South China Sea – The reluctant and uncomfortable truth

Is the South China Sea a problem of freedom of navigation? Nay, that is an American deception and excuse for them to move into the region. No one dares to tell the truth in front of the world’s Number One Terrorist Nation.  No one today but not yesterday. 15 years ago, LKY the Oracle had spoken about it. The problems facing South East Asia were Terrorism and the contest for influence and power between China and the USA. What craps the Americans are trying to spin to deceive the stupid leaders and people in the region about freedom of navigation?  Freedom of navigation has never been a problem or an issue in the South China Sea. China has never arrested any ships or boats. The only fishing boats that have been arrested in the South China Sea were those of China’s by the Vietnamese, the Philippines and the Indonesians. Who then is the threat to freedom of navigation?

Singapore has diplomatically steered away from this freedom of navigation shit stirred up by the Americans and not be seen as another American lackey following the pipe piper. Ng Eng Hen conveniently carried the Oracle out to tell the Americans and to enlighten the rest of the Asean states that the real problem is the relationship between China and the US for influence and control of the region. Forget about the freedom of navigation red herring. The rising power in China would naturally seek for more influence and the receding power in the US would resist and want to fight back.

“With the US and China as the main protagonists, the South China Sea and territorial disputes therein, willy nilly has provided the stage on which this strategic rivalry is being played out,” said Dr Ng.” I think all of us are conscious that more is at stake than disputed rocks or islands. As Mr Lee observed in his 2002 speech – ‘the competition for economic and diplomatic influence has started.’.

What is sad is that the current leaders in some Asean countries are so immature to swallow the American shit of freedom of navigation and are willing to go to war to serve the American agenda and interests, dragging their country and people into destruction and suffering and become collateral of a war without knowing why. The Americans seen through their stupidity and kept on playing to their little egos and make them jumping up and down wanting to go to war.

And then came out of nowhere, Duterte, to see through this American farce and said no, the Philippines will not be somebody’s lackey and do silly things against the interests of the Phlippines and its people. Former Asean Secretary General Ong Keng Yong has been quoted to say, 'We don't want to get involved with any contestation between the two big powers...we are best served by staying on the ringside.'


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, the chance of ASEAN countries and US going to war with China in the South China Sea is as good as the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt.

Why would US and ASEAN countries want to make war when they can make money with China?

Why would smart Sinkies want to join opposition to make war with PAP when they can make money under PAP?

Anonymous said...

Asean countries would not be stupid to go to war with China. But there will be the stupid that would want to.

The Americans are dragging the Indians and Europeans and Canada to attack China in a new 8 nations invasion of China. China must be prepared to take them on or be bullied again.

Anonymous said...

This S China Sea (SCS) is far from little dot yet so close to media. The IISS meeting sounded like this: the China lower ranking officer only read from scripts and focusing on scs. The new message is: Pinoys are illegal, and pinoys have invaded China s scs territory.

On the other hand: Carter the highest ranking speaker shouted to the others, watch my weapons. Of course, the rest of monkeys like small countries will oblige. Especially Japan and S Korea. The Japan Def Minister parroted China was a "common" hated target, Carter s voice, got a response from the Chinese. Invited by the Japs, the Chinese deputy chief warned the Japs to mind his words. He said Japs were the invaders and "commonly" hated target in asean. That s interesting, but the truth, except may be not so much in little dot and tw. In taiwan, the ex president Litenhui said his father was Japanese.
China chinese is very conservative. President Li could change father, but china follow history books.

Overall, the US said this and keep repeating: they hope China will listen to the unhappiness of SCS caused by China and it does not isolate itself.
US is the kindness grand pa pa. He knows pinoys is painful, vietnam is painful, and tell China to let go. But US grand pa pa will never want to shoot at China as if US will shoot at its own feet.

US welcome asean countries to buy expensive weapons from US to shoot China. US will not shoot at China free of charge. The last wish is exactly what Pinoys wanted, but Grand pa US is smart. So Duterte got angry, no "lackey", because the next problem is how to sell all the banana and pineapples in Pilippines? China will goleng goleng in custom till those stuff rot during import. Can sell to little dot, the cash rich country mah.

Anonymous said...

Go to:


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All the "authorities of ASEAN" talk shit. They don't have good hands of cards to play in this game, so they just suka suka hantam.

Eventually these milquetoasts will HAVE TO CHOOSE a side....but they got no fucking character to do so now...they want to see which of the Big Powers will get the edge, then side with the "winner".

Anyway it is these ASEAN fuck heads who "enticed" American presence. They got no balls to fight China, they want to "appear to be smiling and neutral", once in awhile come out and talk shit knowing that Uncle Sam has their backs (and continues to penetrate their backsides) .


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.58

You must know Chinamen/Koreans's style of what they called rank and file.

PRC by sending a lower ranking officer to face.off USA Defence Secretary means we see you no up.

Just one simple sentence ; We do not cause trouble but we are not afraid of trouble is good enough.

