American’s use of warships to control the South China Sea not disturbing

A typical western set piece by AGENCIES with the title “China’s use of fishing vessels in Indonesian waters to assert claims ‘disturbing’” was reported in the Today paper on 23 Jun 16.  The first para, ‘China is using its fishing fleets with armed escorts to bolster maritime claims in disputed territory, a senior United States’ State Department official warned yesterday, calling China’s behavior “disturbing’ and, “I think it’s a disturbing trend to see Chinese fishing vessels accompanied by coast guard vessels, used in a way that appears to be an attempt to exert a claim that may not be legitimate,” said another US official to journalists in SE Asia.

What is not disturbing is the Americans moving more of their military hardware into Asia and SE Asia, sailing their warships and flying their warplanes and conducting military exercises in the South China Sea.  Let me rephrase what the US official said and see if it is disturbing? ‘I think it’s a disturbing trend to see American aircraft carriers in the South China Sea accompanied by more naval vessels, used in a way that appears to be an attempt to exert a claim that may not be legitimate.’ The silly Asean country leaders are blinded by their greed to try to seize a few low hanging fruits in the Chinese garden and did not know that the Americans are surrounding the Chinese garden, including their own gardens, and are taking over all of them.

The Americans also claimed that the Chinese fishing boats were accompanied and escorted by Chinese coast guard vessels. If that be the case, how could the Indonesian frigate be firing at the Chinese ships without the Chinese coast guards firing back?  Or the coast guards were not there in the first place?

The western media have been repeatedly pushing out articles to poison the minds of the readers to hate China. There is also an article by a Nick Frisch from the local Yale Law School asking whether it is worth looking back at Tiananmen after 27 years. This is another way to revive memories of the Tiananmen Incident. I would also like to ask whether it is worth it to looking back at the 200 years of African slavery in America and the genocide of 70m to 100m native Americans, depending on which American historian’s figure?  Or those incidents happened too long ago and better not to be remembered. Why were there no Slavery Day to remember the enslavement of Africans in the USA? Why were there no Genocide of Red Indians Day to remember the millions killed, murdered and slaughtered by the Europeans? Too few Red Indians left to remember? Or no one dare to remember them to offend the White Americans?

I have not read the article yet. Maybe I should and write an article about the white man’s conscience.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Before you write about "white man's conscience", familiarise yourself with the idea of "white guilt" or "white man's burden", which is the root cause behind all this progressive liberal "politically-correct, Eco-friendly, LBGT, feminist, globalised-new-world-order-human rights" bullshit.

Without these ideas, there won't be a global policeman to force everyone
in other cultures to adopt these ideas....or else.

These ideas are going to make for a President "fat arse" Hillary. And I've decided to back her campaign ALL THE WAY---not because I hold the aforementioned ideas as the gold-standard for morality, but only because I have a selfish desire to see Bill Clinton as "First Lady", which will be COMEDY GOLD.

With Bill as the USA's "First Lady", no pussy in global politics will be safe. Hillary will fuck the world, Bill with fuck all the bitches, get caught...and DENY every allegation. 😂😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Before you write about "white man's conscience", familiarise yourself with the idea of "white guilt" or "white man's burden", which is the root cause behind all this progressive liberal "politically-correct, Eco-friendly, LBGT, feminist, globalised-new-world-order-human rights" bullshit.

Without these ideas, there won't be a global policeman to force everyone
in other cultures to adopt these ideas....or else.'

Let's not be naïve. All these ideas, including manifest destiny, American Exceptionalism, human rights, democracy and all the craps were created as justifications to con the world in order to rule them. It is about control and empire, not about conscience and guilt.

Anonymous said...

American’s use of warships to control the South China Sea not disturbing

Singaporeans use of PAP to control Singapore is also not disturbing meh?

patriot said...

The Peoples Republic of China can conduct some combined naval exercises with Russia and those Asean Members interested to participate.
They can work together to ensure safety from piracy and also ensure the Freedom to use international waters.

Indeed, Russi and China should consuct naval exercises at all strategic international waters
to keep the Integrity of the Sea


Hermit said...

Ah, finally. Back to the usual US vs China rant.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Western (white man) culture is a melange of various ideas, even conflicting ones. "Manifest destiny" and "white-guilt" go (strangely, as it would seem) together.

