Is Brexit really that bad?

Before and after the Brits voted to leave the EU, you only hear one song, Britain leaving the EU is bad, all bad and nothing good. Britain and the Brits are going to suffer, short of telling them that they would repent, it was all fear mongering. Yes, the stock market took a $2 trillion hit after the result but mostly due to uncertainties than anything else.

What is so bad about a Brexit? And if it is so bad, why are the Brits asking for it? Are they nuts?

The answers could be culled from what Tharman said, '"The majority of the educated class voting to stay; the less educated to leave.  Those doing well in their jobs and incomes voting to stay; those who felt they've been losing out voted to leave.  Many more of the young voted to stay; old voting to leave."

And there is also the problem of the "weakening of trust and consensus in society, and of the centre in politics".

Quoting from the same article in Channel News Asia, Mr Tharman said, "the politics of the centre must stay connected to the challenges that ordinary people face - and address their need for jobs and security, and a balance in immigration that preserves a sense of identity.  Tackling this without turning inwards,and weakening jobs and society further, is the central challenge everywhere."

Immigration and jobs are of utmost importance to the Brits voting to get out. Then for those who wanted to remain are those that are benefiting from the status quo.  This is very similar to the situation in Singapore. Those that are benefiting from the PAP rule will not want to rock the boast, but those not having a fair share in the gravy train would want change.  And there is also the issue of the centre not doing enough to tackle the angst of the people over immigration, the weakening jobs and society.

The Brits have chosen uncertainty and change and hoping for the better.  And the portions of people wanting change against those wanting to stay were quite close but enough to tip the balance.  When would Singapore reach this point when those wanting change would tip the balance and go for it, to replace the PAP rule like the Brits did?

The exit from the EU presents a lot of opportunities to the Brits.  They have been world powers and a political maverick that was ahead of its time. The initiative to break away from the American camp to join AIIB was an ace scored by the British that changed the bigger picture of the world's financial structure.  What's next from Britain that would rock the world?

Would Britain join BRICS or form a new alliance with Russia and China where it could benefit more from the new associations than being burden by a basket of burdensome countries and failed economies? Looking from the positive side, there are many positive cards in the new British hands to play.  The EU is not what it was presumed and designed to be.  It is getting dysfunctional and Britain may lead more countries to want to quit the EU.  The subjugation of national interests to other nations' interests that did not really bring benefits to the country would not be acceptable.  Asean is facing the same problems.  What is good for one is not necessary good for the other.

Trust the Brits to take full advantage of their new status and identity to carve a new and better chapter in their story going forward.  There is no fear of change.  When the majority wants it, even a small majority, change will come and the old beneficiaries of the incumbent moribund system must make way.

Do not underestimate the wisdom and ingenuity of the Brits and think they are stupid.  They did not rule the world for nothing, definitely not because they were stupid.  The doomsayers think they are cleverer than the Brits. The Brits would prove to them  who are the real stupid ones in due course.


Anonymous said...

The Brics r not stupids or even dafts. Not like the Sinkies whom the old man had labelled them & tagged them & even condemn them as DAFTs & have no spurs behind their spikes aka spineless. For a Brexit or Sexit to happen here is a total impossibility..as the ruling Papies will rule 4ever as no opposition willing to form a new government at all..the whites divide & rule is a very clever scheme to control SinkieLand 4ever..SinkieLand will go the route of North Korean & many of the best & able citizens will leave this tiny red shores in big shoves for greener pastures or Sinkies Exodus to a new promise land..their new leader Moses is up & coming ...

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning uncle rb.

You asked..."When would Singapore reach this point when those
wanting change would tip the balance and go for it, to replace
the PAP rule like the Brits did?"

I hate to use the word IMPOSSIBLE!


Said before, unless there is an internal split between the
military-politicians and the non-military-politicians within PAP,
otherwise there is absolutely zero chance for oppositions to replace PAP.

It is not just SG50 for PAP....many more SGs....towards SG100.......

