China no right to be world cop?

A Japanese, a diplomat I think, by the name of Shigeru Ichige, commented that Chinese Admiral Sun Jiangguo ridiculed the international communities by saying that China would ignore the verdict of The Hague on the Filipino claims on the islands in the South China Sea. And because of this, ‘China cannot and should never be a world cop able to maintain the world order as the United States does.  This kind of Japanese half truth logic is no longer passable when the world is fully aware of all the facts of past and present.

What this Shigeru did not want to mention is that the United States were the one that set the precedence of ignoring the verdict of The Hague when it ruled against the US in the past. The US even committed an act of contempt of The Hague by tearing to pieces the verdict in full media coverage. What Shigeru also refused to disclose is that The Hague has no jurisdiction over territorial issues under the UNCLOS. And what Shigeru also did not disclose is that the US refused to sign as a signatory to abide by the rules of UNCLOS. The US is NOT a signatory of UNCLOS or is not willing to abide by the laws of UNCLOS. This is the biggest American hypocrisy, demanding other countries to abide by UNCLOS rules when it refuses to do so.

So is USA more suitable as the world cop? Or is Japan more suitable as the world cop? The Japanese must remember the crimes and atrocities committed by Japan in WW2 against the whole of Asia and South East Asia by their invasion to conquer and rule over these countries.  On record at least 24 million people were killed by the Japanese, not counting the wounded and maimed and the destruction to their country’s economies and the lives of their people. And Japan is everywhere pitching to be a peacekeeper and potential world cop. And some stupid Asean leaders agree that it is alright for this beast of a nation to be a peacekeeper when their people were massacred by the Japanese, their countries conquered and colonized by the Japanese. They got to thank the Americans for dropping the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war and save their skins.

By the way, China is not interested in being a world cop and has no desire or intent to be a world cop. The term world cop in reality is more like an international gangster, using might to control and intimidate smaller countries, to conduct regime change and to provoke and conduct wars. How virtuous is this international gangster to be called a world cop? How many thousands or millions of innocent lives have been killed or destroyed by the current ‘world cop’ and the world cop aspirant in Japan during the invasion of Asia?

Both are the most unsuitable candidates to be world cop when bullying and conducting wars are their modus operandi, their way of conducting international relations. They conduct wars instead of keeping peace as a cop should be doing. And no need to bother about China wanting to be world cop. China is not interested. Only aggressive warmongering nations would want to assume the role of ‘world cop’ to rule over other countries, to bully countries that refused to toe their line.

The world does not need a self appointed world cop. If there is to be one, it should come under the banner of the United Nation, not the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

World cop or not who cares? As long as one is rich. Today is Dragon Boat Festival or 端午节,a time to commemorate ancient Chinese patriotic politician/poet Qu Yuan (屈原)sacrificed for the love of his country. In Spore, we also have 1 great politician who sacrificed his life to build this country, he is none other than LKY (father of Modern Spore) lives on...even though Spore was destroyed by Aliens yesterday...he will wake up & make it right for u...better than a world cop does...

Anonymous said...

World cop or not who cares? As long as one is rich.
Anon 8:43 am

Tiok lah.

PAP screw up or not who cares? As long as the opposition is not ready to be govt and majority Sinkies have no choice but to vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

When LKY was around, it is understandable why the opposition is not ready to be govt, and also why Chee Soon Juan will never win an election.

But even after LKY died, the opposition is also still not ready to be govt, and Chee Soon Juan can't even win a by election against a PAP minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC. And got only 38.8% votes some more.


Anonymous said...

June 09, 2016 9:03 am

Do you think it's because too many Opposition politicians have been jailed or bankrupted or are living in exile or have died in exile?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wrong again RB,

>> This is the biggest American hypocrisy, demanding other countries to abide by UNCLOS rules when it refuses to do so. <<

It is not hypocrisy. The US is up front from the get-go. They stand alone, for American interests firstly and foremost. Which is why you can never bring any US citizen to International Court of Justice or why the US doesn't have to abide by an UN resolutions.

The US President can order the execution or detention into US custody of anyone on the planet...even if the person is "protected" by a foreign government in another sovereign nation. If the US want to overthrow your govt, they'll just do it, fuck the consequences. They'll hack into any one's systems, they'll even bug foreign leaders phones---like Angela Merkel. They've hacked into countless of sovereign embassies and missions. The US hacks both friend and enemy.

This is a case of a "rogue cop" gone on a rampage. This is "exceptionalism" gone way too far, and crossed every "uncrossable" line. The best part...

IT'S LEGAL. Why? Because the US govt lawyers for the NSA, GCHQ and CIA have said so.

b said...

UN not UA is the world cop. UA just acting like a cowboy as usual - always big mouth and rough behaving.

b said...

But if UN is corrupted. We will all need UA cowboys to bring back peace and harmony.