China showing its anger with Singapore

The Global Times is China’s official media and what is printed in that media is the unofficial official view of the Chinese govt. When articles in the Global Times attacked Singapore for siding with the hegemonic power of the USA, it is China’s way of telling Singapore that it is unhappy with Singapore . And Stanley Loh, the Singapore Ambassador to China has spoken up to refute China’s criticism of Singapore.

Stanley Loh dragged out all the economic cooperation and projects as his proof that Singapore is supporting China or is friendly with China. He side stepped Singapore’s military cooperation with the Americans, providing a military base for the Americans to launch warships and warplanes into the South China Sea to challenge China’s claims to the islands. He also did not mention the political rhetoric or statements by our diplomats against China that are more vehement than even those from the Philippines and Vietnam recently.

On the economic front, Singapore wanted all the cooperation and benefits from a growing Chinese economy. But on the political and military front, the position of Singapore is anything but friendly. The comments by Bilahari Kausikan in his speech in Tokyo and his lectures must have ruffled the feathers of the Chinese govt. Would Bilahari or Stanley Loh think the comments were fair, neutral and positive for Singapore China relations?

Singapore is sticking its neck out, too far out for comfort, by taking a pro American line. The local media too were putting up almost on a daily basis, American views of the South China Sea dispute that were unflattering to China. How would China view these actions from Singapore, supposedly a reliable and close friend with a lot of economic cooperation, economic projects and a lot of legacies of LKY when he was around? Would China be seeing a major shift in Singapore’s policy since the demise the LKY and a Singapore that is increasingly partisan and anti China instead of walking the tight rope, not to be seen to favour either super power?

What would Singapore’s position be like should the Americans open a war front in the South China Sea against China and Singapore providing a military base for the Americans to attack China? Would Singapore maintain its neutrality by closing down the American base here, or would Singapore say it is ok and it is neutral and still a friend of China and allowing the Americans to launch military attacks at China?

Is the rude and undiplomatic comment that China is attempting to divide up Asean in the South China Sea dispute helpful when the other Asean countries were diplomatic enough to keep mum when they have vested interests and stakes in the dispute while Singapore did not?

The complaints in the Global Times are just a tip in the iceberg of the souring of relations between Singapore and China. There could be official complaints to register China’s unhappiness that were not reported in the media.

Singapore is now in a fix, and would have to make its stand clear to China. Is it going to be neutral or more pro America, more anti China on matters that affect China’s core interests and how would Singapore’s relation with China proceed from here? A diplomatic storm is brewing and it does not look good for Singapore. Singapore may be left out in the cold in China’s OBOR projects and other economic cooperation as well.  Trying to hang on to China’s gravy train and taking unfriendly positions against China would not work. Singapore cannot have the cake and eat it.

There is no LKY to smoothen things out in our relations with a China that is growing in strength and confidence to deal with small countries. Don’t try to punch above your weight when dealing with China or any big powers. That is a myth. When the big powers refused to give you face you will look silly in the eyes of the world if you try to punch in their face.


Anonymous said...

What would Singapore’s position be like should the Americans open a war front in the South China Sea against China and Singapore providing a military base for the Americans to attack China?

Aiyo RB, you are talking about a hypothetical situation lah.

Let me give you some other examples of hypothetical situations as follows:

1. Teochew Hia announce WP is ready to be govt by next election.

2. Teochew Hia is willing to talk and cooperate with SDP to form the govt, should they all win in the next election.

3. Aung Juan Soon Chee resigns from his party SDP.

4. RB joins the opposition and contest the next election.

Anonymous said...

/// Stanley Loh dragged out all the economic cooperation and projects as his proof that Singapore is supporting China or is friendly with China. ////

Can you hear that?
Is it the sound of our Singaporean tax money being flushed down the toilet?
Is this what we get when we invest our Singaporean tax money in Alien countries instead of investing in Singaporeans to make Singapore strong?

Is this what we get when we vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

/// He side stepped Singapore’s military cooperation with the Americans, providing a military base for the Americans to launch warships and warplanes into the South China Sea to challenge China’s claims to the islands. ///

When a mistress has two sugar daddies.
Do you think it is a good idea to keep her mouth shut and her legs open?
Do you think it is wrong for a mistress to bad mouth one sugar daddy and praise the second sugar daddy?

Punching above our weight?
Without LKY, who is the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

/// Stanley Loh dragged out all the economic cooperation and projects as his proof that Singapore is supporting China or is friendly with China. ///

After so many years of economic cooperation;
Can we now see just how fruitless is our investments in Alien countries and talents?
How many billions already invested and spent in China?
How many more billions being planned on investments and spending in India?

Do you think sugar daddies (big countries eg China, India and USA) are supposed to spend money and invest in their mistress (eg Singapore)?

Do you think it is stupid for the mistress (Singapore) to provide financial support to the sugar daddies by borrowing (taxing) more money from family members (eg Singaporeans)?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Chinese hackers are notorious, and good. However, they seldom bother to cover their tracks as they are supported or "commissioned" by the Chinese govt and their PLA.

