No tear for the Red Indians

Every year on June 4, there will be commentaries and sit ins to commemorate the Tiananmen Incident not only in HK and Taiwan but also in the West.  I was reading this article deemed important enough by our main media to be reported in one full page.  Nick Frisch, a Yale Law School doctoral student wrote this in his article ‘Tiananmen at 27: Is it worth looking back? The first para:

‘Each spring, a ripple of recollection passes through Beijing and anyone over the age of 35 remembers how hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens went into the streets to join striking students.

The crowds, demanding reforms, used their bodies as barricades against advancing columns of troops.  No on believed the People’s Army would fire at its namesake.

When the gunfire started, the crowds melted away in shock and disbelief. Most individuals became anonymous to history and one another, and, like other urbanites across China, walled off memories of the massacre and accepted the Communist Party’s gospel of prosperity: Make money, avoid politics, get on with your lives.’

I find the above very well written and I choose not to reinvent the wheel and to use the same text, with a few changes, to describe the fate of the Red Indians in North America a few centuries ago. Now try reading this.

‘Each spring, a ripple of recollection passes through the Plains of the Prairies and how anyone of any age, could not remember how millions of native Americans, called Red Indians, went into the prairies to join other native Indians.

The crowds, demanding for the right to live in their land, used their bodies as barricades against advancing columns of troops and the Calvary.  No on believed the American troops would fire at its namesake, at native Americans.

When the gunfire started, the crowds melted away in shock and disbelief. Most individuals, mothers and children, became anonymous to history and one another, and, like other urbanites across America, walled off memories of the massacre and accepted the Confederates and American Union’s gospel of prosperity: Make money, avoid politics, get on with your lives.’ Unfortunately for the tens of millions of native Americans aka Red Indians, the genocide was so complete that barely a few survived today in the land of the free.

While the bleeding hearts and white man’s conscience want to remember 4th of June, would the native Indians want to remember 4th of July as their Independence Day or the Day they were terminated to near extinction? To quote Frisch, ‘It is a question that global media multinational businesses and foreign governments must confront as well.’ Or they have forgotten, afraid to confront to offend the white Americans?

The silence of the Red Indians is remarkable. There is no tear left for the Red Indians.

Frisch emphasized that there is one place, Hong Kong, 1,900km south of Beijing, that allows mass remembrance of Tiananmen. Would there be a place in the North American continent, a city far away from the Plain of the Prairies, to have a remembrance of the genocide of the Red Indian as a human race?

Frisch quoted a Hong Kong journalist Yau Lap-poon saying, ‘Without June 4, would China have travelled its 27 year path of development? ... Perhaps the blood of Tiananmen was a kind of fertilizer, helping China bloom prosperously on the soil of market economics.’

Using the same phrase, ‘Without the massacre of the Red Indians, would the USA have travelled its 240 year path of development? … Perhaps the blood of the Plain of Prairies was a kind of fertilizer, helping the USA bloom prosperously on the soil of market economics.’

Frisch also quoted a poem by Cao Shuying, a Beijing poet, ‘I am from a planet you cannot forget…We survivors look like husks…A burden over years…The laughter of lost days, emptied out.’

Take a ride into the prairies in a cold summer night and listen…You may still here the Red Indian laughter of lost days….many centuries ago. You may still see them chasing their squaws around campfires surrounded by their wigwams. You may still see the trails of smokes floating into the air from the pipes of the big chiefs.

No more tears for the Red Indians.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I keep repeating this over:

When push comes to shove, most governments will sacrifice THE PEOPLE for The Nation State. The nation state must continue. People come and go, live and die...thus they are EXPENDABLE.

If similar dissent occurred in Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew brandishing all matter of hatchets and knuckledusters would have done EXACTLY the same.

However it might have failed. I just won't accept that our SAF would use their weapons against the civilian population... the family and friends of SAF personnel.

Singapore might have some really bad things, but we're not THAT BAD...yet.

Anonymous said...

'However it might have failed. I just won't accept that our SAF would use their weapons against the civilian population... the family and friends of SAF personnel.'

Think how the men in blue handled Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung.

patriot said...

Think the Soldier Boys
in Sin are not as intelligent
as Matilah Singapura believes.

Lee Kuan Yew did not call
Sinkies DAFT for no reason.
We know how he had manipulated, exploited and intimidated the People
call Sinkies.


