The Truth Behind US Aggressive Posture And Provocative Actions In The South China Sea And The East China Sea.

The Truth Behind US  Aggressive Posture and provocative actions in the South China Sea and the East China Sea

Why is US so dead against China? China has never done any harm to US both in the past and in the present. But US has always treated China with contempt. US has never conceal its great dislike for China because it is a communist state.All American leaders both past and present have always harboured the determination to take China down because they claim China as an authoritarian communist state is anathema to Western Democracy in which US is the outspoken Champion and leader.All US elites, intellectuals, military and political leaders have always uttered that China as an authoritarian state will not last and will soon collapse into the scrap heap  of history.. To enhance the quick demise of China they have always adopted all plans and means and insidious policies to make sure China become a fail state.In the 1930s and 1940s US supported the imbecile Chiang Kaishek Kuomintang against Mao Tse Tung. In 1950 US started the Korean War to involve China so as to wear down China from rising. It started trade and economic sanctions against China to prevent China's national reconstruction and development. It intervened in China's Civil War between Mao Tse Tung and KMT by stationing the Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Strait to prevent Mao Tse Tung from taking Taiwan thus preventing China from taking the Chinese Civil War to a fruitful conclusion.

In the Cairo Declaration, Potsdam Treaty and San Francisco Treaty , Japan was supposed to give back to China all the territories that Japan took from China and they include the Diau Yudao, Taiwan, the Pescadores, the Paracel Islands, the Spratley Islands and its shoals and surrounding seas. However in 1976 US treacherously handed Diau Yudao to Japan inspite of protest from Taiwan KMT and China.. In the mid 1970s when China announced the discovery of rich oil and other mineral resources under the sea bed of the South China Sea, US secretly encouraged Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia to grab some of the Chinese islands in the Spratley and Paracel group.

Though US says it is not a claiment to all these islands and does not take sides among the claiments it is adopting the most aggressive hostile posture towards China. US is openly championing and supporting the spurious illegal claims of the Philippines and Vietnam.We have yet to know by what dubious corrupted means US had used behind the scene to encourage and embolden the Pinoys and the Viets to steal Chinese territories and challenge Chinese ownership.

US is supporting Japan in the Diau Yudao and the Pinoys and the Viets in the South China Sea issues not because US believes that Japan, Philippines and Vietnam have a genuine case . US support of the Japs, Pinoys and the Viegts is part of the US calculus to bring China down by all means economically, politically and militarily. The Diau Yudao and the South China Sea issues are exploited by US to serve its agenda and excuse of open confrontation with China. The crap that US is constantly harping that it is challenging China in the South China Sea for freedom of passage is hogwash because China has never and will never stop free passage in the sea lanes of the South China sea.But free passage does not mean US has the right to conduct nefarious activities against China in encroaching on China's airspace and naval spying activity close to China's long coastline. The Diauyu Dao and the South China issues just serve as a convenient excuse and platform for US to undermine China's rights and national security and this is part of the whole conundrum of bringing China down.

US leaders both civilian intellectuals, professors, politicians, presidents and the military always openly and proudly declare that US will not allow any country to become as rich and powerful as US not to say becoming richer and more powerful than US. To the US establishment it sees China as committing a sin of becoming rich and powerful now. Therefore US has to take down China. It tried economic sanctions on China before but it didn't work. So now US is tinkering with the thought of using the military means to destroy China. US is using the Diaoyu Dao and the South China issues as a heaven sent excuse for opening hostilities against China. It is intent on luring China out to fight with its provoking spying overflights and naval incursions.which threaten China's sovereign security. US believes whether rightly or wrongly that it now has a chance to destroy China by military means with its overwhelming military might of fourteen aircraft carriers, hundreds of warships and nuclear armed submarines and twenty thousand bombers both conventional and nuclear armed as well as space armed satellites and thousands of nuclear armed rocket missiles.

So it is not true that US is fighting for freedom of passage in the South China Sea and neither it really believes that philippines and Vietnam have a strong case in their nefarious claims on Chinese territories . It is a twisted logic for US to  falsely and insidiously  accuse  China of trying to grab  its neighbours' territories.. It is just US establishment look at a rich and powerful communist China with jaundiced eyes and its inherent hatred for China is so great that it feels it has a mission to destroy China. Another reason is that US has a latent desire to secure hegemonic control over the East China Sea and the South China Sea and the rich oil and mineral resources under the sea bed respectively. But US may have miscalculated for China is no more "The Sick Man of Asia " as in the last century , but is now a rich and powerful nuclear armed military power with second strike capabilities. US mistakenly thinks it can kill the Chinese without incurring injury to itself. An attack on China now could be the  last battle for US and the demise of USA itself. Well, man proposes but God disposes. The earlier the moronic US establishment comes to its senses the better for mankind.


