More transparency on the cheating under CHAS and PG card schemes

Would our MPs be asking more questions for more transparency and accountability in the cheat cases by medical and dental clinics? Or would it be that the question and answer session is over and everyone can go home and have a good sleep? Case aired in Parliament and case closed? How much have been claimed, how much have been cheated or falsely claimed by the clinics have yet to be established.

If people can be tarred and branded for life for a few dollars of indiscretion, what about the hundreds of thousands being pilfered from these two schemes? As Seah Kian Peng said, it is public money and a lot of public money at stake.

A few questions came to mind, what is the total amount of claims made by these
clinics since the scheme came into effect? How much were supposed to be subsidies? Can we have some numbers? Calling a few patients up to verify what kind of treatment they received in some suspicious cases would easily reveal the seriousness and pervasiveness of this scam.

How much public money have been wasted or cheated under the CHAS and PG
card schemes? Anyone think this is important enough to know?

All my rotten teeth can bear witness for nothing was done do them to improve their condition and well being. I am not accusing anyone of wrongdoings, but some verifications like audit checks on the patients, on what they were treated and the claims made on their behalf would remove all the doubts and expose any wrongdoing. Too difficult to do, not enough manpower? Don’t make aunty angry again.


Anonymous said...

Please do not stir up too much muddy water Redbean. What is passed let it stay in the past. Lets move on. You arcale just making trouble. Singaporeans do not cheat. We just make honest mistakes. I wish you would stop making waves.

Anonymous said...

What transparency? What cheating?

Didn't you know PAP won 70% votes in GE 2015? And even won a by election with a minority candidate against the formidable Chee Soon Juan just over 2 months ago? You think CHAS and PG card schemes have no contribution to such outcome?

So if you want to understand politics, you must know what really matters. Learn from our neighbour PM Najib. He has a lot to teach Sinkies about politics, or rather what really matters in politics.

Anonymous said...

RB did not say the PAP cheats. RB is asking the PAP to go after the cheats. Like that how can say stir trouble? It makes the PAP look good, the clean policeman.

Anonymous said...

Asking obvious question from any profit making firms, clinic or restaurant if they will make the extra mile to earn the extra dollars.

One restaurant chain has secret weapon: it can get the public utilities bills drop to bottom by asking "unknown" contractor to by pass meter reading. So easy, no jail, just fine.

One restaurant chain by the name of hairy something, asked employment pass employees to pay the boss $1600 monthly for the restaurant to pay them $3100 each. These cases are numerous. Only few courts cases to highlight. One retailer did the same, take back $500 to $1600 per month in Mom s cases. How many foreigners really pay employers to hire them through S pass and E pass?

Are employers pathological cheaters?
Compulsive cheating is part of employers habit, the 80/20 will apply easily for estimation.

If a bill is $20 consultation and with others as medicine. The $20 can be more as there can be other "consultation" with the same medicine. How much does patients knows about medical?
While restaurant owners are more prone to cheat from court cases, it is the fact that clinics do too, such as selling cough drops which is illegal, charging on mc etc. Expanding the bills legally will not be done, may be so.

I would say a logical way of doing for the needy family is:
The patient still foot the total bills, but the subsidy MUST be paid to the patient and NOT clinic.
Paying to the clinic directly is to encourage larger billing amount. Who do not know this logic? Even those inmates in IMH will not fail to remind them to do so.

Of course, ordinary folks must salute those who do not cheat. For non ordinary folks, accepting run-away with money from other countries to another to settle with the money is not illegal. Some offer permanent residents or citizenship to let the money settle inside. This type of examples meant nothing is legal and nothing is illegal in cheating money. It depends on where and when it happens.
Those talk in parliament are just wayang lah. The loop hole is already known before it was implemented. Who do not have that kind of foresight on such loophole?

Anonymous said...

Yes! The "cheating" under the CHAS and PG schemes had been raised in parliament.

The cases are now under investigations.

But, the reasons why the clinics "cheat" is also very important.


Anonymous said...

But, the reasons why the clinics "cheat" is also very important.
Anon 10:21 am

Why? Why not? Can make more money who don't want? Especially when they think the risk of being caught and penalised is very low, as low as the risk to PAP being voted out of govt.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Everytime the state awards favours or special treatment to specific groups, at the expense of everyone else, you are going to get CHEATING. Sometimes it is out and out cheating, but at the very least it will be RENT SEEKING.

