‘We will not be lackey to anyone’

Now who said that? What do you mean by being lackey to anyone? This statement was made by the incoming Filipino Foreign Minister Perfecto Yasay. The Foreign Minister was confirming some of the foreign policy statements that the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has been saying since his election. The Philippines foreign policy will be independent of any foreign powers and will be conducted from the interests of the Philippines and its people.

This is a clear change from the policies of Benigno Aquino that has been leaning towards the US and reinviting the Americans to their former military bases in Clark and Subic, in a way turning the Philippines into a semi colony of the USA once again. The Philippines will be the third Asian countries that allowed the Americans to station troops in their own soil as semi colonies. And Benigno is very proud of it, to be the lackey of the Americans. And his rewards, a WW2 museum piece that he called his biggest warship to take on China.

In the case of Japan and South Korea, they were reluctant to remain as such and wanted the Americans out but were unable to do so. The American troops are there to stay, to protect American interests and keeping the two states as part of the American Empire. The situation in the Philippines is different. Here there is a Filipino President happily and willingly subject his country to be a semi colony of the Empire by invitation, by choice.

Duterte would not have such nonsense. The Philippines will not be the lackey of any super power. This man has pride and is a nationalist.  How many countries would go so low to welcome a foreign power to be their overlord, to become a semi colony, a lackey to a super power?


Anonymous said...

How to remain not a bootlicker to big Uncle Sam? Pinoy President Duterte will have a hard time to remain so. Why? Duterte will be under pressure by his people to regain the islets of South China Sea for navigation, fishing & sovereignty...& Uncke Sam will be most greedily to assist Pinoys.. Pinoy President Duterte will go down the route of the ancient patriotic politician / poet Qu Yuan ( 屈原 ) but he is no poet & he don't like Chinese..only suffers the same fate as QuYuan..

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is the same with the Singaporean voter?

- "We will not be lackey to anyone"
- is this how we really vote?

Anonymous said...

In coming minister normally is ill prepared for the real pressure putting on their shoulder. Not to be lackey is a step forward to get out of the trap set up by Aquino outgoing. What this minister meant, my guess was: the Hague tribunal judgement will be out in weeks time. Philippines wants to go on to negotiate with China while China will completely ignore the judgement.

In 1982 Nigaragua went to Hague tribunal to seek judgement against USA. The US representative took the set of judgement and torn it into piece infront of reporters.

My guess Chinese will not be so rude. They FM or Pre Xi will simply not talking about it as part of their policy of not accepting it.

What can Duterte do knowing the Chinese position? US is putting pressure on China in Shangila meeting with MacCain saying China is going to go against "international laws". Can imagine that? US is not a signatory for UN Ocean laws, and US want China to obey that Laws which China had made clear that Laws does not apply on territory issues.

Pinoys is at a fix. US is stirring behind, the black hand for the tension while Japan, Korean are rallying behind the Philippines. And cheer leaders pom pom girl include sinkies.

From the Shangila settings, one can see the US is dominating the meeting to cheer for Pinoys and putting pressure on China. They sent the Defense minister, MacCain, Harris commander, while china only sent the deputy chief of army Sunzangao. China s first day meeting was Australian army, Brunei, Indonesia Malaysia and Vietnam.

The direct contact with US delegates was almost none. So the Philippines minister should know, they are being the lackey to the US to stage the Shan gila show. More show will come before Obama and Cater finishing their terms. Duterte will have a big problem if he does not have direct talk with Chinese. Or he can go to war with China. Is Philippines ready for war on S China sea with China? US may not want to as China may take Taiwan first while hitting at US carriers and their bases with missiles. Then US may not have shows any more in Asia unless it is willing to let out huge cost and may be blood.

Anonymous said...

Duterte must increase his security guards to protect his life. He may be the target of assassination for going against the Americans' wishes.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: The United States is "grateful" to have Singapore as a security partner “for cooperation and inclusiveness and principle in the conduct of international affairs”, said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on Friday (Jun 3).

"Among the countries of the world that embody those principles, we have no better friend than Singapore, and I'm grateful for that," he said....

He also said that the P-8 is "only one example of Singapore's wonderful hospitality" to the US. Mr Carter noted that more than a hundred US navy ships and more than 800 US aircraft transit through Singapore every year.

denk said...

*if the murcunts dont apologise, why should we* ?


thank you very much murkka, that 'shinning light on the hill', the 'moral compass' for the 'free' world !

Anonymous said...

Duterte is a candid

and spontaneous man.

He seems an upright and

sincere person.

Hope he is indeed so.

Anonymous said...

US is eying at Vietnam as the 3rd strategic partner to counter China s PLA. So far Japan S Korean have strong military able to attack while Philippines military is too weak. Singapore has no real attack force and Singapore lack a depth space to engage enemy. Singapore can only be a supply base.

Obama visited Vietnam and never set foot on Singapore. That can indicate the order of importance.

Will Vietnam be US s attack dog? this is a real question. If Vietnam chooses to be, then US may put its resources in Kimranh bay, the best military port in asia. Singapore base may be secondary.

Its likely that Vietnam will be US s "lackey" to take on China due to the disputes of Woody islands. Some of the islands claimed by China are occupied by Vietnam and are developed by he Vietnamese. China may use force to take them back when it is ready. The potential conflicts with Vietnam is always on the cards. Therefore US stands a good chance if it gives Vietnamese tons of money.

Be generous, uncle sam.

Anonymous said...

Even as we speak pro-US/Jap's media not unlike those one read in sg state-controlled papers continue to ' add salt add vinegar'. End of the day even mid-size countries like Vietnam ,Pinoyland when comparing with 700sqkm island State, they got pressured jialat jialat , by both CHINA and US , to them Vietnam, Pinoyland and Korea are considered small. What about SG in their eyes?

When US asks 'can we deploy the p8 plane in Changi?' Do you read as a demand put in a nice way or what?

Anonymous said...

Pres Duterte wants to claim Sabah which is 72,500kmq.

wiki The Philippines has a territorial claim over much of the eastern part of Sabah.[33][44] It claims that the territory is connected with the Sultanate of Sulu and was only leased to the North Borneo Chartered Company in 1878 with the Sultanate's sovereignty never being relinquished.[83] Malaysia however, considers this dispute as a "non-issue", as it interprets the 1878 agreement as that of cession and that it deems that the residents of Sabah had exercised their right to self-determination when they joined to form the Malaysian federation in 1963.[112]

The Philippine claim can be originated based on three historical events; such as the Brunei Civil War from 1660 until 1673, treaty between Dutch East Indies and the Bulungan Sultanate in 1850 and treaty between Sultan Jamalulazam with Overbeck in 1878.[44]

Further attempts by several Filipino politicians such as Ferdinand Marcos to "destabilise" Sabah proved to be futile and led to the Jabidah massacre in Corregidor Island, Philippines.[108][113] As a consequence, this led the Malaysian government to once supporting the insurgency in southern Philippines.[114] Although the Philippine claim to Sabah has not been actively pursued for some years, some Filipino politicians are promising to bring it up again,[115][116][117] while the Malaysian government asks the Philippines not to threaten ties over such issue.[118]

The Royal Malaysia Police and the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister made a proposal to ban barter trade between Malaysia and the Philippines as it was seen only benefited to one side and threatening the security of the state.[119][120] This was enforced then although facing numerous opposition from Filipino resident on the nearest Philippine islands due to the raise of the living cost in their region after the ban as well from the Malaysian opposition parties, while receiving positive welcomes by Sabahans residents and politicians.