BREXIT And EU EXODUS For A Better And More Peaceful World

European countries affiliated to EU better run - run away from EU as quickly as possible. EU is an American racket conceived with evil intent and it is under the complete dictatorial charge of USA 's Neoconservatives and their proxies in EU. Washington's neoconservatives in the Whitehouse, CIA, and Pentagon and the Anglo American Rothschilds, Illuminati, Zionist Axis are the real power behind EU.

The Evil Axis enacts all the EU laws and takes command of all decisions to suit its imperial agenda and the various local governments of the 28 affiliated countries have no say whatsoever. The Axis hijack all the political, economic and military power of the EU countries

USA treats the Russians and the Chinese as its enemies because they are the main obstacles to unchallenged USA global dominance.USA conducts provocative military build up close to the borders of Russia and China. This may lead to inevitable confrontation thus risking a possible nuclear war. For this responsible world leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America must show serious concern not to ally with the Evil Empire's catastrophic imperial agenda. They should reject USA's imperial agenda which is the greatest threat to world peace.

USA thinks now is the time to destroy Russia and China in order to fulfill its ambition of bringing the whole world under its total control - its hegemony

But USA is bankrupt and so it has to create so called allies and partners to share the cost of its reckless wild ventures of wars of aggression.These allies and partners are nothing but subservient lackeys with voidess power and decisions.They are being led by the nose by the Evil Axis and may realise too late that they are being led to the slaughter house in the frontline in confrontation with Russia and China.

The Evil Empire is very cool and calculative and manipulates all hostilities and wars far away from USA's shores.The evil neoconservative warmongers think America is safe and well protected by two big oceans.In fact USA is governed by a few selected rich aristocrats and business tycoons in the Axis who only think in terms of making endless profits by the billions and thrillions of dollars through unconscionable perennial warfare. While they reap endless profits from warfare, their citizens and soldiers have to pay the price of suffering and death.

British people are smart to realise the danger of staying as part of the EU. Their decision to leave the EU sets the pace and example for others to leave the sinister organisation. Other Eu countries must quickly conduct national referendums to leave EU to save themselves from a nuclear Third World War that the Evil Empire may recklessly unleash on this world.


Monday, 27th June, 2016


Hermit said...

EU exodus?

Anonymous said...

As expected, the western mainstream media has the loudest voice airing propaganda inciting fear, gloom and doom in the ignorant masses to vote against those with common sense voting to exit EU.

Anyone knows that western presstitutes only serve the elites, real journalists and reporters are a rarity in the west and its lackeys.

Anyone with even an ounce of common sense also knows that exiting EU is the only way to be truly independent, be it from EU and needless to day from the empire of chaos.

There is no such thing as 'global' catastrophe, 'global' collapse etc.

The world is huge; some countries will be doing much better than the others.

The world is now own by the west and any of its lackeys.

I laughed my ass off when I saw how shameless Slaves' Times AKA Suckers' Times publishing articles related to AIIB, investments in China, etc :)

This is the same junk newspaper, full of anti-China articles and copy-and-paste western mainstream media :)

Anonymous said...

Corrections :

The presstitutes are not limited to the West. They also exist in any of its lackeys.

The world is not owned by the west and any of its lackeys.

Anonymous said...

So interested in breaking up of EU? I propose that Taiwan, HK, Tibet, Xinjiang and other minority provinces to break away for Communist China. End the oppression from the Red Party.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:48am

Please get yr knowledge of
history right

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, Xinjiang, Annam and Korea were part and parcel of China.

You know the Meaning of Bloc?

Anonymous said...

"You know the Meaning of Bloc?"

Eh, blochead! So was UK part of EU! What's so farkin' special about China? If the minorities want independence, isn't China oppressing their wishes? I know that this is a Sinophile site administered by redbean, the self appointed Chinese Commie spokesman. Therefore his followers are also Sinophiles. But think about it. If you want China to be one, why are you all so eager to see the breakup of others? Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are eager to see the breakup of the European and American hegemony of the world. You banana or angmoh? Or another silly Asian that likes to be ruled by Europeans?

Anonymous said...

Redbean is what he is. He is not a chapcheng or rojak that have all kinds of fathers and mothers, grandpas and grandmas that does not know what the hell a chapcheng is. But that is fair as a chapcheng really has trouble identifying with anyone or anything.

The nauseating thing is a banana thinking it is white and its parents and ancestors are white without knowing that its ancestors were bullied, raped and discriminated by the whites.

Anonymous said...

I can say that u r a silly Sinkie willing to be ruled by China too. So you and RB ARE willing to fight for China if there is war between Sinkie and China! Also, so what if redbean is purebread Chinese? Hitler talked about multiplying purebreed and eliminating others too! Congrats! You likened this site to a Nazi site. Wait a minute, you realise that the Nazi Swastika and the Chinese Buddhist Swastika are a mirror image? Same same type, no?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the irony of Chinophiles trying to claim to banana Chinese that it was white colonists who suppressed them. Have these Chinophiles forgotten it was their own rulers in China who massacred their ancestors that caused the Chinese diaspora in SE Asia in the first place? Didn't the Nanyang Chinese run away from the bloodshed caused by the early Chinese leaders that is the reason why you are in SE Asia today in the first place? Isn't it because it was a nightmare in mainland China, and the white people gave the Nanyang Chinese a glimmer of hope to earn a living, that's why you are here today?

Yet, the same Chinophiles who laugh at banana Chinese who worked with the Brits who fed, clothed, educated and gave you a chance to live a decent life here, are worshipping the very China nation that killed, maimed and oppressed your forefathers then! You want to support China and not Singapore? Good. Give up your citizenship here and return to your beloved Mother Land who killed your ancestors. We don't need traitors in the SAF or in Singapore. Just leave.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Chinophile that a new word ? i'm a chinese entho nationalist. I do not hate white people in fact in wish them well if they want their own ethno state, but i do not want them to influence Chinese affairs.