Locking down government offices by "air gapping" office networks from the internet is a prescient move. This effectively limits the amount of damage caused by invisible malware already on the govt. networks by preventing them from broadcasting data, exposing exploits, and limits the ability for new infections by asshole employees clicking on "click bait" on their bloody social networks.

I would go one further: remove most USB ports from all machines (and lock the ports in the software in case hackers try to install USB ports), allowing only a few to operational, but lock them with a physical key operated mechanism.

All cell phones/ tablets should be BANNED from govt. offices. They are to be surrendered at security, turned off and stored in an EMF shielded locked area. Owners can retrieve their cells to use them OUTSIDE in specific areas, and surrender them when they go back to their offices.

China doesn't "wayang wayang" for nothing. It is a distraction. I would bet money that at least some govt. computers are already infected (by Chinese hackers), and the infection could be spreading undetected around the network. As for cell phones, I would say a significant number are infected---given the amount of "free games" and nonsense people unwittingly download from a variety of 3rd party "app stores" or by clicking on "salacious" links in SMSs, WhatsApp, WeChat (full of malware) etc.

China doesn't need to go to real-world war to "pwn" (own in hacker-speak, meaning take control of your system) Singapore. There are tens of thousands of Chinese hackers, and they have skills. They can break into virtually any machine, even "air-gapped" ones.

Virgo49 said...

Sugar daddies support and spend monies on mistresses not the way round.

If mattresses support and spend monies then they are supposed to be eat Shit soft rice I.e.pimps.

So is Singapore a pimp or high class wife able to punch above her CB.???

Virgo49 said...

Should Singapore a prostitute supporting the pimps??

Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Worry Not!

There won't be any war! No Action Talk-cock Only, !

Anyway, don't play play with China.

Currently, China 忍! 忍! 忍!

Be very careful, china will likely 有恩报恩! 有仇报仇!

So don't play play! Must 三思! 三思! 三思!

Anonymous said...

China issued a Foreign affair statement (represents china state) that china does not accept the Hague tribunal judgement. This is official. Note also China deputy chief said the same in Singapore. He did not add sharing of islands exploration China previous govt PM Wen used to say. It meant china has sovereignty on those islands.

Once the stand is clear to all the PLA Generals, its their jobs to defend the islands.

After the Judgement in July, Philippines will be compelled by US to take those islands, the Scarborough shoal and related islands. May include Taiwan s Taiping island which MaYinJue landed to prove that it has inhabitants from taiwanese. Pinoy claim Taiping island is a reef and belong to it.

To help Pinoys, US carriers Stennis is in S China sea route. US Reagan will join in, with not 1 but 2 US carriers in S China Seas.

China Xi cannot avoid direct conflicts with US when Pinoys marines take US carries help to attack and land on these islands. Xi will be tried as traitor if he disapproves war because china has anti spliting china laws. No one dear to go against this law including taiwan. The PLA must act.

This is the background. The game depends on pinoys. US is not even a signatory of UNCLOS the oceans laws US wants China to accept.

China once go into war with US on regional scale, it will identify who are US s partners. So far from press: Singapore is well listed. Ash Carter said it in IISS meeting few days ago. The Chinese PLA generals could see with their own eyes. Its going to be China s choice. Does China need Singapore s valuable investments? If it needs, it better say some goods words to sooth Singapore s millionaires scholars. Then Singapore might exports its electronic, fish balls to China, and let their China tourists come here to do shopping. If not, too bad. Singapore will help US to give China tora tora torok. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Again what can China do?

Can it really cut the investment from Singapore? and who can they expect to replace?

Can it now really bypass Singapore and reroute the Malacca straits now?

Can it really invest their money to all our muslim neighbors or non chinese neighbors and expect the same stability and returns?

You think they are stupid?

One day, if all these conditions changed. Irregardless of how good you treat them, they will still laugh at you.

A lot of people forget, when china 1st open up. A lot of taiwanese and Hongkies invest in china when it was really poor. There was peace, stability , growth and overseas brotherhood who they perceived us as their own kind - chinese. Many years now after china achieved growth, look at what is taiwan and Hong kong now.

Anonymous said...

China will tell the Americans, 20 anti ship missiles locked on to each carrier in the SCS. Not enough, it will be 200 missiles on each carrier. Make a wrong move and we will push the button.

Singapore investment important to China? China's economy is US$12 trillion. China's reserve is US$4 trillion. Singapore's economy is S$300b. Important or not? China is producing everything Singapore can produce and more, and cheaper some more.

Anonymous said...

" ... look at what is taiwan and Hong kong now. "
June 09, 2016 10:31 am

Still better than Singapore right?
That's why Khaw make pilgrimage to HK and Taiwan MRT to kow-tow to superior management.
Our PAP Transport Minister has to go okay!!
Didn't or dare not send our SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek.

Anonymous said...

About this UNCLOS thing, the one or team that sign for China should really be shot dead.

Why US does not sign and China go and sign blindly and now caught with their pants down.

In any contract or any piece of document, please do not sign if you do not understand what it means. Now sign already and then say i dont care, dun participate in world court and dont accept any judgement.

Even if someone set a trap for you to step, you still blindly drop into the trap?

