Indonesia will not allow Singapore to act against its citizens

This is the latest coming from down under, the big brother of Asean.  Singapore thinks that by passing the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act it can then go around arresting anyone it likes for violating this law? The Americans can do it, passing all kinds of silly transboundary laws and go about applying to countries around the world. That is American Exceptionalism or America is the Empire and can impose any laws onto anyone. Small little countries must know their places and stop believing in myth that it can punch above its weight.

The strong objection and statement are testimony to might is right and when one is small, it is better not to be too overbearing. You can only punch above your weight if the bigger party allows you to do so. Indonesia would not allow Singapore to act against its citizens even if their acts affected and hurt Singapore and Singaporeans. What can Singapore do about it?  On the other hand Indonesia is arresting fishing boats from China, Malaysia, Vietnam etc and their citizens for violating their territorial waters. Not sure about the rest, but in China’s case, Indonesia is acting like it is punching above its weight against China. They believe China could not do anything against the Indonesian Navy. In reality, it is China that is allowing the Indonesians to punch above its weight. Anytime China could withdraw this privilege like Indonesia is doing now to Singapore, and arrest Indonesian naval ships when it decided enough is enough.

There is one area that Singapore can punch above its weight. Throw money around. We have a lot of money to throw and those who needed money would come crawling to plead with us, to let us feel important, full of dignity, and to throw our weight around with our money to punch above our weight, …and to look silly after that when the money is gone.

How many millions do you want, $100m, $500m or $1b?


Anonymous said...

It is like your law degree tuk puk kai overseas. only puk kai if you got gangsters in blue working for you. Isnt it silly to throw the book at people with more gangsters than you?

throw money tiok. they all as corrupt as you so can work most of the time

but it also imply you must be corrupt(unjustly milk your peopl etc) to get so much money tio bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now cannot throw money to these countries in the region. They are rich.

The next batch of beggars will be bankers from Europe after the Brexit crisis. Let's see how much we are going to throw to them to prove we can punch above our weight. They will come praying to us like Gods, oops like Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

At one time I thought they were getting close, much too close for confort. Now, we can see that it is all wayanging. They meet every once in a while, wine and dine and after that proclaim the relations are excellent. But you and I know it is just a drinking party, people getting intoxicated and talking rubbish. Things will change when they are sober.

Of course throwing money to these countries will not work forever. Throwing money to most Sinkies only will still work forever, like a charm, before every GE and when occasions dictate that sweeteners are needed before they tighten the noose around Sinkies' necks. You can bet on it, centuries down the road.

Anonymous said...

But the throwing of money will surely stop once the PAP gets it's 100% mandate. You can be sure of that! I am rock sure of that!

Anonymous said...

It's not about money la...it's karma at work..otherwise the universal karmic law will need to be rewritten..wat goes around comes around...

Anonymous said...

Talking about karma, it will be eerily frightening if another bad incident happens.

Anonymous said...

In 2000, Chee Soon Juan to Goh Chok Tong "Where is our money?!?!? Show us the money!!!" PAP & Straits Times & MediaCorp called CSJ mad-dog and Sinkies all laughed at him.

Now, the foreigners are laughing at you Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

/// They will come praying to us like Gods, oops like Santa Claus. ///
June 14, 2016 9:40 am

In another life, I used to operate as a banana among the white Aliens working in the financial industry in Singapore.
And yes, among these white Aliens - a certain Singaporean is considered to be a Santa Claus.
A very gullible and silly person.

Off Topic
I did not set out to be a banana in the beginning.
But as I have said many times before.
The white people pay much better than Singaporean employers.
And they also treated bananas like us much better when it came to retrenchment benefits.
Singaporean employers treat Singaporean employees like shit and they paid us peanuts.

In the end, I concluded it's better to serve a master that pays better.
Since Singapore (or China) does not owe me a living anyway.

Anonymous said...

Rb //How many millions do you want, $100m, $500m or $1b?//

In 2014, was US$1 B thrown to IMF to "get" Botak named as "World Best FM"?

Like throwing few hundred millions yearly or even in excess of $1 billion to give(away freely) taxpayers funded scholarships to foreign children to "game" the uni ranking?

