Education – I had a dream

I dreamt that in the future all our students would turn out to be scientists and engineers equipped to live in a futuristic world with all the skill sets they need embedded in them by a microchip. No need to go to school to learn anything anymore except morality and moral values. And they will live through their lives like perfect human beans, with no sickness as this will be taken care of by the microchip that regularly dispensed medicine and supplements needed for their good health. And their intelligence will be several notches higher than the average beans around the world.

Then I woke up to a rude shock. The plight of the PMETs are still around where many are still unemployable as they no longer have the skill sets to fit into the workforce. What is happening? We are trying and planning for the future but forgot about the Now, the people that are living now and turning obsolete, falling down the economic and social ladder of the society.

Then I read the papers and was again filled with hopes and promises of a greater future as the govt are tweaking the education system again to be the best education system in the world, to teach and educate our people to be the brightest and best all rounder, and most important, to be employable again. But the result is in the future and we will have to wait for that to happen, maybe in SG100 when Singaporeans will be the happy people, fully employed and leading a good life.

Then I started thinking, what is the point of the future when the present is a failure, when our people from our education system are no longer competitive and no skill sets to even get a job. So, before we embark on another wild goose chase, another untested experiment, we need to know what is the basis of our futuristic education system, proven or modelled after some successful model or just another trial balloon? Because someone took some drugs and hallucinated that this is the best way to go?

Why don’t we do the real thing, the logical thing, look at the successfulo working models and copy what people have done successfully, no need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is another trail and error, unproven game of hope? Look at all the talented people that are coming to Singapore to replace our no skill set PMETs and young graduates! Does that ring a bell, that these are the products of a good education system, to be able to produce the graduates and professionals needed by our industries? If our education system can do the same, there is no need to keep tweaking and toying around our education system and telling the people it is really good.

Be real. Look at the countries that are producing the talents that we need. The most talents we are getting are from India. This is the hard truth. You can see them all over Raffle Place, MBFC and Changi Business Park, or is it now called Chennai Business Park?  What does it mean? It’s so simple. The Indians are doing all the right things in their education system.  No need silly and expensive foolish ideas. Just get the basics of education right. That is why we are hiring all the Indian professionals with the right skill sets to replace our no skill sets PMETS and young graduates. It must be. We can’t be hiring them if they are no good unless we are so hopelessly stupid. We can’t be employing fakes and cheats to replace our PMETs right?

So, with this understanding clear and bright, the solution is very simple. Stop mucking around with our education system and pretend that we are doing the right thing. And those people who have no idea of what education of the young is all about better shut up and don’t pretend they know. Go to the experts, go to the countries that have done it, and done it well. And no country has done it better than India. The results showed. Walk around Raffles Place and MBFC and you will know where the foreign talents came from.

I would advise the MOE to stop mucking around, send our MOE staff to India to learn from them. They know best and are producing the best talents that are in our industries and govt services too. And in the interim, before waiting for the result to be seen in 20 years or 30 years down the road, quick, send our A level students to the universities in India for their undergraduate and post graduate studies. Forget about NUS, NTU, SMU. Forget about the Ivy League universities in UK or USA. Send them to India, University of Mumbai is one of the best in India. That would be a good start.

The success of India’s education is no fluke shot. Look at the number of Indian nationals helming big corporations in the USA, the UK and also Europe would be enough testimonies to logically conclude that India is doing the right thing. They are producing the world’s current and future honchos in the corporate world and do not need all the silly university rankings to feel good. Their universities are unranked, many several hundred notches down the ladder of infamy according to those ranking agencies. But the Indians are soaring to the sky. And this is real, not magic!

Stop all the funny tweakings and experiments using our young as guinea pigs. Haven’t we wasted a whole generation of our graduates with no skill sets from our world best universities?

Stop smoking. I too have woken up and seen the reality. We have an education system that looks good on paper but cannot be eaten, not worth a cent but the students have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete the highly flawed system that at best is dysfunctional, the graduates good to be taxi and crane drivers or hawkers.  We need another 30 years to produce top finance and banking professionals!!!! What kind of shit is that? What are we going to do in the meantime? What have we been doing in the last two or three decades?
Would anyone dare to say that the Indian graduates we hired are rubbish and we are hiring all the rubbish and to say what I wrote is rubbish?


Veritas said...

Indian was failing every single international test while Singapore scored top. India PISA ranking is so fucked that they quited taking PISA.

Hindus rank last in all natural science olympaid, all IT olympaid and ACM.

But Hindus got a good trick. They know how to make dalits out of human being.

So PAP use them to create dalits out of Singaporeans.

Under Hindu manager everyone other than his own fucking village man are fuck up. Hindus manager are cancer to the world. Every single company under Hindus fail to deliver. Hindus dont care, they only care if they got the jobs.

Company under hindus quickly become a cesspool of scam.

Now Citi and Deutchebank going to be bankrupt. Next in line is standchart.

Fucking OLam got GIC to bail them out.

QUalcomm, once tout as Intel Nemessis is now heading for bankruptcy as well.

Veritas said...

I do not mean Hindus. Malaysian CHinese Manager, PRC managers are piece of shit that hire their own tribe HERE.

