending Singapore and fighting China? Stop imagining things and create your own devil. As for China blocking and restricting free flow of trade, stop being silly. China is the biggest trading nation and need freedom of trade. Just because the Americans uttered some nonsensical things and you believed them and start to utter the same rubbish.

And stop playing with your dildo. I can understand that it is part of your culture. You are exposing yourself. It is ok if you like to play with your dildo and sodomy. Just keep it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

RB, why waste your time talking to a low IQ person pretending to be smart? The moment he mentioned sodomy you know what he is. This kind of sickos cannot hide or pretend to be decent for long. Shitty people with shitty minds, low IQ and preference for primitive things and way of life.


Anonymous said...

RB, who is the one imagnining? I mentioned Sinkie defending our right to free trade against China and you imagine an invasion. I mention the restriction of free trade route, and you imagine China being a hospitable and benevolent nation allowing ships and planes to pass. Here is the naked truth of China's naked aggression - http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/china-to-begin-3-day/2965232.html

"China will conduct a military drill in the South China Sea from Jul 19 to 21, state-run media reported on Monday (Jul 18) citing the Maritime Safety Agency (MSA).

The MSA, according to CCTV News, warned that entry to the exercise area will be prohibited for the duration of the exercise.


Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, even waters approaching neighbouring countries, as its sovereign territory, basing its arguments on Chinese maps dating back to the 1940s marked with a so-called "nine-dash line".

Oh yes, the above must be America lying that China is telling everyone to stay clear.

So before even officially recognised as the rightful owner of the islands, China already suka suka hold drills and cause inconvenience to others who ply those routes close to the islands. Look at the map http://www.channelnewsasia.com/blob/2954358/1468464042000/disputed-claims-in-the-data.jpg

Now ships and planes plying in and out of Sinkie will have to make a big detour. More fuel and time cost. Sinkie not affected by bully guy China you say? Stop supporting your sodomizer.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you, yes you, the one that is here from morning to night to morning to night. You jobless, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one want to talk to you, your wife left you, now buried yourself here looking for pity? Soooo sad. Where is your wife now? Kick the bucket oredy?

Anonymous said...

From a fan of My Singapore News to become an adversary of the Blog Owner is not something expected.
There were and are signs that the Guy
was and is showing that he is very well verse in the Chinese Literature and History. And he is quite an expert in economy.

Many a time, he had changed his Nicks
here, but adopted Anonymous after offering to add materials to MSN.

It is quite apparent that he is on the Sides of Tsai Yin Wen and the Activists
in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet. Why he is doing so is quite baffling, he being a highly intellect in all thing Chinese.

Let's also be fair with him, for he has not been petsonal in his interactions with folks here, in fact he is quite a junzi(君子).

Well, ideology and idiosyncracy are
diverse and having banana and kantang
may in fact be healthy and a good thing.

Let's not get too work up and enjoy the
Discourses provide by My Singapore News.

Anonymous said...

The guy is just a sinkie airing his views. Although he started something vulgar but it is still pretty mild compared to some.

He has a point as a sinkie. At least his point is pretty clear unlike some who is just wasting space.I mean this is his own time as well.

But in this particular posting on CNA he posted, without adequate marine, navigation and geographical knowledge. I think he is a bit overly worried. South China sea is pretty big and there are also predetermined shipping routes/lanes. In comparison, the chinese fleet is relatively small compared to the whole South china sea. Some more a lot of the lanes are watched. I would be more worried about pirates or brainless fishing boats than PLA navy at this point of time. And also who would want to go straight into those islands for trade? Even if you accidentally cross the line or nearby, you will be hailed on Channel 16.

You would know what i mean if you are in this line.

Anonymous said...

So now the pro-China fans here are muted and so silent. See how unreasonable China's claim is now? It is not just the stinkin' islands. It is about the whole of South China Sea. This is a major route for shipping and air traffic. Now don't giev me this "South China sea is pretty big and there are also predetermined shipping routes/lanes" stuff. China is virtually claiming from shore to shore and that virtually is about the whole South China sea route! Look at the map again http://www.channelnewsasia.com/blob/2954358/1468464042000/disputed-claims-in-the-data.jpg

So if China claims that is their sea/air space, you think what has been a free trade route for hundreds of years, will remain free? Come off it. Pro-China supporters should once and for all accept the fact that they don't care about no Nanyang Chinese in SE Asia. Stop worshipping China as if they care for you. China give you no fuck. To them, you are second class Chinese citizens who ran away from Motherland China. Like the Taiwanese who fled during the war and the HKers who lick white ass after smoking pot. Why are you enjoying them dildoing your ass?

Anonymous said...

heheh....Someone is angry and lose his cool.