How much credibility left?

Would many sinkies spit at them (in their hearts) when they meet the JLBs I public?

(Hak) PUI ("into their FACES" via the heart and mind vision)?

Anonymous said...

Ah Neh I T is supposed to be the best yet it is also the worst?

Anything Cai-呢 touched turned into "go"?

Anything Ink-Deer touched bee-cum gazillion times tok-sick?

Anonymous said...

Rb //This is the latest coming from down under, the big brother of Asean. //

4-noe-graphic monster cawk?

蚂潵扣, use the chain cutter and "snip" it off lah?

Dun only (know how to) bully own people but pussy cat like the rat running across the street when big brother from (others) DOWN UNDER asked u shut up u lan lan?

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs, the pillar of honesty and integrity is fighting in court to keep the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) from clawing back $1.2 billion the LIA says was lost through nine disputed trades conducted in 2008.


So how safe is our CPF money??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. Singapore can indeed punch over its own weight. Singapore has taught Indonesia a lesson before---after the McDonald House bombings by their commandos.

All Singapore has to do is to rally support from the region, and since the US is already here, rope them into the fight as well. Australia---which thinks it is "superior" (especially with multi-millionaire Turnbull's govt), and has previously invaded and occupied Indonesian territory, will be willing to ally itself with Singapore.

Since Singapore is home to the US in SE Asia, Singapore should learn a thing or two about American political culture, adopt and incorporate it into "the Singapore way" of getting things done.

I would like to see the evolution of "Singapore Exceptionalism"---nevermind if ASEAN menbers get pissed off.

Fuck them. We're a success. Our cuntry is small, but our dicks are huge. And we have money. Lots of it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No More "$1,000 Dinners & Champagne" For "Above The Law" Bankers At Standard Chartered

Does GIC or Temasek own any shares in StanChart??

Anonymous said...

Only Stanchart got $1,000 Dinner with Champagne and other banks don't have meh?

Anonymous said...

They can act against Chee Soon Juan, Roy, Teo Soh Lung and Amos Yee, good enough already.

Because these will be the last of the Chee Soon Juans, Roys, Teo Soh Lungs and Amos Yees.

If not, so easy to get 70% in a GE and even 61% in a BE meh?

So why bother with the Indonesians, as if they can do something about the Indonesians like what they did to Chee Soon Juan, Roy, Teo Soh Lung and Amos Yee.

Anonymous said...

Aiya , what can u do about the pollution? Nothing.

It is a commercial decision to burn the forest for

replanting. The Indonesian Government has nothing to do with it.

Arrogant somemore, all they have to do is stop their people from

coming to our casinos, shopping, medical treatment etc

we all will be kaput. Tio bo.

Anonymous said...

Let's wait for another tough minister to stand up to the Indonesians and knock them to their senses.

You think we got this type of strong leaders or not?

Or maybe we got very tough and straight talking diplomat to do the talking?

Or maybe we have very clever journalists and reporters to write tough articles to tell the Indonesians off.

Anonymous said...

Sin is good to see no good to eat. This kind of born people like that talk(only they can belowstand the first sentence), how to make it in the world? Can't think, can't talk well but have got good grades.

I feel sorry for all the kids born in Sin

b said...

Singapore is too small a state to punch above weight. Singaporeans should be allowed to get another passport for national security purpose in case of some extremists send in the haze to kill the people. No amount of defense technology can stop that. Thus, no need to invest so much in defense, no need ns, just need another passport. Politicians should facilitate that.

Anonymous said...

Many passport ready to run already. That's why they invest overseas properties

Anonymous said...

If haze overcomes this island again, what would Singapore do?

Anonymous said...

Show your yellow tail. If not go to war

Anonymous said...

My gay khiang go war with words of laws or die by laws. Punch above weights? Pls lah. Just stay put and eat money(pay thyselves millions- this one you punch above your brain weight)

Anonymous said...


Since last week, the southern part started to be quite hazy

Look at the sky today?

Anonymous said...

Fight lah... See who run. Then we know what sinkies made of... Chicken curry

Anonymous said...

