Govt give people $100 in activesg$

Here is someone sneering at Singaporeans who would be given $100 in activesg.com when they signed up but did not know how to use the money. He said this $100 can be used for the following:

1.     Gain admission to public swimming pools

2.     Work out at the gym for free

3.     Book courts for racquet sports

4.     Book playing grounds for team sports

5.     Get a 30% discount on sports programmes

Wah, so simple, so many uses! I actually signed up for activesg to participate in the National Game this August without knowing that there is this $100 activesg$. Well since they credit this sum into my activesg account, I might as well use it.

So I went ahead to sign up for the National Games happily.  The organizer of the National Games is none other than activesg, if I am not wrong. When it comes to payment I tried and tried and tried to use the $100 activesg to pay for the $15 registration fee. But no matter how hard I tried I just could not use the money credited to me. What the hell, I saw a $100 activesg$ but cannot use it.

Not going to give up and not going to use my credit card, I called activesg to ask how to use the $100 active$ to pay for the registration. Here is the reply, oh, for registration fee for the National Games, cannot use activesg$.

That’s it. They gave you $100 active$ and someone even sneering at people not knowing how to use it when it can be used for so many things, not limited to the 5 things mentioned above, and I only want to use it for one thing coincidentally and it cannot be used.

Brilliant! Looks like I should be happy and smiling at the $100 activesg$ in my account and feeling really rich, cannot touch except for what they said can be used for. Ahem.
PS. The registration fee is $15 and I am willing to let them deduct the $100 activesg$ in exchange as that is the only thing I need. Other than that it is unlikely that I would be using it for any of the above 5 things. So very likely I will keep the activesg$100 very warm till it expires. Thank you very much for being so generous.


Anonymous said...

This is what we called Creative Marketing or Con Marketing!

Recently while strolling in a shopping centre a sale girl came to me and said that I was lucky and won a $50 lucky voucher for purchase at the designated shop.

I was rather surprised but happy. So I went to the shop thinking to use the lucky voucher to purchase an item less than $50.

When I tried to use the lucky voucher at the payment counter, the cashier told me that the voucher can ONLY be used if the total purchase amount is $300 or more in a single receipt. She pointed to the very very very fine print on the reverse of the $50 lucky voucher!

This is indeed creative marketing!

Sad. Singapore! Sad Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, what to say. Such offers are plentiful, but conditions are plentiful too, so best not to touch it. The are waiting for fools to walk in, when they know that wise men will never tread.

patriot said...

In Sin,

be prepared for Scams
and Cons.

They are everywhere anytime

This is how Sin works.


Anonymous said...

All tat glitters is not gold..can see but can't touch..a Mirage eh..that is wat Sin City can offer to trick u into something & then take back the entire amount..sounds like this is the modus operandi of 1 party un white...yeah u bet who is behind this..

Anonymous said...

This kind of money game, any kids can recognize how to play.

Collect each 15 dollars. Then slowly, some might go to swim and cost $1, it takes 12 months to finish the $15.

There are 15 such persons can go, and if all 15 came to join like RB. The pool has $225.

Not all will go to use the spot money. They start with a few, then die down with the interest.

The usage is also restricted, not only that must be narrowly restricted here and there. So there is balance money.

The balance is belonged to the govt.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Despite the obvious sham and nonsense in this latest "scheme", it is wise to take anything the govt. offers you for "free". Of course it is not "free", but they will make you pay for their schemes whether you like it or not. So "take back" when it is offered.

You might as well. No one is handing out medals for those who sneer at these things and refuse to engage in "the game"---which we all already know and accept as a con job.

The people get the govt they deserve, and thus every sham and scam which the govt they deserve creates.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I'm taking the public swimming pool option. At least there are sexy gals there. I like swimming as an exercise and leisure activity, plus get to see LOTS OF CAMELTOE as a great bonus!

$100, and stay active!

Anonymous said...

Activesg money is a bit like your cpf money.
can see but cannot touch.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we can pay our PAP Ministers with activesg$ money?

Anonymous said...

A smart Sinkie will know how to make lots of money under PAP rule.

Hence no need to have or to use $100 voucher from activesg$.

Cannot depend on govt, whether PAP or opposition, to have a good life if you are not smart. That's why vote opposition also no use, if your money not enough because you are not smart. Some more opposition not even ready to be govt, so how can they be ready to give you a good life?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1042:

>> A smart Sinkie will know how to make lots of money under PAP rule. <<

Aiyah, don't even have to be "smart" lah.

The PAP has given so many "easter eggs", so many "free kicks" ANYONE can exploit to make as many bucks as you like.

The govt like you to make money. So they can take some of it for themselves.

Anonymous said...



Can use activesg$ to pay HDB parking?

Anonymous said...

activesg$ money.
Where does it come from?

Is it a raid on our reserves?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland acronyms update:

1) JLB : Jiak Liao Bee

2) JS : Jiak Sai

3) WO : Waste Oxygen

Latest addition?

4) EPS .........

Any intelligent guess?

Unfortunately no (quick witted) soul to make any guess ......