For the pinoys, the choice is limited for them like in any countries regarding sovereignty issues. The US must have baited them that companies like exxon, chevron, conoco will pump money to develop their fields. Same for vietnam.

We will see PLA generals performance soon. Whether will be good in hands on or good in smooth talking, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:44

Exactly, if this is the case as it seems.

Why dont it cut off all its link with Singapore or even reduce trade.
We did not develop changi base yesterday night?

No doubt we need them, but dont forget China also relies heavily on trade and export for its growth? Why put down the number of bidders so as to get the best prices and quality.

Please dont treat them as stupid, they are so much smarter than we thought.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:45

MRT issue is peanuts. Taiwan recent taoyuan airport mess is saying nobody is perfect. Can you image luggage floating with shit (burst sewage pipe) in Changi airport?

Taiwan is facing 1000+ enemy ballistic missiles and the gov is almost always forced to make the "right" decisions which now every 8 yrs change govt one time. HK is a place now of lost souls, they are in the middle. Neither UK nor china and people want to be HK which the China dont allow. In any case, China stationed PLA in HK soil so no need to talk much.

Singapore in contrast, makes their own decisions. Sometimes good decisions and sometimes bad. Sometimes old man even talk rubbish internationally. Whatever it is, we made our own decisions to a certain degree. Worse come to worse, Singaporeans are prepared. Hongkies can only use umbrella and roadside bricks to fight the PLA.

jjgg said...

Who is important...what is important is evident. How many times Singapore Govt visit China ..n how often Chinese officials come here.. Don't know how to add meh? How much properties bought by Chinese nationals in Singapore ..insignificant to the Chinese economy but can create boom n busts scenarios in little red dot..all the Chinese officials need to say is " I am China" n all our roving ambassadors n spokesman balls will shrink. Punching above its weight is a tag line for domestic consumption n msm headlines..in the real world..Singapore is as significant as a fart in a hurricane...))))

Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2016 11:08 am
"Singapore in contrast, makes their own decisions."

Who is this Singapore?
Who is the actual person who make their own decisions?

"Worse come to worse, Singaporeans are prepared."
- prepared for what?
- fight for what? Singapore belongs to everybody right?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is as significant as a fart in a hurricane...))))
June 09, 2016 11:15 am

Which is more true?
- Singapore is as significant as a fart in a hurricane?
- LHL is as significant as a fart in a hurricane?
- PAP is as significant as a fart in a hurricane?

Anonymous said...

@ Jigg 11:15am

Agreed, but many times i know.

Today i kowtow to you because you say you are china.

But one day you are down and surrounded, just dont come to me and beg for mercy. I just may want more than just a piece of meat. Remember the water deal between malaysia and Singapore and what happens many years now when there is a drought in Johore.

Anonymous said...

@ Anoy 11:08

As the 70% who voted for the govt last GE your questions. They already given their answer, next answer is 5yrs later.

Singapore fight or no fight, regardless of whoever the enemy, are trained and have equipment. Have a choice.

The Hongkies have nothing and no choice and at the end will be slaughtered enmass whether they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

With the current tension and relationships, China better hope it would continue to grow and would not go into recession at any time.

Robotics/AI technology will come and change things again.

If there is a repeat of Chinese history, it will certainly become very ugly for the chinese again.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:44 am

China will tell the Americans, 20 anti ship missiles locked on to each carrier in the SCS. Not enough, it will be 200 missiles on each carrier. Make a wrong move and we will push the button.

What you say is what has already happened with US/NATO with Soviets. Why do you think there is a need to develop TU-160, TU26 and TU160 then with kirov and slava class?

So this is a repeat of 70/80s scenario where NATO is trained? The DF21 ballistic is the one that is worrying but once laser weapons are fully operational, things may changed again (at least in theory).

Ask yourself this question, why so far all these US aircraft intercepted are RC135, EP3, P3C lone rangers. How come all US aircraft are not escorted. When war breaks out, such defenseless aircraft will never operate alone. What is the US trying to achieve here?

Anonymous said...

China is more than 1.4b people and can be self sufficient. It can close its doors and run its own economy.

When China closes its doors this time, many countries will be hung high and dry.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:44am

Times have changed not in qing dynasty days.

If China close its door to trade, China people will suffer although it will not starve to death. Ports will close and a lot of people will need to go to the fields and no longer needed in company and manufacturing. 60% of China GDP is export based (if i am not wrong).

Moreover with robotics and AI advancing, this 1.4b people will become a burden in time to come. There is less advantages employing a labor force in contrast to robotics work force.

For the rest of the countries, it will be the good old days before china opens up as there will be less major competition. All the manufacture will be relocated to the 2nd cheapest location and with some luck, singapore will get back some to manufacturing jobs. There will be new issues but at least milk powder will be in sufficient supply.

Veritas said...

Our minorities full of shit must have welcome this. Our minorities shit mind forever think Singaporean Chinese sucks up China cock but in reality, Singapore is the most anti China country in SE asia.

Malaysia is far more pro China than us.

