China would soon have to act against Indonesia

Indonesia is thumping its chest after shooting at Chinese fishing boats and arresting one. So far Indonesia has arrested quite a number of Chinese fishing boats and those of other Asean states and acting very smug. This is the same situation as the 1962 Sino Indian border war when the Indians were thumping their chests after the early initiatives in attacking China’s border guards. The early victories gave the Indian Army a false sense of grandeur and confidence and prepared for a major onslaught with a 4th Army Corp getting into position for an open war. When China mounted a counter attack, it dealt the Indians a shocking and embarrassing defeat that the Indian soldiers simply dropped their weapons and fled. The PLA just marched into India only to pull back when it had attained its objective of returning to a status quo, driving the Indian Army back to where they belonged.

China has not taken any military action yet since the Indonesian shooting incident. This is like the Ip Man movie when he was challenged to a fight in his house. He kept defending without attacking and the opponent got more aggressive, breaking down many of his furniture. Then he was told by his little son that his wife told him that if he still refused to strike back, more furniture would be broken. Only then that he hit back and threw the opponent out in another embarrassing defeat.

If China does not hit back, not only Indonesia would get more aggressive, the Philippines and the Malaysians would think they could do the same as China is really weak and not able to hit back. I have left out the Vietnamese as the latter had a taste of what it would be like trying to take on the PLAN. This is reported in Yahoo News.
There have been two armed conflicts between China and Vietnam in the sea.
In 1974, a clash erupted between the South Vietnamese navy and Chinese forces that left about 50 Vietnamese troops dead.

The other major conflict occurred when Vietnam and China fought a naval battle on Johnson Reef in the Spratlys in 1988 that killed about 70 Vietnamese military personnel.’
The Vietnamese have learnt their lesson and would not be crazy to challenge the PLAN again. But for Indonesia, the Philippines and the Malaysians, these twits have not learnt any lessons yet and with the Americans behind their backs, they really think that China would not hit back.

Just wait. China is even prepared to take on the USA and taking on these twits is chicken feat. China is just tolerating their silly chest thumpings for the time being. It is only when before China kick asses.


Anonymous said...

Don't play play with China.

Don't see China no up.

It is not time yet.

Some countries really.......

不知死活! 不知死活!

Anonymous said...

China is no more that 'sick man of Asia' (东亚病夫)。China right now is using persuasive diplomacy to 'check' who r the real enemies & once ready China will strike the enemies like lighting speed. If not the Chinese 5000yrs of history & wisdom will go to waste. Currently, China is adopting the Sun Zi Art of War (孙子兵法)in battle, one can win its opponents thru' various ways & strategy, diplomatic relations is 1, then use of spy or espionage, use of spy's spy ( 反间计)etc..u will all wait & see how China gonna take its enemies & it will be more or less like wat RB described in Ip Man movie ( trash out or KO its enemies until they r unable to get up & stand up ever again)...

Virgo49 said...

Ip Man's Lau Poh said no retaliate more furniture gonna be broken.

Another Lau Poh said no action on further taxes besides the Cars parking fees increase which is miserable indeed compared to what I lost yesterday on that stupid Brits exit gonna to be more of your bones broken. Also sleep in the Hall tonite if you cannot replenish my kitty Roulette capital.

Nowadays many hen pecked hubbues very scared of Lau Pohs.

Better get more donations for my next album.

Oops better go slow or they might be defensive and Sue u till pants drops.

Anonymous said...

Today Putin is in china to talk on closer cooperation in economic terms. Americans media said Putin was worried about china s influence on central asia countries. He came to Beijing to talk about a Great EuroAsia concept between Russia and China.
Whereas Japan thot Russia china jointly going against Japan is a fact. RB thot china will fire on Indonesia.

China fires on Indon ship is probably not a priority. Its DF21D can sink the old Indon war ship that opened fire. If Indon killed a boat of fisher men. That is probably a triggering factor that China govt cannot ignore in order to calm its own people.

