TB and contagious diseases in the most expensive city in the world

The govt is so generous to offer free TB screening to those living in Ang Mo Kio around the cluster block. With medical cost so high and unaffordable to many average Singaporeans, what if those infected refused to seek treatment as they cannot afford it? And this can apply to other infectious and deadly diseases here. When there is an outbreak, and many people are affected but chose not to go for treatment as they could not afford it, what would the govt do?  Arrest them or give out free medicine?

A sick patient is a sick patient. A sick patient with contagious disease will spread the disease if not treated. What then if the patient could not afford to go for treatment?

The free screening at Ang Mo Kio so far has not turned out any more cases of TB. But 9 cases have been referred for more checks. Hopefully nothing untoward comes out from any one of them. The second part is, what if one or two is found to be TB positive and cannot afford the treatment? Those who can would not mind paying for it. But there will be those who would not, cause they could not afford to? Would they be walking around with the disease and with hospitals, govt, private, private public and public private hospitals saying pay up first, no free treatment?

Would such things happen sometime, someday, somewhere in a corner of the island, with people with contagious and infectious diseases walking around, not wanting to be treated or no hospital wanting to treat them?

This is the price to pay for turning medical services into a commercial enterprise, pay for the service, no money no service.


Virgo49 said...

Now screen free, after strike bounus prize, you on your own.

Do you have extra insurance? Wah your CPF Medisave still got 30 to 40k ah?? Ho sei liao??

Sharpen the knives please.

Free screening because they knew they are the cause of bringing in all these unnecessarily diseases.

Secondly, able to boost the coffers.of the Health Ministry.

More to come. You have further AIDs from the Pay And Pay.

Anonymous said...

Yes! No-money-no-talk!

Yes! Money! Money! Money!

Yes! You don't know meh?

Yes! You got money? Lots of money?

Yes! You die-your-own-business!

Yes! Money! Money! Money!


patriot said...

Diseases shall bring Sin

down it's knees.

Think Dengue, Hepatitis

and Tuberculosis.


patriot said...

Even money

will not save



Anonymous said...

All Sinkies got to thank a vigilante doctor called Dr Chee...I mean Dr Cynthia Chee of TTSH..she effort to press the panic button & convince her masters is highly commendable & shall be mentioned by Ah Loong in this yr NDP rally or shall be presented with a PBM by the PresSiTan...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ silly billy Redbean:

>> The govt is so generous to offer free TB screening <<

Fuck off mate. I don't want the govt who taxes me to remain in existence to be "generous". I want them to be really stingy when it comes to "free handouts" to losers addicted to "free" money.

The govt is doing what a responsible govt would do. I would go one further: make it COMPULSORY to be screened if you live in the designated area, and if possible (very difficult to do) screen the itinerants as well---delivery drivers, postman, cleaners...

I have nothing but praise for Singapore's public health system. It is one of THE BEST in the whole fucking world.


2. ☤

Everyone has to pay. Even a little bit.

And yet, assholes complain. They want everything free free free (and happily let "someone else" do the paying)

Anonymous said...


Someone better check for more facts 1st.

This new strain of TB is contagious but may remain harmless/symptomless in the host body.

So it is better to screen the block or trace all possible trails for potential victims.

In short, those that kana may not know he kana as he remains normal but continues going around spreading thus the need for health authority to go into that area for screening. A more polite way of quarantine.

Anonymous said...

hi patriot 9.43m

fear not worry not

pap 做事, 您放心!


this is what 70% said so.....last year

so, relax n sleep well

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1020:

Yes. Asymptomatic carriers. Very dangerous people, and they themselves are unaware.

Anyway, we know how to deal with TB. Singapore wiped out the disease in the 1970's.

You want to worry about something? Worry about ZIKA. It has already been confirmed as present in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...


TB whether old strain or new strain, is not infectious during latent stage when the person is not showing any symptoms. This latent phase can be 10, 20, 30 years or the rest of the person's life i.e. he dies without the TB becoming activated and contagious. A significant portion of Sinkies & foreigners in S'pore are actually latent TB carriers. Latent TB carriers cannot be detected by normal inexpensive testing, only by very expensive screening tests. Since latent TB carriers are not infectious, hence testing for latent TB is not done.