The silver lining to this is we may be able to assuage the anger of our fucking minorities, because they have willed vehemently that Singaporean Chinese to be a race traitor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44am

Most sunken carriers from the west during war2 were sunk by japanese dive bombers and when on tow, completely sunk by japanese torpedo in the war sea battles.

Dive bombers were the less accurate missiles. New missiles reach targets within 3 meter accuracy. DF21 flies 800km, before the carrier set off to china shore or running away, there are plenty of time to press buttons to sink the carrier. So much easier than the kamakize japanese death dive bombers. The explosion is much louder that kamakize, blo om, bloom, bloom can contiue for hours till the carrier is fulling on fire.
Not to forget the torpedo from ever friendly submarines that come from some lobangs in S China Sea.

I dont bet on US Carriers in war. It is out dated concept.

Anonymous said...

Today, this pro China banana will post something positive about China.
- This is truly an original and game changing idea from China
- compare to PAP government blowing their trumpet over their autonomous golf carts in business parks.

Fly to Work in The World's First Autonomous, Human-Size Drone

Forget driverless cars, someone made an autonomous personal transportation drone


Anonymous said...

@ June 09, 2016 12:35 pm

America has driverless cars and trucks. (Brains not required)
China has driverless aircraft drones. (Brains not required)
Singapore has driverless government. (Brains not required).

Anonymous said...

Ano 12.02pm
Correct, singapore has already cut export to china by 25% to china comparing to last year.

China will feel the pain for not enjoying singapore dollars investment and singapore high tech export.

Singapore scholars will laugh at them for opening the windows to have free smoke.
Their tourists dare not to come to singapore because we offer Sing dollar things their ren min bi people cannot afford.

Singapore is on upper level manufacturing and technology than 3rd world china. Singapore dont sell to them, they habis. Must call us tulong tulong, may be our scholars will tulong them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:44 pm

Haha... good old doggie.

Glad you realise this and come to your senses.

jjgg said...

@anon 11.23... Ah... Will anybody kowtow when we say we are Singapore ?..when we are supposedly helping drought stricken Johore..weren't their customs people confiscating all the purchases from singaporean cars? Seems like an up yours moment to me..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:30pm

May i know which WWII west carriers were sunken by Japs in WWII? Which Jap carriers were sunk by west in restropect?

I think you got it wrong. Cruise missiles and DF Ballistic missiles are different in concept.

One flies in and out of atmosphere and can be detected easily since launch but difficult to intercept in terminal phase due to speed and ability to change course in china case. The only theory that can defeat such weapon is laser which is faster.

Cruise missiles in concept is made to be very difficult to detect since launch and sometimes can be detected only when it approaches target. This is why CIWS is invented and deploy despite you have all those air defense missiles in place.

As discuss many times, a ballistic missile (especially mid to long range) may be interpreted as a nuclear first strike. And in this case, firing a non nuclear warhead at a carrier strike group may be interpreted intentionally or unintentionally by the US as a nuclear 1st strike. Facing 7000 warheads against 250 (based on range that can reach each other continent), a us mis interpreted missile retaliation may result in initial elimination of China nuclear arsenal and subsequent cities one by one. The number is just too large to compare.

Anonymous said...

@ jigg 1:08 pm

Singapore with our size and population and no resource, you are expected to die of hunger and thirst.

Even Kuwait with their wealth is nothing and literally melt overnight when iraq cross over

Never do we and they expect that one day malaysians also join in our ranks to drink our urine water which they once laugh at our prediacament.

Without car, i can still walk.

Without clean water, what can you do? water rationing. i cant even remember when is our last time doing this.

Will china help them???

What say you?

Anonymous said...

This morning a china 054 missile ship went into Senkaku island but not within 12 nautical mile. Last late night 3 russian war ships went into sekaku island nearby. The China and Russian ships stayed for several hours. Abe had urgent meeting this afternoon.

China should be sharing bachang dumping with russians in the sea? China said it is its territorial water. No question should be asked. China should be doing exercise with Russians.

When can saf go to senkaku to do exercise with US carrier? It will be war time soon. Sell your property at least must be in mind. Got money to buy bachang? Expensive to use S$ here hor. Migrate to china better. Bachang cheaper. Got place to hide when china missile hit changi base.

jjgg said...

Actually all they have to do is ask...everybody will help..where's there money to be made. Singapore give free water? Johore send free water to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

@ jigg 2:04pm

True. But which developing Asian country is able to export clean water? Just name me one and can you depend on one country?

China with 1.4 billion people also dont have enough clean water. Eg. It dont even have enough seafood to feed its own population and so have to go overseas and fight for fishes and squids.

Singapore and Malaysia have already pipelines in place connected to Johore.

But who will foot the additional bill of constructing additional pipelines to Malaysia or build modified VLCC carriers + Malaysia storage facility + treatment plant?

Will Malaysia water price increase and cause further unhappiness in the country that will upset Najib's regime?

Just buy the bottled water but how do you distribute potable water to each household.

Isnt the Singapore option the cheapest? that just tap into their source.

Some people just eat rice but dont know the rice price? It is not so simple and similarily PLA generals need to think deeper and hands on.