You want answers then you need to check with your wife on how he got her to help her type while enjoying at the same time. Hint: You need to go and have a DNA test on your offspring.

Anonymous said...

@ 1054 pm

I know what you mean. But it is technical stuff and likewise for US navy 7th fleet. They can claim everything but their navy now cannot cover whole area. They still need to guard East china sea as well. Also need to send out SSBM and SSN to cover the Pacific ocean as well. They are not superman. Their carrier awacs is helicopter type and their land based Awacs is 3000 km away from mainland. Unless they deploy this in spratly islands which will be exposed and easy target as well.

Otherwise why US for past 2 decades talks about global mobilization. Also US also promised taiwan that they can help from 2 weeks time cut to one week if decided to help.

Anonymous said...

The point is not whether China is capable of covering every area they claim is theirs. Even US cannot do that. The point is that they claim that area is theirs and feel they have the right to do what they are pleased to do. In other words, all the countries in SE Asia and NE Asia are expected to give China a blank cheque to what they wish to do.

This is like a public park where it has been used and accessed for ages by the public then suddenly, a bully neighbour claims the whole park, walkways and plots of land belong to him... and you are to acknowledge that he has the right to do whatever he wishes, which includes you from using that park as a short cut. Never mind you have been using that for the last 30 years to get to the bus stop. Or never mind that he is not around 24/7 to make sure you don't trespass.

China's claim is aggressive and hostile. It is not just a claim against other nations who lay a claim on the islands. It is a provocative move that threatens the livelihood of many SE and NE Asian nations who have been plying the air and sea routes of South China Sea for eons.

Anonymous said...

Ok... i know what you mean.

Take it easy leh. There will be new way out one. Be patient a bit lor!

Anonymous said...


He is no banana, kantang or Bear.

However, bear with him.

He is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Plot twist. He is a bear and his stalker is a pedo psycho. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually i wanted to tell him that i also want to claim that area. But other people counter claim me.

So in the end, scissor papers, stone... the other party lost but deny losing so we keep playing until i give up. That is how i lost the claim.

Do you think this will cheer him up or piss him more? otherwise why would i tell him to be patient and not be like me? The point is everybody has claims in that area for some time liao. Difference is big claim or small claim only.


Anonymous said...

Yar lor. So many people claim that area lor. But only China build airport and other military stuff there lor. Difference is not just big claim or small claim lor. Difference is after claim, bully the way in lor. Why still support your sodomizer after you now know your livelihood is affected ah? You like China dildo up there ah? Shiok ah? Sure not?

Anonymous said...

This club got so many interesting variety.

Got fruits, vege, animal, sick one, die hard fans, god worshippers, fanatics and so on.

But got one common trend and sickness, one follow and monitor the other just like The pot calling the kettle black...and worse he knows nothing and can only parrot the dog master. Nothing much he could do though..

Anonymous said...

Everybody can build whatever they want if they have money. Go ahead and build/reclaim if one wish so.

Forget about the dildo. You use too much. Ask you wife how she feels with the real man stuff as she has been complaining to me so much..

Haha ha...

Anonymous said...

Right back to the main stuff. So there is no real effective rebuttal from pro-China supporters that...

China's claim (and building of military installation) on Spratly is provocative and detrimental to the livelihood of SE and NE Asian nations, because it stifles free air and sea trade routes.

That means all the irrelevant troll posts is just to distract the pain that it is an undeniable fact China is well and truly an aggressor, second only to the Americans.

Thank you for your implicit acknowledgement. Any more troll posts to further prove my point you cannot counter what I posted? No? Thank you once again. Yes? Than please post. But remember, every troll post means you have no answer to what I posted.

Good night.

Anonymous said...

I am a spychologist. I spy people's comments. The commentator who keeps mentioning about people's spouses is the same sex maniac asking people about to talk about sex, sex, sex. This guy is a sex maniac and has been in many forums harassing people and even sexually harassing women and young girls. Remember this guy in old forums like Sintercom and Young PAP?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah. Got plenty of space for you to join the ranks.

Not interested in others, just only yours... You started it and now you dont know how to end it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:28am

As i say, just be a bit patient. I said i know your point which i hope you will understand what it really means.

No need to bull doze as i learn all over the years. You need certain soft skills and tactics to round up things to make people eat back their words.

Sometimes it gets real confusing on who is who here? Need some thinking to flush them out sometimes as it is also consider a skill practice without getting angry.

Anonymous said...

spychologist, are you talking about the same guy I am thinking you are talking about? O1K?

Anonymous said...

Excellent video showing big bully China acting the way big bully US does.

China is stealing the seaspace that is used by others to do trade (trillions of dollars of trade pass this route) plus the oil and fishing industry that goes along with it. Look at the amount of sea China wants to steal. Pure greed!