Cambodia KO Vietnam and the Philippines

Would this headline be more representative of the battle within Asean in Laos, or the headline in the Today paper yesterday, ‘Cambodia blocks Asean consensus for second time’? The main paper title gives the impression that Cambodia was against the whole of Asean in the South China Sea issue. Or was Cambodia, the Trojan Horse, resisting Little USAs or American lackeys in Vietnam and the Philippines?

The American lackey camps would want to bulldoze their master’s voice in a joint Asean communiqué to claim that the ruling of the kangaroo court in The Hague was the rule of law and not a fraud. And they were frustrated by Cambodia and Laos for not wanting to be members of a fraud or to become Little USAs. Finally Asean delivered a joint statement but without the scandalous and fraudulent ruling of the kangaroo court in The Hague.

The American lackey camps are furious and now some are even floating the idea of kicking out the Trojan Horses and turn Asean into a house of Little USAs. Alternatively they would want to tweak the rulings so that the American lackeys could do as they pleased and issued all the statements they wished even with the objections of the Trojan Horses. Which American lackey is floating this idea?

What has Asean become today, a neutral regional bloc or a little USA bloc? There are now two competing camps within Asean, the Little USAs and the Trojan Horses and a majority of bystanders.

China’s interests in the South China Sea are constantly being challenged by the Little USAs. As China has changed its policy of appeasement to confrontation with the USA, it may be wise to consider taking the Litlle USAs out, one at a time and to stop their pretence of being neutral. The Little USAs are anti China. Period. China should consider cutting out trade and business opportunities to one or two Little USAs to mean business. It cannot continue to be a nice guy and let the Little USA punks to play behind its back. This is a problem that China must confront and the time is now, no more pretences, use the economic clout to whack them into place. China should deal with the Little USAs at arms length, reduction of economic cooperation for a start.


Virgo 49 said...

At least we have one ASEAN member brave enough to say NAY in front of all the rest of the parrot unthinking USA duds.

How only the dud 70% will say NAY to the PAP.

That's the day, Heavens will be extra bright and the Air free.

Cambodia at least got the lost human gracefulness to China when her Prince is sheltered and care by the PRC when times of need.

Nowadays, this virtue is lost in the human wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia has been very close to China since Sihanouk. China has never antagonised nor invaded nor created trouble for Cambodia. Instead they have been helping the Cambodians for decades. Why would Cambodia want to go against China, you tell me?

Only ungrateful poodles bite back at benefactors. And there are plenty of them around. They only bend with the wind, like the bamboos.

Like the EU, ASEAN is ready to be torn apart sooner or later. Good neighbours my foot?

Anonymous said...

@ July 26, 2016 8:51 am

True or not?

"Cambodia has been very close to China since Sihanouk."
- Singaporeans have been very close to PAP since Lee Kuan Yew

"China has never antagonised nor invaded nor created trouble for Cambodia."
- Singaporeans have never antagonised PAP nor created trouble for PAP.

"Instead they have been helping the Cambodians for decades."
- Instead Singaporeans have been helping PAP for decades,

"Why would Cambodia want to go against China, you tell me?"
- Why would PAP want to go against Singaporeans, you tell me?

Why would PAP sell out Singaporeans for more money?
Why would Singaporeans vote out PAP?

Singaporeans and PAP are like peas in a pod.
Black and white.
A dog and its master.
BDSM - Bondage & Domination. Sadism and Masochism.

True or not?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

True, true, true.

Nothing like a dog and it's master. Total obedience. But the controlling factor in red dot is the bones thrown at the dogs now and then. They never disobey their master.

Let good sleeping dogs lie.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen had a press conference at Mongolia. He told reporters one ambassador visited his house b4 the announcement of Philippine tribunal judgment. The ambassador asked Hun Sen to support the Philippine judgment so that Asean had "1 VOICE". Hun Sen asked the ambassador if he already knew the outcome of pinoy judgment. From Hun Sen s question, I knew Hun Sen is a very smart leader. He was a lieutenant in Cambodia resistance forces against the Vietcon forces occupied Cambodia when i read about Hun Sen.

Cambodia was a battlefield of Vietnamese forces vs Cambodia forces, and Vietnam was the battlefield of US + pinoy+ Thai forces vs Vietcon forces+ Loas forces

Currently is Pinoy + US + Japan want the entire Asean to turn South China Sea as battle field against China forces. This consequence is predictable.

Cambodia knew it well as it was the worst receiving end, being occupied by Vietcon back PoPot regime and millions civilians were killed and dumped into rivers.
To ask Cambodia to fight China is like asking Vietnamese to come again into Cambodia, now with Pinoys and US marines, lagi worst thatn Popot time.