Not only water, last time Singapore also relies so much on malaysia's produce. But now we even have cabbages from China and chickens from brazil, pork from indonesia and australia. The key word here is diversify and be self reliant.

Hong Kong is in shit as it relies so much on china whether it is power, water and food. Now everytime there is problem, there will be voices from china to call for cut off.

What help are you talking about? Malaysians are in shortage of water and not dying of thirst. Which nation will help?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:59 pm

This is what they have been saying. What do americans lost in this scenario while the Japs cried. US will offer to sell more and expensive arms during this peace time tension?

Who will be the most happiest?

At least the americans dare to enter "china's" water within 12 NM. Is China a pussy or the russians refuse to do so? Want to do it, do it full determination and do not hesistate. That is why i say PLA generals got no experience and navy (very new) unlike the army got no guts. By the time, Japs do anything. They will leave the area and laugh (like the US) while the other side scratch their head until bald.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:56pm

Young and old has difference?
The old one value its time to go older by days, so he grows old. The young one value its pride refuses to grow old. His call will come true, dies young.

When a young NS, laughed at me Lau Peng. i Lau Peng asked him: u want to be carried horizontally away from main gate?

Singapore vs China is like young ns vs lau peng. China survives for 3000 years, according to their own books. Singapore can hardly or never survive beyond 100 years. bet? Households debts are so huge 80% GDP and youngs ability to earn real income to pay expenses have been crippled by the foreign talent policy. Next 50 years. Real income is less than lau peng in singapore.
Young china men and women are having income increased fast in past 20 years.

I bet if u are very young, u may have to beg the chinese in future 30 years later.

Anonymous said...

The simplest way to defuse this issues with china is to invite China to berth their navy here when needed like the arrangements we have with USA

Anonymous said...

Ano 2:52pm
PLA ship did not go into 12 nautical mile area had their reason. They have to follow order. They are just a bigger plan, could any how sail.
The Russian 3 ships were the first time sailing into China s water with the Chinese ship. The Japanese will have to come out money to buy from US. I agree. Japan is already involved 250% GDP debts. The interest is negative, but as the Feb grows interest, the Japs debts will have harder repayment. Can Japan go to war?

If going into war, China will take US at S China Sea, Russians may invade Senkaku to keep Japan busy. Russian may invade Okinawa, so near to Russia. Japanese will be the weakest among US, China Russia. US Carriers may end up doing defense rather than doing attack at targets afar in S China Sea when Russia attacks.

Anonymous said...

The South China Sea islands are in the middle of nowhere. Only silly asses will sail or fly all the way there and waste fuel and resources and manhours. The initiative is with China to whack or not to whack.

For the moment these asses could not do anything and behaving like lost kids with nothing to do. Once they start to be naughty or when China feels like it, it will take out the cane and whack these bastards.

b said...

China angry with singapore? China too busy to do that. That are in for the big thing and cannot be bother to get angry with a petite small island state. Why waste energy doing that?

Anonymous said...

LKY played his cards well when dealing with the big powers.
The son is a novice and washout in international affairs.
Getting cosy with Uncle Sam could only get you a state dinner at the White House.
Getting the wrath of China would make your people worse off, economically.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 300pm

Of course, young and old got difference depending on sector.

Experienced person will make one walk less dark road than a green one.
Coy will pay more for senior for skilled positions especially in oil and gas. Young ones in the oil field dare not make critical decisions at crucial timing thus causing safety and money issues.

Experienced and lau peng,old (especially in NS) are different. If you dont have the skills and the brain, i dont give a shit about seniority. No use bragging and need to see whether can hands on and perform. I will gladly assign you to carry more and more since you like to carry things horizontally. When robots materialized, i will ask you to compete with him to see who is the lau peng?

China did survive for 3000 years but at what price. We are now talking about china's growth and military, territory expansion. You need to move forward as times have changed.

Most people also say Singapore also cannot survive when it go independent in the 60s. Nobody even bother to help our SAF then (look no up or dont want to offend our neighbors). But now look at our airforce now compare 50 yrs ago. Wah lau, can compare?

We shall see when the next evolution arrives (ie. robotics and AI). Will we still survive then or need to beg then?

What do you think are the challenges that will face China or worldwide when this evolution comes? especially for big labor intensive countries in a one party system and when suddenly jobs are replaced enmass by robots in other countries? Who will then be affected most?

Who beg who in future i dont know yet. But now i know Sg so far is unlike the old days is supplying its own water.

Which countries after development is not in debt? Name me one. You think China and US will be no different. I seen it with my own eyes unlike older days China people buy houses and cars with cash and now most got loan installments and struggling like shit. So are the soaring prices of properties, some of their houses is even more expensive than our houses per sq foot.

I bet you are also too old that has not worked long time in other places just like a old frog dying off in a dried off well getting only internet information. Go and travel more instead!

You can teach your offspring to go and beg if you wish but i certainly wont do so as i know in the end, it is useless.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:16pm

What orders you are talking about? If it is order and bigger picture, then order from Central or PLA navy admirals are pussy orders while the US are so daring. What concerns are Japs interest rate if US gets hard cash in USD, Japs dun pay US with Jap sushi, you know?

