Indonesia the strongest military power in Asia

It was reported that the Indonesian Navy had fired on Chinese fishing boats in the contested sea near the Natuna Islands. They went chasing after Chinese fishing boats, fired at them, hitting a fishing boat and injuring one Chinese fisherman. Chinese coastguards came in and rescued the fisherman and took him to Hainan for treatment.

This show of force only tells how powerful the Indonesian Navy has become and how forceful they are in protecting their territorial waters, even contested, and willing to show who is more powerful. The Chinese never fight back. Maybe they know that they are no match to the powerful Indonesian Navy.

Now that Indonesia has proven that it could fire at Chinese fishing boats, insuring Chinese fisherman and China dared not hit back, it would be a good example for other Asean countries to show China that they too are equally as powerful as Indonesia. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia should now be more confident to send in more naval ships to shoot at Chinese fishing boats to show the Chinese they are mighty navies and would not be afraid to fire at Chinese ships.

How come China, the belligerent and aggressive expansionist new power so afraid to fire back? Who is the aggressor? How can an aggressive power be afraid to fire back when attacked? The only reason, the Indonesian Navy is so powerful that the Chinese Navy must be shivering in fear and so dare not fight back.

The success of the Indonesian attack on Chinese fishing boats has boosted the confidence of the Indonesians and they are going to send more military weapons and soldiers to the Natunas.  3 more frigates, a fighter jet, drones and radar and an army battalion and special forces from the Navy and Air Force would be deployed to defend the islands as if the islands are going to be attacked.

Now we can expect to see the Malaysians and Filipino navies chasing and shootng Chinese ships in the South China Sea with Indonesia taking the lead. China is going to be driven out of the South China Sea by the combined navies of Asean and Asean will be claiming all the islands and South China Sea for themselves.  They would erase the nine dash lines drawn by China to claim the South China Sea.

Would these aggressive military actions send the US Navy back to the eastern Pacific Ocean or more American ships will be needed to maintain peace and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea?

The world shall welcome the rise of Asean, in particular the Indonesians as the new military world power followed by the Malaysians and the Filipinos for taking on the Chinese Navy and won.


Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese proverb tat says ' 老虎不发威,当我是病猫' or 'don't treat a tiger as if it is harmless or like a sick cat' for when it wakes up then u will realise it's might.. China right now don't retaliate the Indon Navy doesn't mean that they r coward ..China is applying Sun Zi Art of War, that is to win battle thru diplomatic ( as seen in recent Chinese FM Wang Yi diplomatic relations with Asean), if this method can't work, guess wat China will do to Indon & Asean...u bet (economic sanctions & trade) ..china will jus pull the plug in Asean & go to EU or Russia..

Hermit said...

Strongest military is just an objective opinion. America claims it has the most powerful machinery. It cannot even defeat the single extremist carrying out an attack.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from the Indon, Malaysian and Pinoy?
They are all born to be heroes of the warrior kind.

agongkia said...

//The Chinese Navy must be shivering in fear and so dare not fight back//
Ah Lao ah...
The Chinese are not daft ,and will not go into action just becos of some instigation.
Indonesian firing at fishing boat is nothing new,our fishing boat are being fired upon before for crossing their territory.My late neighbor was shot at,even in the news years ago.
If it's the fishing boat that cross territory ,why must Chinese Navy act .Chinese Navy are not bully and they work with their brain.The Chinese know when to act .
Dun teach our grandmother how to suck egg lah.

Anonymous said...

The area is in the natuna seas which china says he has no claims.

So if china navy intervene, it will add more fire to regional tension and has 100% zero legitimacy in this case.

Anyway if china navy do not intervene, it is perceived as weak as it is cannot protects its own citizen overseas.

So it is a lose - lose game for china.

Why chinamen cannot change its "traditional" fishing grounds from disputed waters and hunt somewhere else or further increase production from farmed seafood especially now it is so rich?

Anonymous said...

Why chinamen cannot change its "traditional" fishing grounds from disputed waters and hunt somewhere else or further increase production from farmed seafood especially now it is so rich?
June 21, 2016 10:10 am

Can PAP change its method of governing Singapore?
Since got so many millionaires inside PAP now?
Can change or not?

Anonymous said...

You said it is disputed waters, so what Indon can shoot Chinese fishing boats and China cannot shoot Indon?

Anonymous said...

60% of US assault power is at Asia region. Pacific commander Scott Harbison said the 3rd fleet was deployed in Asia to support the 7 fleet. Where can US dock the fleet? Guam is too far, Philippines base is not fully opened to US, the only choice is Changi.

Indonesia navy is supported by world largest navy, if China dare to open fire. Natuna is part of Riau and close to the China s claimed water territory.

China better be very careful not to offend Indonesia. China can only use trade to attack indonesia; import less from those countries supporting US as weapon. In the long run, US will have a problem of spending huge money to sail around.

