Washington is the enemy of Americans and the world

I reproduced parts of an article by Paul Craig Roberts and the wicked truths he is telling his fellow Americans about, the real dangers facing humankind coming from Washington. Washington is in cahoots with the cabals and arms merchants to start wars for their own benefits and the poor Americans would have to send their boys and girls to war for them, to die for them when there is no reason to go to war. These are truths that the main media would not tell you.

“Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix” | Paul C. Roberts

Where Do Matters Stand?
On the eve of World War II the United States was still mired in the Great Depression and found itself facing war on two fronts with Japan and Germany. However bleak the outlook, it was nothing compared to the outlook today.
Has anyone in Washington, the presstitute Western media, the EU, or NATO ever considered the consequences of constant military and propaganda provocations against Russia? Is there anyone in any responsible position anywhere in the Western world who has enough sense to ask: “What if the Russians believe us? What if we convince Russia that we are going to attack her?”
The same can be asked about China.
The recklessness of the White House Fool and the media whores has gone far beyond mere danger. What do the Russians think when they see that the Democratic Party intends to elect Hillary Clinton president of the US? Hillary is a person so crazed that she declared the president of Russia to be “the new Hitler” and organized through her underling, neocon monster Victoria Nuland, the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Nuland installed Washington’s puppet government in a former Russian province that until about 20 years ago was part of Russia for centuries.
I would bet that this tells even the naive pro-western part of the Russian government and population that the United States intends war with Russia.
Ever since Russia stood up to Obama over Syria, the Russians have been experiencing hostile propaganda and military operations on their borders. These provocations are justified by Washington and its NATO vassals as a response to “Russian aggression.” Russian aggression consists of nothing but obviously false assertions that Russia is about to invade the Baltics, Poland, and Romania and recreate the Soviet Empire, the Eastern European part of which, together with the former Russian provinces of Georgia and Ukraine, now belong to the American Empire.
The Russians know that the propaganda about “Russian aggression” is a lie. What is the purpose of the lie other than to prepare the Western peoples for war with Russia?
There is no other explanation.
Even morons such as Obama, Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron should be capable of understanding that it is extremely dangerous to convince a major military power that you are going to attack. To simultaneously also convince China doubles the danger.
Clearly, the West is incapable of producing leadership capable of preserving life on earth.
What can be done when the entire West demonstrates a death wish for Planet Earth?
Until the criminal regimes of Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama, American presidents from John F. Kennedy forward worked to reduce tensions with the Soviets. Kennedy worked with Khrushchev to reduce tensions caused by US missiles in Turkey and Soviet missiles in Cuba. ….
Today life on Planet Earth is far less secure than during the darkest days of the Cold War. Whatever threat global warming poses, it is miniscule compared to the threat of nuclear winter. If the evil that is concentrated in Washington and its vassals perpetrates nuclear war, cockroaches will inherit the earth.
I have been warning about the growing danger of a nuclear war resulting from the arrogance, hubris, ignorance, and evil personified by Washington. ….
Before it is too late for Americans and all of humanity, arrogant Americans need to recall that “those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”….
Those few Americans who have any awareness are beginning to realize that the One Percent and the western governments that serve them are re-establishing feudalism. The brilliant and learned economist, Michael Hudson, has labeled our era the era of neo-feudalism.
He is correct. The majority of young Americans come out of university heavily indebted, primed for debtor prison. When half of 25-year olds cannot marry and form households, how can anyone believe that housing sales and prices are rising except as a result of speculative investors banking on rental income from a population that cannot even pay its student loans.
The United States is the sickest place on earth. There is no public or political discussion of any important issue or of the multiple crises that confront America or the crises that America brings to the world.
The American people are so stupid and unaware that they are capable of electing a criminal and a warmonger like Hillary president of the United States and be proud of it…..
It is extraordinary that once-proud, once-great European peoples look for leadership from a country of moronic non-entities who have pissed away the liberty, security, and prosperity that their Founding Fathers gave to them.
Fellow Americans, if you care to avoid vaporization and, assuming we do avoid it, live a life other than serfdom, you must wake up and realize that your most deadly enemy is Washington, not the hoax of “Russian aggression,” not the hoax of “Muslim terrorism,” not the hoax of “domestic extremism,” not the hoax of welfare bankrupting America, not the hoax of democracy voting away your wealth, which Wall Street and the corporations have already stolen and stuck in their pockets.

If you cannot wake up and escape The Matrix, your doom will bring the doom of the planet.


Anonymous said...

The Americunts have a lot of silly believers.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are the most peace loving people in the world. Everywhere they go they bring peace. How can they be provoking wars with Russia and China?

Anonymous said...

Just read a master piece by Sunday Telegraph uk on voting for Leave for a brighter future for Britain.

In mind was recalling Obama walking with Cameron to urge Brits to vote for Remain. On macro look, US is an empire smart to create war zone in continents other than america. Americans in US really thought others are war mongers and Obama is peace loving with a prize.
Obama and Hillary s visions are similar. They will not commit troops to die to alienate US voters, but they want war zones in Asia, middle east to SLOW the development of China and Europe.

EU is not European vision. It is becoming another empire with its own laws, police and military. Most likely, EU will work under the command of US. That new creature will roar as it will be hungry for money. If UK were smart to leave, Germany will be the main contributor for money while the eastern european countries suck, like Poland, Ukraine etc. War will be good for US even in eastern europe with Russia, while US will fight with China.