Who is talking about war? Now it is peacetime and all the kids wants the same toys.
If US is serious about war, they would have escorted the spy planes into their area of recce. They would know for sure the threats. And why P8A are not intercepted but intercepted ones are the older variants?
Station warships inside 12 NM permanent and this will be a real war for either side.

What you say about Russia and china war plan is true but you miss one thing. NATO's involvement into the grand picture that may draw up another theatre of war. Now whether this will happen or not, Russia will have to calculate for himself whether it is worth the risk nowadays as Russia is no longer Soviet union. China will then face US alone, possibly with countries like NK/SK and SEA (bases) draw into the shit.

US and NATO has been having major exercise in Europe and recent deploying of Thaad closer to Russia.

Anonymous said...

Is anybolee "bought off" to distract attention?

Own backyard "burning" with "shit" in the coming few years but toking cawk abt other issues?

How abt a title such as "Sinkies showing their anger ( eventually? ) with some JLBs/ Botak Head/ SSPCC"?

Anonymous said...

Ano 3:44pm
You did not mince words on seniors reflected your present position measured low in your own eyes. You seemed to feel the old had disadvantaged you. But you must understand you lack the intellectual ability to discuss issues with others in this forums. You will similarly will not be able to impress others in your work environment.

You indeed had tasks to assign people to carry heavy things "more and more", i heard you loud and clear. Let me put to you. You have not been in NS. I can be very sure, i worked with my NS fellows as if they were my brothers. If they did not know, I taught them. If they were old reservists, i took them out of tasks not fit for them.

Your labeling on seniority seems suggested to me you had ill feelings on others ability better than you are. You attack them if you can through giving tasks not fit for them. You justify it by "i dont give a shit about seniority".

Your other answers were limited to your inability to grasp figures i threw out.

You use robots to carry heavy things? Again its on figures. How much do you pay for your robots?

Ok lah. Thats all and i do hope you can read more articles so that you can be more intelligent. You are not intelligent now in my view. Intelligence i mean ability to handle various information to apply on issues we are discussing. It is not saying your IQ is not 200. May you are. But read more, you will be different.

Anonymous said...

What works for one may not work for the other?

Who will win in the end or clobber themselves to death like the Europeans in WW2 remain an unknown as the courses of seemingly innocuous events escalating into fight-till-death full blown conflicts as evidenced in past 5 millennium are "highly unpredictable"?

Anticipated events are often RATIONALLY dealt with by the human minds but unanticipated events can beget irrationality ( in human beans ) and end up in catastrophes?

jjgg said...

@anon 240 ..don't equate fishing fleets with inability to feed oneself...Japanese been doing it for eons..where is singapore's fishing fleet..bulk of purchase still from Malaysia . China can't feed itself but got enough cabbage to sell to singapore? Either we are truly very small n insignificant or China can feed itself..all ASEAN countries have adequate water supply., u cannot translate an occasional situation like intense drought to say that we are streets ahead of everyone else..perhaps this experience will spur the Malaysians to filter their own water..we are fortunate that the Malaysians oozes milk of human kindness n continue supplying Singapore with untreated water..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:29pm

Dun get me wrong. I dont feel i have been disadvantaged by seniors.

The only thing is i can only say is times have changed and globalization is here for real for some time. You need to go out and understand how china does things in a cheaper way with labor(what they have in abundance) and compete with what you have. This is why i say it is no use begging. Outside there nobody gives a shit about you especially you are up that level and earning top dollar. I hope you understand this concept given your remaining days.

Realize why salary is always getting cheaper and cheaper for some skills where some is sky high.

For eg. in NSF days, we were told to set up BCS tentage in under 10 mins. We practised and practise until become siow as our senior medic (regular) always ask us to set up and tear down and then up. In reservist days same as NSF days where there is always a shortfall of manpower, we can barely set up the same thing in less than 30 mins and everybody face look like got heart attack or so. Even MO have to help.

Now got mechanized tonner that will deploy automatically. Does it mean we are stupid or it is just how times flies as technology becomes available.

If you compare the full medical cost, shitting, eating cost for a human being. It will be cheaper as its goes into full production. This is confirm without a doubt. You cannot stop this trend.

Go and see for the world yourself and think again on what i say. Dont just read, open up your eyes and use your brain to think!

Anonymous said...

@ jigg 500pm.

Of course it is the same, last time china dont have all these fishing issues. Maybe minor ones. See for yourself how the affluent chinese now can abuse seafood and everthing. How to feed 1.4 billion if you dont go and expand and find resources.

Singapore can buy it bulks of fish from Malaysia but china is fishing off and not buying off. Moreover singapore can get its source elsewhere same like chicken or pork. We have the choice and wont get choke.Maybe not so fresh but it is the best at hand.

China can feed itself, maybe under mao and deng. Times have changed, US is choking on their wheat supply. More and more people from China dun want to work in farms. More and more people is eating better imported "safer" stuff. You are bluffing yourself, clean water is always on shortage worldwide.

I am not saying this is a one off incident from Malaysia. I cant care less about them. What i am saying, you need to prepare for worst case everytime. Diversify or be self reliant, dun depends on others and be like that guy on top who will ask his children to go and beg. In the end, no use one.

