More concrete evidence, hard facts that China owns the islands in the South China Sea

In a letter to the ST forum on 8 June, Ms Tsai Chi Yuan of the Taiwan’s Representative Office in Singapore spelt out clearly some of the facts as hard proof that the South China Sea islands that the Americans and the West were claiming in support of some upstart countries as ‘disputed territories’ were clearly under the control of Taiwan since the 1930s.  And these facts are well know to the world, especially the Americans and the western powers but conveniently and mischievously refused to remember and talk about.
The years, 1930s are important as before these dates, countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia were all non countries. They were colonies of the Americans, French/Japanese and the British and were busy fighting for their independence as resistance and nationalist forces.
Below are some of the facts stated by Ms Tsai:
‘Whether from the perspective of history, geography or international law, the Nansha (Spratly) Islands, Shisha (Paracel) Islands, Chungsha Islands (Macclesfield Bank) and Tungsha (Pratas) Islands, as well as their surrounding waters, are an inherent part of Taiwan's territory and waters.
When France attempted to occupy nine of the Shisha and Nansha islands in 1931 and 1933 during its colonisation of Annam (known today as Vietnam), Taiwan responded to this challenge by ordering its embassy in France to issue statements of sovereignty.
On April 29, 1930, at the Far Eastern Meteorological Conference in Hong Kong, the Taiwan-operated observatory in Tungsha Islands was acknowledged as the most important in the South China Sea. The Philippine representative for the Manila Observatory's suggestion that Taiwan set up meteorological observatories on the Shisha and Chungsha islands to enhance navigation safety was also passed unanimously….the International Civil Aviation Organisation's conference in Manila on Oct 27, 1955, a resolution was passed for Taiwan to provide weather reports on the Tungsha, Shisha and Nansha islands….
After World War II, with assistance from the Allies, Taiwan took formal possession in 1946 of South China Sea islands formerly seized by Japan.
The San Francisco Peace Treaty, which entered into force on April 28, 1952, and the Treaty of Peace between Taiwan and Japan signed on the same day, reaffirmed that the South China Sea territories occupied by Japan should be returned to Taiwan.’
The above are hard facts and proof that Taiwan was administering these islands then. And Taiwan is part of China under Chiang Kai Shek that claimed to rule the whole of China as the Republic of China until the PRC replaced the ROC in the UN in 1971.

And there are many more historical records of the Ming and Qing Dynasty’s rule and administration of these islands. Nothing further need to be said about the hypocrisies of the counter claims by non nations that only became nations after the end of World War 2. They were non countries, irrelevant legal entities. No rights to claim island in the South China Sea. 
Why did the Americans refused to acknowledge these historical facts? Why are they so dishonest and dishonourable and mischievous?


Anonymous said...

Why did the Americans refused to acknowledge these historical facts?

Why? Why did Chee Soon Juan refused to acknowledge that he is fighting a losing battle and to step down as leader of SDP?

So you see, nations and even individuals sometimes do things which defy the logic of ordinary Sinkies like you and me. But that said, we are after all ordinary, unlike them.

Anonymous said...

We don't ask what islands are owned by China.
We are only interested in the islands owned by PAP.
And as long as PAP owns Singapore.
That is good enough for me.

Lee Kok Yew
Mentor Secretary General
Slave-owners Society of Singapore
(SSS - we are more S than Germany's SS)

Anonymous said...

China established Republic in 1912 and 1947 had its constitutions clearly state it owns all the islands within the 11 doted lines. China CCP in 1949 took over the islands ownership.

Philippines is trying to change the ownership using Hague as a front and leaning on US as the back. Now pinoys has no escape from US.
With Singapore provide the platform in Shangrila, and support, US As Carter was telling the rest of the world, to isolate China for not obeying the new orders. New laws are set for China to obey. US is forming a military front under "security network" led by US to run the South China sea.