Cambodia will get to link through high speed rail to Germany if it goes with China which support it through history. I must kowtow to Hun Sen for being the loyal friend of Cambodia people started as a low ranking resistance force leader.

Asean can always ask Cambodia disjoint Asean so that it can be the "1 voice" for US and Japan. I do not think that is a difficult task if US want to do it.

New US president Hillary can ask the 9 to gang up to disallow Cambodia as an Asean member. Hillary is expert in gangup game. Hillary s DNC chairman had to resign because DNC gang up against Bernie Sanders unfairly. The DNC has apologize in the currently held convention to name Hillary as candidate.

Gang up is the next game when Hillary become president. Hun Sen is aware ahead of the game, it seems. I guess China will withdraw from the bloody Ocean laws that Pinoys gave them a bloody nose to prevent Hillary from creating the next "code of behavior for Scs" and ask China to follow.

patriot said...

Philippines is NOT mentioned in this thread though it is the only Asean Member Country to seek arbitration against China over territorial claim.

Personally, l surmise that the Former Philippines President Aquino, was a stooge of the US. Under his rein, the Philippines People were led by him to be anti-China.

The newly elected and current President Duterte has proven thus far to be a much more confident and independent leader. He has shown that he is not easily arm twisted
and play into the hands of others.
He has shown himself to be a reasonable and righteous person and is ready to settle the Territorial Dispute through bilateral negotiation. He has PERSUADED Ex-president Ramos to meet China about the Matter.

As in any grouping of organizations,
differences and even disputes are natural amongst members.There is Brexit after so many years, it will be very lucky if ASEAN Members do not fight amongst themselves.

One thing is for sure, all who sleeps together NEVER share the Same Dream.


Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, all who sleeps together NEVER share the Same Dream.
July 26, 2016 10:50 am

Who say never share the same dream.
Million dollar salaries for them.
Pioneer Generation Goodies for us.

It's understood that slaves have small dreams like free CNY goodie bags for themselves and million dollar salaries for emperors.

Anonymous said...

What KO?

China have already moved out its HQ-9 AA missiles out of the islands.

And so far no set up of Air defense ID or reclaim of scarborough shoal.

No matter what China does now, relations with Asean members are damaged and Asean will now always be on alert of China and arms sales will rise whatsoever.

Asean was created in 1967. Who is Laos and Cambodia who only join 1997 and 1999?

The split of Asean will only make other members look more for US. Its back to the cold war days.

IB1R will be in drain with the split of Asean and also with the trouble brewing in Europe.

What train? Will be big target of IED.

1B1R will only be successful if the world is stable and at peace likewise many economic policies.

b said...

Zika virus will get them before china. China will develop the cure and save the world including the empire. Everyone will live in peace and harmony then.

Anonymous said...

HQ9 or Redflag9 missiles were removed for maintenance, after several exercises at Xisha islands. The main island Yongxindao is part of China s mainland province. The island has a water plant,and waste incinerator. Any time china can move in a missile on the island. Redflag can fire upto 200km, shorter than DF21.
I dont see it as any significant response move on the Philippine judgment.

Asean actually has not much significance to China. China s biggest markets are US and EU. While China is Asean s biggest market. The needs are explained by the figures of export and import from China side.
On import side, what can Asean offer China? Banana from pinoy, rice from Thailand. US and UK and EU are the major significant import markets for china s technology needs.

Therefore, IR1B will be a commercial route to China s fortune. I have no doubt China will not give up the straight road that shorten import and export to EU/Germany. Asean will be broken into near China Asean and not near china Asean.
Those near China Asean Cambodia Loas will get the rail pass them, probably not including Vietnam.
Those far from China like Indon or little dot, can hardly smell the high speed rail to Germany.
I read the rail through Vietnam to Malaysia may not be built at all. We should know how Vietnam will object to the project. HSR can go to KL jalan jalan lah.

Anonymous said...

Please lah. How can national defense be removed on the excuse of maintenance?

This is not an offensive weapon. Just like how about Singapore alert red company on 24/7 defense duty go on maintenance leave? If maintenance is an issue, it would raise even more question on the operational readiness of the PLA. Whole of China got 1 battery only and no replacement? .....Hahaha. That will mean it has all along talk only.

Green horn, Go and understand 1st what is Red Flag and DF21 missiles before comparing both... HQ 9 or Red flag missiles is use for what purpose?

If the water plant is destroyed, that also means the PLA troops can drink sewage or sea water same like us. How does it feel to be cut off from mainland? ie. why islands are easy to capture but difficult to defend.