I guess china will import less from Indonesia because of its hostile attitude. This is similar to Philippines. On the whole, after the Shangrila show, China got its message clear. Only Cambodia is supporting China. The rest are supporting US.

However, it is too early to be sure that if Indon kills china fisher men by boats, will US support Indon to shoot at chinese ships when the latter starts firing.

According to report: Senator P. Simon said out of 271 US attack jets, 64 can take off immediately. The rest need repairs.
How to fight a war with China? US fleets are not having enough bombers still need repair men lah. May be little dot can hire for them from the sunny lands and become the fighter jet repair contractors.

I think the best repair shops are in china for the US fighter jets.

If China and Russia are having pact to fight with US, can US take the missiles in Asia? Dont forget the wild card: Koreans on the north border of South Korea. US must first defend this border once it opens fire at China war ships. The North Koreans will rush through the gates to rob the south. Can US stop them first?
Then the PLA might rush to take Taiwan. Can US stop PLA?
And the Russians will rush to take Okinawa. Can US stop Russians?

From the way Obama goes in Asia and its current limited budget on defense, US is weakening obviously. China and Russians are working on 1b1R to make money with Germany through land rails. While waiting for US fleets to get rusty. This is the most likely outcome. If Indon kills chinese fishing boats, the chinese will fire at the war ship. This kind of small scale battle must happen some days if Indon tries to test the chinese bullets. The latter must wayang. If not how can PLA attend the 2017 Shangrila show?

Anonymous said...

All empty talks such as saying wait and see how china will act....etc. Some even suggested DF21 against Indo navy.

At the end of the day, China miscalculated the Indo's strong reaction and now at a lost of what to do next. Kind of stuck in between. The same reaction when Turkish F16 shot down a Russian SU-24 and uptil now what can Russia do even with its "superior" forces or S400 missiles. On display wayang only. Again something is wrong with China Foreign ministry which is useless.

This Indo reaction will strongly encouraged other countries to follow suite. It will only force more smaller countries to ally together.

Dont watch too much Ip man movie or Hollywood movie, study more history.....Didnt you take my advice? Read more on Jiawu war.

Anonymous said...

/// Just wait. China is even prepared to take on the USA and taking on these twits is chicken feat. China is just tolerating their silly chest thumpings for the time being. It is only when before China kick asses. ///

Chinese slaves are used to waiting.
Waiting for our lives to get better.
PRC slaves waited for 2,000 years already.
What's wrong with waiting for another 1,000 years?

Singaporean slaves waited for 51 years.
What's wrong with waiting another 51 years?

Anonymous said...

If China ban Indo.

And then ban vietnam, pinoy, Japan and Taiwan.

What is there left that is not ban? One by one falling down....

He has created himself too many enemies...... Ban this, ban that.....Nothing left in the end to ban.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Indonesia will calm down, but not back down, China will gradually acquiesce. All the work will be done thru "diplomatic back channels" (ass fucking specialists). It'll be done hush-hush, but if it isn't they'll give it a bullshit term like "Joint Summit" or some other crap.

Diplomats and senior military executives, plus a few "connected" business people will go for elaborate makan, drink, sing karaoke together, fuck girls (and boys), and then talk some cock and "horse trade".

Indonesia will offer China some lucrative "development and investment" deal, and business folks and bankers from both sides will "talk turkey" and come out with a plan where all parties involved will make squillions of filthy-dirty-sexy money, at the expense of their respective Sheeples.

Then they will all agree to "put on a show" for the Sheeples. The Sheeples, the "chattering classes" love a good wayang. And so there'll be some theatre to satisfy The Sheeple's desires for "war porn".

Before that happens, all the summit attendees and their families will take large positions in the market ala "long-short" hedge fund style to make money both ways on falling prices (due to crisis) and rising prices (due to crisis). Meanwhile, portfolios the Sheeple so diligently take care of, for their retirement or kids education become dog shit.

