Car Park rates to go up

Front page news that public car park rates will go up soon and a study is in process. You can expect this kind of money grabbing decision to come very soon. No time to waste. One question, govt short of money or what?

What is amusing are the silly reasons that are being quoted to justify a big round of increases. Maybe the cost of living index is too low and the people can afford to pay more. Maybe too long never increase, so it is time to increase. Then of course, the standard high cost of living, inflation and what have you. Actually want to increase just increase lah. Who is there to object or protest or to say that it is unreasonable, unnecessary, it will increase the cost of everything, the cost of living, the cost of visiting your friends or your parents and grandparents?

Ok, listen to this, ‘the review is meant to “right price public car park charges and reduce the gap between the fees charged by private and public car parks.’ What a gem.  The people have a choice not to go to public car parks but no choice parking at HDB car parks. It is home, stupid. Now you people better protest if private car park operators increase their rates or over charged. It would be used as an excuse to raise public car park fees. This is something like HDB prices priced to market private housing prices. It is like that mah!

Next, ‘Separately, the HDB pointed out that its carparks have improved over the years, with amenities such as landscaped decks, electronic parking systems and lifts. Wah, it is like a cup of kopi, now taste better, so good reason to raise price. Or is it that they are now using porcelain cups instead of plastic cups? Who cares about the landscape in a car park? And why pass the cost of electronic parking system that makes collecting fees more efficient to the car owners? Sial lah!

Oh, this one I must agree. HDB is also studying to charge non residents different rates. Got non residents meh? I thought everyone in the island is a resident except permanent or not permanent? Second car charge more. Thought this is already in practice? How about bigger cars charge more? Sorry big car owners.

This one is classic, sooo clever. According to parking policy expert, Dr Paul Barter, ‘Rates could be raised during peak periods and lowered in the off peak period…If it’s too full, it’s too cheap, and if it’s too empty, it’s too expensive.’ This one HDB car owners sure jialat jialat. Evening and night time when all went home after work, it would be peak period for the HDB car parks. So evening and night parking would be more costly according to this logic. Knn, your HDB home car park is subject to demand and supply meh, peak hour and non peak hour?  Got choice meh?

We need foreign experts for such silly brilliant ideas mah! Singapore where got so clever people other than pricing HDB to resale market price? Actually the kopitiam ah peks and ah mahs have better ideas than these if you are willing to ask them.

Give the HDB a break or they will lose more billions. This will be a better reason.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to complaint about
Just pay whatever the ministry deemed reasonable
The government have the overwhelmingly mandates from the sinkies

patriot said...

Indeed there should be no grievances and complaints.
About 70% are fine with the
The Majority wins.


Anonymous said...

Up! Up! Up!

This up! That up! Everything up! Everything up!

Up! Up! Up! Never never never down again!

Living in Singapore is like that Up Up Up!

Look at the whole Singapore....Everything up up up! 非常吃力! 非常吃力!

Those in businesses are likely to take this opportunity/excuse to also up up up!

Everybody up! Everything up! Up! Up! Up!

Anyway, 70% already voted OK! 70% already said 谢谢你! 谢谢你!

What can U do NOW? You only can 忍! 忍! 忍!

This is 新加坡人民的心声! 新加坡人民的心声!

Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with collecting more money?


Anonymous said...

Untruthful Political Jokes
What do you call an incompetent Emperor?
A: Prime Minister.

What do you call an incompetent MRT CEO?
A: General

What do you call an incompetent Transport Minister?
A: Chief Operating Officer, MRT-Operations

What do you call an incompetent investment manager?
A: Lau Poh.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.28am, you are 100% correct that there is nothing wrong
in collecting more money especially with 70% said OK

very good.....you have 3Ms thinking......hahaha.......

Anonymous said...

Remember the logo Pay n Pay..after elections it's the Dafts Sinkies pay back time..remember the Garmen give u 1 chicken wing ( gst voucher coming in August & Nov) they take back whole chicken..kpkb no use one Lah..