Anonymous said...

That is why Thanksgiving is a solemn public holiday.
The founding fathers wanted to remember the positive and cover up all the negatives.
And Americans have forgotten their history that changed their geography. Or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers obey only lawful orders.
Soldiers can disobey an unlawful order.
There is no insubordination in the above.
I always remember Section 18 and Section 24 of the SAF Act.

Anonymous said...

Red Indians were never part of the society or that country recognize. No doubt they were natives but were driven out by colonists.

On the other hand, Chinese were shot outright by their own skin color and their "comrades".
Their very own comrades who the population is feeding. The reason for being shot at is by having an alternative voice.

While nobody is saint but i think that as lines are drawn. It shows clearly that time was on whites against their natives who just want their land. But i still cant understand why Comrades kill each other in the name of what?

Anonymous said...

In SinkieLand, the genocide of dafts Sinkies already have begun long time ago carefully crafted without dafts noticing it..every trades & businesses r now infiltrated with 'foreign talents', worse even unaccredited ir fake degrees can become doctors here..these replacements of dafts Sinkies will go on until each n everyone is replaced without a single gun shot ...wat a ingenious idea by the G...

Anonymous said...

The foundation of the wealth of Western world is built on slavery. That's an irrefutable fact.

Their faces have such a thick skin that they have no shame whatsoever whenever they criticize other countries of "human rights", "democracy", etc

Oh wait, they don't even know the concept of "face" until lately :)

Anonymous said...

BBC has declared UK Leave won by 52% while counting is around 92% completed. It was a historic time about 60min ago. It was similar to the time when BBC reported Beijing opened fire on the students at June 4. It was a Sunday. Some had to work in HK, they knew how risky it was. Following day Monday ended up a holiday.

The June 4 night was a dark night with taxi all putting up little black flags as if HK was invaded.
However, reflected back, it was a decisive decision made in history by China leaders. Similar to ordinary peasants in UK voting for Brexit, the peasants refused to listen to the elites to tell them to accept lots of immigrants whom the peasants believe will hurt UK s economy and security. 6-4th China leaders knew, if they let the students to continue, China would broke into parts to please the hawkish outsiders.

Tienanmen was occupied by the rowdy students living with garbage all over the square after more than a month of living on the state-own parade square.

The BBC reports then were so positive about the students movement as if they were the appointed future leaders of the communists china. If those students could win power that time through yelling, china could be similar to former south africa now. Rule by elite and distribute wealth to a few hands. Wangdan, Chailin, Urkaisi. Go find out how they are now.

Students movement similar to Tienannmen was influenced by the financial outcome from which could be from some embassies including china s dear neighbor former rival. It was similar to the students occupied central in HK whose finances were questioned.

It was similar to Remain in brexit. The Imf supported UK to Remain, Obama supported it. The US press like WSJ Blm supported it. Goldmanshark supported it. The UK bankers supported it. The money speculators supported it. The bookies supported it. In sum, the rich without really WORK supported it. The entire financial market supported Remain.

Who are the "rich without really work"? They make money from the situation. They do not create things like handphones to sell to exchange for money. They create papers to sell to make lots of money from the poor stupid peasants. Real British manufacturers do not support Remain.

Because the rich bet on Remain, the bookies gave Remain the high chance close to 80% win. Can u trust these people earning huge cash without really work? They did created the market up to last night singapore time. Who make the huge cash?

i guess, the market crashes now. For those betting on Remain: they should lose their pants because their bet are generally huge sums, while the small bettors put less than 100pounds a bet.

6*4th was a situation example. Even china populist leaders in china were thinking of seizing power out of chaos.

History can be written by student like RB's post. Reality have to be lived by people at work.

That student whom RB quoted: was just a sympathy for those who died on the occasion.
It was similar to the fate of JO COX, the mp of UK who died in Brexit campaign. I too had sympathy for her and her family.

b said...

The student movement was orchestrated by the west, those people with split tongues. They were stupid to believe them. They should study well and emigrate to a rich country and not do something dumb like sacrifice for country or people. All citizens of poor nations should treat their countries this way. Only rich countries where the people have no other countries to go to (eg UK) have to fight for freedom. All rich countries should have point system for migrants to motivate them to earn a degree, skill and trade.