Some who hold manifest destiny as their guiding doctrine interpret it to me "total conquest and global domination"

Another interpretation of manifest destiny is that because the white man is "superior" he should feel "guilty" for his good fortune, then go forth and bring his enlightened values to the poor savages of the world.

"White supremacy" goes 2 ways, and many ways in-between. The NGO Aid agencies is "white guilt" at work. The US military, multinational corporations are "white domination" at work (although one can hardly call America "white" anymore).

All saying is, that if you paint a picture tekaning your favourite target (white folks), paint a proper picture.

IMO, NGOs, the UN and other "aid" agencies, also meddle in the affairs of foreigners, by imposing "help" and "culture" by charity---free food , medicine, water etc. Of course NGOs are not as bad as the military who kills thousands by drone-attacks alone.

Both the white-guilt driven NGOs and the white-domination military-industrial complex have one thing in common: they hijack other cultures and upset the natural course of those nations and peoples. Either way, those cultures are "destroyed" by western influence IMPOSED on them.

patriot said...

The So-called 'White Superiority' is NOT AN AMERICAN CULTURE OR EXCEPTIONALISM. It's a SUPERSTITION that arose from the Religious Manifestation of Christianity which originates from Jerusalem.

The American Whites are successors of the White Marauders. Same as those Whites in Canada.

Those Whites in Oz and N Zealand are descendents of White Convicts from UK


Anonymous said...

Readers must not miss these news:
1. China has put 3 carriers, the east sea, north sea, and anti missile carrier guard (they call fu wei jian), starting one of the biggest naval exercise in S China sea. This exercise was not scheduled in main calendar known to the west.

2. Putin visited Finland. Told the neutral Fin PM that Nato put 30 jets and 1200tanks in Eastern Europe countries, if Finland join Nato, will Russia still keep its troops 1500km away from Finland border? Putin said, Russia will react to Nato.

Can readers see the situation? There are naval exercises so common that almost weekly its the news. All are aiming at the July 12 Hague heaven judgement.

The China side has a different way. China will deploy their hardware, do exercises, and the civilian politicians stay clear of saying a single words of PLA. Boh Wa er taichi.
PLA will have own press conference.

Russia will speak through its president Putin.

So Americans better believe what the deputy chief of staff spoke in Shangrila, "China does not scare of ghost, does not believe in black magic."
I interpret this china man meant, measure scientifically on PLA s firing power. Dont talk cock.(telling someone called harris and carter claimed US is the world supremo army.)

US has 3 carriers at S China sea. Taiwan has showed its deadly 2 time sound speed sea surface missile, MOUNTED on 3rd class little looking carrier, and really fired.

China better kowtow to US. China is surrounded in my view, similar to Russia. China Xi has one option, ie PLA will ask Xi to sign the fire now option, sometimes after July 12, when judgement from heaven says, the Ocean Laws takes over the historic doted lines, islands belong to Pinoys. The Vietnam will come along with Malaysia and Indonesia at the queue in Hague court.
PLA will have to be scared of ghost or not? China calls ang mor what in HK? Xi will be agonized, asking for kia hong shia, ( a kind of TCM for baby to cure "scared" till lau sai).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

>> Those Whites in Oz and N Zealand are descendents of White Convicts from UK <<

No. Not all. Definitely not New Zealand. Western Australia was not a penal colony. The white folks who came here were mostly entrepreneurs, clergy, farmers, engineers and scientists, and of course cheng hu. This is partly the reason why WA has such a strong "small business" mindset.

Eastern Australia had penal colonies. But Australia was settled by people applying to go. They would get land grants, subsidized passage etc etc to come to Australia, fuck up the natives and enjoy the riches of a new continent...all for themselves. Good deal what?

"White superiority" has religious roots. But the idea is more complex than just attributing it to one reason alone.

Anonymous said...

Dun worry, French is asking EU to join in the party. Now contrary to what should only be claimant state involvement. It is now def a International focal point including the west and Russia participating.

Russia cant do much now as it has so much to worry on its NATO front (including this Turkey) as they do not have enough resources to go around both fronts. So China is alone in SCS.

Xi is getting into a real shitty mess. For the 1st time, he is going to be the one who will lose the 9 dash line in China history at least on paper. HK and Taiwan also not stable.

