My experience with a Dental Clinic

The govt has started to scrutinize the claims made by clinics under the CHAS scheme.  Two dental clinics had been suspended and more are under investigations. I had an experience with a dental clinic sometime last year and it gave me mixed feelings.

It was nice to seek dental treatment under the CHAS/Pioneer Generation Scheme and came out without having to pay a single cent. Wow, wasn’t that nice?

It was something else when the dental surgeon hardly did anything to your teeth. I asked for a broken filling to be redone but was told it was still ok. It has been chipped and breaking down in several parts and would only get worse. But that was it. The dental surgeon did think it necessary to do anything. I was not pleased.

The other strange feeling was that I did not received any receipt or statement as to the treatment done and how much it cost, how much was the subsidy and how much the dental clinic would be claiming on my treatment.

This is unacceptable as a dental patient would not know, and need not care how was the billing done and whether that was the treatment done. This big hole must be plugged, with the patient receiving a statement on the treatment he received and the cost of the treatment as a check on the clinic involved.

Hope this violation of a govt subsidy scheme is not abused too widely and public money not wasted unnecessarily. Let’s wait for more audit reports and scrutinizes to know the whole truth.


Anonymous said...


was only a little surprised to note this......to be expected?????

singaporeans are actually very very "smart" when come to these "things"......

they will always find ways to bent and twist the rules/laws.......

don't think it is just regarding chas......maybe many many other govt claim schemes......

the govt must oso check others......must must must......

the trouble is that too many people doing those "things"........

always do the right "things".....yes! do the right "things".......

so that can sleep peacefully at night.......


Anonymous said...

I stopped trusting private sector dentists about 8 years ago.
It was just a feeling that something was not right - i.e. if my teeth started to rot ... wouldn't it be more profitable for the dentist?

Since then, I've switched over to using dentists in the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Private sector dentists may be under pressure from high rentals.

PS: What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

/// It was nice to seek dental treatment under the CHAS/Pioneer Generation Scheme and came out without having to pay a single cent. ///

Fuck lah.
If Yew want to help ... just give us cash.
Stop all this mental masturbating schemes.
It's not productive.
It's not efficient.

patriot said...

Shall l just assert that the More Schemes hatched mean more loopholes for those without conscience and integrity to exploit.

You think Sin Folks are People with conscience and integrity???

I think if People need to be paid to the Ransom Amount they want TO AVOID CORRUPTION,



Anonymous said...

Not so simple!

I don't think is just related to CHAS only.

Govt bodies/agencies must all "wake-up"!

Check all Claim Schemes under them!

Indeed a very BIG can of worms!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have been using Instamold to patch some of the holes or gaps in between teeth. It is cheap and easy to use. Just mold it into shape and stuff it into the hole or gap. No need to waste money going to a dental clinic unless you got a serious condition.

The solution is temporary and for holes and gaps inside the mouth. So no need to be a Leonardo Da Vinci to sculpture a tooth. As long as the gap or hole is filled, no one is going to notice it. I even made a cover for my ageing filling in a molar, just to protect it from breaking down further.

At most one just replaces the old plastic with a new piece every few months if necessary. It can last longer if properly done. I had a piece that fits in so nicely, it is looking like a permanent attachment now.

The cost is only a few cents for each remould.

patriot said...

Newly Elected President Sai of Republic of China has started testing the Peoples Republic of China Water by having her military
'misfired' a high calibre missile.

How or what is the PRC Authority going to deal with her?

Certainly, she(Sai) cannot be allowed to behave liked Empress Dowager.


Anonymous said...

Hi redbean
I never heard of instamold before.

Can you provide the link please?
I tried googling just now. But the link I got does not seem right.


Anonymous said...

You should go back to china and use the china CHAS/pioneer card and ask for a 999 gold filling.

They will be so glad to do it for you and probably give you 10% discount as you are RB?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Read the book which is influencing governments all over the world: "Affordable Excellence" http://bit.ly/29gCQ5z

About 10 years ago, I had root canal treatment done at the NDC (National Dental Clinic). The service and quality of care was nothing short of world-standard EXCELLENCE.

My experiences with the Singapore public health system has been nothing short of top-notch. Singapore's public health system trounces public health systems in even cuntries like Australia and the USA.

RB must have had a bad luck experience, as no system is "perfect" and shit just happens...because that's just "life".

Governments all over the world which are struggling to ensure their public healthcare remains affordable and sustainable are looking at Singapore for answers, and copying Singapore's policies and procedures.

Have to give credit where credit is due: the PAP got this one right. I only hope they don't get arrogant and fuck this up.

patriot said...

Had this personal experience gotten from some elderlies.

Was complaining about toothache and the exorbitant cost of dentalcare whence some rlderlies recommended Acupuncture as an Alternative.

Went to the Free TCM Clinic and had
Acupuncture done in 10 mins at a cost of $5(five) and no toothache for yhe Last Many Months.


agongkia said...

Why waste time over teeth,causing one to be poorer or pain when having toothache and giving a chance for dentist to make false claims.
Subsidy should only be given to those who extract their teeth and not those treatment,to prevent false claim.
Dun try to look young by going for whatever treatment just to look young .
Ah Lao mean Ah Lao.Stop cheating ourselves.
I am a proud bogeh ,can do many things that those with teeth cannot do.
Stop the subsidy for tooth treatment other than extraction.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:37.

Just google for instamold. I got mine from Amazon. One container about $40 or so. Cant remember exact amount. Can use it for years. The plastic can be reused by putting into hot water all over and over again to soften it and remould. Its main problem is that it tends to turn yellowish, the colour of unbrushed teeth, with the colouring of curry. But if it is inside the mouth, not my two front teeth, it doesn't matter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, the dental clinic I went was private, not govt clinic. Profit making ones.

Anonymous said...

This was not the first comment this morning under this thread

Why nowadays even general comment is deleted without any proper reason?

MR CCL, given netizens took the time, effort to write and post, under anon or otherwise, shouldn't a "fair hearing" be given?

When u deleted Veritas comments (in the past), u made the efforts and trouble to inform that it was deleted for some reasons.

Why the high-handed and double standard for other bloggers/ netizens?

When comments that bloggers/ netizens took the time/ effort to write are deleted, would it not be possible to post a simple note that it was deleted for "such and such a reason"?

Of course, if there are several hundreds or in excess of 100 comments each thread, then u would have good reasons being unable to post a note due to time constraint if there are numerous such comments.

But, is that the case?

In other words, some comments are pretty general in nature and bloggers/ netizens would accept that they needed to be deleted bcos they touched on some "raw nerves"?

Mr CCL, mee had made a "copy" this morning after the first comment appeared but subsequently it was gone?

Why so "callous" in the way comments are deleted without any good reason?

For now, will avoid social media till further plausible reply.

U can oso delete this comment to reveal your gazillion standard (and true colour).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:20,

To me you are just a mischievous mole trying to create suspicion and distrust in this blog. How many times must I tell you I do not know who the shit you are so don't think too highly of yourself and your post.

I don't delete people's post without telling them. Only sneaky moles would hide under anonymous to try to discredit me. I have no reservation to delete your post and be afraid to tell you so. If your post deserved to be deleted I will delete it and tell you right in your face. Do I have to be sneaky to delete your post and be so frighten not to tell you?

Now go and fuck off. You are not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

The head is not functioning

Well.dats y body anyhow function.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean:

Care to name the motherfucking dentist so we all can "caveat emptor", and perhaps get these pricks out of business?

Anonymous said...

You qualify for pioneer card? Or else get any of your pioneer friend to visit a neighbourhood dentist and you can get all the info you want. The practice is quite normal.