Great money saving ideas for the HDB

HDB is worried that it will lose $100m a year if it does not raise the parking fees. After writing a piece on it, another blogger, a jjgg, commented HDB should do away with charging parking fees to save money, or at least don’t have to lose $100m yearly. Actually this comment makes a lot of sense.

Let me work out the numbers, the operating cost of running and managing the carparks came to $700m a year. The electronic parking system costs $300m to install not counting maintenance, repair, servicing etc etc, and the total cost of managing the carparks will balloon to a loss of $100m, ie all revenues less all cost = loss of $100m.

Now, according blogger jjgg, if HDB would to do away with running the carparks, no need to manage and charge parking fees, it will save $100m a year, instead of losing the same amount. It would also save $700m on operating cost. And no need to worry about escalating costs. This would work out to a neat saving of $ the carparks and save at least $950m a year. A small sum of the money saved can then be used to beautify the carparks and cleaning. Like that, HDB management must be very happy.  Win win man! The residents who have to park their cars in the carparks would also be very happy, parking for free.

And most important, the next GE sure win, 90% majority votes.

What do you think? Isn’t the present carpark system creating problems and cost to HDB, working and doing for nothing?  Why go through so much trouble to lose money and to make the residents unhappy? Why start something that loses money when doing nothing can save so much money and make everyone happy?

700m + $100m plus also not having to own and maintain the $300m electronic parking system. While the electronic parking is still new, it can be dismantled and sell off at a discount, would still easily bring in $150m at half price.

See, so simple. Just do away with managing


Anonymous said...

if hdb carparks are free.......

yes, it is win win.......

yes, next GE sure "smelly-smelly" 88.8%.......

very good.......

Anonymous said...

Cannot lah.
We are Pay and Pay.
Die, die, I must make Singaporeans pay.
The HoLee book says so according to the HoLee Father.

Even if I have to spend $3 to collect $3 ... I must make you pay.
Otherwise ... how to justify my million dollar salary and my personal assistant?

Anonymous said...

Daft sinkies,

It is a money making tool. In future, i can still raise the fee while operation cost stabilized as whole of Singapore finished installation.

ERP is another tool. More "fair" once utilized GPS technology.

jjgg said...

currently all government car parks are managed by private operators under some sort of cost plus + incentives. It's not a small change business..look at the players involved..Guthrie..secure ( owned by Australia largest car park operator) Ramky ( owned by oversea interests which purchased the service stuff of Sembcorp, for a few hundred million).and the list goes on.... A tariff increase will benefit all the car park operators currently servicing the government contracts..to what extent?.... Only the government knows..will the Govt come out n say that the Operators will not benefit from any hike in car park charges? If the government say it's losing money owning carparks..it should divest it..there are lots of vultures circling...like they say in the west...where to find this type of business..payment in cash..prepayment for season parking..n...a great way to recycle those mafia $$$s.

Anonymous said...

We are world famous!

Here up prices!

There up prices!

Everywhere up prices!

So....everyone up up up!


Anonymous said...

/// Why start something that loses money when doing nothing can save so much money and make everyone happy? /// redbean

The problem with redbean's logic is the underlying assumption.
The underlying assumption being that HDB exists to serve and benefit Singaporeans (and make us happy).

It's the same daft assumption 70% of Singaporean voters made in GE 2015.
The assumption being that PAP government exists to serve and benefit Singaporeans (and make us happy).

But what if PAP government existed only to "ownself serve ownself" ??
If it's true ... What then?
Is it still wise to vote PAP in GE 2020?

Anonymous said...

BTW stupid Sinkies who buy their stupid HDB flats have already stupidly paid for the construction of the stupid HDB carparks. YES, the cost of your stupid HDB flat includes a portion of cost of the stupid carpark. I know this because I worked in the property development business, and my company ever built HDB flats before.

So HDB already cover the cost of the carpark from stupid HDB buyers, BUT the carpark is STILL OWNED by HDB to generate more profits from car owners. How stupid can Sinkies be right?!?!? Har har har!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was reported that the Temasek’s portfolio value had declined
to $242 billion in last FY and the one-year total shareholder
return at negative 9%.

Any impact on our hard-earned cpf funds?

Any experts here? Hope OK.


Anonymous said...

Someone said it's ok to make mistakes & wat's wrong with collecting more money, let's move on la 70% dafts already give concession can't don't anything Liao..

Anonymous said...

Any impact on our hard-earned cpf funds?
July 08, 2016 11:03 am

This is another daft Sinkie.
He assumes that his cpf money belongs to him.
Just as he probably assumes that he owns his hdb flat.

Listen up.
True or not?
Temasek lose money this year ... so what?
Just increase tax collection from Singaporeans this year.
Next year will have surplus tio bo?

Whether Temasek lose money or not.
Unlikely you will ever get back your cpf money as cold hard cash.
It will be locked away from you as CPF Minimum sum and Medisave.

Anonymous said...

They keep raising the cost by all kinds of schemed to better their revenue and the HDB suckers just have to pay for the additional costs.

Better than any scams. Totally legal.

Anonymous said...

@ July 08, 2016 11:18 am
True or not?
It's okay to make mistakes only if you are a member of PAP's natural aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

I say before many times.
We do not own our HDB flats.
We are just renting or leasing them from the HDB for 99 years.

So just like tenants in shopping malls.
Landlord wants to increase rent.
There is nothing you can do.
HDB is a monopoly.

When you vote 70% and give PAP more than 2/3 majority in parliament.
You are electing a monopoly.
Monopoly means suka, suka can do anything.

Is the above true or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Whether Temasek lose money or not.
Unlikely you will ever get back your cpf money as cold hard cash.
It will be locked away from you as CPF Minimum sum and Medisave.
July 08, 2016 11:21 am

Not true. It is not locked away from your CPF. It is written off through the MedishieldLife Scheme. Say bye bye to your CPF.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.18am & 11.23am
It appears tat the so called "natural aristo-cats" have gone into "hiding" mode when they made mistakes, waaa...all of sudden they become dead silence ( especially in the aftermath of Em manti fiasco..)

patriot said...

Only shameless folks will say do not be afraid of making mistakes.
礼义廉耻 is a tenet in Chinese Culture, the Philosophy is that one must have virtues in respect/respectable, manner, humility and mindful of shamel. One must not bring shame to oneself or the Family. In short, it means propriety and integrity.

Mayhem in Dallas, Texas.
This is expected and more shall
Outgoing US President Obama
better be careful of his and his
family members' safeties. The
Black Americans did not gain
much emancipation from his
leadership, on the Contrary many
Blacks were killed by law enforcers.

Obama shall have to deal with his
fellow Black Americans, BUT, WITHOUT POLITICAL POWER.

More shows are on the Way.


patriot said...

Addendum to:

Obama shall have to deal with his fellow Black Americans. BUT, WITHOUT POLITICAL POWER AFTER HE STEPS DOWN.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. But tang ku ku. Losing money is no issue to LTA. Just increase parking fees.

The grand idea of telling us about the losses is the same as telling us that they are losing hundreds of millions on HDB flats and the obvious motive is that going forward, parking fees will go up, up and away.

Good luck to those with cars.

Anonymous said...

In LKY's time don't anyone dares to make mistakes.

Today, after making so many mistakes, better to say making mistakes are ok.

Anonymous said...

We discussed on the parking fee issue within our CEC last night after our riding exercise. To us this is a small issue as our riding each night cost several thousands so a small increase of less than s$1 is nothing to us.

Yew Kuang
Kuda Riding Club
Singapore Chapter
In association with. Kuda International

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