Why it seems that the situation is more stable when under more corrupt or incapable leadership compared to a perceived more capable or clean leadership?

Why become like that now even when have money and can spend like mad?

Unknown said...


Have you read on the blue empire (state department ) vs red empire (pentagon) conflict in the USG ? The military industrial complex is backed by the red empire (pentagon), while the NGOs are backed by the blue empire (state department). Conflict between the 2 factions explain a lot of what is going on in the world.


Anonymous said...

"Xi is getting into a real shitty mess. For the 1st time, he is going to be the one who will lose the 9 dash line in China history at least on paper. HK and Taiwan also not stable."
This is a truth.

The history started from Hillary time, when the little dot and the old man and son also parroted her words on codes for China to behave in dealing with Scs. China itself had signed code with Asean on mutual negotiation. Hillary and little dot had separate "solution" wanted china to follow.
Then the son of assassinated pinoy senator went to Hague court using ocean laws, and claimed those islands are not inhabited including that occupied by taiwan soldiers already there for years. Pinoys are bluffing and it could go on with the court without the other side to answer, yet it promised to deliver "judgement".

The load is heavy on Xi because of his inaction. If after the judgement Xi still talk cocks about trade with asean lah, China men will think this guy is a book parroter. His country s parts are robbed by some kangaroo court supported by US, yet he is not even mentioning it. See Xi how he will act. Guess chinese intelligent communists are not fools.

China has the weapons. Jean s defense UK published PLA has a kind of anti carrier missile can run on 2 speed. First vertically up, then travel at 0.8 time sound speed up to 150km and break into another propeller, travel at 2-3 times sound speed for another 40km. It is hard for the old carrier in US to defend. The missile is called Attack Hawker, get the name? It is effective according to UK. If it explode km away from the Carrier, it can destabilize 60% of the Carrier s electronic system. This type of missile Russia has, India has, it is not uncommon.

So the 3 Carriers and some at Guam and Changi are for show. Look like they cannot beat the PLA in real war, or any country big such as India. What is the use to talk cock about Carrier group? They are junks in sea within hours.

But will Xi has the balls to trigger? He does not look like one comparing to Putin, where carrier group never want to mess with.

In fact, first thing to do is to raise import taxes on pinoys goods enter China. Pinoy has US$19billion export to China, the number 1 export destination for pinoy. Just stop it, pinoy will surrender.
Taiwan is the same. China can squeeze it and stop taiwanese make money in China but joint the independent party at home to anti china. Xi can take this kind of stuff.
HK is worst. Xi can stop the water and fresh foods supply, HK will be starved. Independence must have resources, no money how to be independent for hK?

Anonymous said...

With things ongoing like this, Xi left himself no choice but to trigger war, small conflict, or trade war. Of course things can go very wrong. This course will def make investment money leave china and embargo to china. Trade will plummet sharply.

But if he does not do so, he will also be courting death within the communist party and PLA.

What a mess he got into?

And i dont think by being tough to HK/Taiwan or neighbors will benefit China. It will only make them embrace the west more. They are just like your rebellious children who in modern days you cannot just cane them alone unlike last time. The more you cane, the likely hood that they will leave home. Can you imagine after many years since 1997, still got HK youth carry HK colonial flag? what the hell? Brain enter water?

Anonymous said...

"Xi left himself no choice but to trigger war, small conflict, or trade war."
The easy way: do nothing has proven to Xi that US hawkist is putting the knife deeper into his stomach. This Scs issued was settled by ex pm Wen signing agreement with Asean (around 2001 or 2) to talk directly. Then Pinoys went to the Hague court to bluff with wrong facts eg Taiwan Taiping island claimed by pinoy is a reef with no one staying on it. Ex president Ma had to fly there to show that is occupied by taiwan soldiers.
The Hague court continue with the bluff facts.

In 2013 before Xi took over, the pm from little dot gave a speech at CCP party school asking China to discuss the "code of conduct" for Scs, asked by Hillary.
This was obvious that US disapproved China and Asean s agreement in 2001/2.

How did Xi react when came to power? Nothing. He did not eve raise the issue that there is no more issue on code of conduct except talk directly. Xi did not use punishment to Asean for not following the terms. That is the sign that US knew, Xi is chicken.

