Gangsters Govt – 黑社会政府

Many years ago, gangsterism in Taiwan was so rife that there appeared to have a parallel govt run by the gangsters in the island. I am not too sure what is the situation today but it is quite often to see senior govt officials paying respect at the funerals of gangster chiefs. In the Chinese vocabulary, the secret societies are called 黑社会, or Black Society. This has become a friendly joke even here when wearing black becomes a fashion among the young and they were affectionately called 黑社会.

The pervasive presence of the Black Society in all walks of life emboldened them, particularly in the movie industry that they started to make movies to glorify their lifestyles, playing up on values like brotherhood, loyalty and honour and how good they were. I could still remember a movie starring Tony Leung as a secret society chief.  And they were having their clandestine ‘cabinet’ meeting in the spa pool. Several secret society chiefs were present.

Tony Leung proposed that they should go into politics, run for election and hold their meetings in Parliament in the next round. His idea was shockingly realistic. He told them that being members of the 黑社会, their main business was related to finance. They controlled the gambling dens, prostitution, drugs, smuggling people, and yes, money lending and money laundering in a big way. And there were similar legitimate organizations in the main stream society, casinos, stock exchange, social escort agencies, night clubs, pharmaceuticals, employment agencies, banking and finance and money laundering in a big way by the banks.

If only they were in Parliament, they could appoint their own finance minister, CEOs of banks, of casinos, of stock exchange, and all the related money making agencies legally. In other words, if the黑社会 was the govt in charge, they could take over the whole island. They could own the island by appointing their own secret society members and clans men themselves. Oh, the fighters, the hit men, can take over the police and the army as police commissioners and generals. If I am not mistaken, the黑社会  also has their justice system too.

The secret society chiefs gave him a standing ovation. They said, let’s do it and the stupid govt would not have a clue what was happening when they had taken over everything. And Tony Leung would be the natural President of the island. This was some thirty years ago. Obviously they did not succeed or the Black Society, 黑社会, would be running the island today.

It was a great practical thought then and they could succeed if the govt was weak and careless and did not know what was going on. The 黑社会 was well organized, and could conspire to achieve what they set out to do. They were not only as well organized as the political parties, except without legitimacy, they could be very ruthless working under cloak and dagger to get their ways and put their members in position of power.

Tsai Ing Wen or her predecessor Ma Ying Jeou don’t look like gangster chiefs from whatever angle you view them. Thank God it was only a movie. Can’t imagine what the island would become if the 黑社会, succeeded. They would be wearing black ties, black shirts and black suits in Parliament and making themselves very rich, controlling all the financial institutions and the casinos and the stock exchange in the island.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. If only our Sinkie opposition can be as well organized, like the Black Society.

But then why they are not ah?

Anonymous said...

But then why they are not ah?
Anon 10:31 am

Black Society people are smart in making lots of money, but through their bad ways. If they are not smart, the Black Society will not be well organized.

Smart Sinkies can easily make lots of money legitimately under PAP to have a good life. So why would they want to join the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP, let alone forming or joining a Black Society to make money?

Without smart Sinkies or enough of them to join opposition, that's why the Sinkie opposition is not well organized lah. Just one smart Chee Soon Juan is simply not enough.

Anonymous said...

In the earlier days, Singapore used to have a lot of gangsters too. They would organized themselves and consider an area their territory to collect protection money from shops and businesses there.

But under the late LKY, there was economic development and Sinkies have lots of opportunities to make money in the legitimate way. Plus a lot of tough crackdowns by the then PAP govt on gangsters, so the problem of organized crime and gangsterism gradually disappeared.

The PAP govt today also collect lots of money and pay themselves lots of money, all legitimately of course, and most importantly, strongly supported by majority (aka 70%) Sinkies, or else they cannot do so, even legitimately.

Anonymous said...

Some post here said smart sinkies made lots of money. Thats true. It is a question of whether the practices can last long.

What? Learn from the black society way:

Hire at $3100pm for EP, or lower for SP. The black society agent will tell them, return at $1600pm or slightly less for "protection money". There are such protection scheme in market. Go find those court cases.