The rest like Japan, Taiwan, Koreans, Asean ie singapore will buy weapons to fight china.

However, the whole story, including that author in RB post, forget that, if China stop importing from Asean, and stop exporting to US, US will have nothing.
eg the US stop the high speed rail project in US. It required US made high speed rail vehicles which are more expensive to build. It will end up no such high speed rail in US.

So lets wish war breaks up to reach a new equilibrium. See who will survive. If war with China, the chinese missiles still need to improve to reach US. Its a matter of months or years before the chinese will make the super missiles to hit US if there are buttons to press by both sides. I guess, china will still survive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Smart Nation (with Stupid Voters & Government).
Here is how the Pentagon deals with internet threats:

"Hack The Pentagon" Program Unveils Hundreds Of Security Gaps

The program, called "Hack the Pentagon" invited hackers to identify vulnerabilities on five public Pentagon internet pages in exchange for cash for each security gap exposed.
As a result, the 1,410 hackers that participated found 1,189 vulnerabilities, and the first gap was found just 13 minutes after the event began.

Out of the 1,189 vulnerabilities, the Pentagon determined that only 138 were valid and unique - "These are ones we weren't aware of, and now we have the opportunity to fix them.

And again, it's a lot better than either hiring somebody to do that for you, or finding out the hard way." Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.


Anonymous said...

The evils doesn't come from Washington or Uncle Sam to have war with other countries or even religion or race...The actual war come from the Aliens, which is out of this world..the Americans r the chosen ones by Aliens to do a mass massacre of reducing the world population & thereby a new beginning of another aliens race..we r the descendents of the newly species of homo sapiens created by Aliens hundreds of thousands years or even million years ago ...Aliens r influencing humanity to kill one another so that a new species will emerge..watch the new science fiction movie Independence Day Resurgence will tell u and youtube on Ancient Aliens on human evolution will find all the answers..

Anonymous said...

@ June 19, 2016 10:54 am

Our Ancient Alien die already liao.
His son not so good.

Anonymous said...

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And once the vast majority of the trading public shifts over to IEX which is by definition HFT free, it will mean that the HFT scourge, already having largely cannibalized itself over the past several years, is about to end. "


Anonymous said...

//Our Ancient Alien die already liao.
His son not so good.
And a new cycle of another species begins...

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The problem with the American elites is that they are a bunch of globe trotting, ivy league educated corporatists whos friends are mostly bankers. They have no loyalty to the American people at all. They same can be said for Singapore's leaders.

denk said...

anon, 2016 10:54 am

'cyber security' is just more pork for the barrel.
murkkan sec of offense are just glorified salesman for lockheed martin.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) is one dude who personifies the American dissident---also fortunate enough to have lived his 70+ years in a place which champions (supposedly) individual thought and liberty. If PCR was in any other cuntry, he would have long since disappeared.

PCR has consistently criticised the unholy nexuses which make Washington's beltway. Regardless of the administration in office, the nexuses---comprising lobbyists, the media, the military, defense contractors, bankers, financial engineers, The Fed, every law enforcement agency, healthcare, environment and every aspect covering human requirements for survival and life---remain strong.

Sadly, in a democracy, the majority of people don't pay attention to PCR and his ilk and it is unfortunate that these dissidents are essentially "flipped off" and ignored like some shrieking mad-woman in the village square.

Any democracy is royally fucked when voters are duped and misinformed, instead of being critical and skeptical about the political swill they are fed by the government's favourite ball-suckers: the media.

This is what I personally like to see: the harshest criticisms of a particular cuntry coming from its own individual citizens, not from other cuntries or the world media. This is one aspect that makes the American people different from the rest of the world: they have the legally protected freedoms to criticise their government and their cuntry, but not enough of them do it. Instead, they are fat and lazy and take their precious freedoms for granted....

....which is why they deserve the Beltway they get.

Anonymous said...

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was professor of economics in several universities and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. So he is absolutely credible and his words carry weight !!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Depends on who you are and whether your brain has been filled with hamburgers or with the staple diet of your country.

The hamburger brain cannot accept any criticism of the USA as the World's Number One Terrorist Nation. Anyone that tells the unpleasant truth would be attacked by the hamburger brains.

One hamburger brain just attacked Paul Craig as unreliable. You can see hamburger oozing out from his ears. Nothing inside the brain but hamburgers.

denk said...

if u get a franchise from 'murder inc' you can get away with anything. cue india
meanwhile in ph,
if u dont play ball with uncle scam, u'd get a calling card from the 'human rights' warriors, or cia !

Anonymous said...

What time of brain would just delete some harmless posts not pleasing to their "masters" ears?

b said...

If there is justice in this world, Jesus will not be crucified. Jesus warned about lawmakers and hypocrite leaders in matthew 23 but people still believed them and voted for them. Everyone to be blamed for not learning. UA strategy is very simple. If everyone is at war or unrest and only UA is not, investors will all pour money into UA. Japan also committed a lot of terrors but was never prosecuted. Justice is not relevant in geopolitics sphere. Only strategy matters.

denk said...

viva okinawa !!!

walan, verify so many times meh ???