ASEAN - CHINA Meeting In Laos and the anti China mass media and obsequious pro American research writers

Subject: CHINA - ASEAN Meeting in LOAS

The  mass media of some ASEAN countries and some recalcitrant obsequious pro American research fellows of institute of studies centres insist on parroting the western mass media on referring to the recent 'Bogus court of arbitration ' as

'international' and 'United Nation backed'. By this time everybody should know the PCA is a fake, a sham, bogus and illegal and not backed or supported by the United Nation and so the tribunal is a farce and its verdict

is rubbish,  'Null and Void.' The tribunal is neither legal nor international. The fake court and phony tribunal had broken the laws of the United Nations and its five pro American judges were appointed by a jingoistic high 

court Japanese judge who was instrumental in getting Abe to change the Japanese pacific constitution to a new pro war militant constitution.Where is that internationalism when all the judges were from America and where is

that legality for arbitration when China stated from the outset that under United Nation laws it cannot pass judgement on a country's sovereign territorial rights and China would not take part in the arbitration but preferred as

earlier agreed with the Philippines to settle through bilateral talks and negotiations? In unilaterally taking the issue to the private PCA , Philippines had broken faith with China and committed a breach of trust and agreement.

The whole drama was contrived by the number one world trouble maker , USA and its Japanese poodle with the false notion of supporting the Pinoys but were actually making use of them as a pawn for America's excuse

to meddle in the South China Sea affairs . The whole insidious idea was to lend support to the Pinoy and Vietnam's robbery of some Chinese islands in the mid 1970s under a cloak of legality and ultimately to rob off

Chinese historic rights and sovereignty over the Paracels and the Spratley islands. It is shocking that the mass media and the few research fellows persist on wrongly referring to the bogus tribunal as "international court of

arbitration" and "backed by The United Nations". They have thus exposed themselves to the fact that just like the phony judges of the bogus tribunal, they are utterly incompetent and show a total lack of integrity . What

they wrote shows that they represent the mouth piece of USA which is adamant on creating trouble and instability in the region and to instigate and provoke confrontation among the South China Sea littoral states and

China. They are not qualified to comment on the South China Sea issue.

Creating wars in the the region just as creating wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world will richly benefit American war industries and America's ailing economy.Trouble started and tension began to rise with the

American pivot to the region and East Asia in 2010. The whole world sees the evil hands of the warmongering America behind the South China Sea issue. USA hopes to ultimately take full hegemonic control of the region

and thus to deprive China of its lawful historic rights and sovereignty and thereby deprive China of the rich oil and mineral resources in the Paracels and the Spratly islands and the relevant territorial seas. In short America

wants to contain China and stop her peaceful development.

For too long China's stance has been too soft and peaceful  but now it is prepared to take on American aggression upfront. China will fight and defend every centimetre of her territory. Will some of these pro American

Asean countries and the obsequious pro American mass media and research writers be happy now to see the new scenario? Good luck to them.

Instead of blaming America for being the source of the trouble the mass media and the few research fellows in a twisted fact of actuality persist on accusing China for the wrong reasons. The South China Sea issue is

between China and a few Asean countries viz Viets and Pinoys and not between China and ASEAN as a block per se. Cambodia and Laos are able to distinguish truth from twisted facts and acted correctly and

righteously. But  he mass media and the few fellow strategic reseachers refused to accept the actual facts and truths and insist on bending to the directives from Washington. This defies understanding and decent conscience

that is if they have any. They resort to unfriendly words and insulting terms, calling and naming Cambodia and Laos as Trojan Horses.  They are clearly portraying themselves as representing some of the Asean countries as

American lackeys or running dogs. They are suspects and what they are up to is yet to be seen. Instead of mediating and helping ASEAN and China to talk and negotiate and arrive at a harmonious peaceful conclusion,

they prefer to play into the hands of USA in creating flash points in the South China Sea.

What kind of strategic research have these few fellow researchers been indulged in? Either they are suspects of being American fifth column or they just have to write some hogwash to justify the security of their fat paying

jobs. In any case they are a disgrace to society and an insult to people's intelligence.


Wednesday, 27th July, 2016


Anonymous said...

My take for PRC is to prepare for the worst case scenario.

And Asean to think long term prosperity and peace for the region.

The interloper comes in the form of 2 carrier attack groups and they sail afar 6000 miles away. Loitering and lingering as if to show force when they have have no show cause to prove.

Now France has indicated to join the patrol in SCS. So we have India, Japan, France, Australia and USA with resident Vietnam and Pinoy staying home and watch.

Whether elephants make love or fight, the grass and trees always suffer.

Anonymous said...

France deserved the bombings and killings in their streets for the evils they done to the Arabs and Africans. They would be so bogged down with the burning and killings soon that they would have no time for anything else.