Next the legal limit is: limited number of beds are allowed for hostel operator or landlord. If 2000beds are allowed, put 2500beds in it, no one can complain, as the boss will also do "social work" such as serving in constituency as "leader" as cover. This type is typical black society "set the rules" on top of the laws legal limits.

Smart sinkies indeed made lots of money. Question is: can this society sustain the loads of "illegal" but " protected black society practices".

Some days, the lone wolf style or larger scale the Little India Riot style may happen. Smart sinkies still make money of course. But there are smarter sinkies who do not need this kind of money to sleep peacefully.

The only way to get out of this "trapping foreigners and sinkies job seekers" to be victims of employers black society practices is: vote for opposition when in GE. The % is 60% vs 40% at peace time. At any crisis time, the 60% will lose it 10%, ie 50% vs 50%. Even opposition is extra weak, they cannot hide to have 50% support because the society is black tie men handled.
Look at the courts cases, gas stole by restaurants, employees paid employer money, citizens sent 1000 letters cannot find job: young, master holder, yet foreigners fake degrees could get into civil service, mumbai university considered reputable uni to be taken in civil service. Will it last long? Voters can decide in GE why?

The economy is belly down, not belly up.

Anonymous said...

...mumbai university considered reputable uni to be taken in civil service..."
Anon 11:59 am

I was shocked too. I always thought that the civil service largely only accept local u honours grads (ordinary degree fresh grad holders stand no chance), especially for technical and IT fields, due to the very good above market pay in the civil service.

Anonymous said...

"I always thought that the civil service largely only accept local u honours grads (ordinary degree fresh grad holders stand no chance), especially for technical and IT fields, due to the very good above market pay in the civil service."
July 24, 2016 12:30 pm

What you say is true but it only applies to Singaporeans.

For Aliens, any standard also can.
If Aliens cannot get jobs here, then they will not come to Singapore.
If Aliens don't come to Singapore, then how to achieve PM Lee's 6.9 million population?

When unqualified Aliens fuck up on the job.
It is okay.
Because there are always underpaid but qualified Singaporean slaves who can clean up the mess.

PM Lee's population of 6.9 million is achievable as long as there are 70% daft Singaporean slaves who will vote PAP.

True or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is the job of every effective govenment to be the BIGGEST LEGAL GANGSTER (BLG) in the territory claimed by The State, aka "the cuntry".

The first job of the BLG is to remove any "competition" from lesser players. Therefore they must catch and punish:

1. Ah Loongs -- and award banking licenses to "legitimate" financial institutions

2. Gangland "protectors" --- and award law enforcement to the police---who apparently can't even catch unarmed bank robbers

3. Drug dealers -- and award the privilege of supplying drugs to big pharmaceutical companies

4. Extortion --- and award the job to the Comptroller of Inland Revenue, so the BLG government always has adequate FUNDING to continue its legalised, organised criminal activity

5. Free speech --- and award the sole privilege to state-controlled and owned media

....and so on.

You voted for a Big Gangster. Now shut the fuck up and bend over. Although sodomy is still a crime in Singapore, the government can legally fuck you in the ass. But since you voted for them, therefore it is CONSENSUAL.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:30pm
Look at this BBC report picture of people climbed up windows to provide answers for uni exams. This is Indian standards.

Sg civil service like this kind of standards.

Cheating is Indian students birth rights:
"Students are often keen to exercise their rights but recently there has been an interesting twist - some in India are talking about their right to cheat in university exams.

"It is our democratic right!" a thin, addled-looking man named Pratap Singh once said to me as he stood, chai in hand, outside his university in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. "Cheating is our birthright."


Anonymous said...

"Sg civil service like this kind of standards."

Hypothetical question.
If the Singapore civil service is 100% populated by Aliens from the 3rd World.
Can you still call it the "Singapore" civil Service?

Unknown said...

If you look at the history of the triads most were all pro-Ming dynasty political organisations. As a traditionalist, i quite like the idea of triads. They have a special function for south east asian Chinese, mainly to function as institutions where the British government adopted a bo chup attitude.

I view triads as sort of a counter balance to the all powerful state.