No spreading the false gods of feminism, miscengenation, faggot rights, degeneracy in Chinese lands.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone one be an Chinese entho natioinalist? What if Malays claim the same for Malaysia? Indians claim the same for India? Eurasians claim the same for their Portuguese, Dutch etc heritage? What would be of Sinkieland?

The west has its bad points. We don't need to copycat them. Just take the good like their education system, healthcare, engineering/research etc. Don't have to ditch the whole thing wholesale.

What I can't understand is the unwavering support for political China in this site. It seems like it is polarizing Singaporeans into pro-China vs pro-Singapore. Very, very dangerous line of talk indeed!

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Malaysia is already an ethno nationalist state. UMNO is explicitly a malay nationalist organisation. With the NEP that favors Malays.That does not mean that minorities have no representation. MCA and MIC represent Chinese and Indians.

I support China because of common ancestry, not because that i like communism or the PRC. In fact i would love to restore the Ming dynasty. Prior to world war 2 there was a lot of support for China via the Tong Meng Hui, people still saw themselves as connected by blood.

The interest of the Sinagpores 3 main communities, Chinese, Malay and Tamil have been betrayed by the PAP. They imported a lot of north indian and Pinoy as a strategy to divde and conquer. Why should you support a state that sells out your people ?

I advocate pan Chinese nationalism as a way for Chinese people around the world to take a stand for their collective interest. That does not mean that we are hostile towards other races. But that we love our own first.

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is the unwavering support for political China in this site. It seems like it is polarizing Singaporeans into pro-China vs pro-Singapore.
June 27, 2016 11:40 am

Pro China or Pro Singapore-does it matter?
More important is to stay united against Pro Alien Policies (P.A.P.)

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

"More important is to stay united against Pro Alien Policies (P.A.P.)"

well said.

Anonymous said...

So what if Malaysia is ethno state? They are being loyal to their own country. I am wary about fellow Sinkies who pledge their allegiance to a foreign nation. In this case, China. So we have people like you and RB who shamelessly state your affinity towards a foreign nation. But isn't that what early Marxism was all about? Wasn't it because of that we had had Operation Cold Store in Singapore and the clampdown on Chin Peng in Malaysia because of security problems, when they tried to bring in foreign (commie) ideals? Yah, talking about faggotism being introduced by the West into Sinkieland! Like communism is sooooo white and perfect!

Wasn't it also we had the likes of Wah Piow and Teo Soh Lung in the 1980s who tried to bring in this same ideal of ethno stuff? So the PAP was right that Marxism was a threat after all! We have Sinkies who are willing to betray Sinkieland by pledging allegiance towards a foreign nation.

The argument that PAP betrayed the 3 race communities is a Marxist argument! Didn't they say that the Brits (then the ruling party) betrayed Singaporeans? Isn't the argument that the government of the land is oppressing the locals and that was the de facto argument of the commies in the last century?

I was right that this site is a pro-China commie site with a horde of followers who are Chinophiles! And the PAP was right that the Marxist threat is far from over! I may not lke PAP, but I would definitely vote for them if it means keeping the Marxist guys at bay.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I'm a pro China Monarchist. And a ethno nationalist i'm as far to the right as you can get, not communist which is far to the left of the spectrum. Call me a racist or a bigot, i ientify with those terms, but not a communist please.

Anonymous said...

But even China today won't accept monarchy. You are not only outdated by the decades, you are outdated by the century! You take pride in being called racist and what not in your attempt to defend your ideal. No need to bark so loud. I have already said in my earlier post that this site is a Chinophile site populated with Chinophiles. To them Singapore is not their home. China is. So why are you still here sucking up the goodies like GST vouchers and what not dished out by the "hated" PAP?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:38/11:03,

Don't think you post as anonymous and the people watching did not know who you are.
Your racist rant will get you into trouble in a matter of time.

They know who you are, what you are and when they want to bring you in.

Anonymous said...

12:58 is a sicko. A sick bear.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Why is being a racist bad ? You are loyal your in group. i'm just more honest then most.

Anonymous said...

@1.35, which part is racist? So a poster under anonymous said that Brits sellout 3 community races (Chinese, Malay, Indian) is acceptable to you. But when I point out that early Chinese leaders killed Chinese ancestors and that's why they flee to come here is racist? Are you OK? No, you are just as racist as the early Marxists who try to agitate Singaporeans against the government using race issues. If anything at all, it is the first poster who is trying to cause race disharmony and you appear to be OK with it. Who do you think ISD will be after? That first poster and you or me?

Anonymous said...

One must understand the age band of the visitor or the blog master they themselves belong to.

Singapore only gain independence in 1965.

Some of them due to education or family background and their age still live in the past.

I was watching the "old" news of China airlines strike. Some older retired stewardess came out to offer their service free to support china airline. However when being questioned by reporter on do you know why the current stewardess strike, the old stewardess was shocked that current stewardess need to hit to 220 hrs per month now. Or could only rest 24hrs if fly NZ or Europe route while last time it was 8 to 10 days rest.

Times have changed just as the old stewardess found out.

b said...

The solution to US hegemony is to break US into two, east and west. Since US always have two parties system, it is not to difficult to achieve that. Just a referendum will do. It will save a lot of costs and troubles, create more jobs due to increase competition and increase world peace.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


I think north vs south. The south has its own colorful history of the confederacy. And they did try to break away once, they call it dixieland. The south shall rise again.


Anonymous said...

There many kinds here, chap cheng, low caste, high caste, kongcum, tintong, mad dogs and whatever. The most silly ones are the ones that think they are right and others are wrong.