Kenna Police How? Your right to due process (Hong Lim Park 18 June 16, 5 -7 pm)

Just read this message in TRE for a public discourse on your right to due process at Hong Lim this evening. It is a bit late to put this up, but nevertheless here it is.

On 18 June, Community Action Network (CAN), Function 8 and Think Centre invite all concerned members of society to join us at Hong Lim Park for ‘Kenna Police How?: Your right to due process’.
Recent events have highlighted uncertainty among members of the public about the scope of police powers and how current procedures ensure due process.  These events include Law Society President Thio Shen Yi’s February 2016 call for immediate or early access to counsel, the Benjamin Lim case, and recent police action in response to alleged breaches of the Cooling Off Day regulations.
This event has been organised to allow members of the public to share their experiences with police investigations, as well as their concerns and suggestions for how the fairness, proportionality and consistency of police action can be best ensured.  Over 100 members of the public have indicated their intention to attend on Facebook, with 300 more expressing interest in the event.
“We urge more clarity about the rights of individuals in contact with police – especially vulnerable people like children or migrants,” said Kokila Annamalai, a volunteer with CAN.  “When can the police archive your email or confiscate your phone?  Do they need a warrant?  More awareness of the scope of these powers is needed.  It’s in everyone’s interests that justice is not only done, but also seen to be done.”
In January, as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the United Nations (UN), numerous UN member states made recommendations for Singapore to strengthen its protection of citizens’ rights to free expression.  At the time, the Singapore delegation to Geneva affirmed its support for the UPR process and stated its commitment to protect fundamental human rights.  We hope that the government will stand by its proclamations and welcome this event’s contribution to societal dialogue on advancing rights.
Among the speakers are civil society activist Vanessa Ho, who will address sex workers’ experiences with the police, Damien Chng of anti-death penalty group We Believe in Second Chances, and Function 8 member Pak Geok Choo.  Members of the public are invited to create placards at the event to express their views on police accountability and their ideas for how the protection of individual rights can be achieved.

We invite you to attend this important event and to cover it for your media channel.  For more information, please contact Kokila at communityactionnetworksg@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Aiyo, another Hong Lim rally again?

How does this help the opposition to get more votes if they are not strong, united and ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44 am

Hong Lim rally is not just to make opposition get more votes.

A political party also does not exist just to win elections.

Getting married is not just to make babies.

So if cannot get more votes, cannot win elections, cannot make babies, never mind.

patriot said...

Ms Teo Soh Lung who could be a practising lawyer and Roy Ngerng are currently being investigated for violating the 'Cooling Day' Regulation.
Both have being alleging that they are being unreasonably and maybe even unlawfully treated. Read their many posts at Facebook for details

Ms Teo is a qualified lawyer, practising or not aside, Roy Ngerng too is crying foul over violation of Human Right.
how does knowing the Law help in the Emancipation of Sinkies?


Anonymous said...

Orlando mass killing was reported to related to unconventional life style being authorized by politicians in the name of "freedom to love" (should add any sex and sexes). The same tune has been replayed in a little dot, started with 2500 participants and ended up undisclosed this year, previous was 28000.
It was a super success to promote "love any sex and sexes" life style.

The end result is to brew a type of fever in the society. Until some lone terrorist decided to have a suicidal venture.

If one look back at US society, a very similar society with the little dot, with majority educated yet conservative believing in work and family and some very vocal but extreme groups living in extreme drugs, drinking, head shaking, luxurious spending groups believing in sex with any sexes.

The 2 sextreme can never meet. One of the side may turn out with someone losing his head in watching the fever.

Little dot has a potential greater problem similar to Mateen. The unknown belief background unmatch with the reality.

Little dot had transplanted 2.5 millions foreigners of all kinds of unknown into this crowded place.

No one can guarantee safety with this kind of encouragement of 2500 to 28000 promotion thro years with the ones in charge s blessing.

Someday citizens may need to have fire proof doors. As they will die if jumping from the backdoor.