The the encircle of China starts, Changi became a base for US carrier. The peak was May 2016: US made South China sea issue an international issue. US Carter infront of world defense ministers and staff humiliate PLA and isolated the delegate, as if China was at the wrong side not obeying the Hague court.

This kind of humiliation was kept quiet by Xi. I wander what kind of big country he claimed China is one.

Japan now openly asked G7 on July 1, to demand China to obey the Hague judgement.

Why the world can behave in such a way to go against China for owning the 11 or 9 dotted lines reefs given to the chinese by their parents and grandparents?

Its is because the China government is weak. The world media are pro US. Xi allows even HK citizens to go against China and Taiwan too. US and the west will pay these HK and Tw citizens to do things against China through media.

Xi should not allow PLA to be humiliated,and stop PLA to join the Shangrila show, so that the discussion on S C S cannot go so big in May, it was world wide.

Xi must immediately withdraw from the UN Ocean laws, as it was used as a tool to go against China s very own territories.
Xi should tell pinoys, go to China courts to talk about the reefs, and cut pinoy import by making it hard to enter China.
The same must do to Taiwan. Tell them no unification, no big deals, and really no deals with Taiwnese. Instead, Xi said to his communist parties members, Taiwanese are brothers, and gave no firm hints when he wants to take back taiwan.

Xi is also a problem to the territorial problems in china.

patriot said...

@ Matilah Singapura;

Points noted.

Naturally, the Chenghu; the Administrative Arm of the UK Empire and those business folks were taking advantages of the convicts and resources then. So, in a way those so called entrepreneurs and convict related staff/personnels were convict related.


patriot said...

@ Matilah Singapura;

Points noted.

Naturally, the Chenghu; the Administrative Arm of the UK Empire and those business folks were taking advantages of the convicts and resources then. So, in a way those so called entrepreneurs and convict related staff/personnels were convict related.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 255pm

Based on what you say, it seems that one cannot avoid its destiny or go against god's will?

So history will repeat itself and China will need to close its door to reshuffle the cards again.

At the end of the day, maybe wealth or no wealth is not a issue. A weak govt or one party system is always the problem? Banana country also play the legal game well despite facing the giant?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:30pm
I agree with your insight one party in china is facing its clog on intelligence filtering similar to somewhere familiar.
1 man decision making provides chances for mediocre, lack superior thinking. example: using taiwan and china as one family close is a risk. it dispel PLA generals from identify the hostile forces from taiwan even they know those taiwanese will want them to die when they have superior weapons.
Providing no target date for taking taiwan tell PLA to give up better than working towards a war. PLA now might hv found some thing to work on at Scs. But subject to China govt to activate them. China govt is empowered to go to war without the "parliament" approval on emergency, so i assumed PLA can open fire when hit upon.
From the play, where China signed in 2002 agreement with Asean on direct talk on the Scs islands, then little dot went around to help Hillary to demand China to accept "code of conduct" in US terms in 2013 showed, China was led by the nose in diplomatic actions. It was passive and took no initiatives.
example: china should cut off ties with Unclos and declare Philippines has violated the 2002 agreement and thus went into mode to sanction against Philippines and Aseans. Yet the China FM went round talking to Asean with individual country. At the end, China has one real friend Cambodia supporting its stand. Then China must take actions against those not supporting it.

I guess everyone in China is dependent on Xi if he gives instructions to do what. In the past, the President has broader roles, the PM has details roles. Now Xi wants to do all, the PM has roles on domestic issues. That is also easy to pin point how Xi mess up the entire issue on Scs. It should be no more negotiation because Xi is not given the power to give up China lands.
There is China laws on anti breaking up china, and PLA is empowered to keep the territory intact.

How can Xi let US and pinoys to question ownership of China own lands?
Xi must show his power against pinoys and its supporters in Asean, and sell US bonds to teach US who has cash. But he did none of them to let these countries learn a lesson.

For his neglecting the issue, he will pay a price when the judgement calls for China to give up its own lands.

That will frame up China as a land robber, actually is the land owner.

Xi will have a lot to do to resolve the problems. It seems to me he is incapable to get out of the situations and have a good laugh after July 12. China is trapped by the west, especially the pro US Asean. But these countries will get problems when another China leader takes over and take the hardline stands. Who will take Xi? He likes to pau ka liao.