If Asean is of no importance to China, then Japan also no need to capture this place for natural resources and sea lane dominance. Why would Asean also be no.1 trading partner with China then, it is vice versa. I need you and that means you also need me. Of course you can go elsewhere, but who can guarantee that you will not meet others who are not more aggressive.

Of course, 1R1B will be the commercial route to China's fortune but provided there is peace and stability in the region where the train pass through.
Now for the foreseeable time, the good times are over. The world has re enter a cold world scenario where there will be a lot of uncertainties and it will be unlike 30 years ago.

As long as China seeks to do trade overseas, it will always depend on stability. Otherwise it can only rely on its own domestic economy. Now that is another story.

Germany has already made new rules on China companies making investments in their country. Also Germany will go through turbulent times as it will struggle for a change in govt and further tightening of migrants moving in. In short, things will change in Germany.

As a start, thailand and Indonesia govt already give problems to China rail. Not so simple as you want to build, i let you build.

China being a communist state cannot understand how democratic elections in foreign countries work and thus always seems to miss one step all the time just like handlng pinoy's reaction 2-3 years ago on SCS.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what about the kra canal ?

Anonymous said...

For the time being, Kra canal become Kra drain lor!
Wait till Thailand goes for election. Otherwise years later, whatever Thai Junta govt signed becomes scrap paper.

Just like prior Myanmar election, all the China investment there also now become quiet liao unlike last time!

Anonymous said...

"Please lah. How can national defense be removed on the excuse of maintenance?"

For the benefits of other readers except the above. I show the sources. China will not remove the HQ 9 to please the US. Maintenance is the real reason.

"Macau-based military observer Antony Wong Dong said the HQ-9 system may have been due for extensive maintenance after deployment in at least two rounds of naval drills in the last few months in the Paracels, which are also claimed by Vietnam." HK source

"A Type 072A landing ship berthed in the harbour represented a possible transhipment option for the equipment. The HQ-9 battery, present on the island since at least February 2016, is likely to be sent back to China for maintenance." Jane s defence

Anonymous said...

Wah lau!

The more it explained, the bigger the lobang it is.
I cant believe people even believe this kind of low level reasoning.

If HQ-9 is removed for extensive maintenance, then you use what to lock on to enemy aircraft in this case. Use sling shots or birds as weapon?

The original intention of HQ-9 is to pose threat on enemy aircraft trespassing its airspace. Even a potential radar lock on will expel any enemy aircraft especially the smaller country. Somemore this HQ-9 got a wide coverage.

You mean China only have one battery available in its whole arsenal and cannot deploy anything else to replace.

So if this is true. PLA is a wayang army same same like us. Excellent during simulated exercise. When exposed over time and subject to real operational test, this and that problem start to arise.

Of course it is not to please US. It is fearful of US and its gang. More importantly it is also about the export economy.

Remember about the China KFC case, who is the one instigating all this behind the scene?
China Xi cannot afford to have more on its plate after offending the Jiang and Hu faction. It is busy preparing the 19 大。If he is unsuccessful, it will be chaos not only for him but for all. All eyes are also on Li Keqiang now as well.

Everywhere the same at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...


China victory as SE Asian nations go easy on sea row

Anonymous said...

After two months deployment must go for extensive maintenance?
The American antique ICBMs have been in the silos for more than half a century, need extensive maintenance or not?

Your car runs for 10 years, how many times need extensive maintenance?

You think China only got one battery of HQ 9? The landing ship is there to transport the HQ 9 back to China or brought in more HQ 9 into the island?

Anonymous said...

Sorry hor, i believe the US system of audit rather than the China system of bragging.

US ICBM already upgraded to version III, why need to do that?

Your car runs for 10 years, of course need maintenance but then i always got standby car or alternative means. By Chinese standards, China media sure will brag like hell on the replacement.

Hello, leaked satellite photo shows no replacement as of yet. So what the fuck you talking or self imagine one.

China was so aggressive then but the ruling forced them to change and dare not reclaim any more rocks or shoal . Wang Yi also cannot be too yaya anymore, wait his boss changed need to look for wifes father for protection....hahahha ie. if you know the background story.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia deserve to be given the priority in the mainland south east asia railway project instead of vietnam.

Along the railways, China should also build infrastructures and amenities for the Cambodians to siginificantly increase their standard of living.

China should also give Cambodia preferential treatment for their products as compared to other hostile southeast asian countries.

No need to invent the wheel, just take a look how EU grants "market economy" status to certain countries for obvious reasons.

That's the best way for China to show its gratitude to Cambodia.