Fighting terrorism is your responsibility

This is just about what Nicholar Fang said in his article in the Today paper today. His article titled ‘Fighting terrorism cannot be the responsibility of the Govt alone’ is as good as the people must be responsible too. I would agree if the people have a say to stop the govt from policies that would bring in more foreigners from regions that are breeding grounds for terrorists. Why would the govt want to bring in herds of wild beasts knowing that they are wild beasts and can do us harm and then expect the people to fight for themselves, to fight the wild beasts when the people are telling the govt they did not want the wild beasts and to stop importing them? Should it then be the govt to be solely responsible for creating the problem, putting the people to unnecessary risks living among the beasts, 2 million of them?

Oh, Nicholas said not to fight, hide and run, you are no match to the terrorists. This is the best piece of advice but on second thought, where to hide, where to run in this piece of rock when half the population are foreigners?

Nicholas Fang also quoted Shanmugam saying that ‘The fact that members of the public had not noticed anything suspicious is worrying’. Is Shanmugam serious when making this comment? To me, everyone of the foreigners here is suspicious and looks like a terrorists. And I think most of the average Singaporeans who did not know what a terrorist looks like would share the same view. The terrorists never wear a badge on their forehead to say ‘I am a terrorist!’ So what to expect from the people? To the people ignorance is bliss.

Put it this way, if the terrorists were holding a meeting in the kopitiams with all the people around them, who would know what the hell they are talking about even if they are planning to bomb the Istana?  Anyone understand what they are saying, undertand their language? They did not have to hold their meetings in hideouts. They can hold their meetings right before our eyes and no one is wiser.

What does Shanmgam expect the people to notice? The general public are not uninterested? They simply have no clue who is a terrorist, who is not. And the two million foreigners are all over us, living with us, working with us, in sensitive organizations and jobs, in mundane jobs, in top jobs, who would know which one is a terrorist or working for terrorist organizations, or going to be self radicalised?

Oh, Nicholas article also quoted this, ‘He also revealed that the information that had led to the arrests did not come from the community.’ So, if there was no such information from somewhere else, the terrorists would still be operating here happily and peacefully right? Then how to expect the ordinary people to know better?

Maybe a safer option is to advertise to the terrorists that this is a friendly place for them to build their bases as long as they don’t attack us and we would not ‘kacho’ them. What do you think? Win win solution.

There are more than 2 millions of them here! How many are potential terrorists, have connections with terrorist organizations, will be self radicalized? And who brought them here?


Anonymous said...

it is true that at times you feel like you are in a foreign country especially during weekends

some places you go, you can hear languages that are very unfamiliar to you

they gather together and speak their own languages, some may be so-called instant singaporeans

did anyone monitor the success of our costly locals/foreigners integration programs

terrorist, terrorist, who is likely to be a terrorist

you never know, you never know

sad sad sad

Anonymous said...

"The arrest of eight Bangladeshis in Singapore last month for plotting terror attacks in their home country highlighted gaps in Singapore’s overall strategy for dealing with the rising threat of terrorism in the region."


Do you find it hard to believe?
Bangladeshi terrorists fly 1,000 miles from Bangladesh to Singapore.
So that they can plan a terrorist attack in Bangladesh while staying in Singapore which is 1,000 miles away?

Why not just stay in Bangladesh to plan the attack?
Is Singapore a bigger country than Bangladesh?
Does Singapore have more places to hide than Bangladesh?

Does a Bangladeshi terrorist find it easier to blend into the local Singaporean population than in Bangladesh?

Do you think the 8 Bangladeshi terrorists were really in Singapore to plan an attack in Bangladesh, which is 1,000 miles away?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.04am pls note that the B terrorists had actually practised
the Chinese theory that "the most dangerous place is the safest place"!

But, too bad, got caught!

Too Bad! Too Bad! Too Bad!


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:04am
I share your doubt on the blangali s real intention.
The terrorist act if real, should be planning to do something that has immediate results.
The print out in media showing members were instructed to stab someone sitting upright from behind. I wander which blangali in their home town need this kind of treatment.
If they planned for blangali attack, holding guns in some position like FBI movie will be more appropriate.

So the blangali s instruction had hinted to me, they were not planning an attack in blangadesh.
Who are they planning to attack? My guess is as good as yours.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! When the government cannot protect you...they blame you!

What kind of shit is this?

Anonymous said...

@ June 07, 2016 10:04 am

It's just like our Foreign Talent Policy.
We give jobs to Aliens so that Singaporeans can have more jobs.

