Melania Trump’s speech

Melania was a Slovenian. Does that ring a bell? Third World?  She is beautiful and charming, an ex model and wife of Donald Trump, Republican’s nominee for the President of the USA and potentially the next first lady. She had to make a speech. In the US and in many countries, such speeches are written by professional speech writers, experts in crafting words that could work on the emotions of the audience.

Two experts were commissioned to write her speech. These are the equivalents of the straight As students here, the no bluff academic nerds that are really good in their stuff. It was reported that Melania turned to someone she trusted, a ‘Meredith McIver, a New York City-based former ballet dancer and
English major’ to rework the draft by the two professionals. Not sure if this Meredith is also from the third world, but she must have been impressive and trusted by Meredith. You need people with third world intellect or mentality to trust third world talents. This is our experience. If not there would not be so many third world ‘talents’ in high places hiring more third world ‘talents’ to replace our straight As daft.

Ok, back to the story. This brings me back to the sophomore years as students. Writing essays is a serious challenge to first or second year students. Many would copy profusely from what they read and patched them together as their essays. What plagiarism? What is that? Never heard of! And good stuff written and accepted by authors cannot be wrong.

How could the words of a first lady, so well praised be wrong? And I am going to be first lady and saying the same thing cannot be far wrong.  Good stuff. Anyway speeches are all written by speech writers, so what’s the dif?

Melania’s speech is going to be just a speech. When it is practiced country wide, to rely on third world ‘talents’ instead of daft straight As locals, that is a real serious problems. Being impressed by third world ‘talents’ reflects the intellect or or lack of intellect of the person being impressed. But that is a small consolation. The country or organizations and the people will be the victims of such stupidity.

This is a Kodak Moment at a mammoth scale. Melania’s Kodak Moment is just a flash in the pan, nothing to worry about. It is understandable for Melania to be impressed by someone she admired or trusted if you know that she was born in Slovenia. If she was born an American, brought up in the US and went through the educational system, she may have done differently, to trust the professional speech writers instead.

I will trust our daft straight As than the fakes of the third world with their glib tongues.


virgo49 said...

Uni degrees thesis also can be plagiarized thru many sources.

Also, some professors just a poke at holes and gifts of valuable value also have soft spots for their pussy students also pass them.

What's the big deal with degrees? ?

Some beauty consultants and hairdressers also get honaray degrees. What a farce.

Can use for toilet papers. All these human to human children wayang. I award you and you award me.

Even one Alahma Speaker of Parliament also get Professor.


Anonymous said...

When university professors can be so easily cheated, what kind of idiots have we employed in the universities?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, any degree which does not involve the "hard sciences", engineering and hard to me is, and always will be fake. Nowadays, you can do that "non-science" (aka "nonsense") shit and gain that "knowledge" by going online, visiting the library and hangout with the like-minded people.

Thus, many employers are fast catching on: most degrees are "no pakai". Flip a burger, get a degree. Cut hair, get degree. Write pop songs, get a degree. Create rubbish and call it 'art", get a degree. Become ex-spur at Twitter and Facebook, get a degree... What the fucking fuck fuck lah?!?!?

Mel trump's speech was one of the biggest pieces of BAD ACTING I have ever witnessed in my life. She was even WORSE than STEVEN SEGAL--whom I consider the world's worse actor, who gets worse with age....some fat old cunt running around "saving the world" is just ludicrous. Sit down, grandpa. Eat another bacon cheeseburger and drink another beer while you still can...before you stroke-out or have a cardiac incident! 😂

For me, I desperately want Hillary to win...so that the "first lady" becomes Bill Clinton. No pussy in Washington will be safe. During US presidential overseas visits, Bill will be banging so much tail internationally that will make James Bond look like a rank amateur. And the media will lap it up.

Everyone will be wanting to know what charming Bill and his roving cock are going to get up to next. No one will pay any attention to ISIS's attempts at terror.

Voting for Hillary to win, and Bill Clinton becoming "first lady" is the best counter-terrorist move to combat ISIS's dominance in the world's news.

virgo49 said...

All these thesis nobody can really monitor your homework.
Copy, copy, ask those who had undergone these modules to assist you.
Who the Hell knows its your research or work??

Even the top professors also Bullshits their data and research papers until found out.

Who in this world don't cheat??

Only those that produces inventions in certain faculitities are the real degree holders.

Rest aiya Bullshits

Anonymous said...

And we are throwing good money at so many of these rubbish in the universities and the three schools named after you know who to produce more rubbish.

OPM never mind.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Melania Trump and Michelle Obama's speeches - YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RcbiGsDMmCM

SG Girl

Unknown said...

The U.S elections is important to the future of Singapore. Maybe more so then if the Singaporean opposition wins. The PAP gets their ideas from think tanks that are staffed by academics from western universities. The current narrative pushed by them is that globalization and free flow of labor is inevitable and a good thing. Hence the PAP constantly pushes for more foreign talent.

This has led to open borders not only for Singapore, but also Europe and the U.S. This globalist agenda benefits the rich owners of capital but it does not benefit the average citizen. Even if the Singapore opposition can win the next elections but the globalist agenda is not checked, we will still have the same problem with foreigners.

Trump is calling out the globalist agenda, pushing for an "american first" policy. If he wins i would expect to see a big push back against the idea that globalization and free flow of labor in the west. This effect would then have an effect on Singapore. This is why i support trump.

Make Singapore Singaporean again

Build a wall and deport them all