This was launched to international audience in Shangrila. No one can miss the message. China is faced with the hard metal board formed by Ash Carter. US is based on Singapore to check on China to obey the new rules set by US and Hague. This is the implementation.

The taiwanese s message is diplomacy, everyone knew the history, for those attended the Shangrila meeting. But US is giving China to follow its new laws or face isolation from Asean countries.

Shangrila was the platform for participants to pledge support. Only Cambodia was not in same attitude with US. Singapore is the number one supporter. Koreans and Japanese are no less.

The line was drawn for Asean. They who support US must join the navy exercises on "security network" in future.
US will step up plying the sea with 2 Carriers, and the rest of Asean must support to isolate China.

China Xi should know by now. It is isolated by Singapore, Korea, Japan, and other Asean countries except Cambodia, Brunie.

China can only do ONE single step: defend its own territory. If US and pinoys attack the islands and Xi did not take action, he will lose his job similar to the leaders who didnot take action in June 4. What can Xi do? He can only speed up to develop the island esp the Scarborough Shoal.

This is the triggering point Xi had to deal with shaking hands. Ash Carter and Harris had said it that if China develop the Scarborough shoal, US will act.
If Xi show shaking hands and hesitance, US can see it, they will send pinoys to take over the island. Xi will have to go.

It is a matter on China now. It has little choice, not one grain of chance to negotiate when the Hague judgement from heaven declares those islands are not China s. The army from heaven will take china, Asean less 1+US. China is in trouble for being weak hoping to have mutual negotiation. It better to speed up the development on all the islands, put in lots of missiles and be ready to fire to scare US off. If it is still being seen as weak and timid, habis for Xi.

Anonymous said...

"It better to speed up the development on all the islands, put in lots of missiles and be ready to fire to scare US off."
Anon 12:13 pm

Tiok. Just put in lots of missiles, US and the others scared of China already, no need even to fire.

Just like our SAF strategy. Buy a lot of high tech potent weapons, others scared already, no need to fight one. Very strong deterrent against war, which is lose lose for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Just like our SAF strategy.
Groom a lot of book smart Generals, others scared already, no need to fight one.
Very strong deterrent against war, which is lose lose for everybody.

Anonymous said...

Ash Carter is every inch a rogue and a liar.

Anonymous said...

I do mean not do fire. Its like this: pulau tekong belongs to sg. Now US said some country claims against sg in Hague, taekong new ruling must be obeyed. How does sg respond?

China is facing this problem. PLA generals all knew those islands belonged to China from before ccp took over in 1949. Now US is behind telling those islands must follow the new UNCLOS. If China Xi obliged, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc will claim against China.

China has no choice. Xi is scared when talking about war. His words are always negotiate. Now Ash Carter forced him to show his last card. Should he talk about war?

If let say, a PLA general takes over Xi, I guess Ash Carter will shut his mouth. 3 years ago, another PLA simply spoke without script alleged Abe of some instigation. Abe never join Shangrila liao. This PLA general was promoted to higher rank.
So China PLA has their own kind of power, though they are appointed by Xi. I guess it is a committee in charge of PLA, not up to Xi suka suka. If Xi scared and did not take invasion forces climbing into the islands, i guess PLA generals may openly shout at him. China hs the backing on PLA and has Laws that go against splitting of China.

So when PLA recommend fire missiles against the US carriers upon receiving bombing from US jets from carriers, Xi cannot say he needs to go toilet to think.

I my view, war is sure if Ash Carter really meant US will act, as Harris said also.

Anonymous said...

The whole disputed islands area look like a war zone to me. China will lose if it loses control over those areas. Hmm...not good development

JayF said...

The same Taiwan that was a Japanese colony in the 30s? Where are those records you claim of actual administration of said islands rather than reports of Chinese fishermen activity in the area. Does the ban on seafaring by both the Ming and Qing Dynasties represent effective ceding of control? Does Portugese Spanish maps of the same areas mean Iberian claims are equally valid since they are as old as Chinese records and maps?