We give free scholarships to Aliens so that Singaporean children will have more education opportunities.

We vote for the Millionaires' Political Party so that poor Singaporeans will benefit.

I fuck your wife to reward your family for helping me with my grassroots work.

Anonymous said...

If Khaw Boon Wan needs to go to Taipei to improve Singapore's MRT which is 1,000 miles away.
Why can't Bangladeshi terrorists fly 1,000 miles to Singapore to plan an attack on Bangladesh?

If you can believe one idea, why can't you believe the other?

Anonymous said...

"Why would the govt want to bring in herds of wild beasts knowing that they are wild beasts and can do us harm and then expect the people to fight for themselves, to fight the wild beasts when the people are telling the govt they did not want the wild beasts and to stop importing them?"

Hahahahaha. Because it will be even worse for the people not to bring in herds of wild beasts, and not to expect the people to fight for themselves, to fight the wild beasts.

So it is still the lesser of 2 evils for the people to fight for themselves, and to fight the wild beasts mah.

Anonymous said...

If we can believe Desmond Kuek is the best available global talent to manage SMRT.

Why can't we believe that Singapore is the best available place for Bangladeshis to plan an attack on Bangladesh?

Anonymous said...

"RB:There are more than 2 millions of them here! How many are potential terrorists, have connections with terrorist organizations"

That kind of reason that terrorists must first connect with radicalized setup is unrealistic. From observation, most terrorist groups setup action on their own, such as those in Philippines. They may declare loyalty to certain group as branding.

The "2 millions of them" is very realistic view.
There was a Mom case about a hostel. The conditions of hostel was dirty with littering, and cockroaches infested. Cockroaches were on picture next to rice cooking pots on a table. This hostel housed 5000 workers or more. The legal limit was 4500. Let say each worker pays $100pm. The excess earned out of the 500 workers would be $50,000pm.
The owner of the hostel was fined $300,000 one time by Mom.

That is a potential bomb. There is no reason such hostel will not continue to take in excessive capacity. Correct?
300,000 one time fine is only 6 months excessive/illegal profit. Its worthwhile to go into it. Not to forget the normal profit earned legally.

Poor hygiene living conditions for human can be a common ground to garner groups of dissatisfied workers. The Prc bus drivers were unhappy for bed bugs and noisy sleeping environment and staged a peaceful strike. What can those workers do when they group together and speak their languages? No one can predict. 5000 in one single hostel can be overwhelming to the uniformed groups. 2 millions may echo their voices and that will affect the sleepy citizens in flats.

The views said in RB's post: RUN. I fully agree. This kind of profiting from the 3rd world labor to support the firms paying high rental is a very long term measure. It will not end here in short term. If the explosion days come, i will first send my children abroad to relatives. My myself may fly out if possible. Indeed, when such days come, its dangerous to live here.

On smaller scale attack. People holding weapons to shoot or cut off fresh, RUN and HIDE is the best measures. Unless someone wants to die with these small number of people. They dont plan to live when getting into it.
This place looks peaceful. When walking around, most people i encountered speak non chinese, malay, english, even tamil which i recognize or understand. If they plan to attack me, i will not know until they come along. Its that dangerous. I have taught my children of the danger and demand them not to hang around after 11pm.
In short, this place is never safe after the invasion of foreigner. Just look at the worker who was hanged. He simply used a tree trunk to break another s head with cracks. That is what can happen, almost any time if situation is out of control.

Anonymous said...

If the explosion days come,...
12:37 pm

If can come, already come lah. If the opposition can be ready to be govt, they would have won GE 2015 already. No need to wait lah.

Virgo49 said...

This Nicobar or Bipolar must realise in the first place who go and taunt the terrorists? ?

Why itchy backsides can't they keep their million dollars CB mouths shut like the Swiss.

Why take side.Now you have a new found enemy and you said our responsibility to fight them.

Enhanced Bullshits securiry brought hardships only to the people.

Wayang wayang terrorists exercises when real fireworks happen cannot find them.

Deserved to be sting when you stirred the hornet nests.

Just one simple call when planes taking off. You have a bomb in the plane and so many grounded cause fears of own shadows.

Unnecessary preparations at Sports meets and other festivities.

These jokers snigeering away to play hide and seek till appropriate timing to set off the fire works when you are fatigued and down.


Anonymous said...

@ June 07, 2016 12:09 pm

If Desmond Kuek is the best available Millionaire talent to manage SMRT.
Who is our best available Millionaire talent to guard Singapore against terrorist?