R u kidding?

Remember last time even when old man around, they sent big-nosed kena lashing upside down?

Mb this time they can send Botak there kena again by this "garang VP" while JOKE-KO "play the gd guy"?

Anonymous said...

Can only bully own sinkies with the draconian laws instituted by old man?

Other than that, totally "IMPOTENT" unlike the "BIG BROTHER from (OTHERS) downunder"?

People stick "GIANT MIDDLE FINGER" publicly into their faces oso LL?

Anonymous said...

Rb //You can only punch above your weight if the bigger party allows you to do so//


When another disaster like the 2004 strike again, even too help, the JLBs like BIG NOSE, BOTAK, KEE CHIU, COLLECT CARDBOARD for EXERCISE ( can tkss useless generals? ) still need go down ( on bended knees ) to offer help ( so that the BIG BROTHER from downunder will give them some chance )?

Anonymous said...

Remember little India riot... Sinkies balls shrink... True color... Balls color is yellow

Anonymous said...

Given the way many sinkies are treated back home ( by the JLBs and silver serpents ), see whether these sinkies will back them up?

Anonymous said...

You go war with them? Chum ah. So mothers pls spare us your sons and daughters in sinky land

Anonymous said...

Look at today's haze?

Grey or yellow?



NTD already long ago implied the JLBs "quite useless"?

Anonymous said...

Pls stop giving birth to yellow monkeys

Anonymous said...

Go what war?

The JOKE-KO, his VP and even some smaller fries just wait for the wind to blow from the south ( like now since last week ) and then the haze can "finish off" sinkieland's retail sector's GSS?

Which (kongcum) tourists want to come here shop in the GSS (GREY SINKING SINKIELAND)?

Anonymous said...

Think should be black and pinoyish color?

Anonymous said...

Be productive lor... Own self buy own self lor.. Eat more chicken rice lor

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

The JLBs keep "bullying" many sinkies?

Now can do anything when pple make shit of the yearly GSS (GREY SINKING SINKIELAND)?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Very productive indeed

Ownselves check ownselves?

According to one ESPECIALY SENILE MAD ( ESM ) old goat?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous June 14, 2016 4:14 pm
//Be productive lor... Own self buy own self lor.. Eat more chicken rice lor//

Ha ha ha

To make the "ghost town" almost empty malls "look bz", the JLBs and their glasslooters can "parade" what they "know BEST"?

Everyday go to the "ghost towns empty malls" KLKK (walk here walk there) to make the malls look "crowded"?

Anonymous said...

Rb //We have a lot of money to throw and those who needed money would come crawling to plead with us, to let us feel important, full of dignity, and to throw our weight around with our money to punch above our weight, …and to look silly after that when the money is gone.//

Ha ha ha ha ha

That's why there is a term called "SUCKERS"?

Look at what happened (how many hundreds of billions lost?) during the last GFC "investing" (throwing away $$$?) in ZOMBIES BANKS?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies ARE one of the world's MOST "FUNNY" LOT?

Ever seen many Koreans using Christian names?

Good thing uncle Redbean never call himself like ROBERT CHUA, DICK CHUA, TOM Chua or sthg liddat?

Some sinkies not only give themselves christIan names, they further distort by changing the spelling to funny spelling from the original?

If there is a nation of kongcum bananas, this is it?

Anonymous said...

If a nation is liddat, what does it tell of ....... ermmmmmmmm ....... the Mugams on top?

No hope le?

How many Mugams can u count?

Anonymous said...

Can tawk cawk sin song but cum to real stuff, the outcome is always inevitably similar to what happened in the 1962 Sino-India Border War?

Anonymous said...

Rb //This is the latest coming from down under, the big brother of Asean.//

Uncle RB, what u trying to say?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Out of the blue we have a mini crisis.
Let's see how our millionaire ministers handle this.

This is the first test case to see how they manage or mismanage it and turn it into something much bigger. The Indons know that it is time to test Singapore when the real leader is gone. Something unpleasant is brewing.

Anonymous said...

U not scared one ownself say ownself very can especially senile mad old goat later label u " no big no small"?

Anonymous said...