Anonymous said...

It is unlikely to be resolved through legal claims. Inevitable

Anonymous said...

No way the the Hague can resolve this dispute. Hague show is a robbery to China. Robbing the islands giving to pinoys.

Even China politicians want to negotiate, there is no way the politicians can negotiate on sovereignty of ALL the islands.

In 1992 China passed a set of Laws stating the South China Seas are China s territory and AUTHORIZED PLA to protect them.

The politicians like Xi cannot negotiate the sovereignty of any lands. He can be taken as traitor. PLA should be able to act when the lands have invasions.

Ash Carter and Harris had said if China develop the island near Philippines, US would act.

If anyone look at the 1992 Laws, the Chinese must recognize its own sovereignty to develop the island as planned. If Xi stops because of the 2 Carriers, he is answerable to the meaning of owning sovereignty. He is giving signal China NOT sure having the legal rights. That can be very serious offense for a leader.

So China Xi is on hot seat. Carter wanted him to show his last card: Does China own the islands? 100% or sovereignty is negotiable? Not to forget the 1992 Laws authorized PLA to protect the sovereignty.

China politicians are doing just jobs, they do not own the lands of china. They cannot talk about giving lands away.

Anonymous said...

To control the waters is to have control over the eastern globe. Be afraid, be very afraid

Patriot Chua said...

Of course, South China Sea belongs to China. When the Chinese were using compasses and printed maps to explore seas n oceans through out the world few thousand years ago, the rest of the human race were still running around naked hunting with bows n arrows.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot Chua,
Welcome to the blog.

I will post a piece tomorrow to show how mischievous, dishonest and dishonourable the whole gang of gangsters in Washington are. They refused to honour their own truths, agreements that they signed, hoping the rest of the silly people in the world did not know, and stand on their side to accuse China of being dishonest and dishonourable.

It is a character flaw in the genes of white men, to tell lies, to speak in forked tongue. The Red Indians knew that but were too weak and lost their country to them. Mexico lost half of their land to the white men as well. The native Australians, the native New Zealanders and many natives in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Argentinians lost Falkland Islands to the Brits. Remember Africa, India, South East Asia, all colonised and ruled by the white men under the barrel of the gun.

And they are reviving the gunboat diplomacy again. Using gunboats to threaten China and countries all over the world and claimed to be peaceful gangsters.

Anonymous said...

Singapore belongs to everybody.
South China Sea belongs to everybody.
China belongs to everybody.

Do you think Grassroots workers set a good example?
Do their bodies belong to everybody or just the selected elite?

Virgo 49 said...

Grassrots and grassloots Rots and loots their fellow citizens which they supposed to serve.

Now got badge of sherriffs even berated a poor deaf and mute cleaner out to earn an honest living.

These chiak par boh sai pan thinks they are high and mighty as representatives of their ruling Masters can bully their fellow citizens and numb in fear of the foreign trashes.

Want to take photo to complain of dirt in food after makan. Want to refund say so.

Sue you when kena chastised by the public like her callous Masters and their Chief wayang wayang come and console the poor man.

Asked management to employ these poor souls so that their Sherriffs can abuse them.

Pui bloody skunks.

Virgo49 said...

White men especially the Brits and Americunts.

See the riots in France now.

Everywhere they goes they created Riots.

In Sinkieland they wallop the taxi drivers. They abused the young man just wearing a T shirt which he does not like.

And the SPF and the the Papies just turn a blind eye

Hope the ISIS teach them a lesson soon.

Anonymous said...

You never defend a nation that eats dogs. Karma is a bitch.

Restaurateurs in the Chinese town of Yulin held an annual dog meat festival, despite international criticism of the event as cruel and unhygienic. As many as 10,000 dogs, many of them stolen pets, are slaughtered just for thier meat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rubbish.What's wrong with having dog on dining table when we can have pig,chicken,fishes,snakes etc.
What's the difference.