The most sought after profession in Sin seeing lesser applicants

Other than aspiring to become an instant millionaire minister, the next most highly sought after profession in Singapore must be a taxi driver. Singaporeans, regardless of educational level and work experience all wanted to be a taxi driver. The annual number of applicants is more than 9,000. They all want to be their own bosses and to drive around the most expensive city in the world, in a car that not many could afford anymore.  Driving taxis, other than being their own bosses also gives them the privilege of owning a car, the most highly priced car in the world.

I am wondering if it is good news or bad news to hear that the number of applicants to be taxi drivers have dropped from more than 9,000 annually to less than 8,000, a whooping 12% fall! Is it because they realized that this no other better option profession is not that attractive anymore? Is it that they have found better jobs after all the skills trainings and retraining? Or is it that they have found a job overseas, or that they gave up and retiring completely from the workforce?

What happened to this highly sought after job after the job of a minister? No, they are not giving up on this highly desired profession that all able Singaporeans aspired to be, wanting to be. They have other alternatives to drive cars other than driving a cab with a taxi sign on top of the car. Now they can drive Uber and Grab cars and still be their own bosses and driving around in the most expensive city in the world. Of course some may switch to drive bigger cars, oops, I mean buses operated by Europeans and with lower pay than driving local buses. Lower pay is ok as long as it is European.

While on this matter, how many womenfolk or young girls would dare to take a ride from strangers when they offer them a lift home? No, cannot take a ride from strangers? Don’t bet on it, with Uber and Grab, our ladies, young girls will simply hop into any car driven by a total stranger and feeling very safe.

This is the mentality of Singaporeans because Singapore is a very safe place and taking a lift from a total stranger is absolutely safe. There is absolutely no risk, just like importing 2m foreigners without any risk. We have Total Defence and SGSecure  and our men in blue to protect them and keep the island safe. Nothing to worry about.


patriot said...

It is actually the falling number of
applicants to qualify for the conditions to be taxi drivers that is falling.
There are many conditions to fulfill in oder to apply for taxi driver licence. These includes age, driving experience, educational background etc.

taxi driving could have the Advantages of having a car and freedom of work. However, as the Rail System is enlarge and more taxis are put on the roads, it shall be very competitive soon. Most people resort to driving taxis because other jobs are most taken up by aliens who are cheaper and easier to exploit.


Anonymous said...

Just bet pool will do.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Worry not! Fear not!

Yes! You are in the right place!

Yes! Singapore is the safest-est place on planet earth!

Yes! Singapore is HEVEAN!

Yea! 新加坡是天堂! Yes! 新加坡是天堂!

Yes! 如果新加坡不是天堂.......哪里是天堂 ?


Anonymous said...

You will find the worst kind of Singaporeans in this profession(one of many) - taxi driver.

They are mostly rude, unhelpful( loading and especially when come to unloading,luggages) and reckless on the road - endangering lives or other road users such as those on two wheels etc.

They are also very horny, aren't they? lol

Anonymous said...


Is this another example of PM Lee's "Smart Nation"?
Why do 70% Singaporeans believe him and his team of Millionaires deserve million dollar salaries?

We have so many billions in our reserves and sovereign wealth funds.
Wah! I feel the money is so safe.

Anonymous said...

"There is absolutely no risk, just like importing 2m foreigners without any risk."

Absolutely no risk? Please lah, that's only true of the risk to PAP being voted out of govt.

That's why PAP dare to import 2m foreigners mah, because it is Sinkies, not PAP ministers, that bear the risk (physical and mental) of having 2m foreigners, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience with this rash taxi driver on Sunday morning. He was in the wrong lane on my right that could not go straight. We were travelling side by side and at about the same speed. He put on his signal light and squeezed into my lane just like that.

I horned at him but he kept doing it. I could have just squeezed him back into his own lane. I had to slow down to let his squeezed through.

Many are asses that deserved to be taxi drivers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> They all want to be their own bosses and to drive around the most expensive city in the world, in a car that not many could afford anymore. <<

I have to say, that is not a very bright way to deal with change.

Surely there are other options. What? Give up so easily ah?

C'mon, have some spirit lah!

Anonymous said...

Sought after
Sort after

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks, amended.