Correct? We shall see.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I also agree. PAP will rule Singapore forever.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I have a version of alternative history:

If Singapore wasn't forcibly seceded from the Malayan Fedration, I, along with many of my fellow brothers and sisters, with many of our fathers and uncles, and cousins would be waging a guerilla war with Malaya/ Malaysia killing as many UMNO leaders and rank and file as possible, with the goal of assassinating the state's leadership, and we would fight to the very last person and not quit until Singapore gained independence.

Malaya did themselves and Singapore an "accidental favour" by kicking us out. Malaya's hope---the cruel sore losers that they are---was for us to die and come crawling back, begging to be let back into the Federation.

That was the moment of truth for TRUE self determination for the Singapore nation. And we did it, in fucking SPADES.

...but, it was not without initial pain and suffering. High unemployment, public health problems like malaria and TB, poor sanitation, fucked up transport...there was a lot of hard work to be done, for decades.

The Brits have won a slim majority in a referendum to leave the EU. Note (people totally forget this): Referendums are not "legally binding". The State can simply ignore the result of a referendum if they deem it "against the national interest"---which means any damn reason the state chooses to simply invent.

However, they have not left the EU, yet. Nothing has been confirmed and there's still loads of uncertainty as to the political fate (domestic and regional) of The United Kingdom of Great Britain. If the Scots leave the UK, that could add additional uncertainty.

Anyway, let's suppose the referendum is the final say, and the UK leaves the EU. Then, just like post-Malayan Singapore, it will be ENTIRELY UP TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE to run their cuntry and make it prosper.

If the UK returns to it's post WW "old ways" and has too much top-down regulation, high taxes, crazy corporations in bed with the government, even crazier unions also in bed with the government (ala George Orwell) then the UK is FUCKED, and they'll be poorer than Romania and Bulgaria (the shittiest EU states).

Successful self determination comes with self responsibility. The destiny of all cuntries depends on their peoples, especially if those cuntries are robustly democratic.

The people get the cuntry they deserve!

Anonymous said...

Let's vote for PAP-exit in GE 2020.

Hermit said...

Be careful about posting material that implies "killing", even if you mean it figuratively. Remember Bryan Lim's "open fire" comment on FB and how he had to lim kopi with our police friends?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hermit:

OOhhhh...scared...I'm so scared. I think our cops are more than marginally educated. I think they can see that I was making a point.

You shouldn't be afraid of using words. Not even in "climate of fear" Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Exit from EU gave UKPM more power to deal with the declining living standard of middle class. The rich like goldmanshark types voted to Remain. 1 article interview sales assistant in Salford said this: do not called us morons. She said she has been living in tough life in years with EU. Going further down to the bottom might bring new light after Brexit.

Immigration and Jobs are the major concern to the Brexit voters. They are the majority of 17.4millions.

The new UK govt is likely to curb immigration but based on point system to take in skilled labor in order not to under cut middle skilled labor s salary.

Cameron has been campaigning for a living wage akin to minimum wage. The Brexit will make it possible when immigration is curbed.

In fact, Brexit has stablised life style in Britain. British life and culture can continue forever as a free nation trading with the world including EU.
On EU side, it was reported Germany and France proposed to escalate control of members states army, immigrations, and taxation. In order to do so, other member states will surrender army, taxes, and borders to let German and French governments to determine. This is gonna be a pain to the English Queen if Remain won.

Brexit signified UK has the luck. It might ends up as England without the Scotland. The Scots are exploiting Brexit to have a second referendum on independence. If I were UK voter, I will hope Scotland go to surrender their whiskey revenue to the EU elites to spend on Poland and other poor countries EU members. In doing so, another exit referendum can happen to France. Lepen is likely to be next President as she commands 30% voters support. Lepen is ardent supporter to curb immigration. She said France will have a Frexit immediately upon hearing Brexit won. If France keeps its money, then Germany cannot tahan the cash hungry EU member states. Greece, Poland, etc are not contributing but taking cash type. Can Germany be so rich to buy up the whole europe? If Germany can do it, the Russia should still keeping USSR.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

PAP will probably rule Singapore forever, if we expect the opposition to win in ballots. But there is nothing a quick bloodless coup cannot fix. I hope some general is reading this forums, we need a Pinochet.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


I think you need a high IQ, high social trust, high time preference population more then a robust democracy.