And then the theatre starts: China will fire at an Indon vessel, and Indon plane will attack a Chinese vessel. Chinese plane will take out an Indon fishing village, Indon ship will take out a Chinese fishing ship. A few hapless Sheeple will be killed in the process, no problem---the markets are going crazy and whilst people are losing money and shitting blood, these "well connected" evil-doers are increasing their personal wealth in orders of magnitude.

The a "peace maker" like Singapore will step in. More wayang, and then everything will return to "normal".

Anonymous said...

A lot of the countries will calm down but will not back down. Of course lah, you can called yourself a hero when your enemy who is a giant got hurt but dare not retaliate.

What do you expect when such incidents keep happening not only to just one country but to your surrounding ones.

There will be a boiling point when something goes wrong.

Now everybody at this stage is at arms preparation/deployment/procurement stage.

And the question is will globalization or cold war thing benefit Singapore such as opportunities will back to us?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1146:

>> And the question is will globalization or cold war thing benefit Singapore such as opportunities will back to us? <<

There no "us" in situations like that. There are the "connected" who will profit from any "crisis" and the rest of us who will end up paying for their winnings by losing our jobs, fighting thru political processes, taking on unpayable debt, and sending our children to schools to get brainwashed, who then grow up to be obedient Sheeple to serve the "connected".

Sheeple like to fight each other, which is why they back their favourite political parties to thrash their "enemy" in rival political parties.

The well-connected are adept at GUANXI---forming more and more connections, because they realise that if you want to profit it is better to collude and partner with even your ENEMY so you both could reap windfall profits.

Anonymous said...

China needs to use DF21 on Indon warships. Don't be silly, not worthy target, not worth the effort. Chinese coastguard ships would be enough to deal with these frigates.

And China not doing anything and waiting? In the last 40 years, China has leapfrog the whole world, even Europe and Japan, to be the Number Two superpower, and the largest economy in the world in real spending power, or they called it adjusted GDP. What was the rest of the world doing? What were the Asean countries doing, sleeping or bickering or collecting antique warships?

Another 2 or 3 decades China will over take the Americans as the Number One Super power while the Asean countries would still be bickering like what they are doing today, selling bananas and fighting haze.

Wake up and open your eyes. Stop putting blinkers on your eyes. Did you realise that whenever there is a global problem it is always China and US talking and no one else need to be involved, irrelevant?

Still reading and believing in 1960 literature and history books?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Its better for China to hold back and play the long game. The longer they can delay conflict the better of it will be in relation to the USG. Concentrate on the Sino-Ruski alliance and make the silk road great again.

Anonymous said...

Its true china is playing the delay game. The longer they wait, the easier china surmount US or Philippines s offensives.

Philippine has a navy warship grounded in 1999 at china s Renai island about 195km from Philippines shore: pinoy name is 2nd Thomas Shoal.
The navy warship is rusty and going to disintegrate. But pinoys try to reinforce it to delay the disintegration.

Can we imagine this kind of small country kidding with big country game? To china, they can torpedo the junk, tow away quietly but not blasting it so cruel. China had done nothing.

So china is waiting for pinoys to use its bombers to attack the island with US marines, then the PLA will have to act. Other than this, guess china will just close one eye lah.

indon war ship can fire in the air, i guess china fishing boats will just run off. If someone dies, then china will have to talk. If talk also cannot, then china will kneel down to them. Even for little dot, guess the chinese will kneel also, tolong tolong they will shout. So small countries should just aim the guns to tell the chinese off lah. Try to do and see how it can turn out and who can be winner.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Vietnam, Indonesia is a big country and I think the fourth largest in term of population. It's almost thre time the size of Vietnam and Pinoy. So it's not easy for China to go to war with a large country like this. So bo bian has to lie Low.

Anonymous said...

Joker wrote to Stale Times about personal security for special class of snakes in the house. Wah Lun eh, now snakes need bodyguards to protect them from all the poison to get to freely spit at the people ... machum like royalties liao.

With snake as your leader, you can count on 70% jokers or idiots who would come up with such suggestions to secure rights or the elites over the idiotic class

Anonymous said...