Do too many things in one day will end up doing them badly. This is the fact. This is one party system. 1 man party.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure of how PLA works now especially when Xi restructured the military districts and reshuffle the cards.

He has placed a lot of his "own" people in control of PLA, police, wu jing and so on. I think everything need to go through him with or with no law/constitution.

So by right, he should have 100% absolute control over PLA unlike his predecessors.

Last time it was a bit different where revolution leaders all were kind of mini warlords that is part of the central military committee under the leader (chairman/party secretary). All have to agreed in order execute the orders.

Jun 4 incident was an example where some refuse to obey the Deng or Li. 28th Army was an example. Commander was sympathetic to Zhao.

After that Jiang came to power and was in control even up till Hu/Wen came to "puppet" power. At the end of the day, also need to see who is your father/uncle and so on.

However another big question still remains such as how come China which is now much more richer and enjoys no.1 trade partner with many countries now turns out to be a major failure in foreign policy/diplomacy? Some may blame the west for interfering but that is why it is called foreign policy/diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

Tell me why China is a failure?

Every year 100m Chinese tour the world with pockets full of cash that many European countries are begging for a bite of this Chinese cherry.

How rich or how poor are you compare to the Chinese tourists?

China is a failure? You have forgotten your appointment to have your head check at IMH?

Anonymous said...

Read carefully lah.

Got money but no brains, whats the use.

People kowtow to you in front but back stab you behind..... You know what is foreign policy or diplomacy?

Not only you need to start over again in primary school but also need to attend special school ie if they accept you. No need to go for checks, save the money.

Anonymous said...

“Older men start wars, but younger men fight them.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.” ~ Herbert Hoover

“I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” ~ George S. McGovern

So, how do you end the war once and for all?
Young men simply need to stop joining the military.
It is just as Einstein said:
"Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service."

Anonymous said...

Nah. Wipe away the chess board and start a new game. The blueprint is in the capital of China. It is a major tourist attraction there. The blur Chinese don't know yet hence the dragon is sitting on the throne

Anonymous said...

China is having naval exercise tomorrow 5th to 11th at Paracel islands facing the Philippines. No ships are allowed to pass the areas marked by them.

From the map, US and Philippines cannot take Scarborough Shoal by force with US because, China s naval base is at Hainan island, facing the Paracel islands.

Even US helps Philippines to invade the islands new Philippines, US marines cannot stay at the islands for long. Those islands have no facilities except those developed by China.

China is scared to have war because it is building its naval forces. But from Taiwan is Shongsan missile incidence, ordinary missiles can easily put big holes on US Carriers, being so huge as target. Shongsan missile is not comparable to China s Hawk Attack missile. Both are similar but Hawk Attack travels in 2 speeds, harder to defend.

Unless US ask for it, its Carrier will be at risk the moment it fetch Philippines marines to launch an attack at China held islands near Philippines. I guess, US will suffer casualties due to China s missiles. And the Carriers will sail back to Changi for repair. Then they will say no more war, and Philippines will say lets talk.

Its a world of missiles that rule the military. US dare not to invade North Korea, because it has missiles. The missiles can mount nuclear war heards. US just do not mess with North Korea. How can US mess with China, a more potent force than North Korea?
So China will continue to develop those islands belong to it historically. There is no doubt about it. Look at the naval exercise date ending on 11th July: it is a warning to pinoys. Come lah, hoot ah.

Anonymous said...

The reason why NK was not attacked is because US is quite certain that NK will not have reliable platform or platforms (Intercontinetal ballistic missiles) capable of reaching US soil even though it has a small qty of nuclear warheads.

The real intention of US actions in SK against NK is actually to pressure SK to allow them to deploy Thaad and X band radar against China and Russia. Same on the Europe front, some kind of complete the anti ballistic missile net around its enemy which of course pissed off the Russia and China. Also it will also kill two birds with one stone to let China perceived SK to be ally of US.

So far Scarborough Shoal is still a shoal which is nothing. It is 947km away from Hainan island but 300km away from clark airport.

The real problem is the reclaimed island in the spratly islands by china which is approx 3125km from Hainan. Distance from Clark airport to Spratly is 1188 km. Closer if you measure from Palawan.

So logistic support (food and water,fuel, medicine, ammunition etc) is key to the reclaimed island.

Anonymous said...

