China’s appeasement policy towards the World’s Number One Terrorist Nation would not work

China has adopted a policy of appeasement towards the aggressive Americans and their constant and repetitive provocations thinking that the gangsters would back down. No, this has failed miserably. The gangsters are taking it as a sign of weakness. From warnings and threatening China with force, from sailing their warships and flying warplanes into Chinese waters and airspace, from coaxing and arm twisting Asean countries to join the gangsters to start a war with China, it is now calling on the other Europeans countries and also India to join the gang of terrorists.  The Number One Terrotist Nation knew that they have failed to get the Asean countries to do their bidding and is counting on their traditional European allies to do the job invoking the White Man supremacy to rule over the coloured people of the world.

The stage is now set for another ‘invasion’ of China like the 8 Nation invasion in the early 20Th Century. China must change tact, abandon this policy of appeasement and take the devil by the horns. The Americans have dropped all pretence to hide their hegemonic ambition, what fucking pivot to Asia? It is the domination of Asia once again under the White Man’s rule and lie. If the rest of Asia is going to remain as non participants, China must strengthen its relations with its allies, in Russia, in North Korea, in Iran and Pakistan and whoever willing to stand up to the American terrorists.

There is no more reason for China to want to isolate North Korea and Iran to toe the line of the world’s Number One Terrorist Nation. China must formalize its military alliances with Russia, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan to take a common stand, to be ready for war with the Americans and the European powers.  Canada and France are in, so is Japan and India, to fight on the side of the Americans. China cannot afford to lose the North Korean ally and risk the North Koreans joing the American terrorists to contain China. China must be confident enough to come out in open support of North Korea and be pressure to do North Korea in by the Americans. The Americans are up to no good, to contain China and isolate China.

War is imminent in Asia. It is best for the rest of the Asian countries to stay out if they would not come to the side of China and be prepared to be ruled by the European powers, to be ruled by the white men again in a new phase of colonization, formulated by the Neocons.

There is no escape or avoidance for a Third World War. Wherever the World’s Number One Terrorist Nation set foot on, it is war and destruction and the killings of the people in the region.

To possibility avoid this fate, China, Russia and their allies must declared their intention, to stay together to fight the rogues and terrorists of the world. Only when there is conviction and determination to face might with might would the Number One Terrorist Nation reconsider their plans. They only hope to divide the world up and attack them one at a time. The potential victims of the Number One Terrorist Nation must show a commitment to stay as one, to stay together, to fight the Terrorists and White Plague coming and threatening to rule them all over again.

Can Asia avoid this White Plague?


Virgo49 said...

Chinese cultures and upbringing emphasised on gentlemanly conduct and principles.

Unlike the barbarians of the other races.

They knew Wars bring sufferings to all people of all sides.

That's why they keep harping on peace and prospers all human beans.

But the Warlike barbarians simply just love wars and destruction. Likewise the black ants with same features like the white barbarians and Vikings.

While you tried to keep the Peace, these bastards thought that you are weak like paper tigers or sick cats.

So they keep taunting for action.
Little do they know that when a Kunk Fu or FU master makes his first move, they are very fatal.

Attack when the enemies are unaware and retreat when they are blowing hot air.

So these cowboys are used to fighting and killing one another even in peace time. See their movies mostly on violence and their heroism.

We are lucky that there are quite a number of balanced Powers with China and North Korea, Iran and Russia etc to counter the USA with their allies lapdog.

Do not be surprised that even South Korea would be aligning with the North as they knew the sufferings of their two peoples as manipulated by the West.

Even Japanese Okinawans are getting sick of the GIs raping their women folks.
There will be upheavals in own countries if wars break out.

Anonymous said...

"RB:Can Asia avoid this White Plague?"
RB forgot Ash Carter s words to form a "asia pacific principled security network". Japan S Korea Singapore Pilippines and Vietnam are almost sure be the founders for "Asia pacific Nato". If it is formed. Who is the leader? Japan or US?

Carter asked China to join it so that navy exercise can be a group exercise each time.

Whether there is follow up, it depends on Carter s influence. However, John Kerry seemed to create little news in Beijing to talk about US China investment strategies. Xi gave a speech on cooperation theme and no meeting with Kerry. Pm Likeq also did not surface any news. But trade with China since Obama started 8 years ago has improve 40% overall in US, and with China was 150% in export. China buys more and US is screwing China through South China Sea.

