Singapore is an exceptionally safe place

About a week ago Channel News Asia had a programme on the scale of TB epidemic in India and how big a group of TB patients had developed full resistance to all the available drugs, ie no current drug will have any effect on their sickness and they would not be cured. The programme also quoted figures like 4m died annually from TB and worse, the TB patients were literally walking everywhere and spreading the disease. Please correct me if I misquote the number.

The first thought that came to mind was the hundreds of thousands of Indian natives in this island. Horror! They are travelling in the trains and buses day and night, in close proximity with the natives of the Red Dot, and they have this sick habit of sticking themselves to the natives, probably part of their way of life, like the crowded trains back home. Would they be spreading TB generously to the natives here?

My mind went whinning for answers. Oh, no cases of TB here, or very few cases. This means that TB is not wide spread in the island. It must be due to the stringent medical checks and controls, the vetting, to only allow those that are medically free of diseases to enter the island. We must give a pat on the back of MOH for keeping our city free from foreign diseases and epidemic. Then I managed a smile. It would not happen here, just like terrorists would not attack here, thanks to the intelligence agencies and the men in blue.

Singapore is safe from terrorism and diseases despite half the population coming from the 3rd world countries. This must be a miracle to brag about.

Oops, spoken too early didn’t I?  Today’s front page news, a cluster of 6 TB patients in a block in Ang Mo Kio.  How did that happen? And they are all Singaporeans, a bigger mystery. TB has more or less been eradicated here and should there by new cases, they must come in from abroad. But these 6 are all Singaporeans, suggesting that the disease could be indigenous. Or they may have been travelling overseas.  They can’t contact TB here. If that is the case, many more Singaporeans would be having TB giving the confines and close proximity to foreigners sticking together in the trains and buses.

How did it happen? While the MOH is still investigating, they also assured the public that everything is under control and the 6 are no longer contagious. There is nothing to panic. TB needs long and close contact to develop and spread. Not sure the 20 or 30 minutes inside the trains and buses would be serious enough to get TB? But base on the last two decades of experience and empirical data, no problem. TB is not going to gain grounds in this island.

Singaporeans can sleep in peace. Only 6 cases mah.


Anonymous said...

Aiya..very simple to solve mah..each time when a person hospitalized or died the Garmen will juz send MP or Ministers to the victims & kowtow..no need spend lots of time & money investigating..similar to the lifts maintenance issues...very cost effective & cheaper betterer faster case close..

Anonymous said...

Only 6 cases mah.

Tiok. And PAP will also sleep in peace. Because despite the 6 cases, the opposition will still not be ready to be govt.

Because this will set majority Sinkies thinking. If the opposition is not even ready to govern, how can they handle 6 cases of Sinkies with TB better than PAP?

So after thinking about it, evil as it may be with Sinkies getting TB which are unheard of in the past, it is still better to vote for PAP as the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is an exceptionally safe place!

Singaporeans sleep peacefully at night!

Please don't say say first lah!

When kena then you know!

No place on this planet is safe! No place!

It is when! How big and how serious!

So don't play play!

Just pray! Just pray!


Anonymous said...

So lucky to have the PAP as the garment. Only 6 cases. If oppo incharge, sure many many cases.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.52am is very very correct to say that it is
lucky to have pap as only only only 6 cases. Otherwise
sure many many many more!


Anonymous said...

Ang Mo Kio now becomes TUBERCOLOSIS


Not a place to visit or to
be warded.

Anonymous said...

LHL will extend his leave for another few months to avoid having to hold MPS in AMK.

Or else arrow some RC/PA lackeys to stand in for him.

Will RC and PA lapdogs in AMK ask for hazard pay??

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The spread of disease is linked to high population density. During the black death in Europe many more people died in urban places then in the country side. Humans also became much less healthy after the neolithic revolution when farming replaced hunting gathering. Lifespan dropped by a couple of years. Also due to the increase in population density and proximity of domesticated animals.

I have a natural aversion for crowded places. But everywhere nowdays there is just hordes of people, most of them not local.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'd say that there is strong probability that TB is a "foreign import", and high density living.

No need to panic. These days we can deal effectively with this disease, especially in a modern cuntry, with all the skilled people and resources.

You are going to get more of these 'incidents' scattered along the timeline. As with everything else, having a vibrant, modern, world-class, productive, innovative and wealthy metropolis comes with "trade-offs". Occasional outbreaks of disease is one of them. Another might be gridlocked traffic, or a day or so of chaos when a part of the transit system goes down.

Just relax folks, take it in your stride. This shit doesn't happen everyday.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

One major disadvantage of living in a city state is that you cannot relocate to the countryside to avoid crowded conditions. Lets say you lived in Australia, u can move to the rural areas , get a farming job. But in Singapore we are stuck here unless we change citizenship and have to go through a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

"When The Dragon Roars" - ASEAN Officials Unleash Statement Critical Of China... Then Immediately Retract

This will make redbean very happy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Will write something about this scam.

Anonymous said...

When bad things happen, it is just a once in 50 years event. Since we just celebrated our 50th anniversary, the excuse, if it happens, is already on the template, ready to be used. What is the worry?

b said...

I think SG is the safest big city on earth. All other big cities in this world are full of crimes, diseases, vices, drugs, illegals and hooligans.

patriot said...

Sg is the Richest, Safest and Peaceful Place in the Cosmos.
It's heaven on Earth totally free from sin.
The Rulers are also the Best in the World. They are not greedy and corrupted and do their best to care for the people, not just the Locals, they take as much care for aliens. They are fair, just and most wholesome, their integrity most respectable.
Most other nations look up to Sin and even want to emulate it.