Latent TB becomes activated & infectious when the person's immune system weakens, e.g. when that person kena other infection, or undergo major operation, or kena HIV, etc etc. TB can infect & attack all organs in the body, but the most common is lungs due to its mode of transmission (droplets in the air).

denk said...

*This is the price to pay for turning medical services into a commercial enterprise, pay for the service, no money no service.*

more ft from tb, cholera infested heavens,
bring it on ,
7m populaton is achievable,

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1122

Thanks for this info.

The point is should these latent carriers be flushed out once we know that some have gathered at the same area even though they may not spread. (just like a time bomb, when do you know they will spread?)

Another point is the most people arent even aware on what is this new TB and when and what to watch out for until you know that something is wrong with your body (eg. cont cough and blood come out or persistent fever?)

Free screening or not, most people also dont know whether they need one or when they need one.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1122

AFAIK, the MoH is very kiasu when latent TB carriers are detected. These carriers have to report for regular administrations of antibiotics, given aggressively to wipe out the infection. They are allowed to go home, but if they miss their appointment for treatment, the authorities take a very dim view and can even have these people legally detained and forcibly "quarantined" to receive treatment until no bacteria can be detected.

The way these people are "caught" is only by sheer luck. It would be monumental and unimaginable to screen the population for latent TB carriers.

Anonymous said...

Patriot Ah Pek,

One small suggestion.

Your comment might have "more impact" if the word "sin" is replaced by "XMK"?

Anonymous said...

Out of 5,550,000 pple, y "MUST karma find" all 6 dwelling in XMK?

b said...

When too many rats living together, diseases will become wide spread. It is widely known already that antibiotics no longer working for certain tb. If gov so greedy and want to import so many uncivil migrants, the disesase will spread all over until everyone runs away and singapore can become an island resort again. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

no point kpkb here

this is what the 70% asked for

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

TB is infected through the air by the drops cough out by patient.

Dont believe immigrants spread TB, then get near to them in mrt, buses, malls, and when they cough,do not turn away.

A sensible way is to walk away stay far away. and VOTE opposition election to stop the deliberate mass immigration to depress salary and spread diseases/crimes as byproducts.

" (TB) is a global disease, found in every country in the world. It is the leading infectious cause of death worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that two billion people—one third of the world's population—are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), the bacteria that causes TB. Each year, 9.6 million fall ill from TB and 1.5 million die. TB is an airborne disease that can be spread by coughing or sneezing and is the leading cause of infectious disease worldwide. It is responsible for economic devastation and the cycle of poverty and illness that entraps families, communities and even entire countries. Among the most vulnerable are women, children, and those with HIV/AIDS. There is growing resistance to available drugs, which means the disease is becoming more deadly and difficult to treat."

Anonymous said...

Mass immigration is a way to depress salary and deceive citizens to believe that the market will not pay them higher than they ask for.
And the minister will tell citizens to ask for less, yet they can never find jobs in firms like this harrys because it is a fraudulent establishment. How many are there in singapore to fraud citizens? Even fake degrees are taken as good to hire in public establishment to show salary can never be increased only for citizens, and not applicable to snr civil servants or ministers.

Unless citizens vote for opposition, this kind of frauds can never be stopped from the sunny land.

"The employees were issued offer letters for the position of Chef de Partie, stating that they would be paid a monthly salary of S$3,100. However, they would have to reimburse the company S$1,600 for meals and transportation a day after receiving their salary.

MOM said the meals and transportation were only provided to some employees, and where provided, costed less than S$1,600. The reimbursement practice went on for several months, MOM said.

Kaur was charged with 20 counts of making false declaration of salaries in November 2015.

Since 2014, 39 employers have been convicted for offences related to false salary declarations, according to MOM.

“Providing false declaration of S Pass and EP salaries is a serious offence. "

Anonymous said...

AMK kena TB infections?
- what happens if the "correct" people get infected?
- karma right?
- are you thinking who I am thinking?

Anonymous said...

What happened?

Anonymous said...

Next we'ii get bubonic plague, just you wait. The new immigrants are immune to it having lived so long with it, but the locals may react differently. Ring a Ring a roses, a pocket full of posies.

Anonymous said...

Well, to summarise in a nutshell all the above-mentioned including RB's, 2 terms are coined NOT FOR NOTHING and summed up .........?

1) JLBs (Jiak Liao Bee);


Perhaps 1 more term can be added?


Anonymous said...