Anonymous said...

how does knowing the Law help in the Emancipation of Sinkies?
patriot 11:03 am

As long as PAP can win big in elections, and even if all Sinkies know the law as well as Teo Soh Lung, it also doesn't help in the emancipation of Sinkies.

But then, as Chee Soon Juan said, a political party does not exist just to win elections, so go figure.

Anonymous said...

Want to have better legal rights & legal protection for ordinary Sinkies?!?!

First Sinkies must have balls to vote out PAPies...

The only way is to have more Sinkies die under PAPies first lah.

Anonymous said...

Which one will give better results?
Vote Opposition or beg the PAP government for our rights to "due process"?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

“We urge more clarity about the rights of individuals in contact with police – especially vulnerable people like children or migrants,” said Kokila Annamalai, a volunteer with CAN.

Even at protest migrants are singled out for preferential treatment, cham la like that.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Bookseller Who Was 'Disappeared' By Chinese Authorities Tells Of What Happened


As a self-professed banana, let's be very clear about one point.
China and Chinese culture does not recognize the western concept of "due process".

Chinese culture is an Emperor-based system.
If the Emperor says you go to jail ... that's it.
Off to jail you go.
No due process.
It's a "Father-knows-best" system of government.

Loyalty is measured by your loyalty to the Emperor.
Loyalty is to the Emperor and not the country.
There is no loyalty to a framework of law, constitution or "due process".

When you swear loyalty to the Chinese culture;
just be aware of what you are fighting for.
Now the Hongkies finally understand.
But it's too late.
The British have left.

Anonymous said...

@ June 18, 2016 2:33 pm

Hong Kong people do not like me because I am a banana.
I don't speak Cantonese well so they don't consider me Chinese enough.

But now I laugh at them.
Now China does not consider Hong Kong people to be Chinese enough.
Cantonese is not Chinese enough.
Must use Putonghua.

Now I laugh at you and your blind loyalty to China.
Serves you right.
Now you have to choose.
Remain in Hong Kong as part of your beloved China and Chinese culture.
Or emigrate to Canada and watch your children grow up to be bananas.

Anonymous said...

The Hongkies will play a part in charting the course of China and what China will become in the future to come. They may not be a major part of China's total development, but their children will grow up being part of a big and rich country and deciding their own future.

China will get richer and better and will keep changing and transforming itself as a new model country. Disneyland is in Shanghai, telling you that the Chinese is embracing the western culture quite freely and happily. They are moving forward and not looking back.

They have a bright future ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

So turning into a banana is their future? lol

Anonymous said...

@ June 18, 2016 3:49 pm

Hongkies hate and look down on PRC Chinese for somany decades.
Tai Lok Loh is the derogatory term Hongkies use on the PRC Chinese.
It's slowly dawning on the dumb Hongkies.
They are now part of China.
They have become the Tai Lok Loh they so despise.

It's a very bitter pill to swallow.
(I understand Hongkie hypocrisy very well).
Soon. They will have to speak and write Putong Hua.
Unless their children can handle 3 languages.
English, Cantonese (written & spoken) and Putong Hua (written & spoken).

Putong Hua could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of people.

Anonymous said...

The United States of Europe that is the European Union.
They do a better job of preserving the distinctiveness of individual European states.
Preserving the unique culture and language of each European state.

The United States of China.
2,000 years in the making since Qin Shi Huang first "united" the 7 warring states.
The unique cultures and languages are long gone.

Written and spoken Cantonese will also disappear.
And with it, the traditional form of written Chinese.
All in the name of a United China.

China and Chinese people do a much better job at destroying the variety and history of Chinese culture than white people ever could.

Anonymous said...

Banana is a healthy fruit.
The more the merrier.

Anonymous said...

Hongkie = Tai Lok Loh


Anonymous said...

Best is 2not kenna anything.

Only way is think like a daft.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Before all you wankers (wannabe "revolutionaries") start talking about "rights to due process" and shit like that, why the fuck don't you target the REAL ISSUE here:

The cops MUST NOT be politicised Never. Not for any reason.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Might I suggest you all consider a different approach?

Crypto anarchy.