This is Chinese diplomatic way of saying : You want to fight, I will fight with you.

USA instigating the European Nations to joint patrol the SCS.

You think they the resources? ?

Own countries also in shits and with the Brits possibly out of Euro they have bigger shits

So many years not involved on SCS now want to joint patrols.

The PRC can simply sponsors the.monster ISIS as created by uncle Sam to cause havoc in Europe

Better watch your Euro 2016 peacefully or else the heros of ISIS gonna postponed your games

China had pact with the Russian, the Nkoreans and some other allies.

If fire works start, then go full swing to capture your priZes.

Anonymous said...

'US is the kindness grand pa pa. He knows pinoys is painful, vietnam is painful, and tell China to let go. But US grand pa pa will never want to shoot at China as if US will shoot at its own feet.'

What drugs are you taking? Ask the Arabs if the US is the kindest papa. Ask the Vietnamese about the Vietnam War and if the US was the kindest papa.

As the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki if the US is the kindest papa.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:37am
U are the few left with pain of the world war or Vietnam war. Or from the recent middle east?
No one know the pain. Those on words are imagined pain.
The Japs are happily following US to sail around South China Sea to show off their new expensive weapons.

The Japs and Koreans including sinkieland should feel the generosity of US.

US made the weapons for sales not for gifts. US want Koreans and Japs to do navy exercise together to use up more hardware, and to share COST half half. The big US carrier cost is then passed to the Japs and Koreans.

Carter even want China in.

Sinkieland has couples of exercises. Wander how long can sinkieland tahan the cost billed by US after the exercise.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35am
EU will implodes by itself with the 8 millions of immigrants mainly from middle east.

UK if not leaving EU will be passed the immigrants. See how smart are their own voters. Its nice to see how UK being brought down to the knees by the immigrants.

Sinkieland is the potential, as it has 50% purely immigrants without any loyalty, similar to the millions of immigrants running around across EU countries.

US want EU to come in to share cost, as UK and EU are their partners, and also scared China to hide under the beds.

The invasions of the powerful are in computer games. But the invasions of China will draw thousands of missiles on their own lands, including Europe. What want that to happen?

China has submarine with nuclear weapon sailing in pacific ocean. 1 weak spot got in nuclear bomb will be like hiroshima or nakasaki. The US did not choose Tokyo or Kyoto, that could be the mutual understanding with the emperial army japan. When China send off a nuclear, the principle will apply, correct? See which spot is unlucky, not Ny or London, that is for sure.

Then talks will begin, end of war. Ok liao.

EU like Merkel knows that kind of ending. She should have seen it when her grand parents showed her photos. Mai lie liao.

Veritas said...

ASEAN excluding Indonesia, is China Monroe doctrine. When China become strong, she will claim ASEAN-ex-Indon as her vassal states.

b said...

Thats UA hegemony. All other countries or group of countries must be weak so UA can be strong. Its no secret and have been going on like that for centuries. Unless one has good plot to break UA into two, the only other way is to cooperate.

Anonymous said...

No worry lah!!!! By 2030, Singapore will revert back to Nanyang, and Sinkies will become 27th province of China. Our economy will be booming --- based on plenty of military presence of China army, navy, air force. Property will BOOM as intense property development for army, navy & air force bases, plus accommodation for the Cheenas. And Sinkies will be able to rent out bedrooms to senior NCOs and officers for at least $2,000 a month. Can rent of whole 4-rm HDB flat for $10,000 a month. By then, HDB prices will be $2,000,000 per flat. Shiok right?!??!

Anonymous said...

It s interesting to note that John Kerry in Beijing is meeting with Xi s representatives deputy prime ministers, while Kerry acts as representative of US president.
Whereas China PM and Pres Xi will be meeting Merkel on 12th June.

It seems US Obama is having a little avoidance. China sends juniors to talk to decision makers like Kerry will ends up nothing

Anonymous said...

I think this lame duck President has no more usefulness and the Chinese did not want to waste time talking to him.

Obama is now on a honeymoon prior to his leaving the White House and would invite his friends or those craving to be seen with the President of the USA or those that have nothing better to do to his parties in the White House.

Whatever he says is not going to mean anything and Trump will thrown them into the rubbish bins.

Obama should go on a world tour paid American tax payers by visiting all the countries he wished to visit in his last few days as President.

Anonymous said...

Not only a waste of time, it is really pathetic for China trying to appease US.

US will never ever change and there are two options left for China in its eyes : whether China become its lackey or its enemy.

I agree that war is coming, be it sooner or later, be it a local or a global one.

Should that happen, China will try to limit it into a local one but it is much more likely that other big countries such as Russia, India and others will be involved too.

Anonymous said...

Another uncomfortable truth is that it is the US who feel much more uncomfortable should Asean leaders are able to use their brains and stay neutral, on the ring side.

Having accustomed to bullying and threatening other weaker nations, US is the one prone to becoming panic should any of its lackeys take different stand, just like what happened when not only UK, other EU members are also joining China in the AIIB.