Kausaikan and his personal thoughts about Asean - Russia relations

Subject: Kausaikan and his personal thoughts about Asean - Russia relations

In "TODAY" paper, Thursday,30th June, Kausaikan wrote an article on "Fulfilling the potential of Asean - Russia relations." The article is an exercise in frivolity. Separately each Asean country or Asean as a whole will never be able to influence the big powers action and behaviour How then, does Kausaikan think he can influence Russia's policy in East Asia and South China Sea in the way he thinks Russia should do? Personally I see nothing commendable and positive in his writing. He has given me and perhaps the public at large the impression that he relishes in creating more choas and turmoil  in East Asia and the South China Sea.

He said he was once an ambassador to Russia. All the more he should not denigrate himself with outrageous speech and frivolous writing. He should be more circumspect as he is part of the govt. What he says and what he writes should best avoid offending the big powers as the repercussions may adversely affect  his country and Asean.

He regrets that Asean-Russia relations do not develop far enough into a strategic partnership.He slights at Russia for wanting to hold an Asean-Russia summit in Sochi with no purpose but just because other powers have been holding summit meetings with Asean.

He wants to know how Russia relation will fit into his Asean plan and vision. As his article drags on it reveals his agenda of trying to drive a wedge between the good and friendly  relations of Russia and China. He looks at the good relation between Russia and China with jaundiced eyes. It reveals his prejudicw  ill feelings toward China. He  claims that Western rebuffs of Russia has caused Russia to be driven thoughtlessly into the arms of China, " locking Russia into a subordinate relationship with China and an essentially passive regional role."

He is very clever in veiling his dislike for China with nuances and insinuations. I quote what he writes on Russia's stance regarding the South China Sea issue. "Some signs of this are already discernible.China recently appropriated Russia's position on the South China Sea. Russia's stance on this issue is in fact more nuanced than China made it out to be , but Moscow had to bite its tongue and did not clarify its position. But fortunately the situation is not yet irreversible." Here he reveals himself that he still harbours his insidious thought that it is not too late for Russia to turn against China in the South China Sea issue. Why would he want to take such a stand? Is this his personal view or the position of Asean.

Did he really want Russia to play a strategic role in South China Sea issue so that Asean can manipulate Russia vis a vis China and USA?  I quote him, " Russia as an active and autonomous participant in regional diplomacy will widen our scope for manoeuvre, particularly , as I think will occur sooner or later , the US and China reach a new modus vivendi over South-East Asia." He thinks of nothing but using Russia to disrupt the modus vivendi between USA and China.  Kausikan should show his bravery in the front line if war breaks out in the South China Sea and not talk bravado in the cool comfort of his airconditioned room.

He wants Russia to concentrate its strategic military in the East against China rather than in Europe against the West. I quote, " But the Western security system in East Asia is no longer directed against Russia, unless Moscow makes it so by its position on  the maritime disputes in the East and South China seas. Moscow should not let anger with the West drives its policy in East Asia." and again,  " The West in particular USA , must encourage Moscow to make this differentiation in its interest by itself differentiating its approach to Russia in Europe from its approach to Russia in  East Asia.The current blanket systems of sanctions against Russia only promotes Moscow's dependence on China by depriving it of alternatives." These comments are openly very unfriendly to China. Again  is this his personal view or that of Asean?

He wants Russia to play a security role in East Asia as casually uttered by US Defence Secretary Aston Carter.He says it is in Moscow's interest for Russia to make "a new articulation of Russia's position on the South China Sea and clear support for United  Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea when the Arbitral Tribunal reaches a decision on the legal issues that the Philippines brought before it."

He further asks, "Will these conditions be met? Only one is within Asean's control. The most important decisions are clearly going to be made in Moscow."

He thinks he is influential enough to guide Russia to make decisions which are anathema to China. He gives the public readers of his article the impression that his antagonism towards China is so deep that he is blinded by the fact that The Tribunal has no legal right at all and it is nothing but a farce. Anyone reading his article will know where he is coming from. He is openly against China and for the USA. If this is said in his personal capacity, fair enough. If this is the stand of Asean fair enough. If not, Asean should comment or distance itself from Kausikan's views?

Kausaikan is intentionally ignoring the basic facts both historical and legal that  the South China Sea islands and reefs have been China's sovereign territories since centuries before him. The big question, what is Kausikan's motive or agenda?

Monday,4th July,2016


patriot said...

Rb wrote about Kausikan though he knows that the Latter has little ot no influence and effect on regional or global matter caused Kausikan was never in the Arena of International or even Regional Matters. It means Kausikan is no different from another layman.

As a whole, it appears that there are many in Sin who believe themselves to be as good if not better than those in China, Russia and elsewhere.

Going by commonsense, a small pond like Sin is unlikely to produce any big fish(outstanding in any aspect/sense). But, colourful fish are
quite entertaining by themselves .


patriot said...

Like to add that the Loud Ones

are much more entertaining.

Surprisingly, the Profane Ones
are more scientific and factual.


Anonymous said...

"He said he was once an ambassador to Russia. All the more he should not denigrate himself with outrageous speech and frivolous writing."

Doesn't matter what Kausikan was or said lah. Even Indonesia also don't like and respect our foreign minister Vivian, so who is a Sinkie like Kausikan?

If Kausikan has been more friendly to China, maybe China Daily would probably have invited him to write a column, just like RB did.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot,
Author of the above article is Southernglory.

As a diplomat, I wrote in an earlier article, it is better to be diplomatic. What is there to gain by taking sides? Only LKY could get away with such comments because he was LKY. Anyone else will look funny or stupid.

Singapore take try to be neutral. Unfortunately this may no longer be possible and Singapore is being forced to take side. Not taking the side of the Americans means we will be regarded as unfriendly. When LKY is around, he would have told the Americans off. But now no one has the girth to say that, so it is easier to talk bad about China to please the Americans.

Pathetic. A mouse sitting on the head of a tiger and roaring as if it is a tiger.

Veritas said...

Indians even this mestizo are really stupid and that is why Hindus keep losing land, and their holiest river now goes to Paki, someone who hate Hindus most. USA are stupid as well

These guys seems not to know Russia biggest threat is not the west but China. Every single Russian and Chinese intellect knew this very well but we keep quiet.

Chinese intellect, which I consider myself one of them (I despise peranakan culture), are wary of Russia and remembers that Russia took outer mongolia, outer manchuria, outer Xinjiang from China.

Every now and then, Russian media will cook up Chinese invade Siberia..etc.

If USA never give trouble to Russia, Russia will help USA in fucking China.

And to really give Chinese shit, this Hindu mestizo should sucks up Russia.

b said...

NATO is a weapon cartel that goes around destabilizing regions so they can sell more weapons. Its the reincarnation of NAZI ideology- to create an empire so huge that dominate the entire mainland from east asia to west europe. NATO should be stopped to bring more peace to the world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


You know the Chinese history well. Not many people know how much Chinese land has been taken by the Russians in the North eastern front, Outer Mongolia and the Xinjiang region. And should one day China is to ask to take them back, China would be accused of upsetting the status quo, just like in the South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

Kausaikan = Kau Sai Kan Nee Nah

Is he another PAP running dog who thinks he is a mini LKY ??