Deng XiaoPing and Mao have already delayed the recovery of SCS islands in view of the internal problems of the country and improving the living standards of the Chinese. This has already been delayed and the if you know the china people, they have wanted to recover taiwan, HK, Macau and returned the humiliation of what the Japs have inflicted on them long long time ago.

China people have waited for many years in view for their countries economy and military to catch up. Deng and it later leaders have always focus their efforts on economic growth and refuse to touch on the border issues other then using their mouth.

Now Xi has at the same time touched this sensitive issues and also mounted major anti corruption drives against his opponents. Does the results now reflect careful planning from China or is this major blunder or miscalculated move that as you get drawn deeper and deeper that you cannot retract which also at the same time injecting more and more money??

Check what did Deng and its team do to aid in war to fight US in vietnam and korea but at the same time why did it turn around to fight vietnam? Suddenly the region become more stabilized. Even US was thinking like what the hell?

Now it is exactly the opposite scenario. Even simple things can go wrong, such as china tourist bring money to spend in other countries. In the end, money spent but got negative publicity and they are labelled as uncivilized worldwide?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

[OFF TOPIC] SG.GOV mouthpieces on Brexit


Same-o same-o "remain" arguments, trimmed, cherry-picked and 'enhanced' to fit neatly into (their version of) "The Singapore Context".

Not once...i.e zero, nada, ziltch...times did any one of them ever mention that Singapore is where it is today because it SECEDED, albeit forcibly, from the Malayan Federation.

Will the UK prevail or fail from Britexit?

That's entirely up to the Brits. SELF DETERMINATION is exactly that: you and you alone, as a nation of peoples are responsible for your own national identity and destiny.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. ASEAN is presently chaired by Malaysia.

I think Singapore should hold a referendum to "Sexit"

Anonymous said...

@ matilah

What you said was in the past?

As time moves forward, there will be changes such as everyone wants a bigger share. If everybody agrees to the pie distribution. Everybody will be fine.

If not, then what happens next is clear for us to see which is happening now?

Do you think China with such a huge population and getting richer and military stronger now wants a smaller pie? If it wants a bigger pie, are its neighbor willing to give their portion away to them willingly without a fight?

What some smaller countries is doing is even if i have no choice but to give up on my portion of pie, i will spit on it before giving it to you until someone bigger hopefully comes around.

Anonymous said...

These snakes talk shit. So clever, run these bigger countries lah and see whether you ll get to see the daylight the next day or not.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. China will soon drop a 100-megaton nuclear warhead on Jakarta and maybe Medan also. A 1000km radius area from northwestern Australia to Chiangmai Thailand will become inhabitable for about 500 years. Xi Jinping will give 1 hour advance warning to PAP elites first before launching his nuclear missiles. So when you suddenly see all the PAP ministers, Tony Tan and some lau Jiao MPs suddenly speed their way to Changi Airport, you will know the nuclear missiles will soon launch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not Changi Airport ... should be Paya Lebar Airbase. RSAF got couple of C130 on 24/7 standby for emergency evacuation of PAP elites.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 455pm

Then it will be Jihad from worldwide everyday against chinese.

The West will be so happy as someone diverted the attention.

China westside (including Xinjiang), Iran, Afhgan, Kahza will all focus on common enemy.
Russia, Pakistan would cut off all ties with China.

Fortunately Chinese govt not so stupid such as to worry its neighbor in a 360 degree fashion.

Anonymous said...

Putin and China is signing about 30 agreements to establish a Great Euro Asia market that encompass 1B1R. These 2 jointly talk about 1B1R will make it real.

Further more, UK is the #2 cash contributor to EU. Now Germany will have to be the only 1 major cash contributor, it will need more trade to boost the economy. Germany might gain from the 1B1R to work with China. The Brexit is a good timing for Putin to work with China.

So China s attention will be on 1B1R countries Russians and ignore the small conflicts in South China Sea.
As far as Jokowi, he will be left out from the Russian China ventures, similar to Aseans countries.

