American hate rhetoric to con Americans and daft Asians

This is a quote by an American calling himself hedgeless horseman.

‘As a kid, I was taught that the United States of America went to war in Vietnam to stop the proliferation of communism.  The US government's rhetoric, repeated to me by my father, was that if we didn't stop the communists in Vietnam, then they would take over the world.  So, we trained our young men to hate and kill communists.

We lost the Vietnam War. 

But the communists did not take over the world. 

Today, Americans are making assloads of money exporting manufactured goods from Communist Vietnam.

Why did Americans fight and die in Vietnam?

I was told that The United States of America went to war in Afghanistan, now the longest war in American history, because the Afghanis were harboring a Saudi Arabian, Osama Bin Ladin, who was, allegedly, the masterminded behind the 15 other Saudi Arabians, 2 United Arab Emirates citizens, 1 Egyptian, and 1 Lebanese that allegedly perpetrated 9-11.  The US government's rhetoric was that if we didn't hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, then the Muslims would plan and execute other terrorist attacks on the USA.  So, we trained our young men to hate and kill Muslims….

Today, Americans are making assloads of money exporting opium from Afghanistan and exporting death to the world.

Why are Americans fighting and dying in Afghanistan?’

The Americans are not only happily trading with Vietnam but also Russia and China. And China is lending hundreds of billions of dollars to the Americans to spend on weapons manufacturing and war games targeting at China and Russia and trying to provoke a war with China and Russia.

The Americans are propagating hate against China and Russia and one day the same question would be asked, ‘Why are Americans fighting and dying fighting China and Russia?’ But that is alright as they are Americans and they started the wars for world hegemony. The other big question would be, ‘Why are Asians/Europeans and especially the daft South East Asians fighting and dying, fighting China and Russia?’

This hedgeless horseman added this, ‘If you are a veteran or active duty US military (or daft Asians, this part I added), I invite you to skip to items 15-18 on my Revolutionary Call to Arms.

15.  Research your two senators and one congressman at https://www.opensecrets.org/ Make a list of their 10 biggest donors, and send the list to your "representative" in an email or letter.
16.  Read War is a Racket, by Major General Smedley D. Butler.
17.  Read On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.
18.  Watch the online video of the TED Talk,
A radical experiment in empathy, by Sam Richards.


Anonymous said...

Some founding fathers of Uncle Sam has got some kind if relationship with being out of this world (aka Aliens). And there us is conspiracy theory about to reduce or even wipe out the world population to make way for another new race ...if we humans r still dafts to hate each other then we would be the fallen ones..if we persevere, humanity will survive..watch the debut of Independence Day Resurgence to find out..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore makes ASSLOADS of money from America being in SE Asia. During the Vietnam war, for instance, many Singaporeans got very rich.

These days Singapore is Washington's #1 "bestie" in Asia.

...and the assload-truck of money keeps flowing in!

Yankee, please stay! We love you long time!

Anonymous said...

The speed of china making hi tec weapon is something US cannot match. Its world biggest transport plane y20 can fetch 220tons.
Test reported with 48tons it flew 4500km, when fullload it flew 2800km. That kind of weight can load a division with weapons to the South China sea island, and send them back to main land within the same week after mission.

China also was reported in diplomat that it has test missile 6 times the sound speed, wu14, similar to Us mach6. The 5 test was success and its on the 6th test. This kind of speed can hit the anti missile system without fail.

In other words, US Carriers weapons have not changed since Vietnam war. US can only make noise similar to Taiwan. But US will face serious casualties that US Congress may have to withdraw the carriers groups if US test China with its 7th and 3rd Fleets with Philippines troops as hijacked partners.

Few Asean countries troops will want to mess with China in view with its weapons and number to fight for some islands that cannot be used to live inside.

May be India or Vietnam would want to show they are more powerful than Japanese weapons and certainly better than PLA. But in real war, China has the home ground to target on any of the country s carriers and finish them off.

As US will advise Japan not to try and show their weaknesses. But US will want India or Vietnam to challenge PLA to see how strong PLA troops are.
Will India and Vietnam want to be the targets?
Will Asean want to be hijacked to go against PLA?
For Asean, they will lose the China market only.

The combined Asean total economy is smaller than a provincial economy in China. China cannot afford to lose Asean as market?

But China will restrict chinese tourists to visit Aseans, and discourage state firms to buy from Asean. This is a real fact, no longer the threat.

US will just stand at the side to laugh at these fools.

Anonymous said...

What about our National Service?
What are we risking our children's life and limbs for?
How much salary is the PAP govt paying our NS boys?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1044:

>> What are we risking our children's life and limbs for? <<

For the ILLUSION of security. It makes everyone "feel good" and "feel safe", because a good bullshit story tends to work like "magic". People like magic. From the time they were children.

Security Theatre

b said...

Deep down, everyone is like america. Selfish, greedy and primitive. Just look at Trump and Hillary, which part of them is not selfish, greedy and primitive.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Hillary, which part of them is not selfish, greedy and primitive.
June 23, 2016 3:18 pm

You mean Trump & Hilary will be paid million dollar salary to be President of USA meh?

southernglory1 said...

