Is Singapore playing Santa Claus again?

Temasek was reported to have set up panel of advisers for the Americas and Europe with the biggest names that money can buy. In the ST on 17 June, it reported, ‘The Temasek Americas Advisory Panel(TAAP), …has seven members, including PepsiCo chairman and chief executive  Indra Nooyi, Honeywell Internation chairman and CEO David Cote, and former US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner,…former DuPont chairman and CEO Ellen Kullman, online education platform  Coursera CEO Richard Levin, Mr Ronald Sugar, former chairman and CEO of defence giant Northrop Grumman, and former chairman and CEO of agribusiness Bunge, Mr Alberto Weisser.

The report also said Temasek had set up an European Advisory Panel in January but did not name the panelists, presumably also high powered who’s who in Europe.  Temasek has big investments in these continents and needed good advices that money can buy. And these eminent people would not serve for free and would definitely be paid handsomely. I am presuming of course. They may be doing charity for Temasek by asking for peanuts and being in the Panels would be a great honour itself that is more rewarding in non monetary terms. It is more likely and realistic that such high powered people would not spare their precious time for free. The big question is how much?

How many of such Panels have been set up world wide and hopefully the returns are worth it. A better panel to pay for would be membership to the illuminati if money can buy membership to this cloak and dagger mysterious organization.

Has Singapore become a better and economically more sound in the management of its economy and hundreds of billions of dollars of investments? Or Singapore is still throwing money at anything that moves? How many of the failed bankers and financial professionals made redundant after the subprime and world financial crisis have landed here and given lucrative jobs, with Singapore being the Santa Claus in another form? The number of academics flooding the academic and non academic institutions in Singapore and the money paid to them is no small change. What is the return or benefit to Singapore for spending so much of the public’s money on such academics? Are they worth the money spent? Or they are just like hobbies to be collected to boost one’s ego, that we have so many trophies to wave around?

Would be good if this is discussed in Parliament, to conduct an audit and to assess if it is money well spent? Does Singapore have a bottomless pit of gold that we can just keep sharing with the rest of the world just to feel good?


patriot said...

No need to debate anything in
Parleement la.

70% have full faith in the

patriot said...

cont'd from Above.

70% of Sinkies have
full faith in the Leeders.

And have given them
the Mandate to do as
they like.

Anyway, the Leeders
are doing their bestest
to make Sinkies richer.

Must appreciate and be
thankful to the Leeders.


jjgg said...

RB...again you ask wrong question....))) we have the greatest investment company in the world with YoY returns which none of those invited jokers can ever hope to achieve...btw...any of our great financial wizards invited to their advisory boards? What a great way to start the morning...)))))

Anonymous said...


* lots of money?

* a bottomless pit of gold?

* a very generous Santa Claus?

or it is a case of 小财不出大财不入!

Really 小财不出大财不入?

We shall see.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Come to think of it you are right. How many big funds can afford to lose $100b and survive and grow bigger some more.

Anonymous said...

Alamak...Its not Santa Claus la ( 'cos Santa only give presents but not money Leh?) ..It's call God of Fortune or "财神爷" la in eastern context..GLC/Temasick all wan to play Fortune Gods & hire "运财童子"or "Gods of Money Transfer" to get rich much like a money sucker machinery...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW. The shit is getting from very bad, to unbelievably fucked up!

Having such "Guanxi" between govt and their massive sovereign funds and powerful global corporations will not have a good ending.

This is globalisation gone totally INSANE, because it is now IMPOSSIBLE for these large nexuses to "do good".

If they "do good things", people lose their jobs or kena robbed of their freedoms. If they "do bad", same thing, only worse. If the MAKE MISTAKES...I can't even imagine what the fuck will happen.

Introducing good or bad policy and legislation doesn't worry me so much, because large "joint ventures" between govt and corporations move slowly enough for people to anticipate the bad outcomes and take some precautions. It is the MISTAKES which scare the shit out of me: NO ONE will see this coming. Even if you did, NO ONE will listen to you. Chances are, everyone---including the govt and the corporations---will be caught UNAWARE, and there'll be catastrophic failure and widespread suffering.