So uncle RB, are u implying (indirectly) & telling all the sinkie sons and grandsons the JLBs down under only like ......... ermmmmmmmm ........... 3-yo "sausage" small bro?

Anonymous said...

There is some hope left in the "GSS"?

A "free spinoff"?

"FREE Circus Show"?

Anonymous said...

So, it looks like the haze problem is not over yet. In the meantime, we can continue to punch above our weight, I guess. Punching the haze I mean, and just within our own shores. Cannot anyhow punch outside the island hor!

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbean June 14, 2016 4:39 pm
//Out of the blue we have a mini crisis.//

Out of the "BLUE"?

Uncle RB, from where your "atas office building is", can still see blue?

Of cos not referring to the facades on the buildings itself?

That has been like that (
blue blue mood) since inception?

Reflection of the health in your industry?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, faster use your good photo taking skills and upload pics to update sinkies in MSN?

Anonymous said...

The tinkie so small?

Can above weight meh?

Not shy?

Anonymous said...

The Indons know that it is time to test Singapore when the real leader is gone. Something unpleasant is brewing.
RB 4:39 pm

Don't worry RB. The Sinkie leaders are also not stupid lah. They know how far to go and when to stop one, and how to deal with Indonesians like their Vice President. So nothing unpleasant is brewing with the Indonesians. But my gut feel tells me that something unpleasant may be brewing for Sinkies like Roy, Teo Soh Lung, Amos Yee and those BSI guys (one already arrested and charged) and one girl.

Anonymous said...

These holidays NOT TRAVELLING (le)

Keep ($$$) for "rainy" days to stock up masks, best air purifiers, aircon systems, expensive EXTRA electrical bills, and oso buffer against zombie sinkieland economy ......?

Also stock up potatoes to stay indoor and log in MSN everyday 60(second)-60 (minutes)-24(hours)-7(days a week)-365(days a year) to kpkb ...... round the clock, from morning to night, night to morning, dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk ........

Anonymous said...

Looks like the JOKE-KO "lun" the JLBs "very long liao"?

So this ( current and worsening ) haze "blanketing" sinkieland will "drive a belated nail into the real xxxxxxx's coffin"?

And send a sick zombie economy into a (permanent) knockout?

Anonymous said...

When supposedly multi-millionaire businessmen find an additional $30 expenditure a BIG PINCH, it is not hard to "see" the sick zombie economy already "病入高肓"?

It is not "if but when"?

How many businesses and businessmen will become Uber "cab" drivers this round compared to the 97/98 AFC?

Anonymous said...

Last time they sent big nose to get verbal lashing from habibi?

This round mb botak might get countless "facial (slapping) lashing" from JOKE-KO?

But still LL lah cos some pxgs known to be ( balless) pussy cat outside the 718 sq km?

Anonymous said...

The JLBs have "a lot of blood" in their hands?

Anonymous said...

The years ( and 5 decades ) of "miscarriages of natural justice"?

Anonymous said...

"Karma" is standing up for the "Bens" and "Dominics" of this world?

Anonymous said...

To bring justice ......

Anonymous said...

Mb JOKE-KO should "tie some JLBs to a tree with a short dog chain"?

Anonymous said...

And let their "BIG BROTHERS from down under" give them "some real lessons in life" under the open sky and sun, and "NOT HIDING under some skirts or desks"?

Anonymous said...

Like the way (dog)owners tie a bitch to a tree .....?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Singapore thinks that by passing the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act it can then go around arresting anyone it likes for violating this law? //

Big brother from (other) down under dun give 1 nano-gram damn abt some "lan sai jiak liao bee"?

Anonymous said...

Will JOKE-KO "order his pple to tie up some kao boo to a tree"?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, can you tell us sthg?

Do u see the "JLBs" no "up"?

Given their jiak sai and lan sai competence?

Especially tawk tawk tawk but when coming to delivery, like the 1962 ah Nehland (useless) soldiers who fled at the first sight of China's PLA soldiers?

Anonymous said...