Jokowi has indicated Indonesia wants to be a great naval power in Asia. There is no doubt Indonesia will show its muscle on other Aseans countries besides china.

Indonesia has ordered no ships should go to Philippines as there are 7 crews captured by Pinoys.

Philippines and Indonesia will have rivalry to see who is the real sea power. The little dot will show its power in Asean too by working with US Carriers, what do u think?

Until US challenge China by bombing the developed islands in South China sea, it is unlikely Philippines and Indonesia will do so first and alone. Lets hope US move all its 10 Carriers to Asia and park outside little dot. China will knowtow to Asean, and quietly developing its 1B1R without calling any more meeting with Aseans as 10+1. Asean will then be the dominant force in Asia, except Cambodia as China will be withdrawn to central asia only. Who will then be the leader? Indonesia or little dot or malaysia or philippines?

Anonymous said...

In a Facebook post, Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh said Mr Cameron had "messed up big time by holding an unnecessary referendum".

"The result is a tragedy for the UK and for the EU. It is a victory for populism over rationality. It is a victory for fear over hope. It will probably lead to the secession of Scotland from the UK," he wrote.

"The global wave of populism which is sweeping the world is a danger to democracy and to democratic institutions. Let us hope that it will not invade Singapore," he added.


Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2016 8:20 pm

Do you think Tommy Koh is expressing some very dangerous and undemocratic sentiments and beliefs?

What is more democratic than a referendum?
Why does Tommy call it an "unnecessary referendum"?

If a referendum is an expression of a vibrant democracy at work - why will a person who believes in democracy call it unnecessary?

Since when is democracy "unnecessary"?

Do you think it is time for Tommy to consider retiring?

Anonymous said...

"The result is a tragedy for the UK and for the EU."
- who is Tommy to say what is good or not good for the people of the United Kingdom?

"It is a victory for populism over rationality."
- what's wrong with populism?
- never heard of the will of the people is it?

"It is a victory for fear over hope."
- looks more like a victory of hope over fear

"It will probably lead to the secession of Scotland from the UK,"
- so?
- Should not Tommy be thinking about Singaporeans rather than Scotland?

Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2016 8:20 pm

"The global wave of populism which is sweeping the world is a danger to democracy and to democratic institutions. Let us hope that it will not invade Singapore," he added."

What is populism?

Populism is a political position which holds that the virtuous citizens are being mistreated by a small circle of elites, who can be overthrown if the people recognize the danger and work together. The elites are depicted as trampling in illegitimate fashion upon the rights, values, and voice of the legitimate people.

Populist movements are found in many democratic nations. Cas Mudde says, "Many observers have noted that populism is inherent to representative democracy; after all, do populists not juxtapose 'the pure people' against 'the corrupt elite'?"


Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2016 8:20 pm

"The global wave of populism which is sweeping the world is a danger to democracy and to democratic institutions. Let us hope that it will not invade Singapore," he (Tommy Koh) added."

- Do you think it is important to ask why Tommy is so against populism?
- do you think Tommy's position against populism puts a question mark against his democratic credentials?

Anonymous said...

UK exit EU is a very rational move. Not populism.
2 reasons:
UK and Germany are the 2 countries receiving less cash from EU and contribute more cash.

UK and Germany are receiving immigrants many are syrians refugees. Germany are not concerned about the refugees? In recent by election, Merkel s party failed.
Its a matter of time Merkel will be out of the EU.

France Lepan will also draw France out of EU. Who else will put cash to the hungry EU?

There is no future for EU. Anyone using so called reason like populism or racism to go against 17 over millions voters' wisdom is just naive and unprofessional.

Let British people decide. They are inventors and there are many scientists from UK itself. What can Singapore say about UK people s own intelligence?

Have a check we will know, UK people are daring and very intelligent to have voted Leave.

Anonymous said...

I wont be too concerned with what our Prof Tommy Koh said.

He is not a UK citizen but was our ambassador at large. He would not have understand their problems.