China s Xi is not a warlord. His strategies are eying at Germany s technology and Russia s resilience. Xi and Pm Likeq will meet Merket next week. This is the indication.
In contrast, we can see it: China will follow its set plan on "1 road 1 belt", moving from LanZhous with speed rail to Germany s industrial areas.
With this plan, China can ignore US s disturbance on industrial supplies. This is the direction: China will avoid increasing trades with Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Vietnam in Asia. China will go into Euro asia and Europe.

China s deputy chief of gen staff had stated it clearly. It warned Japan, and bluntly said certain country only takes laws useful to it and throw out laws useless to it. He said nothing about not developing the islands but said those islands belonged to China and Philippines occupied some reefs illegally. It means China will deploy more missiles on those South China Sea islands.

If US has the intention, it must invade those islands. But US want to form a Asia Pacific Nato to invade those islands? That may happen after Carter is called by heaven. His term is ending soon with Obama.
Will Japan take the lead to put S Korea, Philippines, Singapore Vietnam to form a Nato asia?
China has nothing to worry if it put more missiles on those islands. That s what Xi is doing non stop.

Anonymous said...

If China cannot resolve the South China Seas issues peacefully. There will be endless issues for generations to come where this problems will create thorns in China's backyard affecting even the stability of the Communist party not to mention the economy.

Do you think the Germans or Russian who are white people will look up to the Asians. They are also members of the 8 nations.

Now for Europe, there is this middle east immigrant issue, a hot potato for EU to handle. And EU needs US influence to stabilize the region with regions allies help. If China gets involved too deeply Europe or middle east they will also catch fire. Just like starting to get casualties for UN peacekeeping operations.

Also study the map, which secure route does the train need to pass by in order to reach europe ? If one country (NATO or non NATO) decides to change course due to politics after construction, the whole thing goes to the drain as it gets choked.

US do not need to invade the islands. By just deploying assets (lone ranger), it is already causing tensions and getting china to spend more and more on its defense and its island infrastructure. 4 destroyers and 3 planes trying to catch a destroyer, and then it runs away. After that try the same stunt again and again. In the 1st place, it is not even a claimant country.

Are you for real, trade deficit is already at USD 366 billion last year...higher and higher. West is trying to fix these problems after lesson learnt....we will see. It is just like a Singaporean trying to go to guangzhou train station to buy a train ticket, in the process you have to be careful of pickpockets, loud noises, push here and there, long queues, people trying to cut queues. In the end, lesson learnt, now you can get agent to buy for you or take plane liao.

b said...

US sent off troubles everywhere to make them weak so they can remain strong. This has been the strategy for ages. No troubles also mean no profit for their important weapon making industry. Troubles also mean insurance firms can charge more premiums. In the end, elites always win.

Anonymous said...

The latest is that McCain went to meet Taiwan woman president supporting her action

on her China policy . He is also the one that created all the problems in Ukraine .

With the support of Taiwan US will have another ally. I heard that the woman President has Japanese

blood and that is the reason for her to visit Japan before the election . Same clique as Lee Teng Wee

China should show her hand and take over Taiwan before it creates more problem

Anonymous said...

What can Japn do for taiwan? japan s kenkaku island is losing grab. Since 2013, Japanese ships above 1000 tons was 63, Chinese equal were 111 up to 2015.
In fight, China can ram the ships one by one with the Japanese. Chinese still have half the number standing.

Commander Pacific US is a japanese. He talked few days back that India will be joining US to sail around South China seas. India also want to surround China similar to Vietnam and Singapore?

All these in my opinion is laughable.
Compare this: China s economy is almost 2 times of Japan economy. From the speed of building war ships, one can see China has many factories building all kinds of weapons. India can talk it has war ships, but can only go around similar to US carrir Stennis, Harris one. What can they do?

If they fire at the island, i think India war ships and US war ships will have big holes on the decks. Chinese missiles on island are DF21. Even the jets on ships go back fast, the DF21 have range 800km. They cannot run away after bombing the islands.

By military hardware number, US Vietnam India Japan Singapore can only threaten the Chinese. If they form the Nato in Asia, the combined hardware still short. US must not forget they cannot move the bases in changi or guam or okinawa. But the missiles can reach.

All these threats to China cannot shake the Chinese PLA. The deputy chief of gen staff PLA did not tone down his voice in 2016. Louder than 2015 according to US delegates.
US is happy to shout and sail around to rally the regional countries. All these countries are too weak to help US to fight China, inclusive of Japan.

US must give fighter jets to these countries, each one get 50 F35. The Japan, Vietnam, Singapore will be yaya to fly on senkaku land to help Japan in defense. Asia Nato? How can it happen?

Anonymous said...

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