Virgo49 said...

Now votes for leaving the EU is leading by 69,063 votes. If only Sinkies think like the Brits with immigration bring the main issue of leaving the EU.

Bring in the 10 millions sinking land m

Anonymous said...

We need a referendum on the 6.9m/10m population by importing shit.

Anonymous said...

I m a regular reader for Telegraph uk. And Boris was someone whom i like comparing to Cameron who looks aloof elite like the ex Au PM who was toppled.

It will be a pain if Brexit did not get the majority because Immigration will destroy the United Kingdom, the sinkies colonial master whom the old man admired and educated.

Sinkies will sink right into swampy lands as the old man s party continues to follow Tony Blair s policy suck in foreigners immigrants from the sunny lands. Tony Blair was toppled yet the old man was standing and telling his salaries of millions dollars deserved the respect for such decision to use immigrants to replace native citizens, similar to Amaricans replacing Red Indians natives with white migrants.

While the colony master UK white majority natives survive the ordeal of silly concept "immigration is equal to globalization" the sinkielands sinks into pitch of swampy land forever with further 2 millions of immigrants from sunny lands to make up for the white papers.

Cost of living goes up, market survival salary goes down or stagnant. No minimum salary is ok, but the old man s party use immigrants to bring up the cost through rental and to bring down the survival minimal salary paid by employers.

There was such cases in court: paid immigrant 3100pm, and the immigrant repaid back hirer 1600pm. The net is only 1500pm, not to mention the further deductions on rental.
Pmet are expect to survive with $900pm to live in Sinkie land through its "immigration= globalization" policy. Yet their salaries are multiple millions dollars with such "outstanding" world class policy: immigration makes gdp.

Anonymous said...

@ June 24, 2016 10:31 am

Do you think the wording of the referendum would be:
6.9 million population OR
10 million population

Do you think this is the choice PAP will give us?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.31 am, you are very very correct we need a referendum.

But, I thought the GE2015 was the "unwritten" referendum on increasing
the population to 6.9m/10m, where 70% said YES!


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56pm

You live in the past. Need to update, the latest support sample is 61%. Not against WP, but against a weak party.
WP once change to more progressive leaders, the party will win more seats and bring down the average 61% to 55% as what the present pm s standard: every year drop 6% as standard due to its immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

@ June 24, 2016 10:56 am

Aljunied GRC was the referendum.
And more than 50% said NO to PAP's policies.

- Land of the free
- home of the brave

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The reason for the increase is a claim that today's modern carparks should cost more because of "value adding".

Actually it is irrelevant whether you accept or reject the claim. The fact is any bullshit story will do...even the far-out crazy untrue ones.


Because public carparks are a government MONOPOLY. They can essentially charge whatever they like, for any reason they pull out of their ass.

Anonymous said...

How to bring down carpark prices?
- Vote Opposition lah!

Vote Opposition and Pay Less
- reduce our cost of living.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1155

Won't make any difference lah. Once the govt has a MONOPOLY, they're soon "addicted" to the revenue...like a drug addict.

Anonymous said...

Rb u are right. The last petrol duty adjustment rationale was that it has not been increased for several years so therefore need to increase. I remember watching on tv when the minister said that and he was not very comfortable on his facial expression when he said that. This is my perception.

Anonymous said...

Black Friday for the
Stock Markets?

Anonymous said...

stock markets down down down

but our carparks up up up

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
Black Friday for his little "Lau Poh"'s stock portfolio means our car park fees have to increase?

Anonymous said...

lifts and better landscapes are good reasons to increase charges mah
Now I see people bringing chairs sitting besides carparks chitchating and admiring the landscape of the carparks.
Also many people taking lifts up/down multiple times in the carparks like taking joyrides in Universal Studios leh, while others have to wait to take their turns.
They deserve all the price increases. No compliants

Anonymous said...