Anonymous said...

Asians like to be ruled by the white Gods.
Without the white Gods they will be lost, don't know how to look after themselves.

Anonymous said...

"An attack on China now could be the last battle for US and the demise of USA itself."
I agree 70%.

My view is how the Chinese respond. Presently the chinese population are hot to support china as a nation. How long can it last is a question. My view comes from observation in HK and Tw. With exposure to the west, these 2 places are torn into pcs now. Tw especially is ruled by unprincipled dark force. After 4 years or 8 years, Tw will push China to have direct conflict with US.

Question s 8 years later, will chinese still hot to support a very mild leadership? These are US s upper hands on issues:
1. US has direct intervention on tw leadership. Before elected, the candidates must visit US to seek approval, and on giving presidential speech, Tw leaders are warned and screened. China leadership keeps a distance away as if tw is belonged to US, in the current settings.
HK has independence movement. The china leadership keeps very mild response on the "occupied central" and sub sequence.
2. Under chinese laws, China leaders are given the 11 doted lines as territories. But the leadership let US stirred up Philippines Vietnam Malaysia to claim against China s territorial water. Its like allowing the west to help Urghers to claim part of china or Dalai lama to claim tibet.

On these 2 issues. China leadership is taking a very low profile comparing to old leaders like Zhangzeming and Churongzi. It is a fatal weak point that US has the chance to attack china. Now Japan comes in. Indian comes in. Korean comes in. China leaders should know trade cannot survive when china is broken up.

One article written by German said China cannot fire the DF missiles when the US does not declare war, but the Carriers help Philippines to occupy the Scarborough Shoal.

I found this kind of ruling is really western comic if the China leadership follows. That means billions of money spend to build missiles cannot be used.

Therefore, the truth is US is the dark force. China leaders are hoping they can persuade the dark force to hands off for the moment until their terms are over.

All new chinese leaders want to be nice guys: buying US bonds, lending US usd1.2trillions to poke China into pieces.
If US attack China, china falls, that is the end too. 30% might happen to China. It depends if China can change its leaders to be lead by PLA or hawkish leaders who get tough with US by selling off all the bonds and buy gold to build more hardware while engage in long term small scale war with US in S China Sea similar to Vietnam war.
By doing so China will win as US cannot last for war more than 10 years. The govt will change like dumping G Bush.
Does China CCP can do that to change to hawkish leaders? 70% chance CCP might do that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has been playing its part very well. Dalai Lama could not get an inch after 50 years in exile and supported by US and the West. Taiwan would not be allowed to break away for just as long under US provocation.

Chinese missiles cannot fire? Just push the Chinese harder and see what would happen. If the US thinks it can take on China now, it would have done so. Everyday China is getting stronger than the day before.

China has many cards to play but not playing yet giving the US a sense of superiority but not sure if it can fight and win a war against China.

The US is second guessing what the Chinese is capable of. The US is posturing to the Chinese that it is superior in military hardware and software.

A 10 year old pilot or marine is a 10 year old, nothing more nothing less. The same on the side of China.

The Americans have fought the Chinese in Korea and indirectly in Vietnam. They knew how well the peasant soldiers fought against the so called world best marines or green berets or whatever. A 19 year conscript is just that. No match against the hungry peasant soldiers who are willing to die for their country.

Anonymous said...

China s leaders are reluctant to deal with pressing problems like Tw giving the latter the chance to induce dark forces to propagate subversion in China.
Watch this: besides the US behind them, Rebiya of Uighur independence may have the chance to share world stage with the current tw govt.

Dalai lama is not longer the small monk ran to India corner. Bolstered by Indian govt through the 50 years, Dalai lama is a world legend politically having influence on Tibet affairs. Tibet has a pm call Loybang, who had wanted to visit Tw as a way to promote legitimacy.

Many people ignored the Gobarchop who broke off a USSR. It can happen to China with mild leadership ever willing to earn USD.