If Malaysians improve, i think we would gladly learn from them or buy from them. But having known them for long time, they have such strong pride (as they laugh at us) and they will choose to die instead of drinking urine water. For sinkies, what choice do we have as the PM then and some ministers take the lead to drink? I guess before PM tasted that water, there must be a lot of white mice who drank gallons to prove it is safe..

Anonymous said...

/// What i am saying, you need to prepare for worst case everytime. Diversify or be self reliant, dun depends on others ... ///
June 09, 2016 5:20 pm

But 70% of Sinkies believe in relying on only one political party.
Don't want to diversify.

Anonymous said...

The simplest way to defuse this issues with china is to invite China to berth their navy here when needed like the arrangements we have with USA
June 09, 2016 3:14 pm

Dun forget the Indian navy.
And also the Malaysian and Indonesian navy.
Bring more business to Geylang and Orchard Towers.

Anonymous said...

Some of the lower salary jobs are domestic elderly care givers and drivers .........

This mati ( shit ) always how lian abt AI and robots ( as if he is the innovator )

Should let him be the guinea pig when he had heart problems down the road and let his so called artificial intelligence powered robots ( aka tech geeks played God created pseudo human beans ) operate on him?

Anonymous said...

And the whole team of assistance including the nurses be AI-operated?

After that let AI-based robots be the nurse to monitor him in the ICU?

In case also he got a stroke ( down the road ), let the AI-robots cut open his skull and do the correct surgery?

Anonymous said...

And let the ambulance ferrying mati (shit) to the hospital be driverless?

In case the driverless ambulance get into a highway accident pile-up, see what happen?

Don't yall oldies think this mati (shit) should be the guinea pig for all this AI-based god playing inventions and see how his how lian driverless ambulance react after becoming a wreck in an accident pile-up? Hopefully mati also dun become part of the mangled metal wreck?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:54pm

I think you must be joking and not been there before.

Do you know how much you need to spend one night in orchard tower or Geylang?
How can the Indian, malaysian and Indo nav or even the china navy national salary be able to afford? You think the gals look them up?

Do you know some geylang shops ban certain skin colour depending on what tier level you talking about?

Some more now geylang area got alcohol restriction timing.

And then i cant imagine the US navy meet chinese navy street fight. Our riot police are then called in and next thing you know riot police cannot arrive on scene as got traffic jam. After arrive, see the opponent size too big and the other one keep spitting, the riot police decide to watch 1st... hahahha.

By trying to be smart, arent the govt be as like trying to lift a heavy stone and then hit its own feet. Jolly well this could be a GE topic causing the regime to change hands.... Backfired stunt!!!

Anonymous said...

Ano 5:04pm

You have this statement "Realize why salary is always getting cheaper and cheaper for some skills where some is sky high." means you dont find the answers by advising people like me to "You need to go out and understand how china does things in a cheaper way with labor.

You will see nothing. I dont advise you to see this world in your remaining days as all living thing dies. Me you are inclusive.

Why is tell you to give up. It because you parrot what people asked you to say.
Ok what s wrong with you? Its your lack of knowledge on a macro scope.

You go to find out: i say: salary is set at a rate when marginal product value produced by a worker like you is equal to the marginal salary the firm give you. That is the point. In singapore, there are 2 set of labor hours supplied in the market: the foreigners labor hours vs the citizens labor hours.

When an employer hire, he choose the highest labor supply hours, the foreigners give more hours for no in camp, no ippt. The employer also choose the lower marginal salary given if both foreigner and citizen have same level of skills such as IT degree. The lower marginal salary is from foreigner because there is no added cost on employer cpf.

Salary can never be cheaper and cheaper. It means the labor hours supplies is unlimited. Labor hours supply is limited resources.

I give you my frank opinion. If you go round to see the world, you cannot see anything. Go take a ticket to shanghai, u see nothing when reaching tomorrow morning. It looks like singapore with lots of people. Go to taipei, it still same, hk also same. Tokyo is also same except people wear nicely and rush in walking. What you want to see?
If you want to see why salary is always cheaper and never go up, u stay in singapore to see by working in singapore. In china, there is minimum salary. Salary is going up each year. Average salary announced in Beijing 2 days back was rmb 85,700.

I dont go to Myannma but i know the salary is cheap, especially at Bago.
How do you learn about working life in other countries: go to work there. Your remaining days in life is too short to do this now. Dont waste time to be IB, if you do, that learns nothing. You do not know if tomorrow you can open your eyes. Not all dead bodies are old. Go to somewhere block 9 to see it yourself, if you must see than know.I dont mean to scare you, you assume all old people will die before you, that my not be a good assumption before too late. Reading helps.

Anonymous said...

Look at Singapore's cabinet composition and one can understand the policy shift away from China . . . towards India . . .

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

No wonder nowadays when new sinkie staff arrived in the office, their laptops take "FOE-EVER" to be ready?

What has "INFLICTED" sinkieland's entities I T depts?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle RB,

This is just a feedback ( from an "insignificant reader" and thus u can choose to ignore ) .........

