When Asean states are transparent and irrelevant

The Shangri La Dialogue came and gone. What happened? It was a forum for bickering between the two super powers, the US and China and how they compete for control and domination of the South China Sea. Where is the voice of Asean and Asean states in the Dialogue, hosted by Singapore and supposed to be a forum about Asean countries and their interests?

The Americans were telling the Chinese that it was all about freedom of navigation when freedom of navigation was never an issue in the first place. But freedom of navigation was an excuse for the Americans to threaten the Chinese with consequences and vowing to take actions should China continue to build structures in their islands. And China responded by saying it does not create trouble and fear no trouble, 无事不找事,有事不怕事. China is reclaiming land from the sea and building infrastructures inside its own territories. None of the Americans business.

And into the fray came more secondary powers or bit players as Sam Bateman called them, from all corners of the world from as far as Canada, France and the European Union and neighbouring India and Japan, all using this opportunity to claim their right to conduct military patrol in the South China Sea. Whose South China Sea is that? What about the littoral states of the South China Sea, what about Asean, the countries with EEZ in the South China Sea? Do they have a say in who should be patrolling the Sea?

With all the clouds and haze being spewed all over the South China Sea by the Americans, a country far far away and has no territorial interest in the South China Sea, the Americans and distant and near countries now conveniently claimed the right to the South China Sea, wanting to control the South China Sea militarily with no regards to the Asean countries, without having to ask the Asean countries for their opinion and their consent like the South China Sea belongs to them.

Such insolence and arrogance can only come from the European powers and young upstart second rate Asian powers  or bit players thinking that they are now military powers and can bulldoze their way all over the South China Sea. The blame should be placed squarely on the Asean states for their ignorance, foolishness and their reticence, for inviting the foreign powers to meddle with affairs in their region, and not protesting. They did not even know that they have served the South China Sea in a silver platter to the powers of the world and given up their interests in the Sea.

Asean is no longer relevant or material to the South China Sea. It has been hijacked by the big powers from far away under the guise of freedom of navigation, and taken over control of the South China Sea. Asean states are now transparent to the issue. Everyone is here to grab a piece of the sea to divide among themselves leaving Asean in the cold.

Do the Asean states know what is happening to their South China Sea? Most appeared to be like innocent school boys attending the Dialogue without knowing that their lollipops had been snatched away right under their noses. Stupidity has no cure.


Virgo49 said...

ASEAN or SIAN- Chinese dialogue or peh Kong or Bullshits and another meaning of SIAN means tired, listless already become SIAN long long time ago.

All with different Agendas and Objectives.

Some behaved as Big Bro even small talk of haze infuriated them.

Disband ASEAN not so SIAN.

Anonymous said...

LoL, already forgotten how the europeans screwing up the world until now and among their popular spots are Asia, Africa, etc?

And now their derrivatives, US, australia, etc are also screwing up the world?

A clear example that slaves will always be slaves because of their mentality!

Anonymous said...

US is the world most powerful military Ash Carter declared in Singapore. Carter said (3June st) there are over 100 US navy ships and 800 aircrafts in out Singapore.
Both countries defense ministers were on a P8 recon plane after Shangrila flying out of Singapore to show strength to all the rest of defense ministers and generals.

Asean countries should recognize the supreme force and stand at US side to help Philippines and Vietnam and other Asean countries to claim the South China Sea reefs, soil and islands, according to the rule of laws spelled out by the Hague tribunal applying the UNCLOS which US does not recognize.

But Combodia defense minister said to China repr: bilateral talks and not US s way should apply on South China Sea issues.

So Asean should do away with Cambodia. Then it can form a united front of South China Sea with the most powerful military power.

Asean is still useful to cooperate on sea accident remedy. In Vietnam, Asean junior foreign ministers met yesterday with China and all agree mutual actions needed in sea accidents.

On trade wise, China and Asean will have great difference after Ash Carter s stunt in Shangrila. China men even they are so weak and scared, they cannot hide away when the Japanese said openly in Shangrila echoing Carter saying China is commonly hatred and isolating itself. The PLA Chief as Japanese reprs to convey message to the Japs defense minster that Japs invasion of regional countries and Japan is the commonly hated country.

True enough, yesterday, China sent a missile warship with 3 Russians guess ships into Senkaku water. This is the first time China used missile warship in that area. From statistics, by 2014, the Japs only have 63 1kton warship, but the Chinese has 111 similar tonnage warships.

So japan now is a burden to US when at war with China. Taiwan is also a burden to US pacific commander Harris. However, As Carter said, US will act when China dare to challenge its order not to touch the Scarborough Shoal near Philippines.

At war between US and China, Asean cambodia will have to repeat fighting with Vietnam, a US new partner. Singapore will supply oil to US aircraft. China may send missiles to finish Changi base in one go.

Asean will not break after the small war. They will talk again, with or without US Carter. If US is still the domineering force, then it is endless fight with China while Asean will help both sides, some left some right, both hands are busy. That will tear China market into import from Asean or non Asean decisions.
Of course, Singapore will sanction export to countries not friendly to Singapore. That is old man s principle. Kung chang yong man. Its going to be laughable to the chinese young generation if China do not fall and still standing while Singapore become more in debts. Some one said, who do not indebt, really? Its Singapore s own policy for whom, for which voters voted for that consequence. Will it happen? By 2020GE there is decision.

Anonymous said...

Only 3 countries in Asean are with the Americunts. The rest are neutral or with China. The aggressive Americunt stunts in the South China Sea will frighten Asean countries that did not want to see war in their neighbourhood.

The Americunts will find themselves isolated in the end once China and Russia get their acts together. And it is happening. They will be an invasion of Japn by the combined forces of China, the Koreas and Russia. They will split Japan and divide the islands among themselves and Japanese women will become comfort women for them.

b said...

Being transparent is good. Can avoid many troubles. If still feel insecure, then arm yourselves with secret nuclear pistol.