I dont think it is just only the Middle East refugees issue.

Long long time since EU was formed. A lot of cheaper legal/illegal EU "poorer" migrants can cross into France and UK to find/compete jobs. You also will be amazed of so many Indians (and indian curry restaurant) and then 2nd/3rd generation spreading their seeds over there. I mean not just Asian chinese only.

What went wrong? Isnt this the same over here where core values are changed over time? While we ask what a true blue Singaporean means now compared 20-30 years ago? What makes it different for them over there?

Anonymous said...

My pc got hacked after visiting tre. Ask to call a number to unlock. Anyone know where I can get it undone? Redbean

JayF said...

Wow! So soon after he got reported for Chinese chauvinism and plain of fifth column behaviour, Chua openly engages in talk of egging the PRC to engage in aggressive military action against Chinese invaders who have previously rammed an Indonesian ship arresting poachers in Indo waters.

So Chua, are you silently admitting you're a PRC shill? How much does the Party pay you to spread their propaganda?

Inb4 sexist slurs, asperations against the poster and anonymous swearing by Chua on his own blog.

Anonymous said...

Jokowi has indicated Indonesia wants to be a great naval power in Asia. There is no doubt Indonesia will show its muscle on other Aseans countries besides china.

Just to let others know, Indonesia have always wanted to be our Big brother in the SEA. Not just in military sense but also in foreign affairs.

Our Old man then did many things to take care of their feelings in consideration we only the cheena majority country.

Maybe the young ones did not go through this, did you notice any chinese names allowed for a Indonesian Chinese on their ID or earliers days, chinese (zaobao, nanyang, xinming) newspaper are not allowed into Batam. You have to "smuggle" it in.

Anonymous said...

@ June 25, 2016 10:01 pm

I worry for Singapore.
- when our ambassadors express views that can be construed as un-democratic

denk said...

the murcunts orchestrated the 1965 genocide on chinese indons,
then 1989 pogrom [mass rapes] on chinese,
now they once again roped in their facists buddies in indon to another 'open season' on chinese.

yet 70% sg prefer to lick murcunts balls,

denk said...

1998 pogrom

Anonymous said...

The author has very little knowledge on history,
please read the article here on china vietnam war

Anonymous said...

My bastard son jayf is bk when uncle is not here to spew shit again. His ma told me btw groans of ecstasy dat he was called up to drink kopi.
I need to apologise for his scum behavior. Mayb not my dna. Now must wank his ma hard to find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

10.04 pm, once you loose control of your oc by virus, basically u are fucked and toast. No anti virus or malware or anti spyware can be launched. The only way is to boot up via cd rom or thumb drive to do a recovery whereby the process will format your c drive and clear the virus. I hope u are smart enough to partition your drive into two and keep all your data in d drive. After reinstalling, run the antivirus program to check the d drive to make sure no hidden viruses there.

Hope the above help. Knn if u bring your pc to workshop they will charge u at least $50 plus gst.

Anonymous said...

I m now in a shop buying a new pc. If can debug for $50, that should be ok but a shit waste of money for nothing. I am not sure if my photos and words files are safe to use or would they be affected as well.


Anonymous said...

The is a way: if u have a new pc, buy a new hard disk and use the original windows to install one more harddisk with windows using the same mother board.

Test this new windows if function properly. Put it aside. If kena problem for the active hard disk, then take out the spare windows hard disk to use as active. But keep the old hard disk as second hard disk. U can still take your files and photos from second hard disk.

If you have only one hard disk, you can put the old hard disk as SECOND hard disk to extract the files and photo.
The to be safe, reformat the old hard disk. If not at scan the the system for malware.

Do not download from not reputable sites.
Do click on options that are not familiar, can be trap.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia's national army (TNI) generals are graduates from US military academies.

Where their true loyalty lies is a big question.

That's why despite Suharto got overthrown, the army is reluctant to take any action against him.

Even until now, there are still those who think of him as some kind of hero.

It's a public secret that hawkish element of TNI is the one behind the 1998 racial riot in Jakarta.