The amount of money being paid to these "advisors" aside...This is very fucking bad.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Has anyone noticed the massive CONFLICTS OF INTEREST here?

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, their vision : you must not think short term.

These are long term investment, you know!

Chinese saying : Small wealth No Out Big WEALTH No In.

Just punt and put your heads into the Sand like ostriches.

What is 100 billions? Small peanuts

Like one of my old timer friend investor said No Sell No lose.

Only paper lost.

From 100 billions to five billions, No Sell non loss only paper lost.

The dollar papers became toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.17am

"Yo Ho Ho...(Looong Ho Ho..) against Huat Ah (发啊!)..seem like the natural aristocrats dun like the huat ah party ( WP hougang )...

Anonymous said...

According to the bananas any thing from America and Europe are all" tokong"

So Temassik should be in good hands.Put Money. take money.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing that all these experts believe in globalization and the free movement of labour.

Anonymous said...

/// Has Singapore become a better and economically more sound in the management of its economy and hundreds of billions of dollars of investments? Or Singapore is still throwing money at anything that moves? /// redbean

You must be more specific.

Who is this Singapore you are referring to?
If it is the Singaporean PMET ... then no doubt they will not benefit.

If it is the elite top 1% of Singaporean society ... then do you think they will benefit from the free networking opportunities (provided by Singaporean taxpayers' money?) with the elite of America and Europe?

If you believe in LKY and his books.
If the elite 1% of Singaporeans benefit and do very well.
Then eventually (after a long period of time) ... the benefits will trickle down to the rest of the 99% of Singaporeans.
This is called the "trickle down theory" of economics.

First, the elite must get rich ... with the support of Singaporeans' taxpayers money.
Then the benefits will slowly (tan ku ku) trickle down to you the 99% of un-wealthy Singaporeans.

Is this also called crony capitalism?

Anonymous said...

We do business with India & China & ASEAN
And now we do business with America and Europe.

I wonder if Temasek and PAP got time to do business with Singaporeans or not ah?

Anonymous said...

who say Singapore is dull

life here is very interesting and very exciting

now, there is an attempted robbery of a bank as reported

don't have the details

but times are really bad


Anonymous said...

Suspect reported as a Caucasian.

Anonymous said...

OMG ..wat Ang Mo? Rob bank here? Must be really desperate la..Nevermind la this Ang Mo will be let off or maybe fine or jail 1-2 weeks after that bziness as usual..or tat Ang Mo could hv left tis red dot for good la..any way this Ang Mo is jus practising "don't be afraid to make mistakes" Lah..

Anonymous said...

Thot Holland Village could be a target for terrorism, it turns out to be a bank robbery.

It's now said that the Robbers an
angmo which is truly unusual or You
may say it's uniquely Sin.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, saw many instant baked Ang Mohs with SIN red passports frequently to Malaysia at checkpoints.

Lined up at electronic self kiosks instead of service Immigration Counters. Like all Sinkies, after awhile been sucked dried by the Pay And Pay goes to Standard Chartered for replenishment of stocks.

Nothing unusual, later we have the Ah Neys, Pinoys, Italians, and many Others joining the queue at all Banks.

Thanks to the PAP. Cosmopolitan Cuntree

Anonymous said...

The StanChart bank robber probably East European --- many of them did NS in the earlier years when they still had compulsory NS. And their NS is really tough and gangster-style. Because of their rough history & poor economy, hence most of these East Europeans tend to be uncivilised and prone to resorting to illegal activities & violence. Its in their culture.

But then horr ... in spite of their gangsterism and violence, this bank robber cannot hold a candle to Singapore's very own master robbers -- Temasek & GIC.
E.G. Temasek just reported to have lost $34.5 Billion of our reserves (again!).

patriot said...

Licenced Gangsters are always
more terror than the Wild Gangsters
They have Infinite Power bestowed upon them by the Voters. That means they have the Mandate to do as they like.


Anonymous said...

Ang moh tua kee. Just asked and teller just give, swooning over the handsome hulk. Wonder if they know each other.

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