Based on some records, the ahnehland soldiers who are very good at tawking tawking tawking were so useless and the 1962 border war so ONE-SIDED, the PLA soldiers, to run faster and catch the (useless) ahnehland soldiers, even stripped out their SBOs and threw away their rifles to nab them as POWs?

Anonymous said...

And the JLBs bringing in literally by the plane loads in the past 20 years?

To make sinkieland yee-CON-no-my stronger?


Anonymous said...

For many sinkies, NOW IS THE TIME to join forces with Aung Juan Soon Chee?

NOW IS THE TIME to "reclaim sinkieland?

And send the "JLBs back to the animal farm pxgsty"?

Anonymous said...

Also, for many sinkies, NOW IS THE TIME to join forces with Mr Teochew?

And Mr Super Lawyer?

Reclaim 10-Pee-nis?

From the "small sausages"?

Feed the arowanas with some "minced food" that are wasting oxygen in this world?

Anonymous said...

Expect more "circus show" in the coming months?

Akan Datang?

Anonymous said...

JLBs going to make some ashes "peek peek pop pop" in an "urn"?

Virgo49 said...

Since time immemorial, PAP been suing people and all ran to take cover unable even to return to own motherland

So, bolder and bolder. They think Indon can also Makan.

These Indons, you can give a limb and arm to help them.
But their memories vert short like most human beans.

Their mentality, we want respect even we may be poorer than you.
So, kala Tak Ala, style more.

Likewise our brethren up North. Can be jamban cleaner but I your senior so must respect lag.

DUIT, You can have more than me but that not my way to Heaven unlike you Chinee.

So Respects bros, respects. This what we want.

Anonymous said...

2 Mr Wong won't make a Mr Right?

2 Jinxed "HOS" won't make an "Auspicious outcome"?

The "fate is decided"?

Anonymous said...

Tai Chi Tai Chi Tai Chi?

Who will be the "代罪羔羊"?

Tai Chi one too many liao?

Anonymous said...

Rb //What can Singapore do about it? //

NTD already "sounded the alarm" long ago?

The "current bunch are just good for nothing 浪子 not unlike the pimps in geylang"?

Anonymous said...

Rb //There is one area that Singapore can punch above its weight//


Uncle RB, r u referring to the area of "Jiak Sai"?

"The Jiak Sai COMPETENCE of Jiak Liao Bee"?

Anonymous said...

With so many "way overpaid leeches and parasites", the trees with "white termites" can only fall with the slightest wind .....

Open your eyes big big and see

Oldies also cannot hope to escape their "culpability"?

Karma will ensure they live to see their own doing?

The short sighted and selfish dead end path they have chosen for their offsprings?

Anonymous said...

The most "disgusting" thing under current regime is the need to deal with "seevil serpents"?

No hope le?

Sinkieland阿斗, your LEEDERSHIP stinks for 10,000 years?


U know what?

After the oldies, maby x and y and Z cannot stand you and totally 1000% NO CONFIDENCE in you?

Everytime u inspect guard of honour, the sight is UNBEARABLE?

10,000 quadrillion gazillion FACE PALMS?

Anonymous said...

Rb //They believe China could not do anything //


When they despatch a "powerless" figurehead to a certain funeral, the outcome is zhai zhai already lah?

Anonymous said...

Who want eat mee siam mai him?

Anonymous said...

Kee chiu?

Anonymous said...

A spade is a spade

A jiak sai is a jiak sai?

JOKE-KO VP has called a jiak sai a jiak sai?

Anonymous said...

From economy to IR, simply jiak sai?

Anonymous said...

But the worst is "Mountain Wood Root"?

Try translate into Chinese?

Anonymous said...

Rb //There is one area that Singapore can punch above its weight. //


Don't kena blue black eye very good liao?

Anonymous said...

Nowadays no need any fighter jet?

Anonymous said...

Just "lay a seige" by blanketing a red dot with a haze embargo can liao?

Anonymous said...

Indonesia needs do nothing.

Sin shall end itself in the
Hands of its' people, the Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Gov stop haze 2 clear d air

Stop blogger commenting,2 clear mind.

Cleaners clear sg everyday

Sg must stay clear everyday.

Anonymous said...

Erect a few more ERPs to keep the haze out.