Everytime when travelling through the CAUSEWAY, a thought present itself?

With the rate the JLBs, JS and WO are doing, the tens of thousands of motorists crossing the CW daily could one day be witnessing a reverse flow?

Well done?

The best team?


What a "JLB, JS and WO" team being left behind by ......?

Anonymous said...

Rb //A sick patient is a sick patient. //

Mr 红bean,

"A sick education is a sick education"?

Without a good education system, a country is done for?

After the past 15 or so years of Botak, rooster and now 2 "green horn" acting as "education gurus", the "education system may be getting sicker"?

The "REAL HARM" may have started with Botak's "TLLM" way back in 2004?

Just to give "ONE SMALL EXAMPLE", the revamp of the A level syllabus in 2007 (under Botak's watch) away from the IGCSE standard in many subjects may have been the case of ( a "HORRIBLE MISTAKE" of) "1 step forward, TWO STEPS BACKWARD"?

Why so?

To do a trial test, just walk to any straight As student who has collected his/ her A level result in Mar each year and test them on those subjects they have so called scored As, u may realise how "little" they really know?

U can try ask such straight As students several questions but probably most of the time they cannot answer but their result slips showed they scored distinctions in those subjects?


The long term impact ( of the "damage") will show up by the 2020s and 2030s when the first batch of graduands from the revamped "AIR LEVEL" (in 2007) transit into their 30s and 40s?

The "AIR LEVEL" exam might have (de)generated into an exercise no more than mere passing of an exam than a real learning and education process?

The intent behind the revamped 2007 "air level" may have been good but policies have never been about intent but REAL TRANSLATED SUCCESS on the ground?

When u get "JLB, JS and WO" masquerading as the "next GKS, TCC", abject failure of "policies" is inevitable?

Botak's tenure as FM between 2007 to 2015 may have also been a case of "1 step forward, 2 steps backward"?

The current languishing economy is evidence of Botak's dak jalan (failed) economic policies over the long run?

What can be more "fatalistic and damaging" to a vulnerable and tiny barren rock than "screwing up in the education and economic policies"?

It may have been "karmic consequence" that Botak is now "forced by circumstances" holding the "shit he created"?

MAS recent "short-termist" tweak of the car loan policy "may have been done at his behest" to "squeeze out" some short term result (and growth) but with long term "damaging" consequences and result (again)?

If anyone is worthy of this title of "JLB, JS and WO", Botak could be the first candidate in line?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is sliding down the slippery slope?

It would not be easy (near impossible) to try stop the decend (into abyss)?

Thanks to "using the wrong people", many aspects in sinkieland are failing?

Anonymous said...

GKS has proven to be a quiet man but efficient policy maker and doer.

Some "pretender" tawk tawk until like can "pluck the stars" (with so many empty words and promises like TLLM) but kns in delivery on the ground?

When teachers (start to) exhort students NEVER, NEVER to get into the teaching profession, it tells a lot about a "TLLM" policy gone very, VERY WRONG?

Anonymous said...

@Matilah June 20, 2016 12:45 pm

"AFAIK, the MoH is very kiasu when latent TB carriers are detected. These carriers have to report for regular administrations of antibiotics, given aggressively to wipe out the infection. They are allowed to go home, but if they miss their appointment for treatment, the authorities take a very dim view and can even have these people legally detained and forcibly "quarantined" to receive treatment until no bacteria can be detected."

Ehhh... Matilah, you're mistaken --- what you described above is primarily for ACTIVE TB carriers who have activated TB bacteria and showing active symptoms liao.

Normal tuberculin skin test (old-timers should remember this in their Pri 6 days) or whole blood interferon-gamma assay cannot distinguish between Latent TB or BCG vaccination. Since almost all people (including foreigners) born above 1980 have been BCG vaccinated as babies, hence the above 2 standard tests are useless in detecting Latent TB.

You need to do antigen ESAT-6 followed by measuring interferon-gamma in order to detect Latent TB. This test is uncommon & much more expensive. Don't be surprise if you yourself or your family members or relatives are already Latent TB carriers.

How I know all this?? Coz I used to work in CDC and yes, we often have active TB patients forced to stay in the old TTSH CDC due to them defaulting from their daily DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) regimen, where they are supposed to report everyday to polyclinic to take their cocktail of antibiotics. These defaulters are placed in negative-pressure isolation rooms with CISCO guards stationed outside.

patriot said...