When the lift break down
- and you walk up the stairs
- they will charge you for using the stairs.

When the lift go up like a rocket
- they will charge you for a joy ride like Universal Studio

Anonymous said...

Ya hor, free roller coaster in HDB lifts. Damn exciting. Ah Peks and Ah Mahs be warned.

Anonymous said...

Car park fees goes up is good to increase coffers money to pay for civil servants and ministers salaries.

60 to 70% voters all agreed to this.
Indonesia and Philippines and Myannma also set salaries raises for their workers FOR singapore government and hirers to follow.
Minimum Indonesia is 550pm. Pinoys 550pm. Myannma 450pm.

60-70% are happy too. They too do not mind the government allow foreigners to come in to ask for 3100pm to get employment passes, and the employees returned hirers 1600pm.

So even doctors from myannmar are allowed to work in some gh in order for singaporeans doctors and pmets to ask for less.

The 60 to 70% are happy to receive less salaries as timeline goes. No problem, working is like NS, 400pm to 500pm is enough in future. Engineers, doctors, administrators, managers take 1500 is enough so that employment pass holders can claim to have 3000pm.

That is singapore s life under the pap. It is well deserving life for the pmet in singapore for voting the pap. They have no control on their own cost at home. Cost goes higher, salary goes smaller, that is the way to live happily in singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:31 am

Sorry don't think so:
"6.9 million population OR
10 million population"

6.9M consists of SG and PR
10M consists of 6.9M + 3.1M of WP/EP/Domestics Workers

SIN Inc. is like any Inc. outsourcing model,whereby gearing ratio is 7:3

b said...

Stock crashing so sg investment also crashing. Need to get some extra monies.

jjgg said...

All the time hdb suppose to manage car Parks n what they do? They paint red lots to reserve Bay for season Parker but they allow the season Parkers to park anywhere they like..so what happened? Car park indicate lots of space available but all these lots are red lots cos the season Parkers are parking in the white lots...so u park in the red lots n u kena summon. Prime example of a badly managed car park..Crawford lane..car park sign says perpetually full n then when u go inside its half empty..this is car park management?? Government has grown obese from taxes derived from motorists.. Show us the car park revenue account..might as well shock us while you at it.

b said...

HDB made a terrible mistake. Actually they should build more floors of parking rather than stop at 5. Some floors can be made into playgrounds, swimming pools, study rooms, function rooms, storage rooms etc. Land is very scare in sg.

Anonymous said...

Show us the car park revenue account.
June 24, 2016 4:08 pm

Car park revenue is a state secret.
Our National reserves is also a state secret.

What type of fuck democracy is this?
Everything also secret.
If Singapore is so delicate ... then punch what above our weight?

Anonymous said...

David Cameron says he will resign after vote to leave E.U.

Why David Cameron so sensitive?
You don't see Khaw Boon Wan resign even though MRT train break down so many times.
You don't see Desmond Kuek resign " " " " " " " " "

You don't see Gan Kim Yong resign even though got so many disease outbreaks right?
Tuberculosis, dengue, Hepatitis, unlicensed doctors etc

Do you think PAP Ministers are very tough?
Do you think they will never resign over any failure on their part?
Why David Cameron so sensitive?

b said...

Democracy is just a term to coin people into submission. Better to make sure earn a degree, skill or trade and emigrate to somewhere with plenty of free parking. Otherwise, encourage your kids to do so. One can be free from being milked by carpark fees. No point kpkb.

b said...

5:17pm > David Cameron has big balls. Need big balls to do brave and right thing. Did Khaw have?

Anonymous said...

David Cameron resigns.
- I do not see Cameron telling the British people to "repent"
- his resignation speech sounds very gracious

"But the British people have made a very clear decision to take a different path, and as such I think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction."

What's the difference between David Cameron and LKY ??


Anonymous said...