The shooting sounded like some hawks inside TNI wanting to provoke China

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean

Do yourself a favour, spend a few days, maybe a week learning, and install Ubuntu (or Mint) Linux. Fuck windows lah. So many zero-day exploits there.

Linux Mint is easier to use than Ubuntu for people shifting over to Linux from Windows. And it runs way faster than Windows. Easier to setup than Windows too.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here's more on Linux Mint:



Anonymous said...

Henderson Brooks report is the irrefutable proof that 1962 India-China war is started by India.

Needless to say, many of the Indians until now refused the recognize the fact that India initiated the war and put the blame to China, instead of their own government at that time.

Anonymous said...



Vote Opposition.
So that you don't wait long time like this man.

Anonymous said...

Heng Swee Keat looking great in first video after stroke


Vote PAP
So that you don't wait long time like this man.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 328


Bogus article. RAF is a celebrity in Singapore. He certainly doesn't qualify as "needy".

No wonder he's been ignored. He's using his personal tragedy to stir up shit, which IMO is the lowest of the low.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, will think about Linux.

Anon 1:49, Got my new pc. Will do the setup for another hard disk.

Not sure if my photos done with Lightroom are safe. Also got a lot of files in Words. Are these safe to use and download?

Why can't they kill these pests holding users to ransom, or at least lock the up for good? Was browsing in TRE when got hacked.

Had done recovery and run full scan, everything is normal except can't hook to internet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. We live in an age where a 12 yr old with reasonable computer skills can get onto Dark Net and buy stolen CCs and hacked PayPal accounts for around $5 per, with 80% chance of being still working.

Allow your imagination to ponder the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

RB if u did not delete my post after your 3:50pm post (about pc and second harddisk options), then someone might have the password to login into the google server to your blog account.
I hope u deleted the post.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think your password is compromised as all my advice on your pc never show up

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 6:26,

Only made the two posts without logging into my blog. Ya, something funny is going on. Can be expected.

Please post again.

Always expect the blog to be compromised. Treat everything as transparent and open is best.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:03,

This case is not virus or malware. It is being hacked and blocked from accessing internet and held to a ransom. Pay to get back my access.

Anonymous said...

RB my post to reply u was deleted by you? if not then u must change to strong password. go to free web site to learn what is strong password. u have to start from there or end up paying again being held ransom. Problem comes from weak password.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:26,

My password is strong enough. I don't delete post unnecessary. If I did, I will say so. I do not know who you are so nothing personal against you to want to delete your post.

Ask yourself why is it happening only to your post? Just like why Patriot is posting triples and quadruples at one time? Is it your system or blogger's problem?

I got hacked while browsing in TRE, not in this site.

Anonymous said...

Actually why should people be concerned with posts getting "deleted", all bloggers should know we are not ministers or representatives from any ministries or countries.

This is a leisure activity where each just voice their comment during free time to share something. Some can be very very angry and becomes personal against oneself or the whole family, race and ancestor and even fruit + color.

At the end of the day, this site is free so even if the blog master wants to delete the post, i think it may not be nice but also nothing wrong with it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To everyone here,

It is my policy not to delete any post unless it is absolutely necessary, like racial and religious issues or attacking political leaders personally.

Anonymous said...

Strange indeed!

Suddenly this site is pro democracy (practice freedom of speech) unlike its master censored very article which is critical to them.

What irony? Someone that embrace the communist party china but at the same time also enjoy the fruits of freedom of speech. Enjoying the best of both worlds? True red Traitors like what some others would say.

Anonymous said...

The post was about external harddisk casing, buying from simlim, and how not to get hacked. Nothing sensitive. But was deleted. I did not suspect any sensible mind deleted it.

I suspect that other than RB, someone can login to his blog and knowing more on control of pc and site might disadvantage his venture. This is the only conclusion i drew on the reason my post and also anther Anon commented his post were deleted of similar nature about pc protection.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 4:13,

Try posting again and see if it gets deleted again.