A major earthquake in Japan and a couple of nuclear disasters would be heaven's way to punish the evil Japanese for their crimes against humanity in WW2.

God has given up on the West's evil ways and troubles are coming to them back home. They will be destroyed at home to stop them from creating mischiefs all over the world. The Blacks in America will rise to kill the whites and American cities will burn as well.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.20

Well said! France joined the Brits and the Americunts in attacking Sadamm Hussein

They are the joint murderers of the Iraqi people.

So now they deserved to be killed on return.

Civil wars happening soon in USA.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The mass media is a problem because it is controlled by western academics. Edrogan is smart by purging the universities and getting rid of western influences thus preventing the fifth column from effecting turkey.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got fifth column or not?

Anonymous said...

PARIS (AP) -- When militants loyal to the Islamic State group seek to inflict pain on Europe, France is their preferred target, a grim reality borne out yet again with Tuesday's knife slaughter of a Catholic priest.

Since January 2015, IS-inspired attackers have killed at least 235 people in France, by far the largest casualty rate of any Western country. French citizens or French-speaking residents have committed the overwhelming majority of strikes, often employing suicide tactics alongside command of their home surroundings....its colonial history, demographic tensions and interventionist policies against militant Muslims abroad point to deeper reasons why anti-Western killers seek so ruthlessly to bring grief to France's door.

France has suffered terrorism incubated in Algeria since the late 1950s as the French fought an ultimately doomed war to retain their major North African possession. France withdrew from Morocco in 1955, Tunisia in 1956 and Algeria in 1962.

But just as in West Africa, where French finance and military might continue to shore up friendly governments, France has never fully withdrawn its influence, maintaining a far more hands-on role than the British do in their former empire.

In the mid-1990s, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria - which decapitated citizens and slaughtered foreigners on home soil as it sought to overthrow a French-backed government - mobilized supporters in France to commit train bombings and other violence that claimed more than 20 lives.

patriot said...

Elder Virgo49;
Enjoy living in Boleh Land.
As for the Crime against Irag,
You may like Karma to be more
forgiving as some Leaders in Sin
had echoed George Bush and Tony Blair that Iraq was having
weapon of mass destruction anf send military assistance to their(Bush/Blair) actions in Iraq.
If Karma strikes Sin, it gonna makes Sinkies suffer for the Folly
of just a few shenanigans.
Not too fair for most or majority
of Sinkies who were and are detached from the Middle East Affairs.


Anonymous said...

Having faced the determination of the Chinese people to take them headon , the Evil Empire went on a pretense to ask the Pinoys to talk and negotiate with China. But the moment Kerry left Beijing to meet Duterte in Manila, he told the Pinoys to remain firm and tough in the South China Sea issue. You just can't trust the evil white Americans. They will never give up creating wars and choas in this region. Some silly Asean countries no matter what will believe in American demonisation of China and join in the aggression against China. They will eventually pay for their stupidity. By then it will bed too late to regret.

Anonymous said...

Singapore does not take sides in the South China Sea issue. HA! HA! Don't take people for fools. They say Singapore is a playground for USA Airforce and Navy or to be direct American military base. So if the Evil Empire creates wars in the region can Singapore hope not to be dragged in. A nuclear attack on Singapore is certain if Singapore is not careful.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Patriot, MOT Karma will also strike sinkieland.

Soon, soon. The ostriches sinkies with their heads in sand will have the same retributions.

That's why you see the fears and unprecedented security that inconvenienced us travellers due to the stupidity of these few shenanigans.

Hope the sinkies will wake up. They keep harping harmony, harmony if been strike.

Who are to be blamed??

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot if this is what you believe, honestly the world would be a better place without you. I'm not going to argue with an idiot, all I'll say is this; The PCA is recognised by the UN, fact, according to UNCLOS China has no claims to the 9 dash line, fact, China is a signatory to UNCLOS, fact, they should fall in line and respect the ruling or they should pull out of UNCLOS. I'm tired of hearing fools like yourself talking absolute crap, you make this world a bad place. FYI I am not American or Chinese, I am African, Africa is tired of people like you who misrepresent the facts for your own gain. Get lost and never come back please

Anonymous said...

Even ordinary Vietnamese are giving the middle finger to China on their own anger and initiative.

What do you expect when another country tries to annex land that's thousands of miles from its nearest shore ?

A Chinese woman visiting Vietnam over the weekend realised the border official letting her through had scribbled "f**k you" on two pages of her passport, Chinese papers are reporting.

He wrote it right across a controversial map printed on the two pages. The map, which China started printing on three pages in each passport since 2012, is a source of much anger against China in Southeast Asia, because it outlines a large chunk of the South China Sea that China says belongs to it.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, China has chosen the path of non participation of arbitration talks in SCS.

Not so much of accepting or rejecting ruling. But much of not participation in international events and play along the game as such setting up its own rule or terms.