Is it going to be Khaw Boon Wan again?
If yes, then why is he not Mentor Minister?

Anonymous said...

@ June 07, 2016 2:01 pm

One got cancer.
One got stroke.
One got heart bypass.
Just like another episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Anonymous said...

‘The fact that members of the public had not noticed anything suspicious is worrying'

In some places where there are dormatories, you notice group of foreigners facing west on the matt along the sidewalk.

Why they did not go the the mainstream religious house to prey instead?
Who is conducting the session and what they are preaching do anyone outside this group understand?

Hello, this has been going on for years, way before any arrest was made.
The irony is you could see police petrol vehicle passes by and "had not noticed anything suspicious"

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:48pm
I dont have that kind of presumption sounded so comical: if it comes it should come already.

I think the situation is not so bad yet. The triggering point is not there. The triggering point comes when these workers are not paid the salaries. Then, u will see the no pay+ poor living environment comes into 1 go.

I dont believe opposition can do much to save the present situation. Voters voted for the situations must enjoy the pain. U sounded as if the pain is already came. I think it is till too early. 2017 to 18 will be better feeling than now. Wait for the time.
Opposition will say: heng ah. Let those voters enjoy. Its ok not to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Allow terrorist or potential terrorist in and then tell the people to report or rein them in.
It's very much like make the people poor then offer them crumbs and make them parasitic and dependent on the policy makers.
Brilliant, but evil, without conscience and cannot be supported or condoned.

Only folks without conscience are capable of evil deeds.

b said...

It is normal for any ruling party in this world to blame the people when things went wrong. After election, they do not care about people anymore. This is democracy. But is communism better? They will still blame the people. People are actually just slaves in modern context, just a different word.

Anonymous said...

Surely the terrorists were not invited to Sin's shore by Amos blabbering mouth right? Now who declared war on terrorists huh? Amos? LoL

The wages of Sin is death. The regime attempts to rewrite religion is rather naive.

Anonymous said...

Right. Who would suspect a DEVOTED pastor, guided by the spirit of God or Jesus, to fleece the church of religious funds to boost his wife pop career?

What can you expect from such gullible people? They can't even catch leaders who openly lie through their teeth and you expect people to catch covert operandi by faceless commoners every where?

Anonymous said...

How to recognize a terrorist?
- 2 minute funny video explains


Anonymous said...

Nicholar Fang ... His article titled ‘Fighting terrorism cannot be the responsibility of the Govt alone’.

So Nicholar;
How you recognize a terrorist ah?
Do they wear a name tag that says "Terrorist"?

How you recognize a PAP grassroots leader?
Do they wear a name tag that says "PAP Grassroots Leader" ??

How you recognize a Singaporean plain clothes policeman?
Do they all show you their warrant card to identify themselves?


Anonymous said...

Many journalists/reporters in Sg are idiots.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Journalists or anyone who presumes to comment on anti-terror tactics to be taken up by the public, had better "edu-ma-cate" themselves on "what it takes to be and make a terrorist"...i.e. at least get a glimpse into their training and culture. You might even want to have a Quran on hand so you can look up references, but these days if you're on the net Google will do all that for you.

Here are some suggested publications. IMO, the better informed Joe and Jane Public are, the better their "vigilance"---since the govt is going to fail us all in looking out for our security and safety, you might as well consider a "proactive approach". Whether or not it will make a difference, no one knows. Anyway here's my short list (there are more publications, training vids etc....up to you to seek them out and "digest")

Disclaimer: these suggestions are purely for educational and informational purposes only. Don't do any of the shit mentioned, not even as a joke.

1. All the Al Qaeda Training Manuals (4 of them)

2. Al Qaeda Terrorism Manual

3. Al Qaeda's A Practical Guide for Islamic Warriors

4. Encyclopedia of Jihad

5. Mujahideen Poisons Handbook (for the creation of poisons, and poisonous gasses---Chemical warfare from your kitchen)

6. Mujahideen Explosives Handbook

7. Inspire Magazine (Al Queda's periodical)

8. Dabiq Magazine (ISIS periodical)

Part of the terrorist training is being taught how to "blend in" with society. That's why they are so difficult if not impossible to spot by the untrained/ unaware/ uninformed public.

So this journalist is question is an absolute FUCK TARD. I can tell by what he's written that he probably hasn't read any of the above, nor may be he be even aware of their existence.

Happy reading!