Also distance from Paracel islands to Hainan is 439 km and 435km from Da Nang, vietnam.

This exercise shows that China also knows clearly their strength and weakness.

By right, they should have shifted this exercise in spratly islands (most far away one) to train and check their unit operational status.

Anonymous said...

"The World Is A Violent, Terrible, Scary Place" - LGBT Gun Group Memberships Spike After Orlando Shooting


Anonymous said...

Trump Takes Aim At The Global Elite


Do you think a President Trump will make our Pinky his bitch?

Anonymous said...

"The people who rigged the system are supporting Hillary Clinton because they know as long as she is in charge nothing will ever change.
The inner cities will remain poor.
The factories will remain closed.
The borders will remain open.
The special interests will remain firmly in control.
I want you to imagine how much better our future can be if we declare independence from the elites who've led us to one financial and foreign policy disaster after another."
- Donald Trump


Anonymous said...

One thing is clear, whether or not everyone will agree with what is said, Trump is at least speaking more directly than most politicians do, and by pointing out the fact that everything is rigged, Trump has struck a common ground with many Americans who struggle each day just to make ends meet.
Whether the strategy of fighting back against the political machine will work or not remains to be seen, but to his credit, Trump isn't backing down, even when the establishment unites and tries to fight back.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 3, 2016

Follow Donald Trump on Twitter


Anonymous said...

"The western media have been repeatedly pushing out articles to poison the minds of the readers to hate China. There is also an article by a Nick Frisch from the local Yale Law School asking whether it is worth looking back at Tiananmen after 27 years. This is another way to revive memories of the Tiananmen Incident. I would also like to ask whether it is worth it to looking back at the 200 years of African slavery in America and the genocide of 70m to 100m native Americans, depending on which American historian’s figure? Or those incidents happened too long ago and better not to be remembered. Why were there no Slavery Day to remember the enslavement of Africans in the USA? Why were there no Genocide of Red Indians Day to remember the millions killed, murdered and slaughtered by the Europeans? Too few Red Indians left to remember? Or no one dare to remember them to offend the White Americans?"


Oh and don't forget that making an obscene amount of profit from war is one of the main economic pillar of the Empire of Chaos ;)

Anonymous said...

This warning came from the ex top diplomat during Presi Hu time in USA.

Daipingquo gave an invited speech at Carnegie foundation on 5 July commented Harris s provocative remarks that "tonight will have action".

Dai said, US could take 10 carriers to South China Sea. China would not be scared. Dont believe, US can try it.

This message was said on US soil. So US must not back down. Send the 10 Carriers over.

I wish to see how the cheng 20 stealth china plane and Attack Howk 18 attack US carriers. That will be good show.

US will be glad too as the war front is not in America. US Harris, still waiting to make up the face? Do it now.

Anonymous said...

Mao and Deng will also say they are not afraid of the 100 carriers.

The reason is at the end of the day, these people will not be the one kana bomb.

Just the same like the Qing lady who will shift her palace.

Which official will in admit he is afraid. Remember Saddam during the last hr broadcast where US troops enter bad dad?

You ever serve in Infantry, you will know what is the meaning of front line guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:48pm
I always see this word Qing and i wandered if he was the ghost hopping type on HK movie.

So you are.

I share the PLA saying, they dont scared of ghost, and black magic. I wander you walked in cemetery at mid night when serving army.

PLA has the firing power that modern army have nothing comparable, not to mentioned about Qing army. Go back to the Qing time and dont keep talking without reading what is firing power. How could Sadam Hussien have that kind of firing power in PLA? He did not trained his airforce, and scuf missile men, that led to his failure. U are the same kind like Sadam Hussien, bound to fail if you happened to have served army.

Anonymous said...

There was a US study: F35 is actually slower than F15. F35 is certainly slower than China jets and Russian jets.
F35 is too heavy.

This is the real fact: Recent around June 17.

Japan 1 F15 followed 2 China jets above senkaku island. Japan F15 locked target ready to fire on the 2 Chinese jets.

The 2 China jets turned a round but caught up with the F15 behind it, there was no report of locked target on China jets.

The F15 fired infra red bomb and got away.

This was explained by China state department when asked by reporters.

My mind was: how could Japan F15 was caught up? The China jets had to U turn round. Why F15 did not speed up? Not possible as F15 was slow, while China jets were faster.

