Hillary and Trump need to visit the Istana

The US Presidential Campaign is getting momentum and the two candidates are telling the Americans what they would do and what they would not do. One of the casualties that both candidates have in common is the Trans Pacific Pact. Hillary want to renegotiate the terms. Trump simply did not want to have anything to do with it. He wants to tear it to pieces.

Holy cow, these two are sounding like idiots. This TPP is the best thing for America and the Americans. How can they be talking so shallow? Did they know what is it in for the Americans in the TPP? If not, if they have not read them and not briefed, they  need to be briefed in details how good this TPP is. Maybe they are not super talents, did not have super talent minds and could not see the good things and the wisdom of the TPP.

I have a good suggestion for the. Please pay a visit to the Istana and get a piece of good advice on the TPP. They should if they want to know what is good for them. But if they are so stubborn not to come, then Singapore can send out super talent team to Washington after the Presidential Election to brief the new President on the TPP. Singapore knows exactly how good this TPP is for the Americans, and must also be good for Singapore as well.  Maybe should also bring a knuckle duster along in case the new President is too thick to understand good advice.

Who shall we send to Washington for this very important task? Should Hsien Loong make the trip himself, or should it be Hng Khiang or what about Vivian? Both or all three have been there to tell the Americans about this great piece of scroll, like the Holy Grail before.  We are doing it for the good of the Americans.

From the look of things, the daft Americans, or the daft new President of the USA, no matter Hillary or Trump, it does not matter anymor. They are too foolish to know the goodness of this TPP package.  They only have themselves to blame for not listening to the wisdom of Singapore and to cast the TPP into oblivion. Singapore will be very disappointed if the TPP fails to take off but it would not hurt Singapore too much. It is the USA that will pay the price for its failure.


Anonymous said...

The world is upside down!

Just look around the world.

So many deaths! Everyday! Everyday!

No point talking! Who wins is sama sama!


Anonymous said...

You are talking rubbish. The TPP benefits only the USA not Singapore.

patriot said...

"This TPP is the best thing for America and the American"; courtesy from Rb.

It could be besterer for Sin, going by the the Expurts in the Sin Cabinet including the Sin Chief Executive Officer Lee Hsien Loong.

Sin is supposed to play a critical role in TPP, something like a co-ordinator for TPP. Now it seems the Role is evaporating into thin air.

However, no worry.
Sin may now goes with the Flow and chooses to lean over to China which has pledge to help improve the ecomy and peace of all nations.

What baffles me is Hilary Clinton seems to go against Obama who hatches the TPP as a two term US President whoby the way is giving
all his support to Hilary.
Obama is all out to slight Trump
and had actually been indignant
and vile at the Latter.

l think the Americans will not be
as disappointed as the Three Sin Expurts mentioned in this thread.
l suppose hey were hoping to play some important role in TPP
However, it appears that their wish is evaporating into thin air.

Not all is lost though, they are playing big role in Sin and handsomely rewarded. ln Hokkien Parlance 'chiak buay liao' lah.
No need to wish for more la.


Anonymous said...

TPP (and all FTAs) benefit govts, MNCs, the rich, land owners, capital owners (i.e. capitalists), business owners, certain entrepreneurs and some workers from 3rd world countries. Who doesn't benefit? Ordinary workers and salary people from richer countries i.e. Singapore, US.

TPP and other FTAs are a manifestation of the phrase "Foreign workers are here to create jobs for locals" spoken by the govt and the rich. You believe?!?!

Unknown said...

The TPP benefits American business interest a lot more then the average worker, it is was for Singapore. LHL is clearly on the side of big business. But in America because of the tight election they have to pander more to workers, hence the suspicion of the TPP.

Anonymous said...

I hope Trump wins.
It's time to tear up all these elite-globalist treaties that benefits only the rich people.
- Tear them all up

- Vote Opposition
- if have to choose, vote SDP over WP.

Unknown said...


Why is SDP better then WP. They seem like champagne socialist. For me the only creible opposition party is Singfirst.

Anonymous said...

TPP will go ahead one even if Trump is elected.

This is simply due to economic reasons as there are so much overseas investment. US will lose more...

They can always rename TPP with another name.

Eg. Flooding and ponding?

Anonymous said...

I heard TPP has conditions similar to CECA signed with India to allow free movement of labor and professional jobs seekers.

It will be a good idea if US also provide green cards for us to move and settle there. I would love to.

TPP is good only when singkies can move freely to US or Australia. If there is such conditions, TPP is good. Singkies move out, mainly professional job seekers educated in singkie uni, and Indians move in to take over all the services, banks, civil services make it an indian town. Make sure NS men are replaced by 3rd world countries men. Singkies will be stronger than ever.

Anonymous said...

When would Sinkapor revoke the CECA?

virgo49 said...