America is ruled by a quasi government under the total control of the Anglo-Saxon American Rothschild Jewish Zionism which include the Free Masons and The Illuminati There is not much difference between the Democrat and the Republican party.Leaders of both parties must be picked, screened and sanctioned by the Rothschild Jewish Zionist Illuminati organisation before they can stand for election for political offices be it the presidency, senate, congress or house of representatives or for posts in CIA, Pentagon, foreign service and the big banks and other big business institutions like the Stock Exchange and Insurance. Leaders of the Zionist Illuminati organisation consist of Rothschilds, big bankers like J.P.Morgan, Citi Bank, Bank of England, Rockefeller, the Warburg brothers,Greenspan, Berneke and the list goes on. The Rothschild Zionists Illuminati group has been ruling America and England for hundreds of years. To the group war is a means to an end. Perennial wars are necessary for these few evil people to reap in billions and thrillions of dollars of profit through wars. Soldiers die and people suffering is of no consequence to these wicked men without conscience. So long as America is ruled by this satanic organisation there will be endless wars to come down the timeline of history.


patriot said...

No joke.

Not just 'feel good', it is ego and boast for some NS Men. Whilst I was a service man(1970/1972), some enlistees were boasting how SAF could finished the enemy in ONE WEEK and at most
it needs no more than a month.

On the way back from China just few years; conversated with a young newly minted Sinkie. He too made similar claim confidently.

Spoke to few NS Men lately and they too asserted similar view.

Me can only say that the Chinese Saying 'Gu kia emm part ho' in Hokkien Dialect meaning a newborn cow is ignorant of tiger.
Simply put, the Young does not understand the Danger and behave conceitedly.

Maybe, these NS Men should get a chance to prove their prowess.


Anonymous said...

"Maybe, these NS Men should get a chance to prove their prowess."

They should. World class number 1. I hope related second generations will be spared on this. Other kids want to show off actsy actsy, they should sent to test PLA. Go with the US carrier like Stennis, Harris will protect them.

The new PLA sop has no standby. They start with stand to. All commanders must follow sop as if it is live war. Cannot handle: out.

1 report on live firing days back. The deployed units did not have coop meeting that kind of talk cock sessions in Bridget or division war game. A unit (missile) unit simply deploy for 24 hours. Receive order to fire from local commander, the unit shot out.

The report said, it was fired from different angle from units hundred km apart, and they did not know each other or had had meeting.

In other words, if sinkie F// went inside the S China sea area and became their hostile target, the pilot can hardly come home. The live missile fires come from all sort of directions which intelligence office cannot collect. Because PLA missile units do not hold coordination meeting. IO can hardly know where are the PLA deployed units. But the firing is in a solid net form 3 or 4 dimensions arc of firing.

Pilots need to re learn how to shiam this kind of firing nets or mati is higher than 50% chance.

US pilots from those Carriers can expect this kind of firing net treatment: "men in the golden net". Pilot must double check the ejaculation seats to shoot himself out when seeing sparks from multi directions. Dont abundant the plane fast, or can become the target of multiple missiles hits.

The current PLA is more well trained and dangerous than the Vietcon during Vietnam war. This is beyond doubt. US pilots should put bionic vest to take the heat. Remember the 3 million dollar man? Like that "par bei see" should scare PLA.

Anonymous said...

While i try to be neutral to PLA and US forces comments. Some can even say that i am biased against PLA capabilities or whatsoever.

I think it is a bit too far out that sinkie pilots or SAF got involved.

Anyway, before sinkies get involved. We also need to go in a bit of details such as what is the mission. Eg. Air patrol, maritime surveilance, Anti ground, Anti surface or whatever?
Then all this chinese bases are all over the place, so need to measure the distance (air refuel?) which is so far out and which to hit 1st or all at same time?

I mean i still dont get it, what it is we try to achieve by doing all this, if USA is able to do it easily with a air strike team from carrier + A10 with EF-18 escort ( they dont deploy these toys especially the EF18 in pinoy land for nothing) . Arent we a burden?

If supplies to the defending island base in SCS gets cut off, it will mean a big problem. These bases are very very far away from mainland. If cluster bombs (UN banned) is used on these islands, it will be a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

@ June 23, 2016 7:46 pm

/// Up until the last decade of the 2nd century BC, the eligibility requirements to become a Roman soldier in the service of the Republic were very strict:

He had to be a member of the fifth census class or higher (the adsidui, or "tax-payers").
He had to own property worth 3,500 sesterces in value.
He had to supply his own armaments. ///


We should employ the same standard as the Roman army.
Only sons of private property owners should be forced to do National Service.

Anonymous said...

hedgeless_horseman is among a few whose articles I give credit for in Zero Hedge.

Many of others including Tyler Durden despite thinking of themselves as some "wiseguy" knowing how rotten the Western world and their allies/lackey are, are nothing else but China haters.

Rest assured that there are others who know much, much more than those China haters, Zero Hedge is not the only place where you can get good alternative news :)

I enjoy watching those suckers desperately trying to criticize China whenever there is a chance. It's so pathetic :)