You can't wipe this out totally. It is a function of group dynamics---human behaviour which stems from human nature.

This phenomena can be observed in cuntries which protect and "subsidise" one specific culture over the rest of the population. In Australia it is the aboriginals. There are huge rorts which have gone on for years. There is an entrenched bureaucracy all heavily funded by the state. Same in the USA regarding the Native American Indian "Nation".

In cuntries with universal healthcare, doctors "over service" to get more moolah out of the tax-funded system. Where there is corporate welfare, the "favoured" corporations get assistance, trade protection and even bailouts all paid for by the struggling small businesses and hardworking, bleeding taxpayers.

Human nature lah. Leave it alone, and live with it... or don't initiate state-funded "favoritism".

Anonymous said...


Humans die for money, birds die for food.

Anonymous said...

Declining public morals among the leading lights of public society.
Declining energy to enforce law and order.
Acceptance of declining quality and standards.

These were the signs and symptoms that appeared more and more frequently during the decline of the HoLee Roman Empire.

patriot said...

Good observation.
In a country of Sin,
nothing is immoral.
And nobody needs
conscience, not even
the Aristocrat and Elite.


Anonymous said...

Corruption, in this context the diversion of public finance from the needs of the army, may have contributed greatly to the Fall.

Fall of the Western Roman Empire

The rich senatorial aristocrats in Rome itself became increasingly influential during the fifth century; they supported armed strength in theory, but did not wish to pay for it or to offer their own workers as army recruits.
They did, however, pass large amounts of money to the Christian Church.

At a local level, from the early fourth century, the town councils lost their property and their power, which often became concentrated in the hands of a few local despots beyond the reach of the law.

The Fifth-century Western emperors, with brief exceptions, were individuals incapable of ruling effectively or even of controlling their own courts.

Anonymous said...

8 Reasons Why Rome Fell


1. Invasions by Barbarian tribes
2. Economic troubles and over-reliance on slave labor
3. Over-expansion and military overspending
4. Government corruption and political instability

5. Weakening of the Roman legions
6. Christianity and the loss of traditional values

7. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes
8. The rise of the Eastern Empire

Is the HoLee Empire about to suffer the same fate?

Anonymous said...

Just because of what You say, doctor and other businesses must cheat???

What's wrong with collecting more money say one Horrible Man.
MS seems uglier justifying all the nonsense.

Veritas said...

I written a blog on healtcare today.

Gays are toxic scumbag, HIV vector and liar: Conspiracy of elites, government and dirty gay

Anonymous said...

Some banks are too big to fail.

Are doctors too big to jail?

Anonymous said...

Our CEC has an emergency meeting today after Vice Presedent Jason Tan distributed Veritas article to the entire CEC. After deliberation, we reaffirmed our view that we can not support the repeal of legislation against gay as the legislation posed a check on the gays extending their influence. We are if the view that acts against the order if nature must not be condoned.

The faith of humanity is at risk. So we urge all to Ensure the silent conservative majority view prevailed. We enjoy riding and it's great comfort to know that it's much safer after reading Veritas article.

David Chan
Press Secretary
On behalf of Yew Kuang
Kuda Riding Club.
Singapore Chapter
In association with Kuda Riding Club international

Unknown said...

Well done veritas, need to stop modern degeneracy.

Veritas said...

Thank you Lycurgus80ofsparta. The world is full of conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, thank you for your research and hard work, we support your view.

Yew Kuang
Kuda Riding Club
Singapore Chapter
In association with Kuda Riding Club International

Anonymous said...

The LGBTs challenge the natural order of things in sex.
Just as redbean challenges the natural order of things in Singapore.

Same, same but different.
True or not?

virgo49 said...

RB challenges the DISORDERS of things in Singapore.

That's the difference.

In time, those who still prefers the so called orders of things will deeply regret that they do not heed RB exhortations to change the DISORDERS of things and they suffer greatly with their descendents as wandering nomads.

In time, RB and those who toiled with him In their daily hammering of the wrong doings were be remembered as true children of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Is it the natural order for Singaporeans to be daft slaves?
Is it the natural order for PAPigs to be bullying emperors?

Is it the natural order for Singaporeans to always vote PAP?