Cant be too far from
the Truth about the Car
Loan and Financing
The So-called Expurts
shall shorten the Life
of Sin.


patriot said...

Thank You very much Anon for telling me not worry.
BUT, the More You say so the More Worry I become.

Liked the Short Term Gain Mentioned about Vehicle Loan and Financing in an Above Post.

One of the TB Patient who defaulted on his treatment, worked(still working?) at
restaurant. Have his colleagues and guests at where he worked, traced and
sent for test?

Tuberculosis, Dengue/Zika, Hepatitis, Bird Flu, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Malaria etc are mostly under controlled in First World Countries.
in this tiny and richest First World Sinland, these Diseases are congregating and probably morping into Suprbugs to end thr Sinners here.

Unlike those heroine and hero who are prepared to die, they said so in the News Report Interview,



patriot said...

'for telling me NOT
to worry'.

My apology.


patriot said...


I wish those Folks to die peacefully and NOT killed by
It shall be horrible and terrible
if they spread the Diseases before they died.


denk said...

*Sinkieland is sliding down the slippery slope?

It would not be easy (near impossible) to try stop the decend (into abyss)?

Thanks to "using the wrong people", many aspects in sinkieland are failing?

June 21, 2016 8:03 am*

deceases wiped out decades ago all making come back.

first world mrt system suddenly collapse into third world nigtmare, breakdown every other day.

lifts go 'amok' every week.
latest marsiling 3 new lifts break down simultaneonsly.

wake up people,
ian fleaming's fundamental law of probability
once is accident, twice could be coincidence, thrice.....enemy action !

questions is,
WHO's the enemy ???

Anonymous said...

Next time dun call Botak BOTAK le .......

Think WO-001 sounds better?

Any oldie agrees, pls KEE CHIU!

Anonymous said...

Patriot Ah Pek,

With WO-001 (hopeless) economic policies of GDP growth through inputs growth especially population growth (to 7m, 10m, 15m and eventually 20m), your (simple and honourable) wish (UNFORTUNATELY) is unlikely to materialise?

patriot said...

"Who's the enemy???", unquote.

No enemy within.
care and concern
delivers nothing.

Sinkies like it this


patriot said...

"Who's the enemy???", unquote.

No enemy within.
care and concern
delivers nothing.

Sinkies like it this


Anonymous said...

Just like WO-001's "TLLM"?

Anonymous said...

"Hollow words and empty promises"?

Anonymous said...

But make some "people"(lao zar bo?) "very shxxx" ........ "wxt wxt" and (blindly) follow and comply to a "TEE"?

Anonymous said...

But in the process "断送"了下一代美好的前程?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland acronyms?

1) JLB : Jiak Liao Bee

2) JS : Jiak Sai

3) WO : Waste Oxygen

Latest addition?

4) EPS .........

Any intelligent guess?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 917:

WOW! Many thanks for the correction, explanation and clarification. I appreciate your effort.

A friend of mine's father got "caught" with (what I thought) was the latent TB thing, during some routine doctor's visit for something else. They sprung to action as soon as they discovered the old chap had TB. He was given specific "directives" to turn up for his antibiotic treatments....or so goes the story.


Anonymous said...

You did not read Rb wrote
that if patient or suspected
TB patient refuses to seek
treatment due to lack of money,
what will the authority do?

Get it ?

Subpoena the patient to
court or arrest the patient?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm sure the CDC already has protocols to deal with that. Anyway, if the TB infected person is not showing symptoms, there is no immediate danger from them.

Anyway, people scare easily when they hear "virus" or "bacteria". They immediately start reaching for the Dettol, Listerine and bleach and do other idiotic things like spend money buying then consuming everything from mega-vitamins, to TCM preperations, to statues of jesus and buddha....thinking that these measures will prevent them form sickness.

They don't know or won't accept that most of the DNA in and on the human body is not "human DNA" but "microbial-bug DNA" i.e. we are more MICROBE than HUMAN. Lucky we have a brain which constructs awesome illusions, so we can carry on life even though we're ignorant about the very basic facts of (objective) reality.

All humans carry more microbes than human cells---yes folks, both local and foreign.

We are all one RACE, one SPECIES---which means a n "open border policy" and "free labour market" is perfectly aligned with the scientific FACTS about humans.

Keep the borders OPEN!

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