At the end of the day, this will bite back hard. Every course of action will have its consequences.

Anonymous said...

'FYI I am not American or Chinese, I am African, Africa is tired of people like you who misrepresent the facts for your own gain. Get lost and never come back please'

You still did not realise that the world has moved on and Africa is still a primitive continent with empty heads like you, unable to think or see clearly what is going on around the world. No wonder your fore parents are caught and sold as slaves.

You will forever be ruled by the white men, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to rob the native Americans of their lands and the lands of Africans and natives all over the world.

Just because you can read and write in English does not mean you are capable of objective thinking. Civilisation supposed to originate from Africa but the Africans are the most backward civilisation in the world. You know why? Of course you don't.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning Mr African, welcome to the blog.
It is nice to have the views of someone from Africa.

The agenda of this blog, other than Singapore news is to give an alternative view on world affairs so that readers need to just read news from the West like NYT, Reuters, Agencies etc with their western bias and agenda.

virgo49 said...

See now the Democrat Convention now on going on CNN.

These MFuckers sending their own to die for their Agenda and lying thru their teeth without blinking and these idiots cheering for them.

Many of these farking blacks been killed daily by the whites still sucks to the whites.

Also, many of the so called third world muffets who believe that they are now in the first world swagger thinking that they had arrived.

Still been employed as beggars in other countries tried to talk down to their hosts.

The bloody Ah Neys and the Vietnamese who are universally know to be cheats.

You see them everywhere looking down on the locals who given them their hospitality

Just like the now ok Sinkies who had the same mentalities thinking that they had arrived but gonna be engulfed and swallow alive by these perpetrators.

Karma soon gonna befall them.

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.09

If your look are Chinese by descent you be Stil a China man wherever you goes.

The bananas think that just because they dyed their hair red and blonde and speaks like an Ang moh with pricks in their mouths they think that others recognise them as not Cina Babi.

Other nationalities had a strong dislike for PRC for they are potential World Number One with its wealth and civilization.

They are just too envious that we Chinese are doing so well.Been to several countries including Japan and that swanky young Immigration Officer just three my Sinkieland passport across the counter. They do not recognise Sinking Land red passport.
To them you are still a China man. My enemy.

So those bananas, wake up to this realty.

I knew the bolehland mats still has a strong dislike for us.

Who cares, I had disposable monies to enjoy myself here while you still have to work your butts out.

Anonymous said...

Dont compare Japan and Vietnam.

You go to vietnam ( go through the process of visa processing there) and remote parts of Indonesia airport security.

You will know the worlds apart. Got hotline to complain?

The China lady will be scared to hell as this part of the world is different. If this is her own country or in HK, she would screen and fuck the officer on spot.

This is one of the outcome when you deal with these types of country who of course cannot fight china in economic or military terms. But from time to time, creative ideas will emerge. Of course, china can ban vietnam as well. So be it....

Remember ages ago where Malaysian immigration officers at causeway "forgot" to stamp Singaporean passport? And put up stickers to say it is the responsibility of passport holders to check their passports as it is considered illegal entry to Malaysia.

I mean if you are barbaric (dont want to talk about law) in treating the smaller countries, so this shall be the way to deal with big barbaric countries.

Once this news is made public, what do you think other China visitors will think when they enter vietnam.

Anonymous said...

There was also another incident whereby a china tourist who was visiting Manila was creating a scene with local authorities in the airport.

She hit the officer and guess what the officer return with slaps. That really calm her down and start sobbing.

So what does this tell you?

In the end, China Chinese still cont to eat pinoy bananas?

virgo49 said...

That's because most Chinese have a sense of proportion and righteous thinking.

We can be same colour but we do not condone harmful activities by our same kind to side them even if they are in the wrong.

Not like those unthinking idiots who die for their own kind doing the wrong things.

We must have a civilisation that have a sense of righteousness and not kill or maim others just because your own kind is hurt justifiably or u unjustifiable.

This is the line between animals and humans and some animals are more human than human beans.

Anonymous said...

Righteous and proportion thinking.

That is when you have enough to eat and have time to think.

You forgot how Modern China evolve. Many people die just during the cultural revolution not to mention all the other wars. Those people who survive are still alive now, they can tell you how life was then.

Correct. But not when China chose not to participate in international proceedings and resolve issues through legals means but chose other means.

It is no different from animal. Again this demonstrates clearly that whoever's muscle is stronger, it will do just what he wants. He may or may not prevail. What makes you think US, Russia and others are any different and no animals as well?

It is just like a big zoo!! .

Anonymous said...

kangaroo courts are for animals and only animals believe in kangaroo courts.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, animal refuse to recognize that it is just a kangaroo and pretend to be a lion.

In the end, got kick out of the zoo and soon luck decline and starve to death.

This time round nobody help unlike last time where everybody chip in to donate....hahaha.