Anonymous said...

Can Germany be so rich to buy up the whole europe?
June 28, 2016 10:56 am

Is it true?
There are a lot of German grassroots leaders giving out freebies in many European countries.
These German grassroots leaders are taking over the local European town councils.
There are many $2 German companies in Europe tendering for million dollar contracts.
Is this why Germany is so rich and powerful?

Anonymous said...

I hope some general is reading this forums, we need a Pinochet.
June 28, 2016 11:36 am

Our Generals are too busy in parliament and being CEO in Government linked Corporations to bother with a coup de tat
- they are very happy with their million dollar salaries

The Great Forecaster already anticipated this move 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Iceland beat England 2-1. They have a population of 323,000, about the same as Bedok.

Do you think it's amazing what a little island nation can do?
Especially when they don't have PAP Millionaires as the government?

Import more Aliens?
Do you think Iceland can achieve more with a 6.9 million population?
Or a 10 million population?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ L of Sparta:

>> I think you need a high IQ, high social trust, high time preference population more then a robust democracy. <<

Your standards are impossible to achieve. IQ is normally distributed: i.e. most people are "average" High social trust, quite possible. In Asia, I give that award to Japan and Thailand

"High time preference"? Good luck on that one. Especially if it's SINGAPORE we're talking about (pretty robust "guided" democracy). People want their good shit YESTERDAY!

Anonymous said...

I heard from the BBC interviews saying that the Brits are now enjoying their British Breakfast now when they wake up in the mornings after their exit!

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


yea, i know about the bell curve. Average IQ of 100 seems to be a good indicator of a functional society.

Hermit said...

Matilah, I din mention no name but you put your hand up to admit guilt? Hey kid, you are so naive. You are like the schoolboy who told everyone he didn't vandalise the school notice board when the principal mentioned as a general announcement that vandalism should not be tolerated - but never mentioned anything about the board itself. Trying to act cool but shivering with guilt inside? Grow up, kid.

Hermit said...

Btw as for Bryan Lim's case of "open fire", wasn't it figurative? After all, he did make that post BEFORE the Orlanda shooting so definitely it did not meant to open fire at gays literally. But he was investigated anyway. So if anyone thinks he can post figurative meanings of killings here or anywhere on the internet, be my guest.

Anonymous said...

Mb UK can consider a former colonial common mkt union with sinkieland, matland, arseland, but perhaps not teh-neh-neh-land cos that's what the 52% wanted to avoid?

Anonymous said...

Hermit the Matilah, u just did a schoolboy


U think is funny?


U silly kongcum seow ting tong

Anonymous said...

I think Sg
only needs
to have another
10 Matilah Singapura
to have changes as a
constant to hold true.

Anonymous said...

Global internationalisation began to wane around the 1870s and culminated in WW2?

After WW2, globalisation took off

Brexit maybe the start of the reverse process......

Anonymous said...

Globalisation is probably not inevitable and irreversible?

WO-001 (塌嘛) talk without looking into mirror?

The EPS just pulled the plug last week on Internet access?

Anonymous said...

Brexit is another evidence globalisation is on the retreat and reversing?

Anonymous said...

The biggest insult to the world and British voters intelligence was the exchequer George Osborne claimed during Remain campaign that UK will need 31billions gbp emergency budget if Brexit won.

In Parliament yesterday, that guy said there was no need to have emergency budget. This guy is one who create the market to panic.

HSBC said it will sack 2000 workers and move its HQ to somewhere. The CEO said no move when Brexit was known.

Politicians cannot be trusted.