So US jets are not comparable to China jets.

The China diplomat Daipingoa did not boost in US on 5 July asking US to send 10 Carriers to South China Sea. China is ready to fire at US s Carriers if US jets fire at China side.

China s words were directed to Commander Harris, and Dai asked US to try it out if US did not believe China has the power to take US Carriers.

I like this part and feel more confident on China. It also disallowed ships to enter the exercise zone between 5th to 11th.
Why not Harris sail its Carrier into the exercise zone? That is the right time to start a war.
May be US now is not confident.
Japan also can sail into the zone marked by China with pinoys to do joint patrol, as promised by Abe, and US. Abe and US Carter are so quiet.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon732pm

This is what they tell the chinese people/soldiers those days armed with knives, spears to go against foreigners armed with rifles that they are bullet proof and invincible. Those soldiers have a "brave" word in front of their uniform.

History is repeating itself. Nothing changes.

Rather than speaking scientifically and in terms of technology. He talks rubbish about ghost and what black magic.

Of course saddam knows the truth same like China leader which is why they are hesistant in every move they make, the person that does not know the truth is saddam's population and china population and you. Saddam's army is one of the "strongest" in middles east other than israel those days, Iraq (sunni) is used to counter Iran (shias - wrong spelling) otherwise Saudi burned already. Of course now then we know he did not train his airforce and whatever scud missile men and no match for US/west standards, how the hell we know that when he have 1000s+ tanks and comprehensive AA units and MIG 29 which turn out to be toys when play with US. Somemore Iraqi army got war experience. Even China analyst Zhang zhao dong admiral predicted allies will have a hard time, the same guy also said gadaffi will not be captured. The same day his show was aired, Gadaffi was captured.

How do we know it wont be the same result for china? Look at the SMRT Japan- China made MODERN trains? So MODERN that not 1 but many failed, then need to keep secret to ship them out back to factory.

Brush up your knowledge and history facts 1st lah Full of loopholes.... You like the NSmen army, i let you do my share with compliments. Daft sinkie.....!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 924pm

I dont know what you meant by fly too slow. One important criteria for Gen 5 fighter is to be able to cruise at supersonic without afterburner which F35 is capable of.

Now F35 is fully operational with all accessories and up to date software. It was said that F15E (us version) is of no match to F35 as it enters service to train with operational unit. Previous rumors about it being lost to F16 was a lie whereby F35 helmet/software was not fully operational. Now the question is how did it beat the F15E?

The Jap F15J (1st maiden flight is in 1981) are the US F15C/D versions with local kit. The point is even US is going or in process to retire their own fleet (even f15e) . Latest rumor is US is going to modify some F15/16 to fly as a drone. The theory here is to let the drone fly more than 9G (a human can substain 8G +) in order to out turn a missile or winning in dogfight. The test result although not revealed but was told to be satisfactory.

As mentioned many times, the US designs it next gen of fighters to engage enemy at BVR with secondary dog fighting capability so speed is never its aim. Its engine design is focus on providing power for heavy fighter to carry more in internal bay (no longer on external hardpoints).

In any case, Japan will get its 1st F35 next year (normally delay, UK got its 1st already) and we shall see what will be next; especially when J20 should be ready then. Japan also called for its own stealth plane tender, so a lot can be seen soon. Japan needs to thank China for helping them to push build local weapons (possible offensive weapons soon - like Hsiung Feng Missiles)and changing of own law restrictions and US also does not stop them/pressure them like last time. With Trump getting elected, Japan might even be able to gets it 1st nuclear weapon.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 924pm

I forget to add.

The F15 fired infra red bomb and got away. I think you must be reading the china media news and translated yourself. It should be F15J released Flare.

If this is the case, then it would be likely (my opinion) that it is the other way around whereby the F15J were locked by enemy and desperately release flare -evasive manoeuvres to break lock. This is a typical dog fight scene.

Many times you hear many stories about J20 change its look from time to time even now it should be in production. The in charge would explain that J20 will making changes from time to time even when it is in production. This is exactly a NO-NO for a high end engineering product. Standards, drawings, approvals must be in place 1st before production can proceed.
From there you can draw some clues about their engineering standards. If standards are not in place and guard well. Money lost is something but pilots safety and carrier safety (so many lives) will be at stake and most important thing is you need it to be reliable when time calls.

