Another Hong Lim Protest

I heard there is one this Saturday organized by the Community Action Network (CAN) and the topic is the recent harassment of Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung.  I tried to search for this info in the net but got zero result.

I am wondering how many people knew about it or would turn out when there is hardly any information about the event. The organizers expect everyone to know or only for their friends and associates to attend? Is this a spread by words of mouth protest for those who are connected to the Community Action Network group?

The last time Gilbert Goh held a protest, there were barely 200 people. These organizers need to learn the ropes from the Pink Dot Organisers, maybe get some donations and support from big corporations if they ever think there will be people turning up for their event.


Anonymous said...

These organizers need to learn the ropes from the Pink Dot Organisers,...

Learn also no use lah, because they are not Pink Dot people.

How to learn from PAP to win elections when you are not from PAP?

Anonymous said...

In Sin, you get more respond from harassing or persecuting dogs and cats than political dissidents. In fact, anyone who is persecuted for disagreeing with the establishment will have lower regards to animals. Even cockroach have more rights than humans sometimes

Anonymous said...

It's called a silent protest.

Anonymous said...

Rb //The last time Gilbert Goh held a protest, there were barely 200 people.//

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

In other cuntries, protest is spelled as "protest"?

In red dot, it is for the "pro" to "test"?

Got it?

Think a bit deeper .....?

Anonymous said...


Donations and support from big corporations? You are joking right? Those people in charge of such corporttions are either PAP kakis or kiasu and kiasi poodles. Otherwise they would never have existed. They would have been wiped out, strangled or sanctioned long ago.

Anonymous said...


Hope or want big corporations and companies to support dissenting stance against the Authority?
Cannot be so naive LA, the corporate world and the regime are hand in hand. Even smes, hawkers, taxi drivers and ntuc members are supporters of PAP LA.

b said...

Protest for what? Maybe they should spend the time thinking how to earn more money for the family so they can have better lives. Family comes first.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the reasons why pink dot got a lot of support from big foreign companies are two. 1) it is non political and pink dot does not go against governmental policies except the part on screwing assess. So there was s no threat. 2) big foreign companies normally has no discrimination rules and supportive of diversity in belief. So therefore they are supportive.

We in the CEC has discussed this issue. In view of our stand against riding the same sex partner, we are against the pink dot movement. We rides only the opposite sex in karaoke room only.

Yew Kuang
Kuda Riding Club
Singapore Chapter

Anonymous said...

The Orlando Incident is a stark reminder that all pink dot activities must be banned as they present a serious target for terrorist attacks.

Garment see the linkage or not?

Anonymous said...

Garment see what they want to see, not what they should see. When things happen, well, they will invent all the reasons like once in 50 years, because of the tree branches, because of the birds. because of feeding the dogs etc.

As a matter of interest, even the questions asked by the MPs are questionable. For example they asked about whether the recent lift problems are due to more usage. Why did they not ask whether it is due to poor workmenship owing to too much dependency on foreign workers or poor quality materials etc.

As to whether it was due to more usage, common sense will tell us that in the old days, before they installed multiple lifts, two lifts serving an entire block do not have intermittent breakdown problems for decades.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I don't count on depending on local people will necessarily improve living standard either in Sin lol
Heartland food and services are bad for same reasons. Eat outside food at your own risk, in most places . Hey, you maybe eating someone's spit without knowing lol

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The role of our MPs, that what they have been conditioned, is to ask questions, not to tell the govt things need to be done and what should be done.

Children, any questions, raise your hands. Good boy, good question. That is how it is being taught in schools.

Anonymous said...

That's why they are snakes

Anonymous said...

But the MPs are asking nonsensical questions, either to show they are in touch with the ground and worth the allowance (which they are obviously not) or plain dumb and getting dumber. Concerning the life breakdowns, it shows that they have lost touch with reality without staying in HDB flats for too long, and no amount of artificial bonding campaign will make them understand better.

Case dismissed!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. You can't compare an "amateur" group like CAN to the well-resourced pink dot people. For starters, many of them are rich. The reason they may be able to get $$ from corporations is so that corporations can "polish" their image of being for "equal rights". It is good business. You don't want to piss off the gays---they have high rates of disposable income. That's why this group can fight the churches, and their messages of hate from the pulpits.

CAN just has no "leverage". Sorry to be the bearer of "reality": for political movements to work, they must have LEVERAGE. The Singaporean asks "What's in it for me?" Being essentially uninformed and only concerned with their immediate selves in the immediate moment, none of the sheeple give a flying fuck.

The Sheeple simply don't understand, care about or are even aware of the constitution. They also don't give a flying fuck about police powers being used to harass those who might prefer another political party over the PAP.

Hong Lim protest? Waste of time lah.

Better stay at home enjoy some dirty afternoon sex, a few beers and NetFlix. At least you feel "shiok". If you choose Hong Lim, all you'll end up is feeling "bang balls", and you've burnt a weekend for nothing...because nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

"The role of our MPs, that what they have been conditioned, is to ask questions, not to tell the govt things need to be done and what should be done."

The role of our MPs is to ask the Right question, to give the Right answer. Right is synonymous with PAP. So we must have the Right government, the Right party, the Right Arrest, the Right propaganda. Anything that is not Right is WRONG.

did I enlighten you ?