SIngapore is world No 1 aparthied land.

Singaporean managers hate Singaporeans as well.

Anonymous said...

"The plight of the PMETs are still around where many are still unemployable as they no longer have the skill sets to fit into the workforce."

But how many is many? And did they vote for PAP? If not, then they are a minority lah, definitely less than 30% of all the PMETs.

You cannor expect there are no unemployable PMETs, any more than you cannot expect no voters voted for the opposition, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Singaporean managers hate Singaporeans as well.
Veritas 8:54 am

Of course lah, when the Singaporean cannot perform, and worse got fuck up attitude some more. I personally experienced such Singaporeans, get higher pay but cannot perform, including even the manager. I even had to demote one of them but they still did not quit or improve. Finally I sacked him.

Veritas said...

I think Singaporean managers are FUCK UP. None of my engineering boss taught me the ropes. I go white man land, even director of engineer come do trouble shooting with me and teach me.

Every single Singaporea managers are NONE technical.

Veritas said...

YOu fucking hell from engineering manager? I test you see how good you are.

Anonymous said...

Finally I sacked him.
Anon 9:03 am

Hahahahaha. This become one of those unemployable PMETs as mentioned by RB. Luckily, I believe they are a minority of Singaporean PMETs. Majority of PMETs, Singaporeans or not, should be OK.

Veritas said...

Majority of Singaporean young engineers today are fuck up.

It wasnt so long time ago.

There is epic failure in the leadership and managers.

Veritas said...

I was chatting to an old manager. He told me as a manager, he can see Singaporean being unfairly targetted. He also commented many Singaporean managers hate SIngaporean young people, being if being horned in communication and technical can quickly replace the incumbent managers.

Also he knew foreign managers are targetting against Singaporeans.

Also there is this stack ranking system that pits the old engineers against the young. Singapore team dont corperate. They stab one another.

I see so many young engineers go fucked, and managers and juniors deliberately attacked them, using their inexperience to fuck them up.

In Taiwan, the seniors and managers would have taken the young as protege and cover them.

We have a fuck up culture and PAP still congratulate ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Talk about our whole educational system, you will need to take the strongest
strength type of PANADOL!

I m very sure many many of you do not know our education system well! Right?

Blurred! Blurred! Blurred! Right?

Worry not! Worry not! You are not alone!


Anonymous said...

We have a fuck up culture and PAP still congratulate ourselves.
Veritas 9:27 am

Hahahahahaha. Precisely, and it is because of this fuck up culture that the Sinkie opposition is still disunited, weak and not ready to be govt and hence 70% voted for PAP, being less fuck up than the opposition and the lesser of 2 evils.

So of course PAP congratulate themselves, and for good reasons, I mean for PAP lah.

Virgo49 said...

Ya, India number in medical services.

2000 of them got AIDs HIV virus thru blood transfusions.

Enough said

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the Indians don't speak Singlish, major plus
Secondly, when you have a huge old man's dick in your mouth, you become a person with so many psychological issues you end up best suited for temple work or just driving taxi
Thirdly, look around you. Sin is all about facade. Likewise, wayang people couple with poor communication skills - best job behind the wheel, a taxi driver( no need to talk much) who won't help with the luggages but good at collecting money.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.51 am, we must try our very best to be kind to them

what we can do is to offer them jobs here


Anonymous said...

Education makes the breed worst in fact. LOL. 50 years of education and the people is divided by white shit on one side and pink shit on the other side. LOL

The rest of the world just not interested in your unique shit LOL

They are only wondering how the hell people with full of shit can make so much money with people's shit LOL

Anonymous said...

Sinkies can only survive in civil service type jobs. The top money making jobs go to helicopter people...ownself pay ownself high salary.

Anonymous said...

You know,the type...who study creativity academically and wants to be "creative" but can't get out of the old man's shadow.
You live in the old man's land and have to live in his curse.

Anonymous said...

Indian education is value for money.

Anonymous said...

If parents send their children to Uni Mumbai, will they get employment in little dot civil service similar to one lady whose degree from Mumbai uni was assured as from reputable uni in parliament?

It will be far cheaper in cost if the civil service assure citizens of employment. The likelihood is zero chance. The problem of citizen unemployment after graduation is not the degree, but the NS incamp and the employer cpf. Foreigners do not need those additional costs. Employers like less cost, not more cost.

RB s article did not shoot at the right spot. Lets look at one practical problem:Rats eating bread loafs. If u operate a super mar and your super mar wall has a lobang allowing rats to run thro into your super mar to eat your foods offering on shelves. Whose responsibility on the rat problem?
Supplier of bread? The landlord? U as super mar owner? Who is responsible?

In other words, if citizens graduates cannot find employment after NUS NTU, whose is responsible? Employers must hire someone to do admin or accounts or engineer jobs. If they do not have Uni Mumbai as choice, will employer consider Nus and Ntu?
This is the same problem: who create the lobang for Uni Mumbai grads to find job in little dot in which, he or she is not even a citizen having obligation to do in camp? ie who create the lobang is the problem. Or who does not stop the lobang is the problem. Correct? What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Asia's Largest Commodity Trader (Noble) Just Sold Stock At A 63% Discount


Look at where the managers and CEOs come from.