Exercise (prior Hague court judgement) is conducted in paracel islands which is at door step of vietnam. While this round is pinoy's problem, why go and stir additional shit with Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59pm
F15 release flare? Fire work for show?

I think the bomb used was correct. It is heat bomb or heat that will affect release of infra red missile. The release point is at the back heat exhaust. Heat, and no "Flare".

Between F35 and F15, i recommend you find out recent reports and not introductory reports about F35.

Good that Japan buys F35, and they will find they regret not buying Russian Mic or China Shengyang jet, faster than F35.
There will be good show in 2017.

Its US talking about freedom of navigation in South China Sea, the motive is to stir up threat. Now China ban entry to one area new Hainan island side, you story change because US dare not to come?

Remember this: China man challenged US in US soil talk: send 10 carriers see if PLA would be scared. PLA cannot wait to see Harris to come to fight, do you get the message clear?

The layman message is: come lah, lai leh, send 10 carriers lah. But US disappear liao.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, you are cute...heat bomb? I thought initially you made a translation mistake. But now i know you know nothing. Now this explain a lot of things. Flare release by fighter = firework? You are making a fool of your self? You got RSAF fighter friends, if got can go and ask.

Hi green horn, Go and check more on what is chaff or flare. These existed long long time.

Can you show me the reports you mentioned? Actually no need lah as from above, i already know your source.

As for me, one thing is for sure. F35 and F15 are designed based on very different aspects.
That is all i need to know. It is difficult for people to embrace new technology tier level and still stick to old level and thus comparing on uneven ground eg. last time speed is of essence but now under new concept, engaging enemy without him even know you are there and engage him BVR is of critical importance. Also why cruising supersonic without after burner is critical?

It is always the case that there will be a lot of revisions to a new technology until the best version will emerge. I give you a hint. F15E and SU35 can no longer be further modified.

Japan will start designing and building locally. We all know what its zeros did last time.
So what is there to regret now where previously it was not allowed or encouraged after WWII? Japan people should be proud of their industry capability likewise Taiwan people.

Whether of not it is freedom of navigation, the fact remains a lot of nations supported it for their own self reasons?
Whether US dare or dare not come is not of importance as they are on the other side of the planet. However why does china in the process of fighting US get so many neighbors involved and some more on US side? In short, why so stupid? This is because of its rise of economy that made it arrogant such that he thought he could engage all the "enemies" and let US exploit the situation.

US is actually using China Sun Tzi warfare on China. Only stupid man will go to US soil and challenged US military? What does it achieve in the end and what will it reflect China's international position? In the end, China's neighbor will be even more fearful of China. You can see now, everybody in this region is increasing budget to buy more arms. In the end who benefited from these arms sales?

A lot of people have the misconception that actually a lot of countries is afraid of US because of its military power. However i can tell you the truth is American diplomacy and foreign policy (ie. the most cunning and treacherous part) is the most scariest. The military is just a tool only.

Anonymous said...

Actually the China anti ship cruise missiles are fine and the YJ series are probably exceptional in range, payload and speed if true.

Now the problem is their detection skills and detection hardware, how far can they aquire targets for locking onto especially for non stationary targets. Another question is their counter jamming capabilities and most important of all is there joint target aquisition for all services.

For eg. Taiwan Hsiung feng 3 missile is rumored to hit 250km or 400km or whatever. The question is this type of Missle corvette that misfired this missile radar range will never cross 200KM. So what is the use of this excess range of missile range if the firing ship cannot detect further away enemy. The answer is the target is provided by other platforms or the US intelligence itself. All friendly units sharing similar data. This is the scary part. US prove that it can do this, did china prove it can do this as well?

Anonymous said...

See our singapore SMRT china manufactured train scandal.

That is why i say everybody deceives everybody in china. Now got rumors saying ex CSR staff reported factory forged test results.

Our leaders still keep quiet. Some i believe are now busy rehearsing on what to say next.

Do you still believe in China's cheap and untested toys? ie. why testing is so so important. Wah lau! what can happen to their C919 china assembled jet?

To the idiot (and destined to be idiot for life) who believes in cheap product, now the price you saved for 50 cents turns out to be costing more and more money and trouble for govt.

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