Vietnam war was not fought by the Chinese soldiers. The warriors were HO Chiming forces supported by China old leadership. That is the problem with Chinese blind believers. Those old warriors have passed away. New bleeds of Chinese are timid in leadership.

When weapons were lousy, China fought with Tw in last battle in Kimmeng, the invasion failed. In a way, the US carries did not use Tw as port to avoid the chinese pla.

Then the new Chinese leaders thought nothing is at risk, and leave Tw alone. This is the most dangerous attitude. US can use Tw to break up China with time by strengthening anti china sentiment in tibet and xinzang.
And US stirring up Pinoys and Vietnamese to go against China is potent and powerful.

By stirring up just one Philippines, China is already panic. Not to talk about stirring up pinoys, japanese to take South China Seas islands, with 2 powerful US Carriers standby.

If this can be succeeded as a way to take China s lands, then Tibetans and Uighur will celebrate the new eras.
China chinese will face the taught time similar to USSR, where some internal forces will want independence.
Tw will be first to declare "unrecognized" independence starting from culture education to let taiwanese believe Japan is their home country and not china. Litenghui openly declared Japan is his home land. Many taiwanese will love Japanese to be fathers rather than chinese. This is a fact. Many chinese may want to be US s sons and daughters, who knows. If people ask Singaporeans if they want to be US citizens, guess the %? No NS, less laws to oppress them, they will want that. This rule applies to China chinese too.

Anonymous said...

China protests vehemently against USA by voting with its feet.
Investing even more money in USA.


Anonymous said...

If tension rise in the Taiwan Straits this time, just see if the Americans dare to sail the carriers through the Straits of Taiwan.

Many Chinese wants to be sons of US? This is the thinking of a minority of unthinking Chinese that are called bananas. They think their parents are white men and women. How silly of them. If their parents are white and they are yellow, then they better ask their mothers who did it to her.

Abao said...

I can only agree to disagree on most of the points raised.

Fundamentally it is a conflict of interest and ideology and peripheral states like us will have to tread lightly

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is never about ideology. Ideology is only an excuse. The Americans have been supporting all kinds of dictatorships and murderers as long as it serves the American interests. It is all about hegemony, empire and domination.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese navy is more daring. According to Japn reports, Japanese war ship almost wanted to pull the trigger on the Chinese missile destroyer on 9 June.
After giving many warnings, the Chinese destroyer changed course and did not go into Japanese water defined by the Japan government on Senkaku island or Chinese called Taioyutai.

China crew now learned of the Japanese news should wipe away sweats on the head, they almost died in the disputed sea.

China is weak. Too timid cannot be helped. US will take this signal and send its ships into China s territorial water similar the the recon P8 in the sky.

After sometimes, may China give up the territories and the issues are resolved to the delight of Pinoys.

b said...

The more aggressive ua showed towards china, the more arms, weapons, defense technology ua can sell to Asia Pacific. Its all for the money.

b said...

(Defence imports by Asia-Pacific nations soared 71 per cent in a "spend surge" between 2009 and 2016, the analysts said, helping the global arms market jump 11.3 per cent or $6.6 billion last year.

"The global defence trade market has never seen an increase as large as the one we saw between 2014 and 2015," said Ben Moores, a senior analyst at IHS Jane’s.

"2015 was a record-breaking year," he added.')

Maybe china and ua are acting together all along to boost arms sales.

Anonymous said...

There was a report that the Chinese warship was accompanied by a submarine that had locked onto the Japanese coast guard vessel and was ready to torpedo it should it dare open fire.

Japanese think the Chinese just sailed in one ship only. So simple minded.

Anonymous said...

LHL must tell China the secret ....
South China Sea belongs to everybody.

Just like Singapore belongs to everybody.
But only Singapore belongs to everybody.
But not the Singapore National Reserves okay?
Singapore and Singapore Reserves are not the same thing okay?
Who do you think the Singapore National Reserves belong to?

Do you think Ong Teng Cheong was very foolish to ask?
Do you think it was foolish of OTC to think it was his job to safeguard the Singapore Reserves?

Anonymous said...

Foolish indeed. What can one man do in a pit full of snakes? Might as well talk to a bullet. He pee-ed you know

Anonymous said...

If you want to be the man of god or god man ..make sure you are the biggest snake...surrounded by many snakes. you last longer that way and die old in glory if you are lucky especially you are king of no man's land