Learn from Brexit voters, sg must vote for our own pockets, not what the politicians want us to vote to fill their pockets. Sg must vote for our citizens to get jobs, not filling the places for Employment passes the elite target to have to sell properties to get gdp for their increments.

Anonymous said...

MS will make a

perfect agent

for change.

Are You ready ?

Anonymous said...

Some pple have bipolar breakdown?

This MS kena multi-polar (identity) crisis?

Dunno who to be?

Anonymous said...

One body, many heads?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

/// Learn from Brexit voters, sg must vote for our own pockets, not what the politicians want us to vote to fill their pockets. ///

Brexit voters are British.
Descendants of colonial masters
Likely to be smart voters.

Singaporean voters are mostly Chinese.
Descendants of starving peasants from China.
Likely to be dumb voters.
Will likely to continue to vote PAP for another 50 years.

b said...

When the result does not adhere to the wishes of those corrupted elites, they will smear it with ugly names, calling voters lowly educated and racist and so on. Its NEVER their fault and they totally do not understand what is DEMOCRACY. Its the majority. They should learn what is democracy and respect it. They are a bunch of irresponsible, greedy, selfish, corrupted, antihumankind dictators who only want things to go their way. Grow up.

b said...

Globalization is good but TOO MUCH is NOT GOOD. Anything if eat too much will get sick!

Anonymous said...

SAVAGED: David Cameron Crumbles At Live Brexit Debate SKY NEWS
(2 minute video)


In a real democracy, a Prime Minister faces a real audience
- a real audience asking tough question

Anonymous said...

The ITV #Brexit "Debate"- David Cameron & Nigel Farage on the EU Referendum


Just listen to the quality of the questions from the audience.
The lack of fear.
Standing up for their democratic right to question their leaders.

And look at David Cameron.
Bravely doing his democratic duty to answer the questions.
Does not even get a million dollar salary.
But still bravely answering all the questions.

Not once trying to evade the questions by saying "What do you think?"
Like some over paid jiak liao bee General-Minister

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:08pm
The Brits are indeed more intelligent than Singapore citizens in terms of being sensitive to foreigners stealing their jobs. In a big country like UK, they feel the pressure of not being able to find good jobs, salary being stagnant due to cheaper asking salaries by foreigners and massive availability of them.

Their children are unable to register in schools near their homes due to immigration. But the UK government did nothing to stop immigrants effectively.

Brexit was the direct results of these problems faced by the British average folks. Not the rich or bankers who have no such problems.

Similar to UK citizens problems, sinkies are facing joblessness, poorly paid jobs, high flat prices to pay, and low cpf savings.

When did you praise the pap for creating good jobs for you?

If they have not done the jobs while you have done your slavery jobs NS, you will slowly learn to avoid voting for pap.

It takes 10 years from now to teach these dumb voters to change their habits. The fact that pap only rely on foreigners input to boost demand to boost gst will create more long term problems for singapore. Besides jobs distribution is not in citizens favor, cpf shortage will show up when young generation reach middle age in 10 years time. This the pap can never solve: jobless citizens will have not enough cpf due to higher flat prices.

Pap needs the cpf to play with the money. So you can just wait to see the show. it will be a failure. Cannot avoid it unless the pap start to create good jobs for citizens to do to pay them cpf for the pap to play with the money. Even the dumb wants to vote pap, pap still may not make it in future, by looking at how EU fails UK and how UK voters chose Brexit Leave.

Anonymous said...

You must be born again

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please you guys, I don't like that much attention.

>> MS will make a

perfect agent

for change.

Are You ready ?


Absolutely NOT!! I have a full calendar everyday, with a heavy emphasis on having a good time. You want me to take on something "serious" like changing the culture?

You have to be crazy. I'm 60 years old. Don't know how much longer my cock can stand---so I'm going to party until I die from excess FUN.

You young fuckers take up the baton. and run with it until you get the "free cuntry" you want.

Good luck!