Chas cheaters discussed in Parliament

Dunno how many millions have been sponged by the cheats from the Chas scheme. And the cheats are the medical and dental clinics run by highly trained and professional people that are likely to be in the pool waiting to be picked up to run as MPs in the next GE.

Actually I don’t blame them with a system that is so flimsy and full of holes that a herd of elephants could waltz through. How not to want to take advantage of a scheme asking to be taken advantage of, you ask me lah? But in Parliament some doctor did not think so and did not think the problem is so big and so serious. Seah Kian Peng cannot tahan and was heard saying it is big money, big public money. And it is only the tip of the iceberg. Not his exact words but something like that.

When asked to enforce the medical and dental clinics to itemize the bills, Lam Pin Min was reluctant until an angry auntie blew up. ‘Why is it so difficult, given so many feedback on overcharging?’  Dr Lam, the current Minister of State for Health then replied that the MOH is ‘seriously considering making it compulsory’. ‘Seriously considering’ only mah. To do or not to do still dunno. Maybe auntie should shout at the top of her voice to be heard. We need more fierce aunties in Parliament to get something serious done. Auntie Bee Wah should call on the support of uncles like Seah Kian Peng to make sure things are not forgotten and swept under the carpet. Oh, now I remember the exact words Seah Kian Peng said, ‘These are serious monies that are going out, taxpayers’ monies.’ Did MOH think so and agree with him? This part not reported in the media.

You people out there, you think this Chas cheating thing is serious enough or not? Say leh, must say then they would say got feedback from the people. If not they may think not serious enough and the not so straight medical and dental clinics would continue to be very happy with this Chas scheme. Maybe they will set up a COI to study study first then make the final decision, to itemize or not to itemize.

Being doctors and dentists also chiat lat. Rental so high, how to cover cost? This Chas scheme is really a gift from God. The Chas card holders and pioneer generations would be swarming the clinics for free treatments. Who cares about itemized bills or no need bills, free ok leow. This is the best system so far. Win win for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Every system there r loopholes everywhere. But don't discount those doctors or dentists that r good out there. They r olso being squeeze by sky-high rentals & medicine. Yes, there should be some itemized billings but it would solve the problem 'cos it can add many frivolous stuffs & artificially jack up prices to justify the bill.The gahmen need a more robust system to counter this problem..

Anonymous said...


SG is like that lah.

Here rules, there laws, everywhere rules and laws......

Got enforcement or not?

Don't need to answer me.

Just look around you......

Smoking everywhere, littering, drinking, etc etc etc...........

Sometimes....feel like "bo-cheng-hu" in SG!

Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up!


Anonymous said...

These are not called schemes for nothing.

What is the meaning of kleptocracy?


virgo49 said...

The worse is that those not under PG or Chas subsidies are hit the worse on their pockets.

Now under Chas or PG the rates are been revised fanantiscially high.

My first experience with a dental surgeon when the PG came into effect. I went in Dec when the scheme started in Sept.

This doctor thinks ho ssh. Lau uncle got PG and first timer still balance many many balances.

So charge in full for whole year subsidies. Anyway few more days start a new year and fresh subsidies liao.

So don't know whether what full mouth operations he did but anyway just paid few dollars.

My missus no Chas No PG went same time and was charged one thousand plus. My God if no savings, sell backside.

Now even simple filing at 70 plus. Imagine other procedures

Ah Kong's s subisidies you no kook when kook.

How to buy Sentisa bungalows? ??

Anonymous said...

Anyway whether it is chas or pg schemes, they are extremely
confusing, beyond understanding by common folks and seniors.

Do you really understand them 100%?

Maybe this is towards a Smart Nation.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Lam Pin Min is better suited for managing CHAS, columbarium or car parks?
Is Lam Pin Min better at collecting his salary or making Singapore a better place for Singaporeans?

Who was the turkey who hired Lam Pin Min in the first place?
Do you think we should also scrutinize the competence of the turkey who hired Pin Min?

Anonymous said...

Cannot admit there is a loophole lah. Paiseh leh. Die die must pretend hole not too big. Only a mouse can pass through. Where got elephant? Got meh?

Anonymous said...

Barbarian - (In ancient times) a member of a people not belonging to the Greek or Roman civilization.

True or not?
In Singapore.
A barbarian is a Singaporean who is not a card carrying member of the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Luckily PAP never say "What you want?!?! You want polyclinic, GP or Mt E@Novena?!?! KPKB so much go poly lah!! Nahbeh!!"

Anonymous said...

What you want?
Government Polyclinic?
Private sector GP?
Or Specialist at Mount Elizabeth?

Actually hor.
I want 3 PAP Minister doctors to save my life when I get a stroke.
This one really 1st class service.

Anonymous said...

Wu Cheng Hu lah.
Boh cho kang, tan si
gia ku lee Kang. Pah
ban$ ku lee Kang.

Sinkies you die yr

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is classic RENT SEEKING behaviour, well know to economists and cognitive behavioral neuroscientists.

How com the Singapore govt with its "brain trust" of expensively-educated elites couldn't see this coming?

Someone should make these overpaid fools stand in the corner and write lines, just like the good ol' days!

Anonymous said...

Who designed the scheme?
Who benefited from the scheme?

Did I answer your questions?

Anonymous said...

Haha you are right anon 1.26.

Schemes ae designed to benefit kakis and poodles, so they will continue to carry marbles. I am surprised that the punishment is so lenient. Just taking them off he scheme is not punishment by any means. Just gentle slap on the wrist.

When the downtrodden poor cheats on a few cents on bus fares or parking fees, the punishment is multiple times the short payment. Where is justice in fairness?