Your posts all foreign issue/ cuntry based so how ( unfairly retrenched and ) jobless sinkies PMETS can air their ( deep ) grievances ( and anguish ) being disadvantaged by pro-ah-aliens policies .....?

Aggrieved ( unfairly ) retrenched sinkies PMETS need 24-7-365 posts/ channel to air injustice wrought on their families, leading to many sinkies families and future generations greatly disadvantaged?

Loss of jobs => Loss of income for many sinkies families => Loss of purchasing power => Drastic cut back on spendings => No tuition help for their kids struggling in sinkieland's schs => many sinkies future generations disadvantaged and unable to compete on level field?

Anonymous said...

Mee once saved an 18-year old gal from taking her own life due to study stress from sch, her parents etc .....

Recently noticed another student in JC uniform in a daze somewhere in sinkieland and looking quite distraught

So decided to "kaypoh" as a good samaritan ........

Anonymous said...

Apparently this student is from a "poor" family as the parent kena retrenched and struggling to get by .......

So kongcum oso will know his family no $$$ to send him for private tuition

His sch exam coming soon and he is struggling with some subjects like JC H2 Math and Chemistry

Anonymous said...

Hoping to bring some good news to the jobless parent and trying the best to get good result, this student has been working doubly hard in his studies

However, he encountered some difficult practice questions but no private tutors to render help as the family cannot afford

Out of desperation, he went to see his sch teachers though knowing from the past experience that they are NOT so helpful

Anonymous said...

Instead of getting help from the teachers, he got scolded by the teachers non-stop the moment he sought their help

The teachers made all kinds of "nasty remarks" but being a student, dare not rebut back lor

Was quite saddened and sickened after hearing this student's outpouring of his grief and frustration

Anonymous said...


Uncle RB, can u see the above link?

See what teachers priority and obsession nowadays are and u will soon realise the plight students are in nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Mee can only console the student and suggested some solutions to this student's problems

But thinking back about Botak's 2004 "TLLM" logo, think now it has been "distorted?

Uncle RB, how about u write a post on this?

Maybe titled it "From TLLM to TLSM" - The "Sad reality" of the Education system in sinkieland?

Botak's "TLLM" teach less learn more may have morphed into

"TLSM" teach less scold more?

Many Sinkieland's principals and teachers doing a "good job" and "very can"?

Collecting huge taxpayers' funded paychecks and bonuses but providing such ( "sickening" ) delivery in their ( fiduciary ) duties?

Sinkieland NO HOPE le?

Now u know why many sinkies nowadays have no respect for those in the "garment education" sector?

Teach until almost all students need private tuition help in their studies?

The system is getting sicker and sickening from 1990 since lao goa took over the baton from the old guards?

Uncle rb, Now u understand why mee thinks u need have ( at least ) one post on sinkieland everytime?

The way things are, many disadvantaged but helpless sinkies ( by garment policies ) need to air their grieves 24-7-365 without lapse any single day or moment?

Having said that, uncle rb, if u deem the above is a frivolous feedback ( and kpkb with no justification or valid ground whatsoever and everything is very fine and rosy on the ground ), pls ignore it and move on with business as usual .......?

But DIVINE, pls bless the the unfortunate and helpless sinkies unfairly disadvantaged by the JLBs' short-sighted ( and muddled ) policies

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The plight of the PMETs and the children of parents that lost their jobs and unable to get help for their school works are serious social problems but not important enough to people earning millions and going for holidays every now and then.

I have been thinking how to help but a single soul with limited time and capacity is just not possible. Only the govt can help if they wanted to. Otherwise it is you die your business.

The poor are always disadvantaged while the natural aristocrats would say, what? what problem? Got problem meh? Just read the remarks from teachers and policemen handling the Benjamin case, so kind, so concern, so sensitive, like angels of God. How could a boy under such caring people commit suicide?

Anonymous said...

"Would Singapore maintain its neutrality by closing down the American base here, or would Singapore say it is ok and it is neutral and still a friend of China and allowing the Americans to launch military attacks at China?"

Guaranteed 100%, it will choose the latter. "Neutral" indeed. It's so disgusting, just like daily propagandas spouted by the Slave Times!

denk said...

sg officials now speak like murcunts and indians.
trouble is, when u lick murcunt or indian balls all day, this is what u get.....forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Singaporeans are prepared ? Howe prepared are we when little India riot broke out+ when trains have major breakdown. When your cybersecurity is at threat ?...think hard before you answer

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 626:

Thankfully, there are many highly skilled IT-savvy Singaporeans, including the PM ;-) and these people would not be 100% or even 50% "secure", but at least they'll have the intuition and suspicion that shit can happen at anytime without warning. (Classic Zero Day exploit---you have "zero days" to prepare for such attacks)

But the average Singaporean who spends their time buried into the screen of their phones is essentially unprepared. These are the folks who would happily exchange links and files on apps like WeChat. They are the most unprepared for a hack attack.

IMO, I think as seriously as Singapore takes IT security, there are still risks. If someone can hack the PMO site and others, you can "intuit" that much more serious attacks are possible.