Anon 12.45

Green card to USA to be gunned down in the streets.

Many still love to emigrate to USA. Still Land of the Free and Mighty??

American Heros must fight in wars.

Live by the guns die by the guns.

Cowboys don't change.

b said...

The empire is creating chaos everywhere because now the empire looks so bad with such high debts. If other countries/ continents look worse, it will look good. A matter of relativity. All these trade agreements only benefited the elite ruling class and are very bad for working class.

Anonymous said...

Why is SDP better then WP. They seem like champagne socialist. For me the only creible opposition party is Singfirst.
July 26, 2016 12:25 pm

Does not matter lah!
Any political party except pap.
Any leader except lee hsien loong.

Once Trump is President;
The TPP and all Free Trade Agreements will be torn up.
Next will be CECA.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03pm
U known who the US police will open fire. Asians are not included.
Living in US or Au with their citizenship can get rid of NS, U know how do some men die while running, while handling bombs etc Now they need to patrol the street with guns they hardly dare to open fire. NS men are in disadvantage when lone wolf or team open fire from behind like hitting live targets.
As they get in more foreigners, people living here will be more frustrated to find jobs or pay too much for too less they earn.
U saw those real cases right? Took $3100pm and returned $1600. Some returned $500pm probably took $1500pm or less.
No body know how many of these "employees" are happily employed in sinkingland. I think this kind of exploitation will bring in violent ending for some of those exploited if they run out of cash.

The policy is to have more and more foreigners to lower the salaries of all kinds of jobs. The most common jobs in restaurants were those courts cases came from. There are more such places than factories in sinkingland. I feel there is always a point of no return. The curve of lowest salary will put everyone ready to punch each other as expenses keep going up, salary keep going down or stagnant. Tell us how to get out of here. We want to plan too,
They are planning 10 millions. I hope i dont need to see this sinking land with 10 millions population.

Someone told me, hospital in town emergency needs minimum 5 hours waiting time to see the first doctor. Can you imagine when they put in 10 millions? Need to wait in hospital for 5 days before seeing first doctor.

Anonymous said...

you vote for tin tongs and willing to pay them millions so more.

Anonymous said...

Trump vs Hillary
CNN shows: Trump 45% Hillary 39%. That s alot.
Hillary has honesty problem that US voters hate most.
During DNC chairwoman s speech, she received boo through out til she gave up. When Sander spoke, he was greeted, when Sander asked voters to vote for Hillary, the response was negative. There could be some deal made between Sander and Hillary. But Hillary was NOT an obvious choice in the convention.
US election in Democrat camp is absolutely dirty, and Hillary is the one who caused the email security problem investigated by FBI and escaped, and the HQ in Democrat has been bias to help Hillary against Sander.
I guess Hillary will lose to Trump out of her own faults.

Anonymous said...

The Lao Chabo has lost her lure.

And if the Americans choose her,
it's the US destiny to be in shit.

Anonymous said...

/// US election in Democrat camp is absolutely dirty, ... ///
July 26, 2016 10:32 pm

in contrast, our singapore politics is whiter than white.
our town council politics very pure.
our ministers have "pure hearts"

Anonymous said...

Someone told me, hospital in town emergency needs minimum 5 hours waiting time to see the first doctor.
July 26, 2016 8:14 pm

I don't think this is fair or true.
I believe Heng Swee Keat will tell you that our hospital emergency services are 1st class.

Anonymous said...

/// A host of governments in the Middle East are treating Pokemon Go as a potentially serious destabilizing force. Said regimes have cited religious, cultural, and national security reasons to support their calls for action against Pokemon Go.

From fatwa to farce, Pokemon Go has been on the receiving end of a range of government responses in the Middle East. For instance, Egypt has renewed a 15 year old fatwa against the Pokemon franchise which was issued by the then Grand Mufti in 2001. Similarly, Saudi Arabia has renewed a similar fatwa, characterizing Pokemon as un-Islamic. ///

Didn't Singapore beat the other Middle Eastern countries in recognizing the threat of Pokemon Go?

Who says PAP government is no good?

Anonymous said...

Pokemon Go Is Spooking Middle East Governments


Anonymous said...

Make Hillary Clinton run the town council first. If she cannot run a town council, how to run the USA?

Anonymous said...

These two must come to Singapore so that our super talents can drum some sense into their numbskulls. They are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

You are right. US politicians are not as brilliant as ours. Can they be Cabinet Secretaries (Ministers) and run town councils? Do they have helicopter vision that see afar like ours?
You are paid for what you are worth. If the US president's pay is 1/4 of Singapore PM's pay, then it can be said that the former has only the braincells 1/4 of the latter OR, the former job is valued 1/4 of the latter.
Definitely Singapore PM & Ministers are worth every cent. After all, its economics.