Sinkies are the Most Blessed on Earth


Anonymous said...

In Singapore, the garment protect the people. In other countries, the people have to fear harassment and bullying by the garment.

Anonymous said...

Drug-resistant Tuberculous bacteria outbreak in Ang Mo Kio Ave 3


- do you still feel safe?
- is this drug resistant tuberculosis Alien in nature?
- did it originate from outside Singapore?

What's your view from Hell?

Anonymous said...

Suspect those people got it while in the life after a TB victim used the life.
More frightening is the train and buses, and aircon offices.

Anonymous said...

WHO describes TB as a “disease of poverty”, drug-resistant varieties might best be understood as resulting from poor treatment.

This TB is spreading in India, south africa etc.

It is good warning for citizens who like to hug foreigners with arms and legs. Incurrable means similar to HIV, take heavy medicines till last breath. In Singapore it is definitely a Foreign talents disease. Must thanks the immigration policy for it.

Immigration brings in disease. One UK ex minister said this when complaining against the UK government brining in multi millions foreigners mainly from india, under Blair government. Blair was frequently visited by one old man who also did the same by taking in 2.5 millions migrants into an island.

The ruling party knew and they put in 2.5 millions foreigners into crowded island can ensure citizens will not miss any thing in this world.

Continue to support this party by voting for it. There are another 2 millions foreigners to make up for 7 millions population for next 10 years under the party s white papers. 4.5 millions foreigners akan datang: beside incurrable TB, what else?

Can incurrable TB cases spread in air con offices, mrt, air con buses? Very sure it can be fast. Enclosed air con room like malls, which are crowded will spread fast too. The young will have TB to grow old with the great population policy. Then more immigrants are need to replace the sick ones. More properties are needed. Sell lands, sell properties to make gdp. Diseases can increase GDP, see doctor, buy medicines, got GST as taxes. Citizens can get NS excuse,if kena TB. Voters can accept it, no problems.

patriot said...

The Way the Ah Pek and Ah Ma
talked like hero and heroine in the CNA News at 10pm, is indeed very worrying.

And why they are allowed to express their naive and ignorant views in the National Media, is baffling.



patriot said...

And why are they allowed to express their baive and ignorant views about Tubercolosis in the National Media, is baffling.
The Above Paragraph to amend the Comment posted by me above.


patriot said...

To the Ah Pek and Ah Ma who spoke to Channel News Asia in the 10pm News Telecast.

很钦佩妳/你们的勇气。妳/你们非常英勇, 很肯牺牲。



Anonymous said...

Produckvities has 2 diemension◆

Anonymous said...

@ Kuda Riding Club.

Can catch TB from riding horses or not ah?

Anonymous said...

June 16, 2016 10:29 pm

Is the Transport Ministry taking adequate measures to control MRT breakdowns?
Is the Ministry of National Development taking adequate measures to control lift safety?

Is the Health Ministry taking adequate measures to control prevent Hepatitis C outbreak?
Is the NEA taking adequate measures to control mosquitoes and dengue fever outbreaks?

What do you think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of Sparta:

Re: Life in a city state.

You can always take a boat to the many islands around Singapore, or take the 5min Terbau shuttle to JB, and bingo, you are now out of Singapore and able to enjoy the outdoors if you so choose.

Wherever you choose to live, there are trade-offs---costs, and benefits. I find I do not need a car in Singapore. However, having lived in Oz for the past 40 or so years, I've owned several vehicles---otherwise you just don't get around!

If I work in Singapore, I pay much less in taxes. Whilst I am here in Oz, I , along with the rest of the suckers, are taxed to the eyeballs---not as bad as Europe, but still painful. However, I love the climate and the life, especially the wonderful outdoors---I can fish for my dinner and grow my own veggies...so to me the higher taxation, and insurance (health) is simply costs of living. Pay, hurt a bit, complain and bitch about it, then forget about it and get on with life.

Singapore is a very easy place (for me) to live in. No need for a car. If I do happen to need one, I just hire one. Food is everywhere---no need to cook, shops open late or trade 24/7, walk everywhere mostly and click up "burnt calories" and "distance" on the FitBit. Easy to get stuff done. Got maid to clean apartment. Easy to connect with people. Easy to fly out anytime and visit other Asian destinations.

As a person who HATES crowds, the first day or two I get "anxiety" states but by day 3 I've "acclimatized" and adapted to the change in environment.


Anonymous said...

The Ah Pek and Ah Ma talk like hero and heroine on CNA because this is what the Government actually wants to say and the public to hear. Now, like killing two birds with one stone, if anything serious were to happen after this, the government will not be blamed, but the Ah Peks and Ah Mas will have to take the rap on their behind. Sorry, they are too old to get the stick.

Do you think the poodles dare to broadcast anything that is at loggerheads with the Government's view? Of course not, in a thousand years.

Anonymous said...

Drug resistant TB does not actually reflect the real risk because in India some drug resistant bugs are essentially incurable. Another thing the central planners in our little Island forgot in the mad rush to the magical 7mm population number.

Anonymous said...

You fools think the government is going to save you? I remember during NS we were made to share drying clothes to clean the dishes for the entire camp. Any camp commander with a drop of sense will realize it a health hazard, but the practice continued because the scholar in charge wouldn't give a effing shit. Even with all the government mandated suggestions. So many NS guys got chicken pox, Hep B through this crazy practice.

Whats the point of this website anyway? Only those who realize Singapore is a plantation with voting slaves read this blog. Those slave who can do it are have already escaped to angmo lands. Preaching to the choir.