An Obama joke

The world news reported that Obama said the America can end race division. It is about the right thing for Obama to say in his last few days in the White House, by cracking more racist jokes. America can end race division? My God, Obama must be smoking marijauna these days since he has so much time in hand and nothing to do. The almost daily killings of the blacks by the white American police are now a norm. They are not going away. The repeated killings of the blacks at the slightest opportunity are not looking like the acts of individual white policemen. It is looking more like a policy thing or else the white policemen would not be so rash and the killings of the blacks so rampant.

While Obama continues with his sick joke that the black man that killed 5 white policemen was a lone wolf, more threats were received against the white policemen. The white policemen are now hiding behind barricades in the police stations as they are now the targets of black hate and anger.  For centuries they have been bullying the blacks and think they can continue to do so and get away with it. Now the blacks are fighting back.  They are hunting for the white policemen, the hunter being the hunted.

The white policemen are now facing a double whammy, the wrath of the blacks and the terrorist attacks from IS.  And while they are fearing for their lives, and hiding inside the police quarters, who is there to patrol the streets and guard the safety of the Americans, installations and soft targets?

Obama should tell the white policemen to have no fear and to continue to walk the streets and continue to do their shootings of the blacks like it is their God damn right to do so.

Is Obama serious? Or is he cracking a sick joke as President of the USA? Let me end this piece with another quote from Obama appearing in Channel News Asia. ‘I firmly believe that America is not as divided as some have suggested,"... "There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion ... but there is unity.’ Oh, there is unity? Is Obama an alien?

Hillary was pronounced by the FBI as a very careless person, and now running for Presidency.  Hope she would not be careless enough to start World War 3.  What would the FBI said of Obama, a joker that goes around starting wars and honoured with a Nobel Peace Prize? The violent white Americans at home and around the world would be met with violence. They cannot keep on killing people at will and at their fancy. The blacks at home and the rest of the world will hit back.


Anonymous said...

This is Obama's retribution for causing unrest in East Asia & South China Sea & more to come after he would step down this year. Uncle Sam ownself is olso problem & wan to be 'police' to other countries ( isn't it a joke?). If u meddle others people affair, the same will happen unto u ..'cos the world is round.. why not Obama learn from Mai Mum? Jus keep quiet after the incident, & everything goes into thin air ad though nothing happened. or Obama can learnt from Mai Mum or Najinx, take down its opponents 1 by 1 ..stay united not solution la Obama must be kidding..divide & rule is only way to go..if Hillary become elected will be more headache & more division...

Virgo49 said...

The farking whites preached human rights and no racial discrimination.

But they are the worse hypocrites in practising their beliefs.

Obama, black man cannot even protect his own kind.

PRESIDENT on a puppet.

Now Sinkie land still the best. Protection of minority rights as paramount. Where on the world you can find such magnanimous majority planning even to put minioriy President on rotation.

And yet the minority is still harbouring suspicions that they are been discriminated.

One wrong remark and you are in for sedition or fired for been too practical and callous in employment opportunities.

Anonymous said...

What RB did not described in message was the video circulated in media show a black man was shot 4 times in a car by a white policeman, while his wife was at side and young kid also in the car.

I did not bear to read the details in UK telegraph or daily mail as i as a father can feel for the dying father and the family whose young children will have to live without a father.

4 shots was it too much or too little?

Dallas shoot followed days after with 5 policemen dead. To me, it is a revenge shooting. Was it too much or too little?
Only Obama will know as the policemen are allowed to shoot so easily, on unarmed civilians in US. From cases, those get shot were non white men or young teens or kids.

Unless Obama can rule US to protect unarmed non white being shot, i guess this kind of ambush on policemen might become a typical case after some unreasonable execution of unarmed civilian on the streets. It sounds racist as color of skin is involved. However, people must have feeling inside them. It comes from the feelings of seeing unarmed being bullied with guns shots. This is Obama s world. East asia is also seeing guns going to be fired soon.
Come lah, is what PLA said. Will they get ambush? Akan datang, show will start tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Obama is on count down.

He probably is thinking about his retiring income on where to give lectures or what books to write and publish.

He served his 2 terms and his legacy is perhaps he did tone down the war overseas and bring back as many soldiers as he could. Whether this is good enough, i personally think it is useless. In the end, he forgot about the US eagle symbol. One claw with leafs and the other with arrows. ie. it is in the blood that US is always ready to strike.

Other than that.... nothing change much. Other point is he always seem to be stupid in the beginning compared to Xi and Putin. Later part, he shows he can be very sinister probably as he is learning from his job. Normally this type of person need to be very careful as you cannot predict his pattern.

He did something in planning or approving halting further rise of China influence. But i think it has nothing to do with with him in regards to future war. The next leader can be very different from him whether it is Hillary or Trump.

Anonymous said...

4 shots enough? It depends. The objective is to make sure the victim is dead. How many shots would be enough?

patriot said...

Obama is the Most Lousy President in the History of the United States simply because he fails badly to unite the Many Races in US.

He fast bad to emancipate his Fellow Black Americans with the Highest Number of them(Blacks) killed by Law Enforcers. Due to poor economic progress during his(Obama) two terms, Americans and especially the Black African Ones, suffered from lacks of jobs and other malaises

Under Obama, the Middle East, Asia, Europe are all in bad shapes due to the US Meddlings under Obama's Reign.

The Black Americans shall hold Obama responsible in time to come even though he shall be President no more very soon.


patriot said...

'He fails badly..
to correct
'He fast had....

Please forgive.


Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are all experts in race relations and US politics?

Anonymous said...

We discussed race relation in our CEC and we are of the view that race does not matter. Example we have been riding China PRC, Vietnamese, Pinoy, Thai and Indonesian and even white girls. They are all the same other than skin Colours and these make things more interesting in our World. Please do not discriminate as we are all human.

Robert Loong
Vice President
Kuda Riding Club
On behalf of Chairman
In association with Kuda International

Anonymous said...

The female beans of all races are all very accommodating and are a joy to ride on.

It's the riders that are always the trouble makers, due much to ego
and envy.

b said...

It was known that he wants to bring in the martial law. This event may be orchestrated by his master.

Anonymous said...

"My God, Obama must be smoking marijauna these days since he has so much time in hand and nothing to do."

LoL, such a rotten country relying on making profits from wars, drugs and financial manipulation.