Here is the (spoon-fed) answer :



The 1st 3 (acronyms) in the list?

Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Public pools, can guarantee come back no scratch here and there, no rashes?

Anonymous said...

@ June 23, 2016 11:06 am

Ya hor.
If I get rashes from swimming at the PAP public swimming pool
- can I use activesg$ to pay for my polyclinic treatment?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1226:

I love to pee when swimming in public pools. That warm stream of urine against my leg is just simply SENSATIONAL.

If you get rash, it's because you have bad genes. Please remove your bad genes from the gene pool, and the public swimming pool.

If your skin cannot take a little piss, you need to go extinct.

Anonymous said...

Matilar knowing u as a disgusting pig, u probably not only release your urine but by looking at all the pretty girls, u probably also jerk yourself off. Lucky the water is treated so should be able to kill off the million of soildiers u released otherwise Sime young innocent girls may be carrying your offsprings. U are a disgusting motherfucker pig lar

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ you're wrong 131:

>> u probably not only release your urine but by looking at all the pretty girls, u probably also jerk yourself off. <<

I tried that once. But the chlorinated water washes away natural cock lubrication. No good. Too rough.

However, public pools is good for ass cleaning too. As you stay in the water, the area around your asshole gets soaked, the hairs get soft as do the "dingleberries" (pieces of shit sticking to your ass hair).

So all you do is stick your hand in your butt and clean out the stuff. You can use your finger to dig out any "stubborn" debris.

Don't worry. No one will be affected. You leave the pool invigorated by the exercise of swimming, your mind is fresh from the sight of female pubic forms, your bladder is empty, and your ass is so clean your girlfriend (or boyfriend) will enjoy rimming you out.

I hope these tips have been useful for you.

Enjoy your swim.

Anonymous said...

If I get stroke or cancer;
can I use activesg$ to help pay for my hospital bill or not ah?

Anonymous said...

K Shanmugam condemns ‘complete lack of remorse’ shown by Stanford rapist

What about bullies who sue and jail their political opponents?
What should we do about such people?

Anonymous said...

Iceland vs Austria
- Iceland wins 2-1


Hey! PAP Millionaires.
What is the population of Iceland?

Do you think Iceland has a better National Team than Singapore (with a 5.5 million population)?

Do you think you are worth your million dollar salaries?

patriot said...

Are the Facilities in Sin

under utilized or Sinkies

need to be incentivised to

keep themselves healthy?


Anonymous said...

6.9 million population?
- do you think Singaporeans have lost control over our borders and immigration under the PAP government?
- just like Europe has lost control over its refugee problem?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PM Lee has a well thought out plan for succession planning in PAP?
Do you think the driver needs to be slapped awake?

Anonymous said...

When 秦始皇 died in BC 210, his youngest 18-yo son usurped the throne meant for his eldest half brother

He did what 秦始皇's enemy wanted to do but couldn't

He got his siblings and half siblings killed and in turn was knived (to death in a cold-blooded murder) by Eunuch 赵高 3 years after 秦始皇's death in BC 207

Anonymous said...

The Emperor who was most brutal and who wielded the most absolute power during his reign between BC 221 and BC 210 ironically got his whole family and clan wiped out within 4 years of his death in BC 206, and mostly in the most cruel and grotesque manners. .......

Karma is often so full of twist and nasty surprise in history in their treatments of brutal leaders

In history, nothing is cast in stone, till the curtain comes down and often in calamitous endings for iron-fisted brutal rulers?

patriot said...

Gadaffi was similarly treated.


Anonymous said...

Matilar u one dirty motherfucker lar

Anonymous said...

We did not know there is such money given by the government. We discussed in the CEC and its of the view that the usage must be expanded to cater for the different interest and need of the people. Example in the entertainment area whether we could use to pay for karaoke.

Rb, are you qable to advise us in what way we can submit our view or the discussion already close Down?

Yew Kuang
Kuda Riding Club
Singapore Chapter
In Associatin with Kuda Club International

Anonymous said...

The activesg software seems quite frustrating to some users or even many

Appears like the software was (hastily) pushed out (without sufficient testing and debugging) with some (end)user issues?

Discarded using it after a while cos like not very well done ...... On a scale of 10, probably a 2 or 3 grading given the resources pour into it ......

Another case of some pple EPS?

Mistaken and recruited some (3rd world) half-baked or fakes (as genuine) bcos of lower asking?

The sinkieland's acronyms list is growing longer?

1) JLB : Jiak Liao Bee

2) JS : Jiak Sai

3) WO : Waste Oxygen

4) EPS : Eyes Paste Stamps

5) TWS?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yew Kuang,

Write a policy paper to the minister in charge of sport to include horse riding as a sport and eligible to use activesg$. Your business sure boom.

Tell the minister your sport very safe of senior citizens. And you can give discount, Monday 6% for pioneer generation. Tuesday 5% for seniors, follow Unity Pharmacy discount policy. Must stress that it is good for health.

Put some excitement and vibrancy in the life of seniors with some riding exercises.