If US bomb the South China sea islands, using its new fast EA18G electronic attack aircraft based at Philippines, China may have to use DF21c a mobile deployed missile group that can fire 3000km range missiles on the fleets. Changi may be the target.
That means real war with US because, the fleets will sink and 7000 marines will be dead.

That is no Obama wants before he goes. So Indonesia can act fierce to China, yet China cannot act fierce to offend US s alliance force: Asean less Cambodia.

China will have hard times in next 5-8 years as Hillary will follow Obama s same old ways in Asia. Unless Xi is smart and daring to sell US bonds to undermine US s poor cash flows, No money yet can send fleets to taxi around.

China men are weak when facing the ang mor, even they are real cash rich holding 1.3-1.8tillions US bonds.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1020

Why does PAP want to change?

GE 2011 - 60% win
GE 2015 - 70% win
BB Batok - win by comfortable margin as challenged by SDP head.

More people endorsed PAP rule ever since. So many people are happy. The answer is obvious.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1034

Nope. Anybody can shoot anywhere and anytime it wants as long as you can afford the consequences.

In fact a lot of people is hoping such thing would happen particularly the china people. Then they (same like Singaporeans) would see whether their military is as capable as what they say.
Qing navy prior lost to Jap Navy is also then Asia no. 1 navy ie. bigger in tonnage and bigger guns.

b said...

So? Military might can solve problem? When? Must use more subtle strategy. Indonesia and Malaysia are easy to deal with. Send in some sort of zika virus and we will know who is the winner. Machines guns cannot kill mosquitoes. Why bother to annoy each other? Just trade and have peace.

Virgo49 said...

Japanese, they have the Samurai Clans like the Lau Abe today.

Matland, Indon they have the Hang Tuah and Parma mee Sahara.

From time immemorial, they like to see and taste blood.

The chow Ang mo GOT Vikings and Pirates.

The Chinese just loved to kill and bully their own for they fear their own more than the othe races.

Their own bigger threat to them as they think they are as capable as them.

So they deserved to be wiped out.

No sympathies.

See old days gangsters collect protection monies from whom.

Mostly their own kind.

Till today still the same. They have more empathy towards the rest than.their own.

That's why They are easily manipulated by others by not trusting their own.

We have the English.bananas looking down on the Chinees Helicopters.

Little does they know that if the whole Chinese Race is weak, they think the Rest will not bully them??

They took the enemies as aaviiurs and their own as enemies.

Just because they have some extra cash they bully those they thought beneath them.

Look at the Fat Slob Alice Fong berating the mute and deaf cleanser.

Thinks she will do same to others not her colour??

Anonymous said...

Indonesia has a population of 220 million about 2/3 of USA and larger then Russia in population. So u tell me they powerful or not. They can easily mobilise 20 to 30 million men.

patriot said...

Indonesia may not be the strongest in Asia.
However, it is far stronger than any other South East Asia Country. It may even be stronger than Australia in term of war.

If Indonesia is politically stable and develops it's economy and technology by working peacefully with other nations, it could indeed be a very powerful nation. No doubt about it.

Indonesia could be powerful and advanced country with the Right Leadership.


Anonymous said...

China is signing full strategic partnership with Poland with USD 10,000 millions put on table to develop 1B1R. Xi is going to Chair the Shanghai Cooperation Org in Uzbekistan and again will be 1B1R. Then Xi will be meeting Putin on 25th to sign with Russia on a "Great Euro Asia" to establish relationship with Russia, WhiteRussia, Pakis, Iran, China on economic cooperation. Bank of china will also offer USD120,000 for Russia to develop natural gas in Northpole.

While Asean is talking about war with China, Xi is developing his grand plan to completely ignore US and Asean.
Cambodia HunSen said today, he will not recognize Hague judgement and will not issue statement with the 9 Asean countries on recognizing Hague.

Asean is used as a tool to put pressure on China to please US. China is smart to avoid US to seek its own space on 1B1R. Once the silk route is connected with high speed rail, China will have greater control of the route to avoid Malacca straits and the contries like Aseans.

The future of little dot will have to depends on Indonesia visitors besides Malaysians. Retailers will be boom, without Chinese tourists streaming to sg to pay for double prices and feeling sg as US base to encircle china.

denk said...

all of a sudden, ph,argentina, sk, indonesia, sa..all going after chinese fishermen.
just last month another chinese fishing boat was rammed by a freighter of 'unknown nationality' in scs.
do u see the common thread to the above countries ???

Anonymous said...

Yep, this incident shows how pathetic China leaders are when it comes to taking risks, especially when it comes to military conflicts.

Do they want to repeat what happened during the centuries of humiliation?

No matter how good you are in ruling your country, it will be for nothing if you are not even willing to defend yourself!

There is no such thing as being able to please everyone.

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