David Cameron resigned is sibeho bagus while his wife wept at the announcement in the morning at London. Sibeho because he deserved to be sacked.
Cameron had promised to control immigration to tens of thousands. But by 2015, the immigration was 330000. Sg mp was saying they are good friend. Sg mp like to have lots of immigrants to boost GDP. Cameron is no exception lah.

That is the problem right? IN UK promised to have less immigrants, is a must do. In sg, there is no such rule until the pmet get really no way to go, they will have to vote for WP. The time is 2020 or 2025. But Cameron s time was May 2015.

Why? Cameron thought the Remain would win. He stood for EU as remain though he did not get the rule to change to control immigration.

Cameron speculated that UK voters will scared shitless when he told them the voters would lose their kitchen pans and sinks for voting to Leave EU. He really did by asking IMF, by asking Obama, by asking Soros, by asking for the rich like goldmenshark to tell UK voters the hurts they will suffer for leaving EU. But Camerson never asked pinky or ahcow to talk to their voters, it s his mistake.

However, the immigrants taking away UK voters jobs and kept the salary stagnant is real and cannot be forgiven. The UK voters simply ignored what scared them. So Cameron had lost his authority. No one trust him. It will be pinky and cow, when they talk the voters do not trust them. Then times up liao. Cameron s experience should be a mirror for the cows and cats to think hard: better to start work to create real jobs for voters to do. Depending on immigrants to increase property prices and increase rental, car park fees etc to boost GDP has a limit to go: the limit is what the pinky and cows scared, to push up the pmet salaries.
Pmets will have their votes when 2020 comes. The hope is that these dumb pmets can remember their salary level was 20 years ago. They should not be pleased to receive some fun packs or sweets before voting and forget how low their salary because of immigration policy. All in all, the situation is dependent on how WP open up. If WP only contest 10 constituencies, what can voters do? So WP has to progress.

Anonymous said...

British people are clever.
They know how to sack their Prime Minister.

Singaporeans are stupid slaves.
Sons of coolies.
We don't know how to sack our Prime Minister.

GE 2020.
Same, same.
70% will vote PAP.

FL said...

70% voters have given them the mandate to decide, so complain not. Too late now, but have to wait until the next GE far far away !

Anonymous said...

Just my separate observation on multi-purpose car park . Every other day (24×7) nearby, only spot one stationary (maybe tc) white van (sometimes two diagonally) park at the top-level of the multi-storey car-park . The same top-level (no green landscape) is also a spacious exercise platform for school pe lesson . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump - Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership

/// The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples.
They have declared their independence from the European Union, and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy. .....

Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. ///


It's a good thing Trump did not say ....

"And slaves like Singaporeans can continue to suck thumb while they lose their jobs and their country to Aliens. It's a great day to be white. And it sucks to be a yellow skinned Chinese slave. Too daft to be free."

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Singapore is ours, we'll take our country back.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, how many "headed snake" r u?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "sucking wet farts out of dead babies", 1126:

How many heads you want me to be. You choose lah. Knock yourself out. 😜

Anonymous said...

High cost living is a cover

4 peple to bet more.....i think

Anonymous said...

Winter comes earlier den expected(bitter smile)
: [

Anonymous said...

Matilah, for u to be even able to have such extreme thoughts and ideas, your many headed devious snakes must have been sneeking their slimy heads into those dead things to suck and increase your devious potency

Over the past 10+ years, many can see that your devious powess have multiplied exponentially

Now the readers know why and how ....... your many headed snakes have been sucking those dead things to up your deadly devious powess ...... not surprising your regular haunts are snakes and rats dens ....... is it an understatement or overstatement to liken u to sinkieland's "demons" not unlike those in "Journey to the West"?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1010,

Dude, WTF? I don't understand a damn word you are saying...too cheem for me.

Can explain in simple English or not? In this case, talk to me like I'm 5 years old...for starters, I've never seen a snake with more than one head!

Anonymous said...

Matilar, have lar. Some Indian snakes have two heads.