Anonymous said...


It is the same propaganda that LKY used when he said Sinkies not driven enough, don't have spurs stuck into their arses.

I have worked with foreigners (3rd world, 2nd world, and 1st world) for the past 20 years. And I can say with 200% confidence --- everybody all behave & think the same if they are in the same situation & circumstances. I.E. A peenoi who has grown up in S'pore & having to retire in S'pore will be like a Sinkie and will not accept a job paying less than $3K a month, or accept a tough or dangerous job. Simple as that.


The discrimination is broadly against age (>35 yrs old) and against Sinkies. There is also finer levels of discrimination -- against gender, race, culture, language, etc. But the major discrimination is ageism and anti-Sinkie.

In my 20 years of working with foreigners, 99% of them are exhibiting & performing with skills that any tom dick Sinkie can do. Nothing special about these foreigners at all.

When you take the MRT during rush hour --- look around ---> 60% of the working commuters are foreigners. Do you think they possess high skills sets such that they are more employable than ordinary Sinkies?!?!?! WAKE UP SINKIES --- DON'T LET PAPIES TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE IMBECILES WITH NO SKILLS, SUCH THAT 3RD WORLD AHNEHS, CHEENAS, PEENOIS, BURMESE ARE MORE EMPLOYABLE THAN YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Deluded slaves

b said...

No matter how good the education system is, if the immigration system is crappy, it served no purpose. Any indians can just come into spore on tourist visa and steal a job from the local market. Of course, we can blame it on the greedy enmployers but gov facilitating that is a crime.

Anonymous said...

I disagreed with RB.

The increasing number of unemployed PMET is NOT due to our education policy. It is largely due to:
1) the burden we are forced to carry (NS reservist + CPF) when we compete for jobs
2) failed immigration policies letting in too many foreigners, thereby letting employers have easy access to cheap labour

However, I agreed with RB that our Education Policy has failed. It has created a generation of spineless citizens who believe everything they read in the MSM and think that it is sinful to point out weaknesses in our govt policies.

Or, perhaps, the Education Policy is only a failure in my eyes. Many rulers would love to lord over peabrain citizens like ours. So, on second thoughts, perhaps our Education Policy has indeed, been successful to groom the kind of citizens that the government want.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.06

Understand GIC and Temasick brought AliBaba what portfolio about how many billions and yesterday's news don't know lost how many percent????

You got records ��

Anonymous said...

A sinkie and angmo from the same foreign uni, with same number of years of work experience, who would be employed?

A sinkie from local uni and an ahned from the an Indian uni, with same number of years of work experience, who would be employed?

Anonymous said...

Come on Redbean, Singapore has one of the best education system in the world. Even the British and the Americans are learning from us. Please do not rubbish our system which has been designed by our elite ministers and education professionals. We have A* students studying all over the world and mostly excelling in all fields. Graduates from Singapore Universities are all high scorers with Phds and degrees of excellence. If they cannot compete on the job market against graduates from India and China, then it must be they are doing something wrong. Maybe they are too choosey or maybe they are asking for too much. The job market in Singapore has always been skewed towards the Singaporeans graduates anyway. If they lose out to foreigners, then something must be wrong. Period.

Anonymous said...

You want to hire someone like the chap who took video of Amos being manhandled? Most who came out of the education system talk like him. It's not just getting things done at work but is the sinkies mentality that's a great turn off too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:15, you are right on two points. One, our graduates are great A scorers. Two, our job market used to be Singaporean centric. In fact under the old guards, it was their policy that Singaporeans should be the CEOs of important industries.

Today the silly policy is to hire the best from the world. This may be right, if they are getting the best from the world. Are they?

The next point, if they are hiring the best from the world, what about Singaporeans?

The proof, we are having a flood of PMETs unemployed, underemployed, or retrained to be reemployed. Their jobs taken over by half bakes supposedly to be the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean PMETs who have been displaced by cheaper PMETs from foreign land must be retrained using the initiatives set out by the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Would anyone dare to say that the Indian graduates we hired are rubbish and we are hiring all the rubbish and to say what I wrote is rubbish?//

In the short run, the Phillips Curve is downward sloping.

But in the long run, it is vertical.

Which is totally different from the short run.

Therefore the current conclusion in the short run may be ok?

But in the long run, most if not all phenomenons converge to a steady state of their original form?

What is the steady state in India since 1947?

Do you fall in love with the system and cities in India when you travel there?

Do you fall in love with the conditions in the countryside, small towns and villages?

This steady state spans over 70 years?

It is not only long run?

It is super long run?

What state would sinkieland be in 70 years time by SG120?

The crystal ball is in the current state ( in India )?

Many oldies like Redbean, Virgo49, Patriot could have holiday there many times ( in the past ) and could not help going back there over and over again every year?

They simply love the food and prata and curry prepared by the indigenous cooks who used their bare hands, hands which the cooks also use for eating their favourite curry rice, .......etc?

Of course with washing lah .....